Lemon G Strain Review [Origins, Benefits, Cannabis Grow Info]

Lemon G Strain Review [Origins, Benefits, Cannabis Grow Info]

Lemon G is a very bright and fragrant strain that tastes a lot like a freshly squeezed pitcher of lemonade. It is extremely tangy and lemony, and is one of this strain’s top selling points. But besides being super citrusy and refreshing, Lemon G also offers its users a euphoric high accompanied by laughter and intense relaxation.

Dominant Terpene:
Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene
Common Usage
AnxietyMuscle spasmsNausea
Growing Info
This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors. If growing indoors, expect a flowering period in about 9-11weeks. If growing outdoors, expect to start seeing flowers by mid-October.

When you think of marijuana, it is likely that you picture the tightly packed streets of Amsterdam, or the vast plains and forests of California, or perhaps even the towering skyscrapers of Seattle.

One place you certainly don’t think of is Ohio.

However, Lemon G is a strain that proves that Ohio – and indeed the Midwest in general – is not entirely unheard of in the marijuana world.

With a powerful aroma and strong lemon flavors, this sativa-leaning hybrid is a favorite of many recreational smokers who are looking for strong sativa effects with just a hint of relaxing indica.

Let’s take a look at this oddly midwestern strain and examine why it is that this lemon flavored hybrid is so popular.

What is the Lemon G Cannabis Strain?

Lemon G is a strain with a confused parentage – we know that it has G13, a popular Indica, as a parent, but its Sativa ancestry is relatively unknown. It could be Lemon Skunk, or possibly another Sativa rich Hybrid like Love Potion No. 1, but ultimately we don’t know. It would appear that, while Ohio is well known for its high percentage of astronauts and for being the home state of How I Met Your Mother’s Ted Mosby, it is not so well known for its record keeping.

Lemon G is well known for its pleasant balance of both sativa and indica, providing just the right amount of inherent relaxation with its potent cerebral sativa effects.

However, the primary reason for Lemon G’s favorability is its potent high. At the very beginning, you can expect a powerful and almost overwhelming sensation of euphoria, with a rush of uplifting feeling and mood that some describe as like walking on air.

The high hits fast and robust, providing a noticeable buzz that is almost audible. However, despite this sensation, you will remain completed focused and your mind will develop such a razor sharp speed that you will find yourself thinking and replying far faster than you usually would.

Due to this incredibly sudden high, some people ascribe sensations of dizziness to this strain, but that feeling is incredibly fleeting. Instead, you will quickly develop the Indica sensation of relaxation and a desire to sit down. However, there is no intense feeling of couchlock or any kind of forceful rest; instead, you will naturally feel like sitting down and smiling to yourself, calm and content with your lot in life.

The critical feature of Lemon G’s high is the excessive friendliness and giddiness that it causes. You can expect to sound somewhat like a schoolgirl while talking with friends, as you simply won’t be able to shut up.

You will laugh far more than you would normally, as well as just generally being loquacious and easy to get on with. You will sit back, preferably with friends, and crack jokes that seem far funnier than they normally would be.

Many users report a profoundly painful face after this high that is due to the endless smiling that this strain causes; however, as negatives go, this one is something that most people will happily tolerate.

The high does begin to decline, so your rate of laughter will start to decrease, but you can expect to still enjoy yourself throughout the high.

However, despite the communal and enjoyable high that Lemon G provides, the main attraction is its distinctive flavor and aroma profile.

Lemon G Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance


As might be expected from a strain called Lemon G, the most noticeable aroma is a profoundly lemony flavor. It is so strong that it is closer in aroma to Windex or other kitchen cleaners than to an actual lemon. However, it stops short of being actually unpleasant, as it is cut with notes of pine and other floral elements that, while still pretty similar to certain cleaning products, is refreshing and bright rather than acerbic and unpleasant.

The lemon quality of Lemon G is able to smelt from a surprising distance away, so if you are keen on keeping your bud to yourself, make sure to wrap it well and put it in a coffee pot or something so as to minimize the distinct aroma.

Also, if you smoke this indoors it is going to smell like you were making lemon curd in your kitchen – that’s how powerful and almost overwhelming the aroma of this strain is.


The remarkable quality of Lemon G is that, despite its profoundly lemon focused aroma, the dominant flavor, once it is inhaled, is earthy.

The earthiness works well with the pine aroma, but it is distinctly different – imagine a recently plowed plot of grass and dirt, left out in the sun for a short while and allowed to dry out. Though that might sound pretty unsettling, it is actually a very intriguing and natural smell, the kind of thing you enjoy while on a nature hike.

There is also a layer of spice that undercuts the dank earthiness, providing a nice layer of complexity that makes the entire experience extremely pleasant.


The appearance of the Lemon G bud is exceptionally fluffy, as well as being almost crystalline due to the number of white trichomes all along the surface.

The physical quality of Lemon G is somehow both like a piece of frosted glass and a discarded piece of laundry fluff.

