Blackberry Fire (Cannabis Strain Review)

Blackberry Fire (Cannabis Strain Review)

The Blackberry Fire strain is an excellent option if you’re a creative individual looking to boost your productivity in the short term. It offers a glorious sweet berry taste and is also very much a feel-good cannabis strain.

Price(per gram)
Dominant Terpene:
Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene
Common Usage
Growing Info
You can grow Blackberry Fire indoors or outdoors. However, it has a strong odor, so cultivating it outside will attract attention. Therefore, it makes sense to grow it indoors, where it has a flowering time of 8-9 weeks.

Most breeders want to create cannabis strains that taste incredible, and in this respect, Blackberry Fire doesn’t disappoint. Its flavors dance on the tongue, ensuring it is absolutely irresistible. However, it is an extremely potent strain that commands respect. Read more about Blackberry Fire in this strain review.

What Is the Blackberry Fire Strain?

Blackberry Fire is an indica-dominant strain that’s a coss of Fire Lady and Blackberry Kush. Purple Caper seeds bred Blackberry Fire, and it won second place for Best Indica at the HempCon Cup Awards in 2016. It is a colorful and flavorful strain that recreational and MMJ users love.

It has a significant THC content, but the high can take 15+ minutes to become apparent.

We recommend exercising caution when using this strain. It has a significant THC content, but the high can take 15+ minutes to become apparent. Therefore, you must resist the urge to take multiple puffs. Once the intoxication takes hold, you’ll likely feel a strong cerebral high. Many users claim that they feel increased pressure around the temples. There is also a chance that your face will become flushed.

For a while, you may feel more creative as new and interesting thoughts flood your mind. You could use this opportunity to start or complete a project as you should also feel energized and invigorated.

Soon enough, the high begins to affect the body, relieving tense muscles. If you use too much Blackberry Fire, you will find it tough to summon the desire to move. Couchlock is common, so find yourself a comfortable place to lie down. Ideally, you will consume this strain in the evening before bed.


After curing, the sweet berry scent becomes apparent. If you pay close enough attention to Blackberry Fire’s smell, you might also get hints of hash. Once you grind the flowers, a diesel scent comes to the fore.

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The sweet berry aroma carries over into the taste. You might also get a slight hashy and herbal taste. What you should be wary of is the thick smoke Blackberry Fire produces when ignited. Inexperienced users, in particular, might find that the smoke causes a coughing fit. 


Blackberry Fire is an aesthetic marvel with its bullet-shaped buds and small broad leaves that curl inwards. The purple coloring is noticeable against the pale green leaves. When harvest time approaches, you will notice the white trichomes and orange pistils too. We outline how to enhance the purple coloring in the next section.

Blackberry Fire Cannabis Strain Grow Info

You have the option of cultivating your Blackberry Fire seeds indoors or outdoors. If you choose the latter, please remember that it provides a strong odor. Therefore, there is little chance of growing it in secret! Remember, even in states where growing cannabis is legal; it must stay out of sight of the public.

If you plan to proceed with an outdoor grow, you should know that it thrives in a semi-humid climate. It prefers daytime temperatures of 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit.


In general, most growers will find it convenient to cultivate Blackberry Fire indoors. While it grows well in soil, experienced cultivators should consider a hydroponics setup. Having full control over your crop’s feeding schedule could help to boost your yield significantly. Blackberry Fire’s flowering time is 8-9 weeks indoors.

This plant grows short, squat, and laterally. Consequently, it is wise to prune and trim your plants regularly. If you have the skill, it is possible to bring out the purple hue in this plant. Doing so involves temporarily reducing the overnight temperature just before the flowering phase. However, if the temperature falls too rapidly, you could send your plants into shock, thus stunting their growth.

THC Content – Highest Test

The Blackberry Fire strain is exceedingly potent, even by today’s standards. It has a THC content of between 19% and 25%, with 22% the average.

CBD Content – Highest Test

For such a potent strain, it is surprising to learn that Blackberry Fire has a CBD content of over 1% in most instances.

Medical Benefits of the Blackberry Fire Strain

This is a hard-hitting strain that experienced MMJ users adore. It can provide an uplifting feeling that helps you to forget your troubles. Therefore, if you have depression, you might find yourself smiling more than in recent times. Likewise, individuals under a lot of stress will likely appreciate the release that Blackberry Fire provides.

It is strong enough to help with certain aches and pains potentially. You can try it if you have short-term pain due to injury or chronic pain because of a condition like fibromyalgia. Blackberry Fire’s possible anti-inflammatory properties could prove useful if you have an issue such as a migraine headache.

This strain’s indica properties come to the fore after a few hours. As such, Blackberry Fire is worth considering if you need help getting to sleep.

Possible Side Effects of the Blackberry Fire Strain

Standard side effects of cannabis apply to the Blackberry Fire strain. These include dry mouth and dry eyes. However, there is also a chance that you might experience dizziness or a mild headache. It is a strain that could cause an intense high, so you only need to use a small amount.

Final Thoughts on the Blackberry Fire Strain

The Blackberry Fire strain is a tasty treat and is among the most delicious strains you’re likely to try. However, you have to rein in your usage because of its high THC content and the intense intoxication it causes.

MMJ patients use Blackberry Fire to help with chronic pain, stress, depression, and sleep.

Recreational users love the feelings of creativity they get after using this strain. However, Blackberry Fire is also much-loved among MMJ users. It is used to help with chronic pain, stress, depression, and sleep. It is an indica-dominant hybrid that you should look to use in the evening.

Blackberry Fire isn’t an easy strain to grow, as it requires pruning and other maintenance. However, you will benefit from a high yield whether you grow it indoors or outdoors.

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