Alpha Blue Strain Review

Alpha Blue Strain Review

Alpha Blue is an uplifting and energizing sativa that has become very popular with recreational and medicinal marijuana consumers. It achieved a couple of second-place finishes in the 'Best Sativa' category at two Medicinal Marijuana Cups in 2011.

Dominant Terpene:
Energy, Euphoria, Social, Uplifting
Common Usage
Growing Info
Flowering period is between 8-9 weeks, can be grown indoors or outdoors.

The Alpha Blue strain came to prominence in 2011 when it achieved two second-place finishes in the ‘Best Sativa’ category at the High Times Medical Marijuana Cannabis Cups in Denver and San Francisco.

Despite failing to scoop the top prize in either competition, Alpha Blue’s two high-placed finishes helped to solidify its growing reputation. Since then, Alpha Blue’s popularity has continued to soar among both recreational and medicinal marijuana consumers.

What Is the Alpha Blue Strain?

The Alpha Blue strain is classified as a sativa strain as it has a 90:10 sativa to indica ratio. When you discover Alpha Blue’s lineage, you can see why this strain is sometimes referred to as Diesel Dream. Alpha Blue is a cross between the legendary Blue Dream strain and the multi-award-winner NYC Diesel. However, It is more commonly known as the Alpha Blue strain.

With 90% sativa genetics, it will come as little surprise that this strain’s effects are uplifting and energizing.

With 90% sativa genetics, it will come as little surprise that this strain’s effects are uplifting and energizing. After consuming this strain, most experience an initial feeling of pressure around the eyes and temples. The ensuing high is euphoric and uplifting, as well as energizing. Some also experience a heightened perception of sensory stimuli.

Alpha Blue is an excellent wake-and-bake strain, which is best suited to daytime use. While Alpha Blue’s effects are predominantly sativa in nature, its effects are not overwhelming. Most consumers of this strain say that while Alpha Blue is uplifting and energizing, they still feel nicely relaxed. Alpha Blue’s mood-enhancing effects also make it a great social strain to enjoy with friends.

In terms of Alpha Blue’s THC level, it usually ranges between 15-20%, which most should find pretty manageable. However, novice smokers may want to consume just a little at first to see how they tolerate this strain’s effects.


Alpha Blue’s fragrance is a pleasant combination of fruity blueberry notes and sweet, candy-like aromas. These deliciously sweet scents are offset by a strong, earthy odor, which gives Alpha Blue its distinctive and recognizable fragrance.

Breaking open Alpha Blue’s cured, dried buds reveals a somewhat pungent diesel aroma, inherited from its parent strain, NYC Diesel.

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On the inhale, Alpha Blue’s blueberry and diesel-like flavors are most prominent. This strain’s smoke coats your tongue with hints of skunk and berry. After exhaling, you are left with a sweet and pleasant aftertaste in your mouth.


An Alpha Blue plant grows quite tall and has medium to large, spade-shaped flowers. It has a sativa-type structure, and its light-green leaves have a fluffy appearance and texture. An Alpha Blue plant’s buds can sometimes have distinctive deep red and violet hues.

An Alpha Blue plant has a generous layer of sticky white trichomes, which gives it a slightly frosted appearance. Vibrant orange pistils grow prominently among the plant’s leaves and give this plant a bit of added color.

Alpha Blue Strain Grow Info

The good news is that an Alpha Blue plant’s growth difficulty is rated as easy. Even novice cannabis cultivators should find growing this plant to be pretty straightforward. One reason for this is that an Alpha Blue plant is naturally resistant to most common molds and mildew.

An Alpha Blue plant can be grown both indoors and outdoors. However, these plants thrive outdoors, particularly in a warm, dry, and sunny climate. The optimal temperature range is between 72-80 degrees Fahrenheit.


An Alpha Blue plant can grow quite tall, so topping it early in the vegetative stage is recommended. You will also need to regularly prune your Alpha Blue plants to keep their height and shape under control.

The indoor flowering period for an Alpha Blue plant is between eight to nine weeks. Indoor growers can expect a relatively modest yield of approximately twelve ounces per square meter.

Outdoor growers can expect this plant to be ready for harvesting around mid-October and a return of around fifteen ounces per plant.

Drying and Curing Alpha Blue Buds

Experienced Alpha Blue growers recommend curing the buds to experience the best flavor and aroma. Begin the drying process by either hanging the buds upside down or putting them on a drying rack for 7-10 days.

The buds must be completely dry before commencing the next phase of the curing process to prevent them from developing mold. When the buds are completely dry, put them into an airtight container, such as a wide-mouthed mason jar. Seal the lid tightly before moving the jars to a cool, dry place, e.g., a closet for storage.

During the first week, it’s essential to open the jar’s lids at least three times a day for 5-10 minutes. Doing so will allow any moisture in the jars to escape and the buds to breathe.

By the second week, you will only have to do this a few more times to prevent any mold from forming. After two or three weeks, the Alpha Blue buds should be sufficiently cured. If you have the patience, you can continue to cure these buds for another four to six weeks for even better results.

THC Content – Highest Test

The highest recorded THC level in an Alpha Blue sample is believed to have been 20%. Generally, Alpha Blue’s THC level can range anywhere between 15 and 20%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The highest recorded CBD content in an Alpha Blue sample is believed to be less than 1%.

Medical Benefits of the Alpha Blue Strain

While Alpha Blue is a great recreational strain, many medicinal marijuana consumers also use it. As already mentioned, Alpha Blue’s quality as a medicinal strain has seen it achieve a couple of second-place finishes at two separate High Times Medical Marijuana Cups back in 2011.

So, how might the Alpha Blue strain be beneficial to medicinal marijuana consumers? Well, its mood-enhancing effects may temporarily benefit those with depression and anxiety.

Also, recreational Alpha Blue consumers laud its ability to help them de-stress and unwind after a long and busy day. Perhaps medicinal marijuana consumers suffering from chronic stress could also potentially benefit from its relaxing effects.

As already mentioned, Alpha Blue is considered to be an excellent wake and bake strain. The energy boost that this strain provides may help counteract feelings of sluggishness associated with chronic fatigue.

Alpha Blue consumers also say it provides moderate pain relief for mild painful conditions, such as headaches and muscular aches.

While Alpha Blue is said to have a relaxing quality, it does not have any soporific effects. Therefore, cannabis consumers with insomnia will not find this strain useful for managing their condition.

Possible Side Effects of the Alpha Blue Strain

The most common side effects associated with the Alpha Blue strain are cottonmouth and dry eyes. However, this strain has made some feel slightly dizzy, more anxious, and paranoid after consuming it.

If you are a novice smoker or over-consume, you are more likely to experience these adverse reactions. However, more experienced cannabis consumers who pace themselves are unlikely to experience anything other than this strain’s milder side effects.

Final Thoughts on the Alpha Blue Strain

The Alpha Blue strain is an energizing and uplifting sativa popular with recreational and medicinal marijuana consumers. Many Alpha Blue users consider it an ideal ‘wake-and-bake’ strain due to its energizing effects.

Many Alpha Blue users consider it an ideal ‘wake-and-bake’ strain due to its energizing effects.

While this strain has caused some to feel dizzy, anxious, and even mildly paranoid, these adverse reactions are uncommon. If you are sensible and consume this strain in moderation, you are unlikely to experience any of these side effects.

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