Grape Stomper Strain Review

Grape Stomper Strain Review

As the name suggests, Grape Stomper offers a delightfully sweet grape scent and taste. It has an uplifting and happy effect that could provide a burst of energy. As a result, some users try it as a wake and bake strain.

Price(per gram)
Dominant Terpene:
Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene
Common Usage
DepressionLack of appetiteStress
Growing Info
Grape Stomper requires patience because of its long flowering period of 10-12 weeks. You can grow it indoors or outdoors.

As you know, cannabis breeders like to be creative when conjuring names of strains. Occasionally, they feel as if they made a mistake and change the name. This is what appears to have happened with Grape Stomper, which used to be called Sour Grapes. Some people still refer to it as the latter, but most users prefer the Grape Stomper name.

What Is the Grape Stomper Cannabis Strain?

Grape Stomper is a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid that’s a cross of Chewdawg, Sour Diesel, and Purple Elephant. It is a former High Times Cannabis Cup Winner with a taste that users adore. A group of independent growers developed Grape Stomper, so we’re unsure about the breeders’ identity. Some say that Gage Green Genetics is responsible, however. There are many ‘grape’ strains, but this is one of the original and best options.

The THC level varies significantly, though you can expect Grape Stomper to provide a rapid effect in every case. It offers a strong cerebral high that elevates your mood and puts a smile on your face.

There are many ‘grape’ strains, but this is one of the original and best options.

Although it is slightly on the sativa side of things, Grape Stomper’s indica effects soon become apparent. You will experience a body high that spreads to your limbs, making them feel heavy and relaxed. If you are a novice user, this effect could result in couch-lock.

However, experienced marijuana smokers who consume a sensible amount often find that the calming body effect complements the head high. Such users can still complete their daily tasks, and some even use Grape Stomper in the morning.


Grape Stomper is extremely popular among cannabis users, and its glorious scent and taste help explain why. However, you may be surprised to find that the scent is subtle rather than extremely noticeable. Once you break the nugs, the grape smell becomes more apparent. You may also get hints of diesel along with floral notes.

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The sweet, mouth-watering grape flavor comes racing through once you light this strain. Some users say they also taste berries. Grape Stomper also provides a light and pleasant smoke that shouldn’t result in coughing.


Subtlety seems to be the name of the game with Grape Stomper. The purple coloring is there but is far from the standout feature. The trichomes actually obscure your view of the resinous buds, although you get to see plenty of orange pistils.

Grape Stomper Strain Grow Info

This is a strain that grows well indoors or outdoors. At one time, it was a clone-only strain, although you can find Grape Stomper seeds online these days. However, most people claim that the seeds you buy are not the true form of this strain.

In any case, Grape Stomper grown outdoors is usually ready for harvest sometime in October. It provides a yield of at least 16 ounces per plant.


If you choose to cultivate this strain indoors, note that it thrives in a hydroponics setup. Consider using a grow tent because it doesn’t grow much taller than four feet. You can easily keep it under control via regular trimming.

It has a relatively long flowering time that can extend from 10-12 weeks. Overall, Grape Stomper produces a yield of approximately 12 ounces per square meter planted indoors.

Whether you grow indoors or outdoors, you will love the thick, resinous buds produced by Grape Stomper.

THC Content – Highest Test

The THC level of Grape Stomper varies from 16% to 26%. If you get the latter version, you’ll need to tread carefully. In general, you can expect Grape Stomper to have approximately 21% THC on average.

CBD Content – Highest Test

This strain’s CBD content also varies, although it seldom goes above 0.5%.

Medical Benefits of the Grape Stomper Strain

Although it isn’t one of the most popular MMJ strains around, Grape Stomper has its uses. It is potent enough to help you forget the chronic pain associated with various conditions. As it is an uplifting smoke, you might want to consider it for depression or anxiety. Sit back, take a small amount, and allow your worries to melt away.

A lot depends on how much Grape Stomper you consume too. Those who try a significant amount claim that it helps them sleep. However, going down this path could result in several side effects, which we outline below. In general, sensible consumption of Grape Stomper could help boost your energy. Therefore, it is possibly useful if you struggle with a lack of energy in the morning.

Possible Side Effects of the Grape Stomper Strain

Side effects such as dry mouth and dry eyes are relatively common and are also mild. The more concerning adverse effects are rare and tend to happen due to overconsumption. Such issues include headaches, dizziness, and a slight sense of panic due to the buzzing high.

Final Thoughts on the Grape Stomper Cannabis Strain

Grape Stomper is slightly sativa, but it offers relatively balanced effects. The uplifting initial high may help individuals with low mood. It has enough potency to possibly assist individuals with chronic pain. While you may feel sleepy after using a significant amount, Grape Stomper tends to cause a boost in energy.

Grape Stomper is slightly sativa, but it offers relatively balanced effects.

It offers a gorgeous subtle grape scent and flavor. It grows well indoors or outdoors and produces extremely dense buds and a reasonable yield. Cultivating Grape Stomper requires some degree of experience, so it isn’t necessarily the best option for first-time growers.

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