White Dwarf Cannabis Strain [Origins, Benefits, Potency]

White Dwarf Strain Overview
White Dwarf is an indica-dominant hybrid, and its effects very much reflect this. Starting with a strong sense of relaxation and ending with a peaceful drowsy feeling, White Dwarf is best enjoyed during the evening.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Lack of appetite
Body high/numbing
Growing info
White Dwarf seeds are easy to find for sale online and are considered to be a great strain for novice growers. White Dwarf is a fast growing strain that still manages to produce a rewarding yield.

Throughout the entirety of space, there exist plenty of stellar phenomena that are worth taking a look at if you get the chance. From neutron stars to elusive black holes, sometimes things have a way of drawing you in.

One of these beautiful sights are white dwarfs; the remnants of stars that are too small to become neutron stars. Unfortunately, the nearest white dwarf to us is around eight light-years away, so a bit too far to go and see for yourself.

For the next best thing, why not consider trying the White Dwarf marijuana strain? This decently potent indica offers up some beautiful effects and flavors. So, let’s take a look at the White Dwarf strain and figure out whether or not it is the stellar phenomenon it claims to be.

What Is the White Dwarf Strain?

Buddha Seeds initially created White Dwarf and it has gone on to become a much-loved strain among both novice and experienced users. White Dwarf is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with a 75% indica and 25% sativa content.

White Dwarf lives up to what you would expect from a strain with such high indica content, leaving you feeling calm and lethargic. The effects of White Dwarf take hold quickly, causing you to feel almost instantly relaxed and peaceful.

As the effects of  White Dwarf spread throughout your body, your limbs start to feel numb and slightly weighted. Pain feels as though it is magically melting away, becoming almost unnoticeable.

White Dwarf is famous within the natural medical community for its powerful numbing effects. The success of White Dwarf has led to many breeders using it as a base for creating medical strains. White Ryder is just one of the many strains that can trace its lineage back to White Dwarf.

The benefits of White Dwarf are not limited to those looking for a medicinal strain. It causes a calm, spacey high that is perfect for blocking out the world and genuinely relaxing for a few hours.

White Dwarf is ideal for times when you want to zone out in front of the TV and enjoy a movie or listen to music. The cerebral high allows you to see films and hear music in a new light. Some people find that the spacey effects of White Dwarf enhance creativity, making it the ideal strain for brainstorming and starting new creative projects.

As a result of White Dwarf’s strong indica content, the strain is best enjoyed during the evening. White Dwarf lives up to an indica’s stereotype, quickly leaving you feeling sedated and unable to complete even the simplest of physical tasks.


White Dwarf has a pleasant aroma, but definitely not one that you would expect. The spacey name and effects of White Dwarf lead you to believe that it would have an aroma to match. Rather than the bright, colorful aroma you might hope for, White Dwarf has a sweet, earthy smell to it.

Holding White Dwarf buds in your hand, you could not feel further away from space and sci-fi. White Dwarf buds give off a very natural aroma, reminding you of walking through the woods on a wet day.

As you grind White Dwarf buds apart, the strain’s aroma intensifies, filling the air with a robust sweetness. Upon closer observation, you are able to pick out subtle notes of sweet spices and winter berries.

Burning White Dwarf warms the air around you, similar to sitting around a campfire and watching the logs burn. You can almost picture grabbing a marshmallow and holding it over the fire while it toasts.

White Dwarf produces a clear smoke, which makes it a strain that can be easily enjoyed by novice and experienced smokers alike. The earthy aroma quickly dissipates, allowing you to smoke indoors without having to worry about a lingering and obvious smell.

How does the flavor profile of White Dwarf compare?


Just like its aroma, White Dwarf has a very natural, earthy flavor profile. From the first puff of clear smoke, your mind transports you to a campsite, sitting among the trees with a fire roaring in the background.

The different flavors hidden within White Dwarf’s buds are not overly noticeable at first. As the smoke settles on your tongue, however, you are able to pick out the different notes that seem to be working so seamlessly together.

Subtle hints of sweet berries and spices can be picked out from among the much stronger warm earthy taste that forms the base flavor of White Dwarf. The sweetness reminds you of fruit that has been slightly toasted or that has been baked into a sweet cookie.

As you finally exhale, you are left with a rich woody flavor with hints of sweet herbs and spices. The warming flavor works to soothe your senses before the effects from White Dwarf are even able to take hold.

White Dwarf’s flavor profile might not provide you with the crazy burst of flavor that you would hope for from such a spacey strain. What White Dwarf does do, however, is help you to feel calm and relaxed, ready to enjoy the spacey peacefulness that is to follow.


White Dwarf plants easily blend and become lost when placed among other plants. The lack of bright coloring and average height allow White Dwarf to go unnoticed, almost disappearing into your garden.

The dark green, dense buds are covered in a thick layer of white trichomes that result in a pale complexion. The dark green is muted by the plant’s trichomes, making it appear much lighter than it actually is.

White Dwarf leaves are thin, growing out from the center to the plant at a sharp 90 degrees. The edges of the leaves appear spiky and uninviting. As soon as you touch a White Dwarf leaf, however, you realize that while they may appear sharp, they actually have a soft, harmless texture.

While White Dwarf may not be the most beautiful or eye-catching of plants, it does have one huge benefit. You can place White Dwarf plants discreetly in your garden without ever having to worry about them catching your neighbor’s attention.

