Black Mamba Cannabis Strain [ Ultimate Review ]

Black Mamba Cannabis Strain [ Ultimate Review ]

The Black Mamba strain is a slightly indica-leaning hybrid known for its dreamy and hazy high, as well as its dark purple appearance. It takes effect pretty quickly and can even produce some hallucinogenic-like experiences. So be careful not to overindulge, as Black Mamba is quite a powerful strain.

Dominant Terpene:
Energy, Relaxation, Social
Common Usage
Growing Info
Flowering period is approximately 13-14 weeks, can be grown both indoors and outdoors

Marijuana is famous for so many reasons, one of the major ones being its vast array of different effects. With a multitude of effects ranging from crazy energetic highs to a peaceful night’s sleep, there is a strain for almost every occasion and every individual.

A big part of this is thanks to the efforts of growers around the world, all seeking to create their perfect strain with the exact effects that they want. Some are looking for a relaxing, soothing experience with minimal THC, whereas others are looking for a potent combination of different flavors and cannabinoid levels.

Black Mamba is a strain that firmly falls into the latter category of effects, ideal for relaxation and numbing the stress of the world. With a name that sounds more like a metal band than a cannabis strain, Black Mamba is known far and wide as both intensely relaxing and hugely powerful.

Let’s take a closer look at Black Mamba and whether it is the right strain for you.

What is the Black Mamba Cannabis Strain?

Black Mamba is a 60% indica / 40% sativa cross, placing it firmly in the category of a hybrid. This combination of indica and sativa make it a versatile strain that can have varying effects depending on the amount taken and the person using it. Taken in small qualities, it can put you in the right mindset for a productive day full of deep thoughts. If you’re looking for a dreamy haze and an escape from reality, then you definitely want to take a larger dose, as long as you do so with caution.

Famously known for its dark purple appearance and matching taste, as well as its long-lasting effects, Black Mamba is named after the deadly African snake that so famously featured in George Orwell’s Burmese Days. Luckily, instead of being absolutely massive and dripping with deadly poison, the only characteristic that they share other than their name is their strength. Black Mamba, like most popular strains, is the result of crossbreeding two strains that have complementary effects – in this case, Granddaddy Purple and Black Domina – to create a unique strain designed to knock you out completely.

what is the black mamba cannabis strain?

The initial high from Black Mamba hits surprisingly quickly, and will frequently cause an immediate feeling along the line of your crown. Expect a slightly throbbing sensation in your head, as well as a general ache that seems to come and go.

This passes very quickly, however, being replaced by a sudden feeling of weightlessness and increased perception. You will be more aware of everything around you, and all of your senses will seem somehow heightened.

You will experience a strong mind race, which is common among strong sativas, that leaves you feeling both energetic and quick-thinking. When you look back on the high, you will notice how excessively talkative you were, as well as being charismatic and social.

If used when alone, however, Black Mamba offers a strong inclination to get up and go and be as productive as possible. With no one to talk to, all that social energy will be dedicated to ensuring that you complete one of the many tasks that you have hanging over you, like cleaning or getting shopping.

If a large quantity of Black Mamba is used, you can expect the possibility of hallucinogenic effects, which are fun and enjoyable if you are an experienced user. However, if you aren’t used to the sudden sensation of the walls seeming to move around you and the paint on the ceiling taking on the shape of a face, you might find yourself panicking. This means that, if you aren’t used to marijuana, or if you have only ever tried mild strains before, make sure that you don’t overindulge.

Black Mamba is best enjoyed during the day when you have an endless amount of tasks in front of you – thanks to its surprising, yet relaxing energy, you should be able to accomplish all of them.

However, besides its wonderful effects, Black Mamba’s most noticeable qualities are its aroma and appearance, so what kind of special flavor profile and appearance does it possess to make it so attractive?

Black Mamba Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance


Black Mamba has its own unique aroma on first smelling it, mixing sour-sweet grape with a rich, woody pine that works together to create an earthy smell that is eerily reminiscent of the fresh summer air in a wide open park. The memorable, earthy scent is one that develops with repeated whiffs, filling your sinuses with a sweet fruitiness.

Upon cracking open the bud, an herbal smell is released that grows in strength after grinding, transporting you to a peaceful herb garden in the rural countryside. Black Mamba has a distinct smell when burnt, emitting a strong perfume aroma that some have said reminds them of a luxurious, flowery soap.

So, does the sour-sweet smell of grape go beyond just its aroma?


Black Mamba’s initial flavor follows on from its distinctly sweet, woody aroma that fills the air as you approach.

The flavor starts out very similar to its aroma, though it is slightly sweeter than its smell would lead you to believe. There is a robust and fruity grape juice taste as a result of the terpenes found within the oils of the plant. This instant burst of sweetness is dulled with time as an earthy, woody taste takes its place and the smoke fills your lungs, leaving you with a sense of calm.

As you exhale, the smooth smoke of Black Mama leaves a lasting taste of grape and berry. However, when smoking large quantities, the smoke can become thick and irritable, making it difficult to see anything in front of you.


