Mendocino Purps | Marijuana Strain Review

Mendocino Purps | Marijuana Strain Review

Mendocino Purps is an indica-dominant strain with calming and sedative effects. It has a complex flavor profile as well as a moderately potent THC level of 20%. It is a great strain for those seeking a relaxing and stress-releasing high.

Dominant Terpene:
Appetite, Body high/numbing, Calming, Happy, Relaxation, Uplifting
Common Usage
AnxietyChronic painSleepStress
AppetiteBody high/numbingCalmingHappyRelaxationUplifting
Growing Info
This strain grows both indoors and outdoors. However, growers will experience better results by exposing the plant to a temperature range between 70-80 degress fahrenheit. Harvesting can begin between 8-9 weeks.

In this current age of marijuana cross-breeding, it is surprisingly hard to find a single example of a pure indica anymore.

Instead of the clear division between indicas and sativas, these days we mainly have hybrids, all composed of varying levels of both indica and sativa qualities. This makes actually finding a true indica quite a rare thing, meaning that you should definitely try and smoke some the moment you see it – after all, someone else might grab it first.

The Mendocino Purps strain is one of the few true indica strains remaining in the West, as well as being one of the most effective and most famous.

Let us take a look at this famous strain and discover just what it is that makes it so worthwhile a strain to seek out and enjoy.

What Is the Mendocino Purps Strain?

As the winner of both the 2007 and 2009 Cannabis Cup, the Mendocino Purps strain of weed has an incredibly solid, reliable reputation.

Well known as your typical, everyman indica, this strain was developed in Mendocino County in California. Thanks to some clever cloning and a careful selection process, the breeders BC Bud Depot developed the initial Mendocino clones into a distinctive Purps version, now more well known than the original.

This strain is one of those solid, dependable strains that any good dispensary should keep on hand for those who are craving a true and honest indica experience.


It is well known not only for its distinctively purple appearance but for its typical indica effects. For starters, on first smoking some Mendocino Purps bud, you will receive a pleasant elevation of mood that is impossible to escape, giving you that wonderful sensation of feeling distinctly happy, yet without any good reason.

As this initial wave of happiness settles in, you will find yourself settling in as well; the nearest soft, comfortable area will suddenly feel immensely necessary, urging you to gravitate towards it and sit down no matter what you were doing beforehand.

The expected feeling of couch lock will begin to set in, forcing you to be unable to move from your comfortable spot for the next few hours. This makes the Mendocino Purps strain perfect for those lazy, gentle afternoons where you want nothing more than to sit comfortably and zone out to something stupid on TV.

Additionally, after a short while of lazing about, you will likely begin feeling the rumbles of your stomach, thus beginning the Munchies stage. Once this sets in, you had best make sure you have some snacks on hand, as you are likely to be constantly hungry for the rest of the high.

The other major effect that this strain induces is those always pleasant giggles. You can expect to find everything strangely hilarious, making it impossible not to giggle like a mad person at every single thing.

Towards the end of the high, you can expect to feel the typical sensations of tiredness and heavy eyes, so make sure you only smoke it towards the later afternoon to time this sleepy feeling with the end of the day; otherwise, you will find yourself losing a whole chunk of your day and then waking up in the middle of the night.

So, this strain’s effects seem to be emblematic of a typical indica, but what about its aroma and flavor? Does it have a similar flavor profile to other indica strains?


The Mendocino Purps marijuana strain has an especially typical, purple strain aroma that is very reminiscent of other classic indica strains.

There is a hint of pine that always seems to be leaking out of the buds, regardless of how far away from them you are. Expect that regular, pleasant funkiness mixed with a skunk that many good indica strains have, especially ones tangentially related to the OG family.

There is also a certain level of the herbaceousness that hangs around towards the end of the aroma, appearing more readily when you break it open properly.

What about the actual taste on your tongue? Is that as pleasant as its aroma?


Despite the rather simplistic aroma of the Mendocino Purps strain, the flavor is surprisingly rich and otherworldly.

On first inhaling the smoke of this indica strain, you will notice a massive blast of skunkiness and pine, undercut with that typical hash quality that only the very best strains have.

There are also hints of grape, wine, and even, oddly enough, sweetness from regular candy.

The overall flavor is a mixed bag of different genres and levels of differing flavors, all combining together to make an extremely satisfying experience.

While the aroma might be pretty ordinary, the taste itself is anything but, with plenty of different qualities and unique little hints of other tastes hidden beneath each inhale.


The appearance of the Mendocino Purps strain is as might be expected considering its reputation; it is bright purple, almost overwhelmingly so, looking almost reflective and like it should belong to an entirely different plant.

The buds are very dense, yet quite circular in shape, looking more like a very delicate, hand-picked grape than a marijuana bud.

There is plenty of the necessary white trichomes and orange pistils dotted throughout the bud’s surface, though not enough to change the overall color and appearance away from one of beautiful purple.

The texture of the bud itself is remarkably sticky, grasping your fingers and lingering to them like a freshly peeled piece of tape, just off the reel.

The best way to really handle them, however, is to harvest them yourself after growing your own Mendocino Purps, so what kind of special knowledge do you need to know to be able to grow your own Mendocino Purps?

