Bubbleberry Marijuana Strain Review + Info

Bubbleberry Marijuana Strain Review + Info

A versatile, evenly balanced hybrid, this strain is excellent for mental or physical problems alike; plus, it has an incredible flavor and aroma.

Dominant Terpene:
Pinene, Humulene, Limonene
Common Usage
AnxietyChronic painDepressionFocusMigrainesNerve painSleepStress
AppetiteBody high/numbingCreativityEuphoriaFocusHappyRelaxationSleep/Sedation
Growing Info
Bubbleberry is a surprisingly easy strain to grow yourself, though it does tend to be extremely recognizable if anyone gets a chance to smell it.

There are so many different flavor profiles out there that there seems to be a strain for everyone. Whether you prefer sweet strains, bitter strains, or strains that pack a more potent punch, everyone can find what they are looking for.

If you enjoy flavors that are all about berries, sweetness, and a sense of all-purpose cannabis, then Bubbleberry is your answer.

Here is all the information you could possibly want to know about this intriguing hybrid strain so that you can try it for yourself.

What Is the Bubbleberry Strain?

The Bubbleberry strain is a pretty well-known hybrid out of Amsterdam, originating from the Sagarmatha Seeds growing collective.

As the name implies, Bubbleberry is an exciting cross between the popular hybrid Blueberry strain and Bubblegum. This means that you end up with a strain stemming from two incredibly flavorful and potent hybrids.

Bubbleberry is all about providing a balanced, extremely versatile high that leaves you capable of anything. It offers up a nearly equal proportion of indica and sativa effects, as well as all the flavors of its ancestors.

The high from this strain takes hold surprisingly fast, hitting you full force the moment you put it down after inhaling. The high is, at first, exceptionally cerebral, giving you pleasant mental stimulation. Expect to feel a big burst of mental activity, like you almost can’t stop thinking.


There is also a pretty well-known and well-reputed psychedelic wave that hits pretty strongly after the first few minutes. You may experience the odd sound or visual hallucination, but it’s not so intense that it feels disorientating.

After a little while of hallucinating, you will find yourself feeling overwhelmingly productive; like you want to get up and go.

Following the intense desire to do things, the indica side of this strain will take hold. Your eyes, mouth, and arms feel heavy and tired, with plenty of that common sedative effect creeping in.  This eventually becomes a pretty soporific strain, leaving you tired and ready to head to bed.

All combined, Bubbleberry is the perfect example of a hybrid strain; you get sativa first, then indica, almost in equal measure.


Considering this strain’s rather obvious name, Bubbleberry has a pretty typical aroma. The primary thing you will notice is bright, fruity sweetness. There is the expected blueberry aroma that will fill your nostrils, backed up by just a little bit of citrus as well.

This all combines into an extremely tangy, sweet, balanced smell that is super pleasant to experience. It is truly one of the great scents out there that everyone needs to experience a few times.


While the Bubbleberry strain has a slightly obvious aroma profile, its flavor is not so clear. As soon as you start to burn this strain, everything combines all at once, and it feels almost overpowering.

You will likely fall into a coughing fit, leaving you unable to articulate anything you want to say. However, it isn’t really that bad; it just takes a moment to compose yourself. After it passes, there is a twang of sweet citrus flavors remaining on your tongue.

However, as the smoke begins to leave you on the exhale, you will notice even more exciting flavors. There will be a sweetness, yes, but also a strange bitterness that reminds you of chocolate and coffee.

The smoke is exceptionally strong, leaving behind its familiar scent long after you have put the joint down.


This strain’s buds are decently large, possessing an irregular shape that tapers towards the bottom, almost like a shovel. They are quite dense, looking more like an indica than a sativa.

There is plenty of that natural green color, but also a fair amount of beautiful brown and orange pistils and hairs, giving it a distinctive appearance. There are also plenty of sticky trichomes dotting the surface, lending even more complexity to the color.

So, what if you want to try and grow this strain yourself? What do you need to know to grow Bubbleberry plants?

Bubbleberry Strain Grow Info

Growing Bubbleberry at home is an excellent choice for those looking for a steady supply of such an excellent bud.

