Paris OG (Cannabis Strain Review)

Paris OG (Cannabis Strain Review)

The Paris OG strain is associated with an uplifting yet sedating high. It offers a piney and flowery aroma, along with a sweet blueberry taste. MMJ patients often use it to help combat chronic pain and also to relieve stress.

Dominant Terpene:
Body high/numbing, Calming, Sleep/Sedation
Common Usage
AnxietyChronic painSleepStress
Body high/numbingCalmingSleep/Sedation
Growing Info
It is difficult to get Paris OG seeds. Instead, you’ll need to use clippings from a mature plant. It is easy enough to grow and has a flowering time of 8-9 weeks when cultivated indoors.

It isn’t always easy to find a Cannabis Cup winning strain, so embrace the experience if you do. Paris OG has won this award and conjures up images of a stroll down the Champs-Elysees. In reality, it was bred in Southern California, a place that is also extremely alluring.

What Is the Paris OG Strain?

It is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a dispute over its genetics. The most likely combination is Lemon OG and Headband, though no one is completely sure.

If you purchase Paris OG, don’t be fooled by the creeper high. It is also possible to get caught out by the initial cerebral high, which begins as pressure around the temples. It is a strain that could elevate your mood, and some users claim they feel euphoric. Consider using it before a social gathering, although you may shock onlookers by bursting into fits of giggles for no reason.

Ultimately, however, the indica aspects begin to take over and soon cause your limbs to feel extremely heavy. On rare occasions, users have reported feeling an almost psychedelic feeling of disassociation. You should use Paris OG in the evening because drooping eyelids accompany the heavy limbed high. Users find it hard to fight sleep and typically feel as if their mind is foggy.

On the plus side, Paris OG is ideal for use after a tough day at work. Perhaps you can turn it into your favorite Friday night strain.


You might initially get hints of diesel along with an earthy scent. However, you should also get a strong smell of citrus once you grind the buds.


In many ways, Paris OG provides a classic cannabis taste. The skunk and pine flavors are unmistakable, while the lemon and lime notes offer a pleasant aftertaste.


Although Paris OG is an indica-dominant hybrid, there are elements of sativa in its appearance, including a loose bud structure. It isn’t loaded with resinous trichomes, but the rusty orange pistils look pleasant enough against the forest green calyxes.

Paris OG Strain Grow Info


Unfortunately, Paris OG isn’t available for sale commercially from any major breeders. Therefore, you’ll have to obtain clippings from a mature plant to start growing. It is a strain that requires some experience to grow. However, if you’re willing to put in the effort, you could enjoy a successful harvest.

You can try cultivating it outdoors, but Paris OG is better grown indoors because you’ll need to perform regular maintenance. If you don’t have much growing knowledge, it is best to stick with organic soil as your growing medium. Wait until you have completed a few grows before switching to hydroponics.

When cultivated outdoors, Paris OG provides approximately 20 ounces per plant. It is usually ready for harvest by the end of October. It prefers a Mediterranean climate if you decide to cultivate it in the great wide open.

Indoors, it has a flowering time of 8-9 weeks. You can expect a yield of 12 ounces per square meter planted, although knowledgeable growers could get more. It is also a good idea to top Paris OG plants regularly.

THC Content – Highest Test

By modern standards, Paris OG isn’t a potent cannabis strain. However, at around 19% THC, it isn’t one to underestimate. There are also reports of some cuts containing up to 28% THC. In this case, novices are better off staying away.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Paris OG’s CBD content is rather low at less than 0.2% in most cases.

Medical Benefits of the Paris OG Strain

While it has a low CBD content, MMJ patients still use Paris OG for several reasons. The initial euphoria it provides could help you forget the stresses and worries of the day. As a result, consider using it if you suffer from anxiety or depression.

It is also strong enough to provide analgesic properties potentially. You might consider Paris OG if you have chronic pain.

Paris OG’s propensity to make you relax and sedated means it is worth trying if you need help getting to sleep. You may find that the intense relaxation it provides ensures that keeping your eyes open is a tough challenge.

Side Effects of the Paris OG Strain

Paris OG is potent enough to cause extreme sedation, especially if you consume too much. Make sure you don’t use it during the day if you have tasks that need completing. On rare occasions, you might find that this strain increases the likelihood of anxiety and paranoia. In general, this mainly happens to people with a predisposition to such thoughts.

Overall, Paris OG’s side effects are primarily mild and include dry eyes and cottonmouth.

Final Thoughts on the Paris OG Strain

Paris OG is an excellent option if you want to relax in the evening. It provides an initial cerebral high that makes way for complete sedation. Use it before bedtime and see if you find it easier to fall asleep. Medical marijuana patients typically use it for anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.

It is a tricky strain to grow for the first-timer. Experienced cannabis cultivators find that with a little care, Paris OG offers a reasonable yield. However, you will need to track down clones as seeds are not commercially available.

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