White Moonshine Strain Review + Info

White Moonshine Strain Overview
The White Moonshine strain is a calming and relaxing strain that allows for an unwinding of mind and body without the disabling sedation that follows a lot of indica-dominant strains. Just like high-proof alcohol though, this strain can make you feel a little tipsy with its spacy and cerebral-like high - so be warned! It also tastes like all things lemon, so if citrusy buds have a place in your heart - check this one out.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Growing info
This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, average flowering time indoors is approximately 10-12 weeks, or late September to early October if growing outdoors.

After a long day at work, sometimes you want to head home and enjoy a calming evening with the help of a flavorful strain. The problem is that most strains that can both physically and mentally relax you, often leaving you feeling so sedated that you are unable to move and enjoy yourself.

When you know that you have to get up the next morning and head back to work, you want to be able to make the most of every second of your free time. A strain that leaves you to couch-locked does not allow you to do this. While it might relax you, it can also feel incredibly frustrating to watch as intoxicated hours slip by.

The White Moonshine strain solves this problem. White Moonshine feels like it was created especially to solve this problem, with effects that allow you to physically and mentally relax without any of the sedation.

Let’s delve a little deeper into White Moonshine and find out why this is a strain you cannot afford to be missing out on.

What Is the White Moonshine Strain?

The White Moonshine weed strain is descended from The White and Blue Moonshine and was initially created by Ogr breeders. This exciting cross results in an indica-dominant hybrid with a 75% indica / 25% sativa divide.

White Moonshine packs a little bit of everything, allowing you to experience both a sense of euphoria and a relaxing, full-bodied high all at the same time. What makes White Moonshine so popular, though, is that it does not do any of these things too much. This means that while you get all of the benefits of physical relaxation, you are not left feeling sedated and unable to move.


The effects of White Moonshine first start to become noticeable in the form of a slow warming sensation that begins around the temple and works its way down and through your limbs. Your limbs will feel light and free, with minor aches and pains seeming to melt away.

This is followed by a sense of euphoria and a spacey feeling that can make it slightly disorientating to carry out difficult or sudden movements. Negative thoughts seem to vanish, and you cannot help but feel positive. This is a great time to come down from the stress of the day and give your mind a chance to recover.

White Moonshine is recommended for nighttime use as it gives you a chance to truly enjoy the different elements of the high. While White Moonshine does not leave you feeling sedated, it can cause you to feel spacey and out of sync with things around you. When taken during the evening, this is not such a problem as you can drift off into a deep sleep, feeling refreshed the next morning.

Some people experience a sudden burst of creativity when smoking White Moonshine. This has led to White Moonshine often being used by creatives when they have a project to finish or need some inspiration.


The White Moonshine marijuana strain has a strong, lemony aroma, brightening your mood before you even start smoking. Buds smell fresh with a slight hint of hash, reminding you of cloudy lemonade on a summer’s afternoon.

As you grind White Moonshine buds apart, you notice a slightly earthy note. However, this quickly dissipates into the air and the lemony zest that once dominated returns. For those who have not experienced White Moonshine, the sudden change in aroma can feel disappointing, until you realize that the lack of citrus is only temporary.

As White Moonshine burns, the intensity of the lemon from within the buds increases. The air is quickly filled with a warm yet fresh feeling. Users have compared White Moonshine’s aroma to the smell of a barbecue roasting pineapple chunks on a warm summer night.

White Moonshine produces a smooth smoke, which is easy to breathe through. White Moonshine’s smoke very rarely causes you to cough uncontrollably, as can happen with many other strains. Therefore, White Moonshine is great for beginners who are looking to build up their confidence when it comes to smoking.

How does the flavor profile of White Moonshine compare to its aroma?


For those who love citrus and choose White Moonshine for its fresh, lemony aroma, you will not be disappointed. White Moonshine has a sweet flavor profile with a hint of the hash in the background creating an exciting contrast.

As you first breathe in your first puff of White Moonshine smoke, your mouth is filled with a taste of freshly squeezed lemons. You are transported back to being a child and sipping lemonade in the back garden in the middle of summer.

White Moonshine’s light smoke quickly travels down to your lungs while you soak up every last drop of lemonade. As you exhale, you start to notice a hint of hash; this adds an earthy layer to the experience.


White Moonshine’s buds are bright green in color, helping them to stand out when placed among other strains. Rusty colored pistils weave through White Moonshine’s buds, adding a pop of color. As you grind White Moonshine buds apart, the pistils become more noticeable, almost as if the color is somehow brightening before your eyes.

Just like its parent strain The White, White Moonshine buds are covered in a thick layer of sticky white trichomes. It is these trichomes that give the plant its frosted appearance as well as its name.

Buds have a traditional spade shape to them, something that is common to see among indica-dominant strains. Typically, White Moonshine buds are densely packed, meaning that each bud can pack quite the punch.

