OGKB Cannabis Strain Review

OGKB Cannabis Strain Review

The OGKB strain is a high-THC strain that has very relaxing effects which are great for social gatherings with friends. The abbreviation stands for OG Kush Breath, and has an exceptionally sweet, woody flavor with undernotes of vanilla. It is quite a potent strain and can help with a range of conditions from anxiety and depression, to fibromyalgia and muscle aches.

Price(per gram)
Dominant Terpene:
Caryophyllene, Linalool, Myrcene
Common Usage
Growing Info
Flowering period is approximately 8-9 weeks, best grown indoors

The modern world loves an acronym. Once upon a time, it was only shadowy government agencies such as the CIA that were associated with acronyms. These days, I get told to STFU if I opine that FOMO results in me PMSL, and is indicative of a consumerist culture that causes me to SMH.

At least there is a reason why OGKB strain weed gets its name, but the most important thing is: Should you consider buying or growing this strain? Read on to find out.

What Is the OGKB Strain?

OGKB weed is short for OG Kush Breath, an indica-dominant hybrid that packs one hell of a punch. It is a cross of the legendary strain Girl Scout Cookies, Florida Kush, and a sativa Durban from North California. It should not be confused with OGKB 2.0 which was bred by Mycotek and won awards in the 2015 Grower’s Cup in Amsterdam.

There is some dispute over the origins of the OGKB strain with some experts suggesting it is a mix of Durban Poison, OG Kush and GSC. Cookie Fam is believed to be the original breeder of this particular strain. As for the name, it is said to honor the patriarch of Cookie Fam.


The OGKB marijuana strain has a complex yet delicious scent. You get a powerful diesel-like smell at first, but if you persevere, you will also get hints of sweetness and nuttiness. Once you grind the buds, you are rewarded with hints of sage in a fascinating herbal aroma.


Once you light up OGKB, you get a woody taste with sweetness coming to the fore on the exhale after you have enjoyed a subtle vanilla flavor on the inhale. It is a bud that offers a smooth smoking experience with each toke carrying an increasingly spicy taste.


This strain carries the classic nodes associated with strains from the Cookie family. The buds are extremely dense and provide an aesthetically pleasing combination of orange pistils, along with hints of purple against a background of mossy green leaves. OGKB has a typical indica structure with small leaves that curl in towards the main stems. Once the plant is ready for harvest, you will see cloudy white trichomes that look like ice at first glance.

OGKB Strain Grow Info

Sadly, you are extremely unlikely to find OGKB seeds online. Instead, you must search for mature, healthy OGKB plants and take clippings to grow them as clones. If you can get your hands on these cuttings, you’ll find that OGKB grows well indoors or outside. If you choose the latter, make sure your crop is only exposed to a warm and humid climate.


Typically, OGKB plants grow small and bushy with strong branches growing outwards. As a result, it is a good idea to remove large and unwanted fan leaves. Otherwise, flowering nodes low down on your plants will not be exposed to enough light and air to grow. Novice growers are often reluctant to remove leaves and branches without realizing that this process allows for stronger and healthier plants.

When you grow this plant indoors, it should flower within 8-9 weeks. We have heard that some growers cultivate their OGKB plants in cocoa-based soil. It is an interesting option, and we were positively intrigued when we discovered that growing OGKB in this kind of soil provided a nice chocolate overtone. By all accounts, it works tremendously well due to the existing earthy and floral flavoring.

THC Content – Highest Test

We have seen test results that say OGKB cannabis has a THC content of over 26%! It also contains terpenes such as Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Alpha-Humulene.

CBD Content – Highest Test

OGKB rarely has more than 0.1% CBD.

What Can I Expect When I Use OGKB Weed?

Be extremely wary when using OGKB cannabis because it has the potential to cause couch-lock in a hurry. It is a potent and fast-acting indica that triggers an almost immediate increase in cerebral blood pressure. You may experience an increase in saliva production or pulsations in the temple area.

Users have reported a greater intensity in visual stimuli while the age-old issue of time dilation could rear its head; so, don’t smoke this strain if you have an urgent appointment coming up! OGKB is unquestionably a marijuana strain for the late evening because it causes a sense of deep relaxation. Once the high takes full hold, you will have no intention of completing whatever task you were supposed to.

Eventually, the high makes its way to the body and keeps you firmly in place; the last thing you want at this stage is physical activity. We recommend getting the snacks ready because OGKB can cause a serious case of the munchies. It is the ideal option for chilling out with friends, and because of its sedative qualities, it is a good pre-bedtime companion.

Medical Benefits of OGKB Marijuana

If you are a medical marijuana patient, OGKB has an array of potential benefits. The intense feeling of relaxation that you feel can take the edge off problems such as anxiety, depression, and stress. As it is such a potent strain, OGKB could also be used to treat the chronic pain associated with conditions such as fibromyalgia, or any inflammation-related malady.

If you are currently undergoing chemotherapy or any other radiation treatment, or else you have problems with your appetite, OGKB’s ability to cause ravenous hunger could prove very useful. Finally, as it is such a great sedative, OGKB might be the thing that turns insomnia into regular bouts of restful sleep.

Possible Side Effects of OGKB Weed

Users of OGKB should watch out for the usual side effects associated with marijuana, which include dry mouth and itchy eyes. If you have a low tolerance to THC, it is important to watch your dosage because OGKB is very potent.

Final Thoughts on OGKB Cannabis

If you see any strain with OG Kush as part of its lineage, you know you’re probably going to enjoy an excellent smoke. As long as you pay heed to the amount you consume, you will find OGKB to be a useful tool in the fight against a wide variety of symptoms. Unfortunately, it appears to be a clone-only strain, which means your best chance of sampling it is to buy it online.

The final point we would like to make is this: Don’t use OGKB during the day unless you plan to spend it in bed, or on the sofa listening to The Doors. It will relax you to the point where you have no intention of moving for several hours.

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