Again, though that description sounds pretty terrible, it is surprisingly attractive. Its appearance is unique and appealing, offering a visual experience that it is difficult to find anywhere else.

Lemon G Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Among Lemon G’s many strengths is its physical tenacity as a plant. There are few climates that Lemon G won’t flourish in, as well as being remarkably resilient to powdery mold or many kinds of parasites.

Though it has a tendency to grow too tall, you can easily counter this with a combination of topping (a pruning process whereby you snip off the tip of the plant as it grows so as to encourage lateral growth), and by tying its growing branches to a tethering canopy system. This allows its buds to expand outwards, facing the sun and producing a denser and healthier bud system.

The one significant detriment to growing your own Lemon G is that seeds are pretty hard to come by, so you need to have a friend whom is already growing their own Lemon G and will let you take a graft to grow your own.

As long as you do actually manage to get your hands on some, Lemon G will produce a decent harvest and has a flowering time of roughly ten weeks.

Lemon G THC Content – Highest Test

Like many strains that have been bred for effectiveness, Lemon G is extremely rich in THC. This is actually quite rare, as many strains are generally lower in THC.

However, Lemon G can be expected to have around a 19% THC content, with some samples registering as high as 23%.

This makes Lemon G a great strain to use if you are looking for a powerful high, especially if you consider yourself experienced in marijuana and possess a bit of a tolerance.

However, as is usually the case, a high THC content is traditionally accompanied by a disappointing CBD content.

Lemon G CBD Content – Highest Test

Perhaps to go along with the poor record keeping of this strain’s ancestry, there is not a lot of information about Lemon G’s CBD content. However, it is pretty universally known for possessing very little CBD at all.

Some retailers even boast of their Lemon G having no CBD content whatsoever, as if this was an entirely good thing.

It is unlikely you would find any more than 1% CBD content in any sample of Lemon G you examined, so don’t go looking for Lemon G if you are hoping for a powerful medicinal effect from the CBD.

Of course, this isn’t to say that there aren’t any useful medical applications for Lemon G.

Medical Benefits of the Lemon G Cannabis Strain

As with many other high THC strains, Lemon G is incredibly effective at helping treat two major problems – general problems associated with pain and mental disorders.

For treating pain, Lemon G is excellent, as not only is its high mildly numbing in its effects, the high THC content enables it to interact with the CB1 receptor and suppress feelings of pain.

For treating mental disorders, the high THC content is able to help trigger the release of helpful neurochemicals that help overcome feelings of intense anxiety, depression or general stress. Additionally, the euphoric effects of this sativa dominant hybrid are perfect for helping those who struggle with issues of self-worth come out of their shell – no matter what you think of yourself, once you have tried some Lemon G, you will be eager to talk to anyone.

Some users also take Lemon G to help combat muscle spasms arising from a myriad of different conditions, as well as nausea. Interestingly enough, Lemon G is a common strain to take when about to undergo a long journey, like an international flight.

The high THC content and relaxing effects help suppress the desire to vomit if you get motion sickness, as well as just generally helping keep anxiety and feelings of stress at bay.

Of course, with every good effect that any strain has, there is generally going to be a side effect that follows it.

Possible Side Effects of the Lemon G Cannabis Strain

Though it is true that side effects are a virtually inescapable truth when taking any form of medication, including marijuana, Lemon G has thankfully very few reported symptoms.

You can expect the nearly ubiquitous dry mouth and dry eyes to trouble you at the start, but a simple glass of water and frequent blinking will efficiently combat this; what’s more, the problem tends to go away after only a short while, so you don’t really need to worry.

The only other major reported consequence of Lemon G is a tendency for anxiety, but virtually every high THC strain poses this risk. Though you can take Lemon G to help combat issues arising from severe anxiety, those people that don’t generally struggle with anxiety can sometimes develop their own anxious experience if they take too much Lemon G at once.

There is also the ever-present risk of some small feelings of paranoia that can accompany the high of Lemon G, so if you are especially prone to these feelings, it might be best to either steer completely clear of Lemon G or just to take a reduced dosage.

Final Thoughts on the Lemon G Cannabis Strain

The flavor of lemons has always been a popular one; whether it is because all humans generally enjoy acidic and noticeable flavors, or just because it pairs well with other familiar flavors like earthiness or sweetness, people everywhere love the taste of lemons and nowhere is this more apparent than in the marijuana world.

Some of the most potent and well-used marijuana strains contain lemon or other citrus notes as their primary flavor components.

In the case of Lemon G, the aroma and flavor of lemons are persistent throughout, offering a distinctly acidic and tart experience throughout the entire smoking experience.

However, as if in complete contrast to its flavor profile, the effects of this potent strain are mellow, calming and overall relaxing, offering a personable and amiable high that will last for hours.

Lemon G is perfect for taking with you on your next outing with your friends, allowing you to enjoy yourselves, sit back and laugh at your own stupid jokes while you rest in blissful peace.

Though your entire house will smell like a mixture of fabric softener and household cleaner, Lemon G is well worth it.

It tastes great, feels great and even looks great, so what’s not to like?

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