Black Mamba’s deep forest green leaves and dark purple covered flowers make it a magical looking plant that sets it apart those of other strains. The plant’s leaves have a distinct arrow shape to them that adds a certain elegance to the plant, alongside the purple tones. The colorful buds are medium in size, with white trichrome dots that can make them dense and harder than other domestic strains, as well as being somewhat difficult to crumble without a grinder.

Due to its distinct deep purple patches, Black Mamba stands out from the crowd, making it easier to identify than other strains. When combined with the intensely pungent aroma, you will have a hard time hiding your Black Mamba from your friends wanting to try it.

Black Mamba is also a strain that you can quickly grow yourself at home with just a little patience and a few simple tips to ensure that your plant grows to its full potential.

Black Mamba Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Black Mamba is a strain that can be grown both indoors and out, but in order for it to grow to its full potential outside, a semi-humid climate is needed, with an average temperature of between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. For this reason, it is a plant that definitely flourishes when grown outside as opposed to indoors, but you can still achieve indoor growing if you keep it warm enough.

This is not a strain that can be grown and harvested in a rush, as it has a longer than average flowering time when compared with other domestic strains. It is a plant that requires patience, with 13-14 weeks of growth needed before flowers can be harvested, but the eventual yield makes it worth the wait, as yields tend to be larger than those of other domestic strains, with reports of at least 16 ounces per plant being readily achievable.

If you’re planning on growing outside, spring is the best time to begin planting, giving your plant optimal growth time as harvesting usually occurs around late September to early October.

Make sure to give your plants enough room to grow, as Black Mamba can quickly grow up to 6 feet in height. Of course, when growing indoors, you can expect a much shorter, more manageable plant that you can tailor to grow in the right direction and size.

If grown outdoors, consider frequent topping to ensure that it doesn’t put too much energy into growing vertically, as it is mainly the horizontal growth that encourages bud production.

Having patiently cared for your plant over the course of many months, it’s finally ready to harvest, but how much Cannabinoid content can you come to expect?

THC Content – Highest Test

Black Mamba, just like the deadly snake that it takes its name from, is strong and should be taken with caution for less frequent users, as well as those who don’t wish to spend the remainder of the day drifting in and out of sleep. The drowsy, relaxing effects that are associated with Black Mamba are no surprise due to its higher than average level of THC for an indica.

The THC content of Black Mamba can vary widely, with reports as low as 13% and highs of 25%, but on average you can expect to find around 19% THC content with this strain. Given that the average for an indica is 13%, even at its lowest, this is a strong strain.

How does its CBD content compare?

CBD Content – Highest Test

Given its high THC content, it is unsurprising that Black Mamba has such a low CBD content, as it is extremely uncommon to find a strain that has a high content for both.

The CBD content of Black Mamba can be as low as 1%, with its highest only being 4%. However, this is not to say though that this is not a strain that has no useful medical effects, as it is often taken to help with a number of medical conditions.

So just what kind of medical benefits can be found in Black Mamba?

Medical Benefits of Black Mamba Cannabis Strain

Black Mamba is most commonly used by those who suffer from depression and anxiety, helping them to reach a state of mindfulness and relaxation. This is common among high THC strains, but Black Mamba is especially used for this thanks to its unique blend of sativa and indica.

Another common reason for taking Black Mamba is the clear-headed and lucid focus effects that have been found to help people with ADHD, helping them to focus on tasks and making it easier to engage with those around them for more extended periods of time. Black Mamba can be used to help you work through tasks and projects that require a deeper level of focus than you can achieve alone and is perfect for days when you absolutely need to be productive.

medical benefits of black mamba cannabis strain

It can also be used to help ease and manage pain, in particular when suffering from migraines and pain around and within the eyes thought to be caused by glaucoma.

Like anything, if there are medical benefits there are likely also to be side-effects that come along with them, and Black Mamba is no different, so what kind of side effects can you expect?

Possible Side Effects of Black Mamba Cannabis Strain

Black Mamba is a strange strain with regard to side effects, as it is commonly recommended as a method of dealing with anxiety; however, when taken in large amounts, especially by less experienced users, it has been known to cause anxious feelings and, in rare cases, elevated levels of paranoia. For this reason, it is best taken in small doses to begin with, and ideally while not alone – at least until you learn the right quantity to suit your body and how much is needed to trigger to the desired effect.

In a very small number of cases, people have reported feeling dizzy after taking Black Mamba, another reason to manage how much you are taking until this becomes a strain that your body is used to.

Most of the other side effects are mild and extremely common of most strains with a large quantity of THC, including dry mouth and dry eyes. Thankfully, these only last a short while and don’t really pose too much of a problem.

Final Thoughts on Black Mamba Cannabis Strain

Black Mamba is a strain that serves as a great example of the marijuana breeding industry. By taking two pretty popular strains and combining their genetics, the developers of Black Mamba have managed to create something that is both intensely relaxing, yet still somehow energy inducing.

This strange dichotomy of effects is not at all out of place; as instead of confusing you, it merely leaves you energetic, yet happy to accomplish any task that is laid before you.

Though its THC content is quite high, making it somewhat dangerous for newer users, Black Mamba is an excellent strain to use throughout the day, or even in a social setting.

As long as you don’t mind the occasional risk of some hallucinogenic effects, look forward to a soothing, yet somehow strangely driven experience with Black Mamba.

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