Cold Creek Kush | Cannabis Strain

Cold Creek Kush | Cannabis Strain

Cold Creek Kush is a rare find, able to deeply relax your mind and calm your body without leaving you feeling sedated and lethargic. Cold Creek Kush is also a potent medical strain that can treat even the most persistent of conditions.

Dominant Terpene:
Pinene, Myrcene
Common Usage
Chronic painDepressionMuscle spasmsSleepStress
Growing Info
Cold Creek Kush is the perfect strain for novice growers who are looking for a low maintenance plant that still manages to produce a satisfying yield.

There is nothing quite like heading home after a long and stressful day and enjoying a profoundly relaxing strain to complete your evening. Unfortunately, it is rare to find a strain that can truly relax you without leaving you feeling sedated and unable to make the most of your downtime.

This is not to say that it is not possible, though. There are a few rare hybrid strains that manage to pack almost all of the effects of an indica while leaving the heavy body sedation out of the mix. Cold Creek Kush is one of those rare and beautiful finds.

From its vibrant coloring that you cannot help but smile at, to its uplifting yet calming effects, Cold Creek Kush is perfect for a lazy evening in. A few puffs of Cold Creek Kush is enough to make the stress of the day feel like a distant memory, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing, stress-free evening.

Let’s take a closer look at the Cold Creek Kush strain and find out whether it is the right strain for you.

What Is the Cold Creek Kush Strain?

The Cold Creek Kush strain of weed is an indica-dominant hybrid popular for its balanced effects. Cold Creek Kush has a 70% indica / 30% sativa break down but still manages to pack a mental buzz that you would typically expect to find in more sativa dominant strains.

Cold Creek Kush is a cross between MK Ultra and Chemdawg 91, and T.H. Seeds is its original creator. Cold Creek Kush has gone on to win 2nd place at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2010 within the indica category.


You first notice the effects of Cold Creek Kush as a warming sensation that slowly spreads across your body. Your mind gently drifts to a place of calm and relaxation, pushing all stressful and anxiety-inducing thoughts to the back of your mind.

One of the reasons for Cold Creek Kush’s popularity is that despite its high indica content, it does not leave users feeling sedated. You instead get to enjoy a few blissful hours of euphoria while feeling physically freed from your own body.

As is the case with most indicas, Cold Creek Kush can cause you to suddenly feel starving, reaching for your favorite snacks only to find that they are gone in the blink of an eye. It is always a good idea to have extra treats on hand to avoid the pain of having to wait for takeout delivery.

Many people mistakenly believe that because Cold Creek Kush is an indica-dominant strain, it fails to pack the uplifting effects that make sativa strains so popular. This is very much not the case, however. Cold Creek Kush’s 30% sativa content shines through in the form of an uplifting high that makes it hard to feel anything but joy.

Cold Creek Kush is ideal for use during the late afternoon and early evening due to its ability to relax both your mind and body while still giving you enough energy to stay awake. The effects of Cold Creek Kush are long-lasting and can easily have an impact on your energy levels until later in the evening, making it easy to drift off to sleep.


The Cold Creek Kush marijuana strain has an almost fresh aroma. People often compare it to freshly cut grass and damp earth. Before you even break Cold Creek Kush’s dense buds apart, they transport you to winter walks through the countryside, relaxing your mind before you even start smoking.

Breaking apart Cold Creek Kush’s buds releases a pungent, earthy aroma, taking you from a calming walk to feeling as though you tripped and fell headfirst into the mud. As the smell dissipates into the air, it becomes easier to breathe through the strain’s pungency, allowing you to enjoy its natural aroma once again.

As Cold Creek Kush buds start to burn, an intense warmth fills the air, mixing with the pungent aroma and resulting in a less than pleasing smell. Some people have gone so far as to compare Cold Creek Kush’s aroma to rotting wood and damp.

This is not to say that there is no enjoyment in smoking Cold Creek Kush if you look hard enough, though. For those who enjoy damp winter days in the countryside, it can even be a comforting aroma.

The pungent aroma Cold Creek Kush produces makes it challenging to smoke discreetly. It can often be a source of stress before the strain’s calming effects have a chance to kick in.

Is Cold Creek Kush’s flavor profile quite as sharp and pungent as its aroma?


Cold Creek Kush has an exciting flavor profile combining an earthy, piney taste with a sour tang that can linger for some time after smoking. It is almost as though Cold Creek Kush’s flavor profile takes the best of its aroma and leaves behind the pungent rotting flavor that can often put people off the strain.

As you inhale your first puff of Cold Creek Kush’s surprisingly smooth smoke, your taste buds are hit with an overpowering wave of woody pine. The flavor quickly calms down, allowing you to enjoy the different herbal and woody notes.

With time you are able to pick out even more detail, noticing a spicy, sour flavor that works perfectly alongside the earthy notes. As the smooth smoke travels down to your lungs, you get a chance to really soak up the spicy, earthy taste.

Cold Creek Kush leaves a sour taste in your mouth, which, just like its aroma, can linger for some time after smoking.


Cold Creek Kush has densely packed buds that hang heavy on the plant, giving it a weighted appearance. Buds have a rich olive green coloring with vibrant orange trichomes weaving their way throughout. Due to their size and presence, Cold Creek Kush’s buds are the first thing that you notice when you first look at a Cold Creek Kush plant.

