Animal Cookies | Marijuana Strain Review

Animal Cookies | Marijuana Strain Review

The Animal Cookies strain is an excellent medicinal bud with an average THC level of 23%. It also has a delicious flavor profile, boasting notes of cookies, cherry, and vanilla.

Dominant Terpene:
Euphoria, Relaxation, Uplifting
CherryCookie DoughVanilla
Common Usage
Chronic painLack of appetiteSleep
Growing Info

After months spent perfecting Animal Cookies, BC Bud Depot knew that they had a winner on their hands. And no wonder this strain is so popular; one of Animal Cookies parent strains is Girl Scout Cookies, a multi-award winner at several Cannabis Cups.

Read on to find out more about this outstanding and very potent hybrid.

What Is the Animal Cookies Strain?

Animal Cookies, a.k.a., Animal Crackers, is a heavily indica-dominant hybrid. One of its parents is the legendary Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) strain, and the other is Fire OG.

BC Bud Depot has managed to retain GCS’s characteristic cookie flavor and incredibly potent THC content. We’ll discuss Animal Cookies THC level later.


First, though, let’s look at Animal Cookies’ effects. Users describe this strain as fast-acting, uplifting, euphoric, and very relaxing. However, given its indica-dominant effects, users say that it can cause sedation, couch-lock, and drowsiness.

The smoke produced by Animal Cookies is also quite harsh on the lungs. As a result, it is relatively common for smokers of this strain to experience coughing fits as the effects begin to kick in.

It is relatively common for Animal Cookies smokers to experience coughing fits as the effects begin to kick in.

As a result, Animal Cookies is best suited to evening time use by an experienced recreational or medicinal marijuana consumer.


Animal Cookies’ fragrance is a mixture of sweet and sour aromas combined with a dank, earthy pungent odor.


BC Bud Depot describes Animal Cookies’ flavor as tasting of cherry cookies. Users also highlight its sweet, vanilla, nutty, earthy, and pungent notes.

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Appearance-wise, Animal Cookies is a medium to tall plant when fully grown, with dense, popcorn-shaped buds. Its large fan leaves are dark green with tips that sometimes turn purple.

A very generous coating of sticky, cloudy-colored trichomes covers the entire plant come harvest time. These are complemented by vibrant orange pistils growing prominently among the plant’s leaves.

Animal Cookies Strain Grow Info

Experienced Animal Cookies growers rate its growth difficulty as moderate to high. The general consensus points towards growing this plant indoors due to its high maintenance nature. This plant requires regular pruning to achieve the best possible yield.

It is important to trim any large fan leaves growing at the top of the plant. Doing so will ensure that the lower branches and flowering nodes receive sufficient light. It will also help promote better airflow and provide the buds with more energy to help them flourish and grow.


An Animal Cookies plant is quite pungent, even when it is in the vegetative stage. Therefore, if you intend to grow Animal Cookies indoors, consider using carbon air filters to improve ventilation and counteract the pungent odor produced by this plant.

Cultivators have the option to grow Animal Cookies from a clone, i.e., using clippings from a mature female Animal Cookies plant. Alternatively, growers can source Animal Cookies’ seeds online from its breeder, BC Bud Depot.

Animal Cookies’ flowering period is between 9-10 weeks or September if growing outdoors. Those growing Animal Cookies outdoors can expect an average yield of around 13 ounces per plant. If you choose to grow Animal Cookies indoors, it typically produces an average yield of 11 ounces per square meter.

THC Content – Highest Test

Animal Cookies is a highly potent strain. The world’s largest cannabis analysis laboratory, Analytical 360, has recorded Animal Cookies samples with THC levels between 18%-27%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Unfortunately, Animal Cookies’ generous THC level is offset by a minimal CBD content. Most samples contain less than 1% CBD, with 0.5% being the average.

Medical Benefits of the Animal Cookies Strain

Animal Cookies is renowned for its many medicinal benefits due to its potent indica-dominant genetics. Both medicinal and recreational users laud this strain for its ability to relieve stress and anxiety while simultaneously enhancing their mood. It is, therefore, unsurprising that addressing mood disorders is one of Animal Cookies’ main medicinal uses.

Animal Cookies has many potential medicinal benefits due to its potent indica-dominant genetics.

As Animal Cookies’ physical effects take hold, users report feeling more relaxed. They describe how the deep body melt sensation helps alleviate any aches and pains that were bothering them. However, it is essential to note that these somatic effects intensify, and users commonly experience couch-lock, sedation, and drowsiness. While this may be off-putting for some, it is why Animal Cookies is a go-to strain for many insomniacs.

Possible Side Effects of the Animal Cookies Strain

The main side effects associated with Animal Cookies are cottonmouth and dry eyes.

Due to Animal Cookies’ high THC level, some users may feel dizzy, anxious, or paranoid after consuming this strain. Therefore, it is vital to consume Animal Cookies in moderation and not to overindulge. Otherwise, these adverse reactions are more likely to occur.

Final Thoughts on the Animal Cookies Strain

The Animal Cookies strain is an incredibly potent indica-dominant hybrid. Given its high THC level, which can reach 27%, it is unsuitable for novices. However, it has many potential health benefits for experienced cannabis consumers, including addressing insomnia, mood disorders, and pain.

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