Citrus Sap | Marijuana Strain Review and Guide

Citrus Sap | Marijuana Strain Review and Guide

Citrus Sap is a sativa-dominant strain with a flavor and aroma that perfectly reflects its name. It tastes of lemons, oranges, with sweet and earthy undertones. This strain is perfect for full-body relaxation and clarity of mind, and doesn’t come with the likelihood of anxiety and paranoia. Citrus Sap can also help with physical pains, and is great for medicinal use as well.

Price(per gram)
Dominant Terpene:
Pinene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene
Common Usage
Growing Info
Flowering period is approximately 65-70 days, can be grown both indoors and outdoors

Are you tired of the same old high? Citrus Sap is one of those strains that ought to be experienced to truly be understood. While there are hundreds of variations of sativa and indica-dominant hybrids out there, few offer the unique type of high that sativa-dominant Citrus Sap can, but what makes it so special?

If you are wondering what your next bud should be, stop searching. Today we are going to be sharing exactly what makes Citrus Sap so special, and why you should definitely make it your mission to try this zesty flower for yourself!

If you want to find out what you’re missing, stick around as we give you a full lowdown on everything from taste to effects and so much more…

What is the Citrus Sap Cannabis Strain?

Citrus Sap. When spoken out loud it gives the impression of a spring beverage, cool, zesty and refreshing. But what is the bud really like, and does it stay true to its name?

The product of genius breeding, Citrus Sap has been brought into this world by two cannabis giants: Crockett Family Farms and DNA Genetics. Crockett Family Farms are known for their delicacy strains, having brought out big names in the past such as Clementine. DNA Genetics, meanwhile, are responsible for the delectable Lemon Skunk and Chocolope – one of our personal favorites!

Combining the qualities of Gorilla Glue #4 and Tangie to deliver a sharp, potent and unique strain, these two breeding geniuses have managed to that deliver one hell of a body buzz and a high that will leave you in a bubble of relaxation long into the night.

Boasting a modest 17-25% THC and around 1% CBD, this is a popular option for those who have less experience with THC, as although it is potent, it is not too overwhelming and does not incur paranoia or mind-racing thoughts.

Despite its sativa-dominant lineage, this hybrid offers users a unique experience, offering both full body relaxation and mental stimulation, making it ideal for a range of medical conditions.

So, clear your to-do list; Citrus Sap may bring on mental clarity, but it is unlikely to keep you motivated enough to do anything of much worth. Prepare your evening snacks and enjoy as you are enveloped into the thick smoke and heady charm of this unusual bud.

Citrus Sap Cannabis Strain: Appearance, Aroma and Flavor


Citrus Sap is one of those deceiving strains that has a lot more to its appearance that its lineage alone would suggest. Despite it being sativa-dominant, this bud boasts a very dense structure often associated with indica buds. With masses of pastel, spring green leaves, and small to medium flowers that clump and cling together in an almost solid looking structure, here is a bud that certainly has much to offer potential growers.

Offering heavy resin production and even higher yields, this potent plant looks and performs better than many sativas on the market. A looker as well, you can enjoy deep red and burnt orange pistils intertwined around those leaves for a colorful and pretty looking plant. And let’s not forget the ‘sap’ aspect of this bud, which comes in the form of thick, sparkly and sticky trichomes that coat the buds giving an impressive overall finish.


If you have ever had the pleasure of indulging in Tangie, then the aroma of Citrus Sap should come as no great surprise. At first inspection, the overriding notes are sweet, tangy and certainly resemble lemons and oranges. Super fresh, like the name suggests, but there is so much more to reveal about the scent of this bud.

Once handled and the buds start to come loose, notes of sweetness intermingled with a rank undercurrent hit the nose, making for a pretty mouth-watering experience!

Sharpness aside, there is a wave of woody, almost fresh earth under there that creeps out upon lighting, which is then totally overshadowed by a skunky aroma ever present on the exhale. The smoke, by the way, is extremely thick and is likely to cause a coughing fit. Great for getting extra high, not so good if you have a bad chest or underlying conditions, so bear this in mind.