Cold Creek Kush plants can grow extremely tall and wide, looking like overgrown bushes that are in need of taming. It is essential that Cold Creek Kush plants are not trimmed too often though, despite their appearance, as this can reduce the yield that they can produce.

Cold Creek Kush Strain Grow Info

Luckily, Cold Creek Kush plants are ideal for novice growers who are looking for a low maintenance plant that will produce a high yield. Also, Cold Creek Kush plants are resistant to most common garden molds and mildew, meaning that you should encounter very few problems.

Cold Creek Kush plants are happiest in hot, dry climates, requiring more sunshine than other hybrid plants. Cold Creek Kush plants take between 9 and 12 weeks to mature when you grow them indoors.

While Cold Creek Kush plants can grow indoors, they may grow much more extensively than other hybrid plants. Therefore, it is essential to ensure they have enough space to flourish. The strain’s densely packed buds add noticeable weight to Cold Creek Kush plants and mean that it is necessary not to over trim the rest of the plant, as this can cause imbalance.

Cold Creek Kush plants that grow outside will generally be ready to harvest around late October. When you give plants enough room to grow to their full potential outdoors, you can expect an average yield of 25 ounces per plant. Indoor plants, on the other hand, produce an average of 20 ounces per square meter.

Creek Kush Strain seeds are available for purchase directly from TH Seeds. Alternatively, less experienced gardeners can purchase clippings, ensuring a more predictable growing experience, without having to deal with germinating seeds.

THC Content – Highest Test

Cold Creek Kush cannabis has an average THC content of between 15% and 22%, placing it at the higher end of the scale for a hybrid strain.

As a result of Cold Creek Kush’s high THC content, it can cause some pretty powerful effects that feel overwhelming to those who are not used to strains with such strong THC content.

How does Cold Creek Kush’s CBD content compare to its alarming THC levels?

CBD Content – Highest Test

Unsurprisingly, Cold Creek Kush has a low CBD content of around 1%. It is extremely rare to find a strain that has both a high THC and CBD content, and therefore it would be surprising to see more than 1% CBD in Cold Creek Kush.

Despite having a low CBD content, Cold Creek Kush is still worth considering as a potent medicinal strain that can help to treat a number of chronic conditions.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes Cold Creek Kush such a popular medical strain.

Medical Benefits of the Cold Creek Kush Strain

Cold Creek Kush is often useful for treating insomnia. While Cold Creek Kush might not induce a state of complete sedation, it does help to clear your mind and allow you to reach a state of mental calm and tranquility easily. In larger doses, Cold Creek Kush can trigger more sedative effects that will enable you to drift in and out of sleep with ease.

The physical numbing effects of Cold Creek Kush make it a great form of natural pain management. Taking small doses of Cold Creek Kush throughout the day provides all of the numbing pain relief you need to make it through the day without feeling mentally cloudy. For those suffering from chronic pain, Cold Creek Kush is particularly useful. Patients can use it on a regular basis without any real adverse effects.

Cold Creek Kush is particularly useful for treating migraines. It is not only able to numb the pain, but also provides you with an uplifting mental boost that helps you to feel positive and productive. Additionally, Cold Creek Kush makes it easier to overcome the adverse mental effects that often come with a migraine.

Cold Creek Kush’s ability to transport you to an almost instant state of mental calm makes it ideal for those who suffer from depression and chronic stress. Cold Creek Kush clears your mind so that you are able to look at situations from a more objective point of view.

Unfortunately, Cold Creek Kush’s high THC content means that there are also a few adverse effects that occur when taking Cold Creek Kush.

Possible Side Effects of the Cold Creek Kush Strain

Cold Creek Kush’s higher than average THC content means that it is not ideal for those who are not used to such dominant strains or who do not smoke on a regular basis. Some people find that even a few puffs of Cold Creek Kush are enough to trigger feelings of anxiety.

When smoking Cold Creek Kush in complicated situations where you do not feel genuinely relaxed, it is common to experience sudden dizzy spells. These can make it feel as though you are detached from the world and everything is moving around you.

For those who are not used to such a high THC content, it is better to stick to a small dose, ideally in an environment where you feel safe and comfortable. It can also be a good idea to have a close friend nearby, who you know you can trust.

A common side effect of smoking Cold Creek Kush is dry mouth. Luckily, this has no real impact on your health and feels like more of a minor annoyance. Dry mouth can cause the roof and sides of your mouth to feel intensely dry and dehydrated.

Ensuring that you stay hydrated throughout a Cold Creek Kush high can help to reduce the chance of experiencing the Cold Creek Kush adverse effects.

Final Thoughts on Cold Creek Kush Strain

Cold Creek Kush is a pleasing hybrid, perfect as an after-work treat to help you unwind and relax after even the most stressful of days. As long as you can see past Cold Creek Kush’s pungent aroma and unwelcomingly dense buds, Cold Creek Kush offers an experience like no other.

Cold Creek Kush is more than just calming recreational strain, though; it also has a number of powerful medical benefits that have led to it becoming a popular medical strain. Whether you are looking for a natural way to treat chronic pain or intense migraines, Cold Creek Kush might just be the perfect solution.

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