Black Russian Cannabis Strain [Full Review]

Black Russian Cannabis Strain [Full Review]

Black Russian is an indica-dominant hybrid which is the result of crossing between the White Russian and Black Domina strains. It offers its user a calming, relaxing, and very sedating high, often ending up in couchlock. For this reason, it’s best reserved for end-of-day use. In terms of flavor, Black Russian couldn’t be more different from its name, as it’s very light and fruity with notes of mango, lemon, and berry.

Dominant Terpene:
Caryophyllene, Humulene, Myrcene
Common Usage
Chronic painLack of appetiteNauseaSleepStress
Growing Info
This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, average flowering time indoors is approximately 7-8 weeks, or around mid September if growing outdoors.

This deeply pigmented marijuana strain can help you to relax and unwind…

A unique cannabis strain that promotes relaxation and tranquility, Black Russian is potently colored with bright pigments of green, red, and dark purple.

Popular in California, Colorado, Arizona, Michigan, and Washington, this marijuana strain is notorious. Users love its long-lasting effects, as well as its strong potency.

Even if not immensely popular, Black Russian has been gaining notoriety. The well-known breeder Delicious Seeds developed this multi-faceted and especially sedative marijuana strain. It is of extensive benefit to numerous medical marijuana patients and recreational users alike.

What Is the Black Russian Marijuana Strain?:

You’re likely wondering where this marijuana strain’s intriguing name derives from. However, once the origin is broken down, it actually makes a lot of sense.

Black Russian came about through genetic cross-breeding of the strains White Russian (which is a hybrid) and Black Domina (which is an indica). Hence the odd name, Black Russian.

Experts classify the Black Russian strain as an indica (with some hybrid genetics, as expected). It ranks in at an 80% indica and 20% sativa makeup. This cannabis strain is quite strong, with lab tests resulting in anywhere from a 12% THC content to upwards of around 26%. For this reason, novice smokers should use caution with Black Russian, and listen to their own personal limits.

Black Russian Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance:

black russian strain


One of Black Russian’s key features, if you can call it that, is actually its smell. With a very high potency usually also comes a dank smell, and this marijuana strain is no exception.

Black Russian reeks of fresh, delicious fruits – especially mango, lemon and berries. The scent is sweet and fills up the body with its pleasant nature, as well as its skunky and pungent undertones which add in an extra little unexpected twist.

The scent of this cannabis type can be felt across an entire room. Therefore, if you want to be discrete, it is best to keep this stuff tightly sealed up in an air-tight jar or container.


The flavor somewhat mimics the scent, with the inhale oozing berries and spices as the sweetness fills up the taste buds with satisfaction. The exhale, however, might not be as pleasant as Black Russian is known for hitting the lungs harshly (which could induce coughing and some possibly unpleasant sensations).

And of course, like all potent marijuana strains, it can produce potentially gnarly conditions of dry eyes/dry mouth. Those who are experienced smokers, though, won’t mind the harshness of the exhale. Many cannabis strains actually produce this same type of smoking sensation.

Also, with time, those who are new to the world of cannabis will soon become used to and familiar with how this specific crop type hits.


The appearance of Black Russian is probably one of the qualities where it shines the most, as its buds are stunningly gorgeous. Each crop, of course, will look a bit different from the next, especially when various phenotypes are involved.

The flowers of this cannabis strain tend to be compact yet extremely dense, allowing just a little bit to go a very long way. The real beauty though is in the color. Deep green water leaves lie amongst a sea of deep purple and violet sugar leaves, with faintly violet and brassy red/orange pistils.

Additionally, the buds are nice and “dewy,” which radiates the fact that they’ll get you high no problem. This dew can appear somewhat crystalline at times, mimicking the way that the first frost of the year looks like when it hits the pavement.

Black Russian Cannabis Strain Grow Info:

This relatively small plant grows somewhat slow and compact, displaying some of the typical qualities of a top-notch indica strain. Black Russian is certainly not for complete novices to attempt. However, if you have some experience with cultivating marijuana and are up for a bit of a challenge, you might want to give this one a go.

