Black Jack Marijuana Strain Review

Black Jack Marijuana Strain Review

The Black Jack strain is a primarily indica-dominant strain, resulting from crossing Black Domina with Jock Horror. It’ll leave you feeling spacey and heavy headed, yet generally uplifted and energetic. You can even expect some psychedelic effects in addition to the cerebral effects, unlike many strains which offer one or the other. Black Jack has a flavor profile that is very piney and earthy, with some notes of berry underneath.

Dominant Terpene:
Energy, Spacy/cerebral, Uplifting
Common Usage
Chronic painMuscle spasmsStress
Growing Info
Flowering period is approximately 10 weeks, best grown indoors

No card game in the history of all card games is as well known as Black Jack. It is so well known that its use transcends the actual game and has become a catch-all phrase for when something is just the perfect amount – when it hits the spot exactly right.

It is thus extremely fitting that the Black Jack cannabis strain is named as such; with a high THC level that makes it perfect for treating a myriad of medical conditions to its powerful indica dominant effects, Black Jack is a famous and much-loved strain.

Let’s take a look at this unique indica-dominant hybrid and examine how it affects its users, as well as its taste, smell and even how it looks.

What is the Black Jack Strain?

black jack marijuana

Black Jack is an indica dominant strain from Nirvana Seeds, who created the strain by crossing Black Domina and Jock Horror, which itself was their answer to the famous Jack Herer.

All this cross-breeding and careful scientific experimentation has resulted in a potent strain with prominent Indica leanings. This strain has surprisingly high average levels of THC, resulting in an exceptional strain that is capable of tackling all sorts of problems, no matter how bad they may be.

Black Jack is a strain well known for its remarkably long-lasting effects, sometimes lasting upwards of five hours at a time and creating a consistently mellow high throughout the entire duration.

You can expect your first mouthful of Black Jack to seem rather lackluster; despite its excellent reputation, your first thought will likely be that you might have some defective bud, or that Black Jack isn’t all that great.

However, after a few moments, the effects will begin, and your world will start to come crashing down around you.

You will immediately begin to feel heavy headed, as well as generally positive and uplifted about the world around you. There is a surprising clarity of thought, as well as an intense drive of motivation and energy that might make you feel a sudden urge to achieve something.

There is an alluring pull that begins to take hold that can cause feelings of slowness, despite the intense energy granted by this surprisingly Indica strain.

Despite its 70% indica leanings, there is a potent mix of sativa within the Black Jack smoke experience, offering a cerebral high that wraps around itself and leaves you in a state of sporadic wonderment.

You can expect some mild psychedelic effects, rather than just purely cerebral as with other strains. This may include an intense time dilation or sharpening of the senses. This can cause those new to the strain to feel frightened or otherwise out of their element, but the intensity of this feeling passes quickly.

Despite how it scary it might feel at first, this quickly becomes your new reality without you even realizing it, offering a powerful sensation of otherworldliness that seems to last forever.

The exciting mix of both time dilation and the long-lasting effects of this strain make the user feel as though they have spent the entire day (or more) as high as they have ever been.

This ever-present sensation will gradually shift into a feeling of couch lock and intense relaxation, making this strain a fantastic one to take at the end of the day or, better yet, just as you come home after a long day.

You will not only feel uplifted and energetic, but you will gradually progress into a state of total relaxation and calmness that will likely coincide just with you wanting to get ready to go to sleep.

Let’s take a look at some of the physical descriptions of this strain so you can learn whether or not it tastes any good or if it is just used for its effects.

Black Jack Aroma

black jack weed

The actual buds of Black Jack have a surprisingly mellow smell, so it requires you to crack open the buds and begin grinding them to really appreciate their aroma.

The first note you will get is the profoundly strong smell of pine wood, as well as an interesting undertone of berries. It is often difficult to find a marijuana strain that smells of both wood and berries, as these are usually conflicting flavors, but with Black Jack, the whole thing comes together quite nicely.

This woody quality carries over to its eventual smoke, creating a dense and heavy cloud that can seem off-putting to those inexperienced with it. However, it is thankfully very smooth to breathe in and appreciate.

However, how does this smoke cloud actually taste?

Black Jack Flavor

The flavor of Black Jack is interestingly similar to its aroma in that it has a different initial taste when compared to the lasting flavor.

Initially, you can expect the same wood and berries smell to hit you, like a pine tar forest on a hot summer morning. However, as the flavor develops and you get more exposed to its smoke, you will begin to notice layers of cream and malt, especially on the exhale. This odd taste configuration is unique, making Black Jack worth it for the interesting taste experience alone.

A strange concoction of berries, malt, and pine wood awaits you with every mouthful of Black Jack, so it makes sense that this strain is loved for its unique flavor composition.

Black Jack Appearance

Black Jack bud has an exciting color palate and appearance – with a very small density and an almost bite-size appearance, Black Jack bud looks rather minuscule and ineffective.

