Vortex Cannabis Strain [Origins, Benefits, Potency]

Vortex Cannabis Strain Overview
Between the alternating sensations of uplifted and euphoric, the Vortex strain will really have you feeling like you’re caught in a whirlwind (a good one, that is). Due to these properties, it can help in dealing with stress and depression, and keep negative emotions at bay. It also tastes like tropical mangoes and sour lemons - for an ultra unique play on your taste buds as well.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Growing info
Flowering period is approximately 7-8 weeks, best grown indoors

There are few sights more terrifying or mesmerizing than a swirling vortex. Whether seen in space in the form of a black hole, or in a lake or the sea forming a never-ending chasm of turbulent waters, our brains are designed to react with fear at the very idea of a vortex.

However, there is one type of vortex that we can and do appreciate; one that exists in our own mind as a result of especially potent marijuana.

One such strain is known to cause this effect is fittingly named Vortex, an extremely potent 80 / 20 sativa-leaning hybrid that is well known for inducing intense psychoactive effects that leave you literally reeling.

Let’s investigate this cosmically focused strain and discover just what you can expect if you take some for yourself.

What is the Vortex Strain?

Vortex is a strain developed by Subcool The Dank, who crossed Apollo 13 and Space Queen. Each of these strains is also a hybrid, further developed from two different strains with wholly different flavor profiles.

The end result is a strain with a potent blend of different effects and flavors, though one that also causes a surprising effect that its parent strains lack. It is so potent that it won the Best Sativa during the 2010 High Times Cannabis Cup, making this strain one of the best sativas in the world.

The effects of Vortex hit you immediately after your first puff, inducing a wave of uplifted and energetic feeling that can feel like you have been hit with a literal wave of good feelings. Your mood will immediately elevate, inducing a sensation of the purest kind of happiness and joy.

This feeling morphs after a few moments, though, turning around and around inside your head into the happy and uplifting feelings take turns with a sensation of euphoria. Many people might think that euphoria and an uplifting happiness are the same things, but the sensation of euphoria caused by potent marijuana is something altogether entirely different.

Instead of a feeling of satisfaction and joy, euphoria takes the form of this sensation of completeness and oneness with the world, causing you to feel like you are totally and completely satisfied and pleased with everything around you. While similar, it is wholly more in-depth and more complete than a regular feeling of happiness.

Vortex causes you to flit between these two types of happy feelings again and again, around and around, eventually causing you to experience a profoundly dizzying wave of pleasure. This swirling vortex of pleasant, complex emotions can actually feel somewhat overwhelming to those not experienced with it, so this is definitely a strain that you don’t want to overdo on your first try.

After a while, this swirling vortex will calm down, to be replaced with a bounding energy that is somehow still extremely driven and focused. You can expect the feeling to lead you towards a desperate desire to complete something, anything at all; as long as it is a project that you can adequately complete with your nearly endless wave of energy.

This sensation will last for the next couple hours, perfect for finishing small projects that you’ve meaning to tackle for the last few weeks.

The swirling, energetic and euphoric vortex of feelings is the principle reason why this strain is so popular, but it is also known for a surprisingly potent and flavorful aroma and taste.

Let’s take a look at its actual flavor profile to determine if it is any more than just a good tasting strain.


The initial aroma of the Vortex strain is surprisingly odd – instead of having one consistent, immediately noticeable smell, Vortex instead has a myriad of scents condensed into one single whiff of aroma.

You will find yourself not really able to easily classify which smells is which, as it will all coalesce into one combined aroma that overwhelms your nostrils and leaves you reeling from its intensity.

The best single word to describe the smell would be “fruity” as the aroma is like if you blended a great deal of different fruits down into a single mass. The strongest fruit smell would probably be Mango, though there are a variety of other tropical fruits mixed in as well.

Cracking open the buds doesn’t really help to figure out what the precise smell is. Instead, it is a giant hodgepodge of different flavors, all undercut with a slight profile of earthiness.

What about its actual taste? Is the flavor more easily discernible than its smell?


They say that 90% of taste is actually just your sense of smell; this is no more readily apparent than with the Vortex strain, as the initial flavor on taking your first puff is the same as its initial aroma – one of complicated, overlapping fruits that seem to be competing for a place on your tongue.

The taste of mangoes is a bit more predominant than with its aroma, as well as being backed up with even more earthiness than you might have expected.

However, on the exhale, the flavor changes once more. What was once especially fruity, the tropical-laden taste is now somehow citrusy and reminiscent of lemons. The flavor somehow shifts into an especially citrus-filled flavor, almost juicy in its acidity that leaves your mouth feeling puckered and almost too soured.

What about how it looks? Does the Vortex strain have any interesting qualities about its appearance?


The strange thing about Vortex, other than its swirling combination of effects and flavors, is that it is highly variable in its appearance based on its individual genetic mutations.

Due to the fact that it has such widely differing genetics, individual seeds of the Vortex strain have the tendency to take on the characteristics of different parents, culminating in a strain that seems impossible to nail down into one consistent appearance.

Some nugs of Vortex have a fairly typical appearance, looking dense and brightly green, whereas others maintain a decent coating of white trichomes. Still others take on a purple twinge caused by a difference of light intensity while the plants were growing.

The best way to get the exact type of Vortex that you want is to try and grow some yourself, so let’s take a look at what kind of specialized knowledge you need to be able to grow Vortex.