Beware though, as it emits a pungent aroma, even while it is still in the ground. If you plan on growing Black Russian, be prepared to install plenty of ventilation, otherwise, you’ll find that your entire growing environment will be far from discreet. This step is especially important if you are growing this crop in a congested neighborhood, where neighbors might get upset or irritated with the smell.

One of the main things that makes cultivating this cannabis strain a bit challenging is the fact that its buds are extremely dense and compact. This makes them susceptible to mold and powdery mildew. Naturally, the crop itself has medium resistance to molds and common diseases that plague pot, but quite a bit of regular maintenance will be necessary for a successful harvest.

And lastly, it is possible to grow Black Russian both indoors and outdoors as it has a flowering period of around 7-8 weeks. Outdoor harvest typically falls around mid-September.

The yield is rather modest, but it is strong. Outdoor yields produce around 20 ounces per plant, and indoor yields create less at around 15 ounces per meter squared. Overall, if you have some experience with marijuana cultivation and are up for a challenge, Black Russian could be a brilliant indica variety to attempt to grow.

Black Russian Effects:

The effects of Black Russian are famous for creeping up slowly, taking at least a few minutes to impact its consumer. Once the feeling finally arises, though, it hits hard. All troubles and worries melt away like butter, leaving the body and mind with tranquil, calm, and relaxing sensations.

Your head might feel like it is beginning to tingle and your limbs will suddenly become heavy and jelly-like. However, these are positive sensations because it means that this strain’s medicinal effects are working. Mentally, you will feel relieved and content, and suddenly the stresses, anxieties, and concerns about your life just won’t exist anymore.

Also, this cannabis strain has a tendency to enhance the senses and amplify tastes, sounds, and sights. High doses of Black Russian can generate couch-lock and even have a sedative effect, which can, in the end, result in some spacing out and lack of concentration. For this reason, Black Russian is probably best for nighttime and evening consumption.

Medical Benefits of Black Russian Strain:

Beneficial for many of the medical conditions and ailments that THC is common for assisting with, Black Russian can help with both mental and physical challenges.

Physically speaking, this powerful indica variety can assist chronic pain, nausea, lack of appetite, insomnia, inflammation, back pain, arthritis, and headaches/migraines. On the mental side of the spectrum, conditions like depression, anxiety, mood disorders, chronic stress, eating disorders, and PTSD can all get some relief as well.

Black Russian is, as mentioned before, quite strong, so those who are consuming it to assist with a mental condition should be wary of how much they are consuming. Generally speaking it should be ingested in smaller doses for mood disorders, etc.

People with physical conditions, on the other hand, should stick to higher doses. They could possibly even opt for something even more potent such as an edible, tincture, gummy, candy or extract.

Possible Side Effects of Black Russian Strain:

Black Russian causes relatively few side effects, which simply adds to the long list of reasons why this potent yet mellow marijuana is a real joy to consume.

As with most cannabis strains, Black Russian can cause dry mouth and dry eyes. Both are easily manageable side effects that simply require a little extra preparation and planning. By consuming plenty of hydrating fluids before, during and after your high, for example, you can keep dry mouth (cottonmouth) at bay. It will also help you to stay hydrated, which prevents the possibility of headaches and any next-day grogginess.

Aside from these mild adverse effects, on very rare occasions some consumers have reported experiencing paranoia and an increase in anxiety after consuming Black Russian. This is a more common occurrence amongst those who are naturally prone to THC-induced anxiety. However, it really should not be a cause for concern, as it is still quite unlikely.

Overall, Black Russian is a real pleasure to consume for a multitude of medical, therapeutic, and “leisurely” reasons.

Final Thoughts on the Black Russian Strain:

If you are an individual searching for an herbal alternative to conventional treatments for chronic pain, chronic stress, anxiety, depression, nausea, insomnia, lack of appetite, inflammation, arthritis, back pain, migraines/headaches, PTSD, or a mood disorder, then the Black Russian marijuana strain could be a suitable way to begin your search.

It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user, and discretion should always be taken. We hope that you not only found this article to be entertaining but also educational and informative.

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