White Moonshine Strain Grow Info

White Moonshine strain seeds can be purchased online and used to grow your very own White Moonshine plants at home. Fortunately, White Moonshine is a relatively easy strain to grow, even for those who do not have any experience when it comes to cultivating.

White Moonshine plants are at their happiest when kept in dry climates. Humidity can affect the plant’s ability to grow a full, lustrous layer of trichomes. While this does not alter the taste or effects of the strain, it does mean that the plant loses one of its defining features.

Advanced growers often enjoy experimenting with different levels of humidity at different points during White Moonshine’s growth period. This results in varying levels of intensity of the trichomes that cover the buds.

As you would expect from an indica-dominant strain, White Moonshine plants tend to be short and bushy in size. This makes them ideal for keeping indoors as they do not require a great deal of floor to ceiling space to reach their full potential.

When growing White Moonshine plants indoors, they are normally ready to be harvested after 10 to 12 weeks.

If you are lucky enough to live in a dry climate and can keep your White Moonshine plants outside, you can expect harvest around late September to early October.

White Moonshine is resistant to most common molds, meaning that it requires minimal maintenance. Although, due to its bushy nature, we recommend that you regularly trim plants to maximize their growth and yield.

THC Content – Highest Test

White Moonshine cannabis has a THC content of between 15% and 19%. This places White Moonshine slightly above the average for a hybrid strain.

Despite being higher than average, White Moonshine does not cause many of the negative effects associated with high levels of THC. This makes it a popular choice for many, as it allows you to experience the positive side of a THC-rich indica without the negatives.

It is very rare to find a strain that manages to contain both a high THC and CBD content, so what can you expect from White Moonshine’s CBD levels?

CBD Content – Highest Test

As you would expect, White Moonshine contains merely trace amounts of CBD. Given the higher than average THC content of White Moonshine, it would be surprising to see CBD levels even as high as 1%.

As a result of White Moonshine having minimal CBD content, it is not considered a medical strain. Let’s take a look at precisely what you can expect from White Moonshine and whether this assumption is correct.

Medical Benefits of the White Moonshine Strain

While White Moonshine’s low CBD content prevents it from being useful for treating long-term conditions, such as epilepsy, it can help with several medical concerns.

People often recommend White Moonshine for anxiety and stress. The clear-headed, euphoric White Moonshine high helps to block out anxiety-inducing, stressful thoughts.

White Moonshine does not leave you feeling sedated, as is the case with many strains. For those struggling with stress and anxiety, a small dose of White Moonshine in the morning can make it easier to get through the day. Be warned, however, that a more substantial treatment is likely to leave you feeling disoriented and unable to carry on with your day.

The very traditional indica effects of White Moonshine make it a valid form of pain medication for those who suffer from low-level pain. The lack of CBD means that White Moonshine cannot treat severe and chronic cases of pain.

White Moonshine’s ability to numb minor aches and pains make it a great choice after a long gym workout. No one enjoys after-gym stiffness, but thanks to White Moonshine, you never have to deal with such pain again.

White Moonshine can also help to reduce inflammation, which can often lead to pain and more long-term health conditions. Inflammation can often be extremely limiting, preventing you from carrying out routine daily tasks. A regular dose of White Moonshine helps to reduce both inflammation and its effects. Therefore, it allows you to tackle the problem at its very core.

Unfortunately, as is the case with almost every strain, where there are definite health effects, there are also negatives. It is essential to be aware of a strain’s potential adverse effects when deciding whether it is right for you. So, what do you need to know when it comes to White Moonshine’s negative side?

Possible Side Effects of the White Moonshine Strain

The most common side effect that you may experience when smoking White Moonshine is dry mouth. A widespread fact that luckily only lasts a few hours and has no long term effect on your health. Dry mouth is more annoying than a health concern but still worth being aware of. Users describe dry mouth as an intensely dry feeling on the roof of your mouth, often causing a furry texture.

When smoking larger doses of White Moonshine, you may feel disoriented and disconnected from the world around you. For this reason, it is a good idea to keep larger doses for chilled evenings at home where you feel safe and not dealing with floods of external stimuli.

White Moonshine is lucky in that there are very few potential side effects, and even those that do occur have no severe or long term health effects.

Final Thoughts on the White Moonshine Strain

White Moonshine is the perfect after-work relaxation strain. Starting with its delicious fresh lemon flavor and slowly transitioning to a calm, uplifting high. White Moonshine is one of those strains that cannot help but make you smile from start to finish.

While White Moonshine does have a few medical benefits, it is primarily a recreational strain. Its low CBD content means that it is not able to compete with the more medicinal strains on the market. White Moonshine is, however, still a beneficial strain for those who suffer from stress and anxiety.

With very few adverse side effects to worry about, White Moonshine is one of those strains that everyone should try at least once. After all, what is there not to love about feeling uplifted?