Alien Dawg Strain | Cannabis Strain Review

Alien Dawg Strain | Cannabis Strain Review

Alien Dawg is a potent strain that can leave you feeling completely relaxed and lethargic with just a few puffs. Starting with delicious, sweet smoke and quickly turning into a calming full-bodied high, Alien Dawg is the ideal strain to smoke during a lazy evening at home.

Dominant Terpene:
Appetite, Body high/numbing, Calming, Euphoria, Relaxation, Sleep/Sedation
Common Usage
Chronic painDepressionInflammationLack of appetiteMuscle spasmsSleepStress
AppetiteBody high/numbingCalmingEuphoriaRelaxationSleep/Sedation
Growing Info
Alien Dawg is considered to be an easy strain to grow and one that can definitely be attempted by novice growers. When growing, Alien Dawg plants outside them are normally ready for harvesting in early October and can produce a sizable yield.

Cannabis strains are often named to reflect their effects or give some clue as to their aroma and flavor. There are also strains that seem to have been named while their breeders were under their influence, resulting in some very interesting and eye-catching names.

Alien Dawg is one of those strains that often leaves people wondering exactly how it came to have such a strange and unusual name. For many people, ‘Alien’ conjures images of a spacey high that causes your senses to become distorted as you sit and listen to psychedelic music. The second part of the strain’s name, ‘Dawg’, is even more confusing, giving no clue as to the effects or flavor profile that you can expect.

So, let’s take a look at Alien Dawg to find out how it came by such a strange name and precisely what kind of high you can expect.

What Is the Alien Dawg Strain?

Alien Dawg is a hybrid strain that consists of 70% indica and 30% sativa. It is thought to originate from Northern California and Afghanistan. Alien Dawg was initially created by crossing Alien Technology and Chemdawg, with the two also being combined to give Alien Dawg its name.


The success of Alien Dawg as a recreational strain has led to many breeders using it to create similar strains. Popular strains that can be linked back to Alien Dawg include Alien Reunion and Grape Dawg.

Alien Dawg is best for evening use as a result of its sedative effects that can often leave you feeling lazy and sleepy. Despite the strong sedative effects that come with an Alien Dawg high, the strain also lifts your mood with even just a few puffs. Shortly after smoking, you find that you are able to easily block out the stress of the day and simply enjoy your time.


You first notice a heavy feeling that starts around your temple and slowly spreads across the rest of your body. Your limbs take on a weighted feeling that makes movement feel much more difficult. It is during this early stage of the high that you are going to want to curl up on the sofa, maybe with a movie or some music.

An increased appetite is a very common effect, even when smoking Alien Dawg in small doses. It is always a good idea to have a few of your favorite snacks on hand so that you don’t have to wander too far.

As the effects of Alien Dawg start to become noticeable, you will feel incredibly tired and find yourself drifting towards the bed and falling asleep with ease. A combination of Alien Dawg’s sedative effects and the way in which the high comes to an end make Alien Dawg very much a strain to enjoy during the evening.

While you can use Alien Dawg in social situations, it really comes into its own during a lazy evening at home either with a close friend or on your own. When smoking in larger groups, the effects of Alien Dawg can feel a little overwhelming, leaving you feeling spacey and unable to really engage with those around you.

To really enjoy Alien Dawg, grab some of your favorite snacks, a few movies, and a close friend, and simply sit back and relax.


Alien Dawg takes a little from both of its parent strains, Alien Technology and Chemdawg, resulting in a very distinctive aroma that you might not expect. The strong earthy pine aroma that you first notice when handling Alien Dawg buds comes from Alien Technology and forms the base of the strain’s entire aroma.

The pungent, spicy notes that you start to notice as you break Alien Dawg buds apart comes from Alien Dawg’s parent strain Chemdawg. The mix of different spices mingles together to create the feeling that you just walked into a spice market and are being hit by the wave of different aromas.

As Alien Dawg burns, the deep earthy aroma fills the room and can take many hours to disperse. The slightly more subtle mix of spices seems to almost hang in the background, waiting for the more observant users to notice that they are there.

As you adjust to the different smells that hang in the air, your appreciation for them starts to grow. You feel as though you are being warmed by the hot spices while also being reminded of long country walks in the winter.