However, this oddly green and orange bud possesses a great deal of strength, due in part to its massive quantity of coating trichomes.

You can expect the occasional tinge of purple, as well as an overall stickiness that exists throughout the Black Jack experience. This is due to the high concentration of resin that exists in the buds, creating an almost tacky, difficult to pry open bud that remains surprisingly intact even after applying pressure to it.

Considering the remarkably unique flavors and effects of Black Jack is no wonder that so many people try and grow their own. So, what do you need to know to be able to grow your own Black Jack?

Black Jack Strain Grow Info

Growing Black Jack is quite similar to other indica dominant hybrid strains; you are going to want to try and grow it indoors for either hydroponics or Sea of Green growing, so as to encourage its massive lateral growth.

As a primarily indica strain, Black Jack has the natural tendency to grow sideways when encouraged to do so through topping, a pruning technique wherein you snip the top of the plant.

By encouraging sideways growth, Black Jack is able to produce a higher quality, and indeed a higher quantity, of buds, so it is in your best interest to tend to your plant when possible.

Within a flowering time of around 10 weeks and a typically hefty yield, Black Jack is an excellent plant for those who already have a little bit of marijuana growing experience but are looking for something a bit more challenging.

Now that you have your massive yield of homegrown Black Jack, what kind of cannabinoid content can you expect from it?

THC Content – Highest Test

As mentioned, Black Jack has an intensely high level of THC on average, roughly 17%-19% on average, with an upper limit of around 25%.

If you can get your hands on a strong batch, you can expect some of the strongest marijuana that you can find, so Black Jack is absolutely worth it if you can get your hands on it.

CBD Content – Highest Test

As is the case with pretty much every single Hybrid strain bred to possess the highest quantity of THC possible, Black Jack does not have a decent level of CBD.

You can expect highs of up to 1% CBD content, which is at least somewhat decent enough to enjoy a few medicinal benefits, but the general average is around 0.8% CBD content.

This means that you shouldn’t take Black Jack if you are looking for a chiefly CBD-rich experience.

Medical Benefits of the Black Jack Strain

black jack cannabis
Black Jack’s effects, when considered from a medical point of view, might be far too similar to many other indica leaning hybrids out there.

With a high THC level and a powerful, mood-lifting effect, Black Jack is excellent for helping to alleviate stress and depression, as well as help to treat chronic pains.

Though this is all very familiar to users of indica hybrids, Black Jack possesses one crucial quality that many other strains completely lack – longevity. You can expect the high, and thus the effects, of Black Jack to last long into the night, allowing the user to experience the full force of its effects for hours and hours.

This is why Black Jack is used to help treat intense stress and fatigue after long days, as the mellow, calming effects will continue all the way up until you are ready to go to sleep.

Thanks to the fact that Black Jack doesn’t actually send you to sleep, unlike many other powerful indica hybrids, you can safely use Black Jack to decompress and go about your day, all while treating whatever medical condition you need to treat with Black Jack’s high THC content.

However, one further medical condition that Black Jack is able to help treat is muscle spasms; though not frequently reported among many other strains, Black Jack is great at assisting the suppression of intense muscle spasms that could otherwise prove quite debilitating.

Users looking for help in this way often take Black Jack throughout their day in small doses to help keep the spasms under control.

While it does have a great of medicinal uses, what about side effects?

Possible Side Effects of the Black Jack Strain

In the same way that the initial medical effects of Black Jack are almost banal in their familiarity, so too are the side effects. You can expect dry mouth and a smaller chance for dry eyes, so make sure you keep a fresh glass of water on hand.

Some users report instances of increased anxiety when using Black Jack, as well as prolonged periods of dizziness, so it is best for you to stay away from Black Jack or any other high THC strain if you are prone to these conditions.

One of the great things about marijuana strains, especially the especially strong ones, is that you only suffer minimal side effects when compared to other mainstream drugs.

As long as you can handle some dry mouth and a risk of some dizziness, Black Jack is perfectly fine to take in the morning, afternoon or nighttime.

Final Thoughts on the Black Jack Strain

blackjack strain

Black Jack is an interesting strain in that it presents itself as a somewhat boring, unoriginal strain without a lot going for it.

However, once you break open the tarry, resinous bud and begin to try some for yourself, you will experience potent effects that will leave you reeling for hours. While the uplifting, energetic, sativa-like sensation is pleasant, the chief quality of Black Jack is how ridiculously long it lasts.

Thanks to this extraordinary longevity, Black Jack is great for treating those pesky conditions that cause problems regularly, like protracted pain or feelings of long-lasting stress. Whether you are looking for a powerful mood uplift, seeking to treat painful conditions or are just curious about the complex, woody flavor, Black Jack has something for everybody to try.

Though it might look, smell and taste like any other indica hybrid at first, with time and patience you will be rewarded with not only a powerful, almost endless high, but a wonderful and rich flavor that will last nearly as long as the high itself.

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