Misty Kush | Cannabis Strain Review

Misty Kush | Cannabis Strain Review

Misty Kush is a strain that could invoke extreme relaxation. It is suitable for winding down and taking a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Many users suggest this strain is also useful for issues such as sleeplessness and muscle pain.

Dominant Terpene:
Pinene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene
Common Usage
Lack of appetiteMigrainesNauseaSleep
Growing Info
Misty Kush’s flowering period is 8-9 weeks. you can cultivate it indoors or outside.

The modern-day breeder has an incredible array of options to choose from when developing a new strain. However, most of them stick to the basics and rely on genetics from legendary marijuana. The creators of Misty Kush discovered what can happen when you use world-class cannabis strains.

What Is the Misty Kush Strain?

Misty Kush originated in Amsterdam and was bred by Nirvana Seeds. As a unique cross of Northern Lights, White Widow, and Shiva, it is popular amongst people looking for stress relief and relaxation.

Misty Kush’s parentage is nothing short of spectacular.

This balanced hybrid’s parentage is nothing short of spectacular. Northern Lights is a strain known for its spicy temperament and cool, citrusy exhale. White Widow strikes users with its indica-dominant profile and its energizing effects. Shiva is pungent, indica-dominant, and not one to be forgotten. Misty Kush displays all the most prominent attributes of its parentage.

Users often say that this strain’s high induces a state of euphoria and an improvement in mood. After a while, the body high envelops you but never threatens to overwhelm. If you use a sensible amount, you may find yourself feeling talkative. However, consume a large amount of Misty Kush, and you could become lethargic and sleepy.


Misty Kush marijuana gives a full blast of lemony goodness. It also provides hints of deep earthy richness along with an aromatic skunk scent. Its aroma is something many try hard to describe. Some say it smells like food that’s become rotten and includes a fragrance that is unpleasantly thick and fills the nose.

Others have described the strain as having a tropical scent, with hints of exotic mango or papaya.


Misty Kush has an intense flavor profile. It has complicated sweet and savory elements and mixtures. It hits the palate with an incredible dose of sour lemon, quickly followed by a tropical sweetness.

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The first inhale conjures up lazy days spent beachside on a deserted tropical isle. However, it has a punch of something piquant. It hits the back of the throat like pepper and shocks the senses into overdrive. Hints of earthiness and a taste of skunky herb blend seamlessly to create a nuanced backdrop.


Misty Kush is often seen covered in an abundance of sugary, icy, crystal-like trichomes. The trichomes possibly contribute to its name as it has a whitish, nearly misty appearance. It grows short and stocky but with big, oval leaves that span its length. It has delicate, large buds and compact, dense nugs. These are sparked by tiny hints of orange pistils and areas of verdant, deep green.

Misty Kush Strain Grow Info

Misty Kush seeds create gorgeous buds rapidly, with a flowering time of 8-9 weeks. The seeds are feminized and can be bred with a variety of different strains. Misty Kush’s diminutive size makes it a fan favorite. It takes up very little room and boasts high yields. Those who grow it outdoors claim it offers up to 24 ounces per plant.

You can cultivate it both indoors and outside. However, users growing Misty Kush indoors may find that a hydroponics system increases its already abundant load. It flourishes in a warm and dry Mediterranean climate.

Misty Kush responds well to Sea of Green and Screen of Green methods, where heavy yields are encouraged and collected. These techniques may also allow for smaller space for the plant and increase the growing area’s efficiency. It is a good option for first-time growers.


Despite its complicated appearance, this strain is often easy-going in terms of growth. It can be cultivated successfully using a combination of growth plans. It is also resistant to mold, mildew, and other pathogens. Due to its robust smell, those looking for inconspicuous growth may find it challenging to cultivate.

If grown outdoors, you can expect Misty Kush to be ready for harvest around the middle or end of October.

THC Content-Highest Test

Misty Kush cannabis has a THC content of between 15% and 20%.

CBD Content-Highest Test

Misty Kush contains around 1% CBD.

Medical Benefits of the Misty Kush Strain

Misty Kush isn’t just a strain that potentially alleviates stress. It is very versatile, and users swear by its effects. Patients with chronic headaches and painful muscle aches and spasms cite this strain’s analgesic qualities.

It also supports anti-inflammatory action in the body and may help those with other aches, including lower back pain.

Misty Kush could address the symptoms of increased eye pressure following glaucoma and encourage healthy sleep patterns and relaxation.

As a social strain, users state that it helps to decrease social anxiety. With this in mind, it is an excellent strain to have with friends for a relaxing evening. It may also increase appetite and melt away daily worries while soothing nausea.

Possible Side Effects of the Misty Kush Strain

Despite its benefits, there are some side effects of this strain. Its high THC content makes some users susceptible to dizziness and dry mouth. In some cases, excessive use of Misty Kush may induce feelings of paranoia. Users sensitive to THC may also feel headaches or itchy eyes.

Final Thoughts on the Misty Kush Strain

Misty Kush is an excellent strain for newcomers. It is easy to grow, and its stocky stature makes it ideal if you have limited space and want to grow indoors. The strain is adaptable and can flourish equally well outdoors.

Misty Kush is an excellent strain for newcomers.

It thrives in climates that mimic Mediterranean temperatures and is highly resistant to many forms of mold and mildew. Misty Kush has a tolerance for some diseases that can threaten growth. It boasts high yields, and its flowering time is approximately 8-9 weeks. However, some users may not enjoy the intense aroma and distinct blend of flavors.

Users cite its effectiveness in mitigating issues such as sleeplessness, appetite loss, and headache pain.

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