Chiquita Banana | Weed Strain Review

Chiquita Banana | Weed Strain Review

If you’ve been in search of high THC strains, Chiquita Banana is definitely one you’re bound to love. This potent bud has an average THC level of 33%! So it’s definitely not for the cannabis newbie. Besides being able to get you incredibly high, Chiquita Banana has a deliciously tropical and candy like flavor, with subtle earthy hints to wrap it all together.

Dominant Terpene:
Creativity, Euphoria, Focus
Common Usage
Growing Info
Flowering period is approximately 9-10 weeks, can be grown both indoors and outdoors

Do you ever wonder what your life was like before you tried marijuana for the first time? For those well-seasoned smokers, it can seem an impossible task to find a strain that offers anything out of the ordinary, but today we may have the very thing!

We are bringing you yet another cannabis strain, but this time it is the tropical sensation, the hard-to-get hybrid, the one and only Chiquita Banana strain! If you have never heard of this legendary yet somewhat mythical bud, then where have you been hiding?

Join us as we give you the full lowdown on this delicious yet potent strain and stick around until the end to find how you can cultivate this strain for yourself.

What is the Chiquita Banana Strain?

Bred by the one and only Utopia Farms, this is one of those strains you will have almost certainly heard of, but probably have never come across. Pretty rare in nature, but well worth the hunt, this potent hybrid is known for its crazily high THC levels – 33%!

Boasting prestigious genetics this bud is a fruity cross between OG Kush and Banana, and the result? A sweet, well-balanced flavor, with a psychoactive kick you won’t forget in a hurry!

It is named after the universally present Banana strain which is known for its tropical nature, also bred by Utopia Farms. This fruity little number is best enjoyed in the late afternoon, to give it plenty of time to work its magic as it slowly lulls you into a night of sleep.

Without a doubt one of the most potent strains to ever exist in the cannabis industry, if you can get your hands on a version of this designer strain, then you have to give it a try!

Chiquita Banana Strain Appearance, Aroma, and Flavor


Although this strain is more significant than life in so many ways, its appearance is relatively low-key. Offering cultivators a small to medium sized plant, Chiquita Banana saves its most impressive features when adequately cultivated, where it offers beautiful purple hues.

Overall, this medium-sized flower boasts a subtle, almost banana-like palette, with mild green and muted yellow colors running throughout its tightly curled leaves.

Other than the bold purple, this buds most appealing aesthetic is its frosting of crystal trichomes which are plentiful and muddled up with some vibrant orange pistils.


As you might imagine, Chiquita Banana smells distinctly fruity, with a tropical fragrance which is genuinely inviting. The overriding scent of this strain is sweet, but for the cannabis connoisseurs amongst you, there are some more complex notes of floral earth.

Most users report notes of citrus, sugar, and petals, which is fresh, alluring and a real treat on the nose.


Boasting a full-bodied flavor, Chiquita Banana is overwhelmingly sweet upon first taste, with notes of candied fruit and a subtle hint of earthiness in the background which balances out those sweet notes nicely. Expert smokers will notice the floral aroma makes its way into the taste of this strain, making for an overall well-balanced bud.

Chiquita Banana Strain Grow Info

Like with all the most excellent rare buds out there, there were never any seeds released by Utopia Farms, so there are no seeds available to buy online for this flower. With this in mind, the information out there on how to cultivate this strain is pretty hard to come by, unfortunately.

What we can do is use our many years of industry knowledge and cultivating experience to give you a pretty good idea on how to grow this hybrid if you are lucky enough to obtain some clippings of the strain from a reliable source.

Like with most great hybrids, you can cultivate the Chiquita Banana strain both outdoors or inside, which makes it more of a versatile grow for most people. However, if you are going to be growing this bud outdoors, you will need a hot and humid climate as she will benefit from an exotic environment.

Thanks to its sativa leanings, there is some chance that this plant will require trimming back, mainly if you are going to be growing it indoors. Doing so will help you manage your space and prevent your plant from growing out of control.

We can take a nod from the Chiquita Banana strain’s parent strains, whose genetics suggest this bud requires a relatively lengthy flowering time. With this in mind, growers can be looking at a flowering time between nine and ten weeks.

Chiquita Banana Strain Medicinal Benefits

This versatile hybrid strain offers a plethora of benefits; in fact, it can be used successfully both recreationally and medicinally, and can be applied to a range of conditions. One thing we must note from the off, however, is that this is a potent bud, so those unfamiliar with high levels of THC or who are prone to panic or paranoia should steer clear.

As we mentioned, Chiquita Banana boasts vast amounts of THC, and as such is known for its psychoactive effects. With a fast-acting buzz that starts behind the eyes and creeps across the rest of the body, this strain is great for unwinding, relaxing and getting things done.

Users can expect a sudden head rush a few seconds after first consumption of this bud, but don’t worry as it will not last, soon you will be enveloped with a sense of creativity, inspiration and underlying happiness and euphoria. The effects of this strain take you on a journey, so although the psychoactive effects may be a little much at the start, it will soon dissipate and make way for the kush effects, leaving you looser and more open-minded.

Users have reported this flower is the perfect companion to deep and creative thought or activity and can be helpful if you are looking for means of extra focus. It is also thanks to the strains ability to focus the mind, that this is widely applied to patients suffering from attention deficit disorder (ADD).

Over time, the mental buzz will subside a little, and make way for the tidal wave of physical relaxation, which is a great way to handle aches and pains, but won’t leave you feeling sedated. Some users have reported that your surroundings gently blur into the background as your mind drifts to a happy place, helping with anxiety, stress, and depression.

If you are a patient in need of a higher THC strain, or merely a cannabis veteran looking for something different, the effects of this strain certainly don’t disappoint.

Possible Side Effects of the Chiquita Banana Strain

With such a high THC percentage, the risks associated are present. We advise that newbie smoker or those who aren’t quite used to high THC buds steer away from this strain.

Users have reported dizziness, paranoia, and panic in doses too high, and as it is so unusually high, we advise even the most experienced smokers to tread carefully with this bud.

Final Thoughts on the Chiquita Banana Strain

We love a rare find strain, who doesn’t? And this flower from Utopia Farms is a top-shelf strain worthy of the exploration! If you are bored with your everyday buds or fancy trying something new, we would highly recommend this strain!

What we would love to hear in the comments is what your experiences are with this delightful hybrid. Have you tried it, or is it now on your hit list?

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