Vortex Strain Grow Info

As mentioned, Vortex has the odd quality of being extremely prone to peculiar mutations that have a tendency to culminate in seemingly random differences from the base strain. This means that you need to carefully cultivate your Vortex to make sure it has the final traits that you want, especially if you want to try and achieve a good yield at the end of it.

This makes Vortex not a very good strain for a first-time grower, nor a good option for those looking for massive operations, as it is too prone to suffering random deviations. If you are desperate to rear your own Vortex, however, then you need to make sure that you keep its growing, tendril-like branches supported on a trellis.

While Vortex doesn’t grow especially tall, its branches are especially slender, often causing it to collapse under its own weight if allowed to grow freely and without any tapering or control.

You can grow it indoors or outside, but you will likely have the most success if you grow it indoors, as you can then more carefully and easily monitor its changes and special needs.

Keep the plant well pruned, especially of its lower branches that love to try and suck up nutrients and not produce any useful colas. This will have the effect of making the plant less structurally stable, however, so this increases its reliance on the helpful trellis you have provided, as well as a myriad of ties and strings to keep it attached to the support beams.

As long as you are okay with having a myriad of different possibilities as a result of growing your Vortex, you should be fine as long as you keep it supported and well cared for. If you look after it well, expect for it to hit the flowering stage after about 7-8 weeks, with a surprisingly decent yield of approximately 120g per square meter of plant.

What about its cannabinoid content? What can you expect from your funky, individualistic Vortex plants?

THC Content – Highest Test

As might be expected from a strain famous for inducing a wave of psychoactive feelings all meshed together in a vortex, this strain registers at around 18% THC on average, with highs of 20%. This means that Vortex is an exceptionally strong strain, prone to inducing a myriad of potent effects, including causing first-time users to become overwhelmed or otherwise knocked off their feet.

If you have never used Vortex before, make sure that you keep the amount you are using at once time down to a minimum.

How about its CBD content, however? What can you expect from your finished product?

CBD Content – Highest Test

As is almost always the case with high THC strains, Vortex lacks any kind of significant CBD content whatsoever. After all, the plant has to make room for all its highly psychoactive, potently confusing THC, so it needs must get rid of the CBD it would have otherwise and dedicate that energy elsewhere.

This means that Vortex is not a great strain for treating a variety of long-term conditions that are commonly treated with high-CBD strain. However, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a great deal of useful medical benefits from the Vortex strain.

Medical Benefits of the Vortex Strain

By far the most common medicinal use of the Vortex strain is in helping deal with excess stress and negative feelings caused by depression.

When you first take a puff of Vortex, you are immediately thrust into a whirling dervish of pleasant, all-encompassing emotions that leave you feeling perpetually smiling and happy. When you are beset with the woes of a stressful day or an unpleasant mental disorder, Vortex is the perfect strain to combat its unpleasant symptoms – sometimes, being forced to be happy is all you need.

This also makes Vortex a great strain to deal with issues arising from long term, chronic pain, as the high THC content is perfect for suppressing the pain sensation and encouraging the problems that actually cause the pain to go away.

Generally speaking, any condition that is affected by a high THC content is able to be treated by Vortex, with the added benefit of the fact that Vortex induces this overwhelming feeling of satisfaction and stimulating pleasure, making it a great strain to just chill out with and deal with all the problems of the world around you.

Of course, there are always going to be a few negatives that come with the medical benefits as well.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most commonly reported negative side effects of taking the Vortex strain.

Possible Side Effects of the Vortex Strain

Due to the fact that Vortex is a high THC strain, it should come as no surprise that Vortex often causes feelings of dry mouth and dry eyes. These two pesky symptoms almost always follow a powerful marijuana strain, causing your mouth to gum up and make swallowing especially difficult.

To overcome this, make sure you keep a glass of water handy to beat back against any unpleasant dryness.

The other common side effect is the feeling of painful headaches and dizziness. It is important to realize, however, that these feelings come from the fact that Vortex is so high in THC, and its effects induce such a vortex of feelings in your brain, that this dizziness or headaches are simply the results of your brain spinning round and round too much.

This simply means that you have smoked too much Vortex at once and need to lower the amount you are using. As long as you keep the quantity you imbibe at once down to a reasonable level, you shouldn’t have to struggle with this at all.

After all, this strain is literally called Vortex, so if it didn’t come with a headache and dizziness, you might feel like you weren’t getting everything you wanted out of your purchase.

Final Thoughts on the Vortex Strain

The Vortex strain is a rare example of a marijuana strain that actually manages to have a noticeable, physiological effect on your brain that accompanies its overwhelming and robust high.

You won’t just get to feel the positive, uplifting emotions that come with the Vortex high, but you will actually get to feel the spinning of your brain as it tries to process the intensity of the differing positive emotions rocking around inside your brain.

Though some people might find it unpleasant to have their brain spinning around in circles, flitting from one positive feeling to the other, it is a wonderful experience to enjoy at least once in your life.

As long as you keep the quantity of Vortex down to what you think you might be able to handle, you shouldn’t feel any kind of undue unpleasantness – just make sure that you know your limits, as if you take too much, you might find yourself swirling down a vortex for hours, struggling to find your own feet.

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the complete thrill of swimming in a whirling vortex of water, but don’t want to have to deal with the danger, then the Vortex strain is the perfect strain for you.