Mendocino Purps Strain Grow Info

Although many pure indica strains of this type require only clones to be able to reproduce, Mendocino Purps strain seeds are quite regularly available, thanks to the inbreeding efforts of BC Bud Depot to make reliable, easily found seeds for this potent strain.

As a rather typical indica, you need to practice pretty ordinary indica growing tips to make sure your plant grows to the right level.

To keep your plant healthy, keep it well maintained using pruning shears, lopping off the bottom branches as they begin to get overshadowed by the plant’s upper growth. Indica strains tend to grow rather bushy, so if they get the chance to overgrow their own branches, they will waste a lot of energy attempting to keep growing useless branches.

Additionally, make sure the surrounding temperature around the plants, whether you are growing them indoors or outside, is warm enough to keep the bud development in a comfortable range of between 70 and 80 Fahrenheit. A big part of the reason why these buds have such a distinctive flavor and color is due to getting enough sunlight.

In a way, this strain’s buds are remarkably similar to grapes – they need to be kept at just the right temperature, plus they need to be picked in just the right way and treated with the proper respect that they deserve.

As soon as you harvest the buds from your Mendocino Purps plants, get them drying and curing straight away, as if you delay it too long, you risk losing any chance of getting that beautiful iridescent purple shine.

Once you have got your Mendocino Purps bud properly harvested and cured, what kind of cannabinoid content can you expect?

THC Content – Highest Test

As with many other pure indica strains that are designed to pack a powerful punch and get you as high as possible as quickly as possible, this strain has roughly 20% THC content.

You can expect this to be pretty static among any sample of Mendocino Purps you can find, as this strain was grown for its reliability and dependability so that you always know precisely what you are getting, no matter where you buy it from.

With such a decently high level of THC, what kind of CBD content can you expect from Mendocino Purps cannabis?

CBD Content – Highest Test

As part of the continuous breeding process that went into developing the Mendocino Purps strain, one of the things that had to be sacrificed to make more room for THC was, sadly, CBD.

This means that, in any particular sample of Mendocino Purps you might find, there isn’t really going to be more than 0.3% CBD.

This doesn’t mean that it has no use whatsoever for those looking for useful medical benefits, however; there are still plenty of medical reasons to take Mendocino Purps.

Medical Benefits of the Mendocino Purps Strain

One of the main medical benefits of the Mendocino Purps strain is related to one of its most notable effects – its ability to completely knock you out at the end of the high.

For those who struggle with falling asleep, whether as a result of a mental disorder or from regular insomnia, this is perfect for finally overcoming their inability to sleep properly and allowing them to get the rest they so sorely need.

Additionally, this strain’s ability to massively uplift your mood and just generally make you feel happy about everything around you, thus making it wonderful for helping those who struggle with mental issues like anxiety and depression.

This is also relevant for those who struggle with stress, as this strain simply washes away any and all negative feelings, making it impossible to dwell on your problems for any length of time whatsoever.

You can also expect to find that any pains or irritating physical sensations that you suffer from simply disappear, as Mendocino Purps induces a pleasant numbing sensation that makes you forget about any physical problems entirely.

Finally, if you are the type of person to struggle with maintaining a healthy appetite, the intense munchies that Mendocino Purps induces can help override any feeling of not wanting to eat anything. So, if you find yourself struggling to keep down food, then Mendocino Purps might be the answer you are looking for.

There are, of course, a few negative side effects associated with Mendocino Purps as well.

Possible Side Effects of the Mendocino Purps Strain

To begin with, the typical pairing of dry mouth and dry eyes, the two ever-present side effects of any high THC strain, rear their ugly heads with Mendocino Purps. Keep a glass of water on hand to help battle this, and you shouldn’t have too much of a problem.

The other side effects of the Mendocino Purps strain include a propensity towards dizziness, as well as occasionally painful headaches that can persist for a couple of hours into your high. However, both of these symptoms are primarily due to when you smoke too much Mendocino Purps at any one time.

As long as you keep your intake of Mendocino Purps to a reasonable level, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem.

Finally, some people also report a tendency towards paranoid thoughts if they imbibe too much Mendocino Purps, or if they just already suffer from paranoia as part of their regular lives.

If this is the case, either only smoke a very small amount of Mendocino Purps at once, or steer clear of the strain altogether.

Final Thoughts on Mendocino Purps Strain

There are many different marijuana strains out there, each with their own distinctive, interesting qualities.

Thanks to the general direction of growers these days, marijuana strains tend to be mostly hybrids, rather than any pure sativas or indicas. Most growers state that this makes for a better, more rounded high, as well as more varied and mixed flavors.

However, sometimes you just want a good old fashioned, solidly reliable indica strain that gives you that couch-locked, munchies-filled, peaceful high that you know and love.

For those looking for a throwback high, the type of experience that leaves you blissfully calm and sitting, staring into nothingness and laughing yourself silly, Mendocino Purps is definitely the perfect strain for you.

Not only does it have that complex flavor and aroma that most modern marijuana users enjoy, but it also has a beautifully traditional, classic effect that leaves you thinking fondly of it for days afterward.

Just make sure that you don’t have anything else to do for the rest of the day, as if you smoke enough Mendocino Purps, you won’t be doing anything but sleeping.

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