How does Alien Dawg’s flavor profile compare?


Alien Dawg has a very natural flavor profile, combining a mix of sweetness with a nutty earthiness. Alien Dawg is great for those who are new to smoking, with delicate flavors that you cannot help but enjoy.

As you inhale the first of many puffs of Alien Dawg smoke, your taste buds are woken by the sweet earthy flavors that seem to be almost bouncing around your mouth. The spicy, earthy flavor feels very natural, enhancing your overall enjoyment of the entire smoking experience.

The mix of warming flavors and hot smoke sends a comforting sensation throughout your entire body, reminding you of curling up by a log fire on a cold winter night. The sweet, spicy cinnamon flavor adds to this effect, almost as though someone has handed you a plate of freshly baked cookies.

Alien Dawg produces a very clear and breathable smoke that seems to glide down your throat. The ease at which your body is able to handle the warm smoke means that you are able to focus all of your attention on the delicious flavors within Alien Dawg.

Upon exhale, you are left with a rich nutty yet sweet flavor in your mouth. Alien Dawg leaves you feeling as though you have just enjoyed a warm chocolate chip cookie complete with winter spices and chopped nuts.

Alien Dawg has such a unique and delicious flavor profile that it really is not a strain to miss.


Alien Dawg buds are known for their dense texture and mix of green and orange coloring. Alien Dawg buds do not conform to one specific shape. Instead, they form random clumps that almost look as though ground buds have been mashed back together.

The strange shape of Alien Dawg buds comes from their thick and dense texture, which leaves very little space to see through the outer layer. Alien Dawg buds can be painful to break apart and normally require a grinder to obtain a fine enough texture.

Alien Dawg buds have a pale, almost dried out appearance to them as a result of their rusty orange and light green coloring. The main body of the buds consists of a muted green with a few darker hints. Rusty orange pistils run through the buds weaving their way to the surface.

Due to the density of Alien Dawg buds, the mix of orange and green blend together, giving the buds, they muted dry coloring. The leaves of Alien Dawg have a similar color scheme, carrying over the light, washed-out green from the buds.

Alien Dawg plants grow to an average height of 6 feet, making them stand out when placed among other strains and garden plants.

Alien Dawg Strain Grow Info

Luckily, Alien Dawg is an easy strain to grow and one that both novice growers and experts can successfully cultivate. When growing Alien Dawg plants, there is very little that can go wrong. Plants tend to be very robust and are rarely affected by common garden molds and pests.

Alien Dawg strain seeds can be purchased online. However, they are not always the easiest to find. Alien Dawg is not a common strain for growing at home due to its height, making seeds slightly more challenging to find.

Alien Dawg plants are very adaptable and can grow in most mild to hot climates. As long as plants are not exposed to overly cold temperatures and receive a sufficient amount of water, they should grow to their full potential.

When growing Alien Dawg plants outside, you can expect them to be ready for harvesting around early October, depending on your local climate. Some plants can even be ready as early as late September.

Alien Dawg plants that are kept indoors can be harvested in as little as eight weeks, although some plants can take a little longer.

Alien Dawg plants can grow to 6 feet in height, making it essential to consider where they are going to be kept and whether they have enough room to grow. Indoor plants can benefit from regular trimming, allowing them to continue growing without feeling confined.

Given Alien Dawg’s lineage, the strain should produce a sizable yield. It can be very rewarding for new growers given just how low maintenance Alien Dawg plants can be.

THC Content – Highest Test

Alien Dawg cannabis has a THC content of between 15% and 20%. When smoking Alien Dawg, you can expect THC levels of 18% on average. 18% is considered to be high for a hybrid strain, and when smoking Alien Dawg in large amounts, it can cause pretty intense effects.

For those who are not used to such potent strains, it is always a good idea to start with a low dose and allow your body to adjust.

It is rare to find a hybrid strain that has both a high THC and CBD content, so what can you expect from Alien Dawg in terms of its CBD levels?

CBD Content – Highest Test

Alien Dawg has a low CBD content of less than 1%. At its very lowest, Alien Dawg contains just 0.01% CBD with levels of 0.3% considered to be high for the strain. The low levels of CBD found in Alien Dawg are very much what you would expect from a hybrid strain with such a high THC content.

