Blue Cookies Cannabis Strain

Blue Cookies Cannabis Strain

The Blue Cookies strain offers a spacy and cerebral high that can really take you to a new level of relaxation, without completely sedating you to lala land. It has a flavor profile of sweet cherries and grape, with sour and skunky notes on exhale. It’s also great for sexual endeavors if we must add, so it’s ideal for a night in with your lover.

Dominant Terpene:
Pinene, Caryophyllene, Humulene
Common Usage
Chronic painDepressionFocus
Growing Info
While easier to manage indoors, this strain can be grown both indoors and out. Expect a flowering time of about 8-10 weeks if growing indoors and late September if out.

Blue Cookies is yet another creation bred from arguably one of the most famous buds of all time, Girl Scout Cookies. Despite having big shoes to fill, this bud certainly stands up to its rep, offering superb flavors of sweet fruit and dank undertones that will leave you feeling perfectly balanced in mind and body.

If you have never tried Blue Cookies, then you’re in luck as today we are going to be giving you the full lowdown on this delightful flower. So stick around to find out why Blue Cookies is the next cannabis strain you NEED to try.

What Is the Blue Cookies Strain?

Originating from Washington, Blue Cookies is the indica-dominant hybrid that offers next-level flavors and a high that is comparable to a spacey outer body focus, perfect for getting things done!

As a child of the legend that is Girl Scout Cookies, you can already rest assured that this bud is going to be fantastic, but combine that with another parent strain such as big-timer Blueberry, and you’re in for an exceptional experience!

Combining the delicious fruity notes associated with Blueberry and the superb euphoria associated with GSC, this is one of our most sought after buds, and we get why!

This is one of our most sought after buds, and we get why!

There is another version of Blue Cookies circulating the cannabis scene that is often mistaken for this one, but don’t be fooled – although it is similar in many ways as a phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies, without the Blueberry it just isn’t a patch on today’s flower!

Like any great bud, this one has generated its fair share of rumors, with some believing it to be bred from F1Durb and Florida OG, but there is no denying those Blueberry aesthetics and that GSC high that is unmistakable!

As a 90% indica hybrid, fans of a bud that can incur heavy relaxation while not causing debilitating sedation will adore the long-lasting effects of one of FTS Farms’ finest creations!


If you love a fruity-smelling bud, then Blue Cookies is sure not to disappoint, with enticing berry notes undercut with a harsher dank scent, this is a complex and delightful flower to behold.

blue cookies strain

Often compared to its predecessor, there are apparent notes taken from Blueberry as those sweeter fresh notes are indeed the most dominant. The complexities, along with the skunky smells that come through as an afterthought, open this bud up to a whole new range of users.


As you may imagine, Blue Cookies has a distinct berry taste reminiscent of its ancestor buds, but that isn’t all! Intermingled with hints of earth that take the overall flavor of this bud to the next level, if you have a sweet tooth, then you will love the hints of cherry and grape that come through on the inhale of this flower.

Mouthwateringly delicious, Blue Cookies offers users a taste sensation with the initial sweetness subsiding on the exhale to make way for a deep skunk taste that is dangerously moreish.

The smoke on this bud is ultra-smooth and will leave a sweet and sour aftertaste that is a delight on the taste buds.


Anyone who has ever seen Blueberry for themselves will be well aware of its trademark appearance, boasting vibrant hues of navy and purple. Blue Cookies offers a very similar aesthetic, which is pleasing to the eye and any cultivator’s dream.

Offering a thick layer of silvery trichomes this bud benefits from a super clumpy and dense structure making for some problematic breaking up if you aren’t equipped with a grinder!

Amongst the elongated leaves are vibrant orange pistils adding to an already impressive looking flower. The overall hues of Blue Cookie are a pleasant forest green, splattered with flecks of color throughout that add a unique effect to the overall look.

Blue Cookies Strain Grow Info

Experienced cultivators will love growing Blue Cookies strain, but it requires a certain level of know-how to get the best possible results, and so newbie growers should steer away from this bud.

Like with all great strains, it can be a challenge to get hold of some authentic seeds for this flower, and so most growers use clippings from a healthy mature plant to start with.

Blue Cookies can be grown both indoors or out, but it is indeed easier to manage this plant when grown indoors; however, either option can provide healthy, strong yields of this bud.

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When grown outdoors, she thrives in a warm climate with the ideal temperatures being around 70-74 degree Fahrenheit, with some humidity. Indoors, Blue Cookies can be maintained pretty easily as she is only considered to be a small-medium size plant and so can be easily acclimatized in limited space.

As we said, Blue Cookies requires some upkeep from an experienced cultivator and will need her broad leaves trimming back to allow for light and air to reach those lower parts of the plant. During the flowering stages, she will also probably require some extra support to prevent the heavy flowers from weighing the plant over.

Flowering time for Blue Cookies is between nine and ten weeks, and she provides a generous yield if maintained well. Don’t forget to expose the plants to colder temperature during the start of the flowering stage to bring out those vibrant hues of blue and purple.

THC Content – Highest Test

Considered to be an above-average bud in terms of its potency, the highest test of Blue Cookies shows around 26% THC, with the lowest results showing around the 20% mark.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Beneficial both recreationally and medicinally, Blue Cookies offers around 2% CBD levels which can certainly be felt in its balanced high offering both physical and mental relaxation.

Medical Benefits of Blue Cookies Strain

On first use, Blue Cookies can be pretty overwhelming in its euphoric effects, often leaving users feeling extreme happiness and focus which could lend itself to mind racing thoughts if not taken correctly. We love the euphoria aspect of the Blue Cookies high, and suggest that a little can go a long way with this flower!

Users with anxiety, depression, ADHD and even PTSD have reported that the euphoria combined with the sharpened focus has worked wonders to relax their mind and remove stress and pressures. Although you will feel focused and motivated, it is equally relaxing, making it ideal for evening use.

Although you will feel focused and motivated, it is equally relaxing, making it ideal for evening use.

On first inhale, expect to feel a mild and comfortable pressure in the head and neck, which quickly flows throughout the rest of the body as an invigorating buzz that leaves behind a stimulating yet numbing effect.

Perfect for chronic pain, muscle tension, and tremors the physical effects of this bud are fast-acting and long-lasting for long-term relief! This is often considered to be a well-rounded high, and when taken correctly can offer some perfectly euphoric feelings of happiness without any underlying dread or paranoia.

Users report some pretty strong aphrodisiac effects from Blue Cookies, so this could be the perfect Valentine’s Day strain or just one to share with someone special! Enjoy outdoor activity, or just lazing on the couch watching films, the multifaceted effects of Blue Cookies mean it can be used during the day, and in the evening too!

Possible Side Effects of Blue Cookies

As we have mentioned, if taken incorrectly this bud can incur paranoia and mind-racing thoughts. We would suggest that newbies go slow with this bud as it is known for its potency, and even seasoned smokers should take their time to avoid any unwanted effects.

Other possible side effects include dry mouth and eyes, and potential dizziness.

Final Thoughts on Blue Cookies Strain

It goes without saying that Blue Cookies is one of those buds that brings a range of things to the table! For the veteran smoker chasing a potent high, this offers just the thing. For newbies, this can still make a perfect beginner strain when taken correctly.

Fruity, skunky and stunning to look at, Blue Cookies certainly lives up to its ancestors and then some! What we would love to know in the comments is whether you have tried this bud for yourself, and if so what did you think?

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