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White Ryder Strain Overview
White Ryder is an ultra relaxing and sedating bud known for its sleep-inducing and calming properties. It is the perfect bud for evening or bedtime use for that reason and can also help with anxiety as well. White Ryder has a very herbal and traditional cannabis flavor, so if you love the grassy and natural smell of marijuana, this one’s for you.
Common usage
Growing info
This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, average flowering time is approximately 80 days.

White Ryder is a strain created by self-proclaimed rock and rollers, Riot Seeds. Not only do they rock, but they also create delicious blends of cannabis strains. Their motivation for this particular blend was to create a version of White Widow that had autoflowering qualities, meaning it wouldn’t require specific light cycles to develop.

According to Riot Seeds, White Ryder is the ‘most potent Ruderalis hybrid in existence’. We certainly like their confidence! This intriguing and fruity strain has exciting levels of THC that is bound to knock your socks off. And it can even provide some medicinal benefit – insomniacs, this one’s for you. Find out exactly what this strain is, what effects it can produce, and why it’s so easy to grow by reading the rest of the article.

What is the White Ryder Cannabis Strain?

White Ryder is an indica-dominant gene, with parentage from White Dwarf and Lowryder. White Dwarf comes from Buddha Seeds and it has some amazing medicinal value that is known to treat intense aches and pains; luckily for us White Ryder has inherited much of this and is predominately used for its sleep-inducing effect.

Lowryder is best known for its stocky size, growing no taller than 16 inches – it’s a small plant with a lot to give. It flowers at the incredible speed of 7 to 9 weeks and tends to be very robust plant for new growers – a quality that can also be found in its offspring White Ryder.

With potent THC levels of up to 24%, it’s no wonder that this strain has become an insomniac’s best friend. And, it’s incredibly fast growing times make it an exciting choice of plant for both experienced and novice growers. White Ryder is definitely a potent blend of two interesting strains.

White Ryder Cannabis Strain Aroma, Flavor and Appearance

White Ryder is extremely small in stature, which can make it incredibly fun to plant and watch grow, as well as being convenient for those with limited growing space. It’s a very attractive plant with bright green leaves, branching out in thick groups. It has a good amount of trichomes clustered in the centre, with long, wiry pistils spilling out from between the plants leaves. These tendrils are typically dark orange in colour, while the buds are medium in size and can be very sticky to the touch.

This strain tends to have a very intense fruity smell while it’s growing, which potential buyers should be aware of. During smoking, however, it creates a heavenly herbal blend that will help whisk you away to relaxation.

These herbal blends can also be found in taste. Earthy and woody notes can most likely be re-traced to its parent Lowryder – whose taste has been linked to pine wood. White Ryder can be a very tasty strain for those who enjoy and are accustomed to the natural aromas of cannabis.

White Ryder Grow Info

Growing White Ryder can be classified from easy to moderate and is generally a great strain for beginners. Not just because of its size but the speed and style in which it develops.

White Ryder is a ruderalis strain, which means it poses some very unique genetic properties. It has an uncommon flowering cycle compared to other cannabis strains, which is encouraged not by light cycles but by the plant maturity. In this case you can expect to see flowering in less than 80 days, which is why White Ryder is commonly referred to as an autoflowering variety. Strains that do have to conform to light cycles (photoperiod strains) can be more difficult to grow as you have to adapt the amount of light it receives through the vegetative and flowering stages. Ruderalis plants, on the other hand, can be kept at the same light and dark patterns throughout both stages; for example, 17 hours of light and 7 hours of darkness each day.

There are many positives for this type of growing. It means that the plant can be grown in an outdoor space where light doesn’t have to be as heavily regulated. And it means you don’t necessarily have to grow at a specific time of year – if you miss the early harvest months, you can always plant it later in the season.

Its small height is also a huge benefit for a lot of growers. Especially those who have extremely limited space for developing strains and for those who live in parts of the world where these plants need to be grown stealthily.

White Ryder Effects

White Ryder is a perfect evening or night time strain as it is a relaxant, and a hard-hitting one at that. While smoking, it’s not unusual to think the plant isn’t having an effect as it’s a very slow burner. This strain is no Amnesia Haze – give your body time to sink into the lulling effects of the cannabinoids.

Many people notice a shift in mood, that can make the smoker more positive and forgetful of the stressful events of the day. In fact, its ability to calm the smoker is one its most attractive qualities, especially for those who find it hard to relax.

Medical Cannabis Benefits of White Ryder

White Ryder has inherited many of its medicinal merits from White Dwarf, which boasts impressive sleep-inducing qualities. Like its parent, this strain is chosen by people who suffer from insomnia and are accustomed to sleepless nights. It’s a perfect remedy to smoke in the evening, so you can drift off in a relaxed and calm state.

It has incredibly high levels of THC for a ruderalis, so because of this it is commonly used by sufferers of anxiety. Its calming nature, as mentioned above, can alleviate the worry and stress of everyday life. It’s recommended to begin this strain in small doses as it tends to build throughout the high. Gradually increasing the dose is the best way to learn what the perfect amount is for your body, without causing an added worry.

Possible Negative Side Effects of White Ryder

Earlier we mentioned that the effects of this strain aren’t particularly evident at first. Because of this, White Ryder can often be over-smoked, especially if you are unaware of this. While some smokers do this intentionally to create a mighty high, first time users may feel slightly unnerved by its steady build up. And while this strain creates optimum relaxation, over-smoking this strain can sometimes make the smoker feel lethargic, some people claim it has made them feel very lazy. That’s why it’s important to have prior knowledge of each strain before you smoke it.

Final Thoughts About This Cannabis Strain

We love seeing great companies like Riot Seeds experiment with different strains. Especially when that creativity produces plants as interesting as White Ryder. Its high-quality heritage mean not only is it very easy to grow but it can be a surprising remedy for many people suffering from mental and physical health disorders. It may even be setting a trend for more ruderalis strains with high THC levels – we certainly hope so.

We hope this review has been informative enough for you to decide whether this strain is for you.