Thankfully, you can easily find Bubbleberry strain seeds online. It is sold by the breeders themselves. It’s an easy grower, able to flourish indoors or outside. No matter what, it requires a humid environment.

It has a relatively typical growing period, flowering after about ten weeks, though it doesn’t offer up a massive yield per square foot.

The real benefit of this strain is that it has such a distinctive aroma while it grows. It is like having a pleasant flower garden growing right in front of you, giving you its aroma all year round.

Of course, this does have a downside. For example, if you are hoping to grow your Bubbleberry in secrecy. If you are hoping to keep your growing operation a secret, you might find yourself struggling; everyone around you will be able to smell it.

However, as long as you don’t mind going through the trouble to grow clandestinely, Bubbleberry is a great strain to cultivate for some excellent quality bud.

THC Content – Highest Test

Bubbleberry cannabis is a hybrid strain, one bred from esteemed, well-respected strains with a long growing history. This inherently means that it is going to contain a whole lot of cannabinoids.

Bubbleberry typically presents itself with around 21% THC, which is a pretty massive amount when compared to most strains.

Despite its intense THC concentration, it somehow isn’t incredibly overpowering, as many other cannabis strains tend to be when they have such a high THC level.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Hybrid strains undergo countless generations of crossbreeding and careful planning. This means that they have been worked on for decades at a time.

As a result of its long breeding history, it is only inevitable that there will be no CBD whatsoever.

Its complete lack of CBD is sometimes considered a problem for many cannabis users, as they prefer to have both cannabinoids together. However, there are still all kinds of useful benefits of the Bubbleberry strain, even if there isn’t much CBD.

Medical Benefits of the Bubbleberry Strain

For those looking for therapeutic help from cannabis, Bubbleberry is an excellent strain to have around.

Bubbleberry elevates your mood and banishes any and all stress – this makes it perfect for those struggling with mental health. For those who find themselves unable to mentally focus on anything other than what is directly in front of them, Bubbleberry is there to help.

Its big burst of directed creativity and productivity makes it perfect for those looking for a little more direction in life or help concentrating on something.

Furthermore, Bubbleberry is well known for sending you into a deep and enjoyable sleep. This makes it perfect for those who fundamentally struggle with getting a full night’s sleep, such as insomniacs.

The high THC concentration of this strain is also great for helping those who suffer from physical pain. If you struggle with long-term physical pain, including neuropathic pain, this strain might be just what you need.

Possible Side Effects of the Bubbleberry Strain

Every cannabis strain has a few side effects. The main side effects of the Bubbleberry strain are to do with its higher than usual THC concentration.

You can obviously expect both dry eyes and dry mouth to plague you for starters, as all potent strains manage to cause them. It isn’t too bad, though; just keep yourself well hydrated to avoid any long-lasting unpleasant effects.

The other main problem with smoking a lot of Bubbleberry at once is that it is likely to leave you feeling like you cannot think of anything else. You will likely find yourself with plenty of recursive thoughts. This can be a bit of a problem if you struggle with paranoia or anxiety, as it can leave you going down a path of negative thinking.

Make sure that you don’t overdo it if you know you struggle with these kinds of problems, as it can be a genuinely harrowing experience if you are not prepared for it.

Other than that, the only thing you need to think about is making sure that you don’t smoke it too early in the day, for fear of falling asleep too soon.

Final Thoughts on the Bubbleberry Strain

The Bubbleberry strain is an interesting one and something that every passionate cannabis lover should try at least once.

Boasting incredible flavors and some excellent effects that last all night, this is a strain with endless uses. One of the best parts of its long series of effects is that touch on all of cannabis’ fundamental impacts. From creativity, productivity, and happiness to relaxation and sedation, this strain can make you feel it all.

Alongside its crisp, sweet flavor profile and its attractive appearance, it is a strain for every occasion, no matter what your personal preferences are.

Keep an eye out for this useful strain at your local dispensary, or else order it online. While it is pretty popular, it will sometimes require just a little bit of hunting to find it. Make sure you are not accidentally picking up its parent strain, Blueberry, as they are sometimes sold under the same name.

Keep some Bubbleberry on for when company comes round, or for when you want a lovely, chilled out evening.

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