Orange Creamsicle Strain

Orange Creamsicle Strain

Orange Creamsicle is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that was created by crossing the incredibly delicious Orange Crush and Juicy Fruit strains. It’s known for its super creamy and vanilla citrus flavor that lingers on the tongue.

Dominant Terpene:
Creativity, Euphoria, Uplifting
Common Usage
Chronic painFocusMigraines
Growing Info
Despite its sativa heritage, Orange Creamsicle has a short indoor flowering period of between 7 to 9 weeks. Once mature, between 12 to 16 ounces of buds per square meter are harvested.

Orange Creamsicle is a sativa-dominant strain that’s a lot like the iced dessert that it’s named after. It’s creamy and has a melt-in-your-mouth effect that leaves many users savoring the delicious aftertaste it leaves.

But this strain is about so much more than just the mouth-watering flavor. Here’s all you need to know.

What Is the Orange Creamsicle Strain?

Orange Creamsicle was created using two of the sweetest strains around – Juicy Fruit and Orange Crush. The former is a sativa-dominant bud with a creamy flavor, while the latter is an indica strain with a tangy taste and aroma. Orange Creamsicle is a 60/40 sativa-dominant strain with a THC range of between 15-17%.


The strain was created by MGT Seeders, breeders who supply dispensaries in California with various limited edition strains.


The Orange Creamsicle high starts with a slow-building, euphoric lift that boosts the user’s mood and leaves you feeling completely relaxed. As your mood intensifies, so do your energy levels, until you reach peak motivation and pure happiness. At this point, you will be hit by a sense of calm and a touch of lethargy.

This strain is fast-acting and delivers a rush of euphoria to the user’s brain immediately after a few puffs. However, at first, it’s subtle and gradually intensifies. The sensation is best described as being cradled in the clouds as you drift off to new heights.

This strain is fast-acting and delivers a rush of euphoria to the user’s brain immediately after a few puffs.

You will often see Orange Creamsicle users with big smiles on their faces. After all, the initial onset inspires a deep sense of happiness from within. Some might even feel ecstatic as moods enhance and worries melt away.

A few minutes after smoking, users will feel a constriction of blood vessels around the temples and eyes. Eventually, you will also notice a boost in freely-associated thought. However, rather than being intensely cerebral, the mental effects are subtle.

Typically, users will still be able to converse and carry on with creative or analytical tasks in front of them. As the high intensifies, you can expect a gradual feeling of physical relaxation, eliminating muscle tension, and making it easier to breathe.

The combination of physical and mental effects can help to take the edge off a long and stressful day, allowing for some mellow introspective time.


Orange Creamsicle has a wonderfully sweet and tropical scent. It can best be likened to newly ripened oranges or mangoes which instantly transport you to a grove of fruits. There are tangy, bright citrus accents that are sugar-coated. Blending in are subtle notes of wet soil and vanilla, which become more noticeable when you crush or combust the buds.

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Orange Creamsicle is infamous for its super creamy and vanilla citrus flavor, which stays on the tongue long after you take a toke.

This strain really does taste like its namesake. It’s citric like oranges but dipped in a sweet, creamy, vanilla flavoring. On the exhale, you can expect a tropical but milky aftertaste that lingers long after the last puff.


Orange Creamsicle stands out with its large, solid flowers that are kind of cylindrical in shape – they taper slightly from base to tip. The densely-packed leaves are mossy green in color. There are bright orange pistils that stand out vibrantly against the leaves, and an abundance of translucent white trichomes give the flowers a silvery shine.

Orange Creamsicle Grow Info

Orange Creamsicle has a similar growth pattern to Juicy Fruit – its sativa parent. Performance is best when grown in the warm climate of many equatorial or Medittarean regions. It grows tall and produces airy, tapered buds. When exposed to constant sunlight, the plant flowers fast and yields high.


This doesn’t mean that the plant won’t perform well in Northern latitudes. But it will be slow to flower and may be quite sensitive to the new environment. This is why many growers prefer cultivating the bud indoors where they can easily mimic a tropical climate by amending factors like humidity, lighting, and temperature.

When growing indoors, breeders may need to either top the plant early or shorten the vegetative period to manage the height. Otherwise, it will cramp up the growing space and interfere with air or light circulation. The Screen of Green method is essential to bring out its full potential.

Despite its sativa heritage, Orange Creamsicle has a short indoor flowering period of between 7 to 9 weeks. Once mature, between 12 to 16 ounces of buds per square meter are possible.

Outdoors, Orange Creamsicle typically flowers from the last week of September through to the third week of October. When ready to harvest, the plant yields at least 16 ounces of trichome-frosted buds per square meter.

THC Content – Highest Test

The average THC level of the Orange Creamsicle strain is between 15 and 17%. However, some tests have found that the bud may contain as much as 23% THC.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Orange Creamsicle contains no more than trace amounts of CBD. No test has found this strain to contain more than 1% CBD at an absolute maximum.

Medical Benefits of Orange Creamsicle

Orange Creamsicle could offer several benefits for medical marijuana patients. The ability to regulate mood could temporarily alleviate symptoms of mild to moderate anxiety, stress, and depression.

By inducing a happy high, the strain positively affects negative outlooks. It also helps calm the mind, which can be helpful in soothing the overwhelming dread that often affects stressed people. Similarly, the mood-stabilizing effects also give comfort to users with depression and other mental health issues.

By inducing a happy high, the strain positively affects negative outlooks.

Additionally, the relaxing effects of Orange Creamsicle can help soothe patients’ aches and pains, whether temporary (such as being due to injury) or chronic (such as conditions like fibromyalgia or lupus).

The anti-inflammatory properties of this strain may help to relieve common irritations like nausea or headaches. Because of the lack of intense cerebral effects, Orange Creamsicle may be a good option for anyone prone to panic or those who have a low tolerance for THC.

Possible Side Effects of Orange Creamsicle

When using Orange Creamsicle, there is a chance of feeling dizzy. Sometimes, this may be accompanied by a subtle feeling of paranoia. However, these effects usually only occur when the strain is overused. In most cases, users will only experience a mild headache. But it’s still best to moderate your usage.

There are two other side effects associated with Orange Creamsicle: Dry eyes and cottonmouth. These are unavoidable because the cannabinoids in weed tend to interfere with moisture production in the body. Although these side effects are mild, you might want to sip a few glasses of water to keep hydrated.

Final Thoughts on Orange Creamsicle

The refreshing flavor and balanced high offered by Orange Creamsicle are just as enjoyable when savored alone as when shared with friends. That said, you will need to make sure that you have enough bud for everyone to indulge in when smoking in a group.

Orange Creamsicle may be particularly useful for those looking to relieve stress and gain a little more focus and creativity. Aside from the recreational high, this strain is popular among medical users for its relaxing body and head effects.

Orange Creamsicle may be effective in fighting mental health issues with a depressive aspect in enhancing the mood. It may also provide a sense of relief to those experiencing chronic pain.

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