White Dwarf Strain Grow Info

It is easy to find White Dwarf strain seeds for sale online, with popular sites such as cannabis-seed-bank offering international shipping for a reasonable price. The accessibility of White Dwarf seeds has led to it becoming a popular strain for home growing.

White Dwarf is often recommended to new growers who are looking for a low maintenance plant. White Dwarf is known for having a short flowering time, with some plants being ready to harvest in just eight weeks.

The speed at which White Dwarf plants grow is perfect for novice growers. White Dwarf’s ability to produce a pleasing yield also helps to boost confidence among new growers.

When growing White Dwarf, you can expect a medium-sized yield, which is impressive given just how fast White Dwarf plants grow. Plants that grow outside tend to provide a slightly higher return as a result of being able to grow taller.

White Dwarf plants are happiest in a greenhouse climate or outside in a hot and humid environment. For those who do not live in a hot, tropical climate, it is best to keep plants indoors where you have complete control over the environment. Outdoor plants are normally ready to be harvested by early September.

Before you start growing White Dwarf in your back garden, you might be wondering what levels of THC and CBD you can expect from your plants. Let’s take a look.

THC Content – Highest Test

The White Dwarf cannabis strain has an average THC content of 15%. The precise amount of THC varies from plant to plant by a few percent, with highs of 18% and lows of 12%. While 15% is not considered to be high for a hybrid strain with such an indica lean, it does place White Dwarf above the average of 12%.

The fast-acting effects that are felt even with a smaller dose of White Dwarf are thought to be the result of the strain’s higher than average THC content. The famous spacey high that has made White Dwarf so popular is also believed to be due to the strain THC levels.

How does the CBD content of White Dwarf compare?

CBD Content – Highest Test

The exact CBD content of White Dwarf is not precisely known. However, it is generally thought to be less than 1%.

The lack of information about White Dwarf’s CBD content combined with the strain’s high levels of THC has led to the conclusion that trace amounts of CBD are present within White Dwarf.

White Dwarf’s low CBD content has not held the strain back from becoming a popular pick within the natural medicine community. One of the main reasons that White Dwarf has become so famous over the years is due to its powerful medical benefits.

So, what can you expect from White Dwarf as a medical strain?

Medical Benefits of the White Dwarf Strain

The main reason that White Dwarf stands out among similar strains is because of its fast-acting and powerful numbing effects. The physically numbing effects of White Dwarf make it an ideal strain for controlling pain.

White Dwarf has been found to be particularly useful in treating migraines. The spacey effects that come with a White Dwarf high provide many hours of release from both physical and mental pain. For someone suffering from migraines, White Dwarf can give a much-needed break from reality.

White Dwarf may also suppress nausea and as such as become a popular pick among those taking certain medications. The appetite-enhancing effects of White Dwarf also make it the perfect strain to smoke just before mealtimes. White Dwarf is often popular among those receiving chemotherapy as a way of working through meals.

The mentally calming effects of White Dwarf make it perfect for those who suffer from depression. The uplifting, mind-clearing effects provide a few hours of peace away from reality. For those that find themselves feeling trapped in a whirlwind of negative thoughts, White Dwarf offers a short break and some time to relax.

White Dwarf’s sedative effects result in the strain often being recommended to those who struggle with insomnia. Whether you’re struggling to sleep as a result of pain, depression, or even an unknown reason, White Dwarf could be useful.

Possible Side Effects of the White Dwarf Strain

Unfortunately, there are very few strains that manage to avoid having even a few side effects. Before deciding whether White Dwarf is the right strain for you, it is important to know what the strain’s side effects are and if they are worth the positives.

The number one side effect that people experience when smoking White Dwarf is dry mouth, a temporary effect that should last for no more than a few hours. Dry mouth can cause the inside of your mouth to feel dry, as though someone has covered the roof of your mouth in cotton wool.

Similar to dry mouth, many people find that they experience dry eyes when smoking White Dwarf in large amounts. Dry eyes can leave your eyes feeling irritated and as though they are in need of a good night’s sleep. Dry eyes can also cause the very stereotypical red-eyed stoner appearance that many people imagine when they think of weed.

The slightly higher than average THC content found in White Dwarf can cause sudden dizzy spells. Dizziness is most commonly experienced when smoking large doses in a busy setting where you feel confined.

Other, less common side effects of White Dwarf include sudden feelings of anxiety and paranoia. Both effects are much more likely to occur when smoking White Dwarf around people you don’t know  or in a situation where you don’t feel comfortable. White Dwarf can leave you feeling disconnected from the world around you, which, when in a busy environment, can feel overwhelming.

Final Thoughts on the White Dwarf Strain

White Dwarf is a fun recreational stain that can also double up as a powerful medical strain. Whether looking to take advantage of White Dwarf’s many medical benefits or to experience a trippy night in front of the TV, White Dwarf is best enjoyed during the evening.

With a 75% indica content, White Dwarf can leave you feeling sedated and unable to complete even the simplest of tasks. When smoking White Dwarf in the evening, you are able to make the most of the effects, ending the night by drifting off into a heavy sleep.

White Dwarf is not just popular for its effects; it is also loved by novice and experienced smokers alike for its earthy flavor profile. A mix of sweet, warm berries and burning logs come together to create a relaxing flavor that perfectly sets the scene for the high to follow.

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