Unsurprisingly, the taste of this flower resembles the aroma pretty closely – with sweet, sour and sharp notes hitting first before that dank taste begins to filter through. On the whole, smokers end on a high note with a sweet and fruity aftertaste that lingers and can be pretty moreish too!

Citrus Sap Cannabis Strain Grow Info

So, it is good news! Those looking to cultivate Citrus Sap from the comfort of their own homes can do so with ease, because Crockett Family Farms sell seeds of the bud online. What makes it even better is that this isn’t a particularly difficult bud to grow, so will lend itself to those medicinal users who are looking for easier ways to handle their conditions, but who may not have much experience with cannabis.

You can grow Citrus Sap both indoors and out, but we recommend those growing outdoors consider their climate before getting started. This is because the flower thrives in sunny, semi-humid climates, so temperatures between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit will be necessary.

The bud takes around 65-70 days to flower, but it is well worth the wait as it offers an above average yield to the patient cultivator.

A small word of warning for those looking to grow the bud indoors: Citrus Sap is particularly pungent, so we would recommend odor control methods if discretion is important.

Citrus Sap Cannabis Strain Medicinal Benefits

Every strain out there has one area where it really stands out and thrives. For Citrus Sap, that has to be its medicinal benefits and general effects. The high of this bud is particularly special as it not only relieves physical ailments with a full body relaxation like no other, but this feeling of numbness doesn’t impede the brain, leaving users to relax but hold full, insightful conversations.

Considered as a true ‘creeper’ strain – Citrus Sap’s effects don’t take hold for a few minutes, but once they do, they will present themselves first throughout the body, slowly traveling through as a tingling, soothing wave from the neck and through the core, eventually traveling out through all four limbs.

Next users can expect feelings of immense euphoria, but not too much in the way of cerebral thinking, making it ideal for pure relaxation and zen – without that worry of anxiety and panic setting in. Some users report a trippy sensation, as visual and audible perceptions become distorted. If this is something you would like to avoid, we suggest taking it easy and not overdoing this strain.

Considered a social strain despite its couch-lock potential, Citrus Sap makes for a great conversation starter, and it can really bring about insightful, mind-opening topics of conversation. However, don’t confuse this with analytical thought – the ability to get things done, particularly anything that requires a lot of thought, is unlikely.

Medicinally, Citrus Sap has been a popular choice for those struggling with pain, including headaches and the physical pain from things such as chemotherapy. Other users report it to have beneficial appetite-stimulating properties, as it has been known to cause some intense munchies (so make sure your fridge is well stocked and that you have the pizza guy on speed-dial!).

If you are prone to panic, paranoia, depression or anxiety, Citrus Sap can be a great way to unwind and sooth racing thoughts and makes for an ideal way to combat insomnia thanks to its immense physical relaxation. It is thanks to this overriding quality that we don’t recommend Citrus Sap to be used during the day – unless you don’t mind doing nothing at all!

Citrus Sap Cannabis Strain Potential Side Effects

As we have mentioned, this strain isn’t known for causing paranoid thoughts or mind-race, making it great for a wide variety of applications. However, it can cause some psychedelic sensations and so we would advise caution when using this bud.

As with all strains, there is a chance of dry eyes and dry mouth, but this is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.

Round-Up: Is Citrus Sap for You This Summer?

Summer is just around the corner – it’s the perfect time to start compiling your list of summer strains, and Citrus Sap should definitely make the cut!

Refreshing and tangy, the taste of this bud will be sure to kick start your taste buds, but the best bit is that long, relaxing high that can make relaxing in the sun that little bit better! But what we would love to know is whether you plan to try Citrus Sap out, have you already or if not, why not? Tell us down in the comments, what’s your favorite thing about Citrus Sap? And what are your other go-to summer strains?

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