CBD has become known as the primary cannabinoid we associate with the potential health benefits of cannabis. Therefore, people assume that a strain must have high CBD content in order to be useful for medical purposes. As a result of this misconception, many people instantly dismiss Alien Dawg as a medical strain when they hear its CBD levels.

Alien Dawg is, in fact, an extremely varied and powerful medical strain that can be used to help manage many different conditions. Alien Dawg is one of the many strains that show that the CBD content of a strain is not the only factor when determining its potential uses.

So, with all of that in mind, why might you want to consider using Alien Dawg as a medical strain?

Medical Benefits of the Alien Dawg Strain

Alien Dawg is an excellent medical strain to use during the evening. The strong sedative effects of Alien Dawg can make it challenging to use during the day, often leaving people unable to function effectively.

The primary use of Alien Dawg as a medical strain is to manage and alleviate pain. The powerful numbing effects of Alien Dawg that persist throughout the entire high can help to relax your body, making even chronic pain melt away.

Alien Dawg might give you a few pain-free hours, but do not expect to use this time to complete active tasks. This is because Alien Dawg leaves your body feeling calm and sedated, wanting to do little more than lounge on the sofa.

Alien Dawg acts as a natural anti-inflammatory; another reason why it is so effective at controlling pain. Inflammation can often cause pain and Alien Dawg works to target the source, freeing users from chronic discomfort.

The appetite enhancing effects of Alien Dawg make it a useful strain for those suffering from eating disorders. Paired with Alien Dawg’s ability to reduce stress, the strain can make working your way through a full meal feel much more manageable.

Alien Dawg can be a useful way of managing the main symptoms of both chronic stress and depression. The uplifting euphoric sense that washes over you after smoking Alien Dawg helps to relax your mind and allow you to enjoy your evening simply.

Many see the sedative effects of Alien Dawg as one of its adverse effects. They prevent Alien Dawg from being useful during the day to treat both pain and depression. There is one benefit to Alien Dawg’s full-bodied sedative high, however, and that is its ability to combat insomnia.

Possible Side Effects of the Alien Dawg Strain

The most common side effect of smoking Alien Dawg is dry mouth. A very common side effect that occurs when smoking any strain, dry mouth can cause your mouth to feel intensely dehydrated. Dry mouth can also feel as though a thin layer of cotton wool has grown over the roof of your mouth.

Other common side effects of Alien Dawg include dry eyes and paranoia. Dry eyes are very similar to dry mouth, with both being temporary effects that cause a dried out, dehydrated feeling.

Alien Dawg is known to drastically increase a person’s chances of experiencing paranoid thoughts and can often be quite scary when in busy or unfamiliar surroundings. For those who already struggle with paranoia, avoiding Alien Dawg is generally recommended.

The high THC content of Alien Dawg can also increase a person’s risk of anxiety. The chances of experiencing anxiety when smoking Alien Dawg are much more likely to occur when in situations you do not feel entirely comfortable in. For those who already struggle with anxiety, Alien Dawg can cause panic attacks and should be used with caution.

Much less likely but, something that can occur is a sudden dizzy feeling. This is also thought to be linked to Alien Dawg’s high THC content. Experiencing sudden dizziness is more likely to happen when smoking Alien Dawg in large amounts.

Alien Dawg is very much a strain that is meant to be enjoyed at home or in a place that you feel comfortable. Many of Alien Dawg’s adverse side effects can be avoided by being around people you trust and feel relaxed with.

Final Thoughts on the Alien Dawg Strain

Alien Dawg is a very enjoyable strain that is best enjoyed in the evening when you have nothing to do and can simply sit back and relax. The naturally sweet flavor profile of Alien Dawg starts the high off on the right foot, bringing a smile to your face before the strain’s effects even have a chance to take hold.

Many people are surprised to learn that Alien Dawg is more than just a relaxing recreational strain and that it can actually be used to manage a number of chronic conditions. Whether you are looking for a new way to enjoy a pain free evening or to beat insomnia, Alien Dawg could prove to be a very productive strain.

Alien Dawg is one of those strains that you cannot afford to miss out on. The sweet cookie like flavor with a hint of earthiness makes Alien Dawg a complete joy and worth trying even if you only take one small puff to avoid the strain’s powerful effects.

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