Valentine X Marijuana Strain Review

Valentine X Strain Overview
The Valentine X strain is a super high CBD strain that can barely get you high, with its THC level being at 1% and CBD level at 25%. That being said, it is extremely beneficial as a medicinal strain. It has been known to help with problems from epilepsi all the way to chronic inflammation. Besides being super powerful as a medical strain, it also has a wonderfully fresh pine, mint, and citrus flavor profile.
Common usage
Growing info
This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors. If growing indoors, expect a flowering period in about 8-10 weeks. If growing outdoors, expect to start seeing flowers by mid-October.

When you hear the word “Valentine,” it is likely that your first thought goes towards romance. After all, since St. Valentine’s Day is all about love, it makes sense that Valentine could only have a romantic connotation, right?

Well, while Saint Valentine was pretty passionate about love and marriage, he was also significantly associated with epilepsy; it actually used to be called Saint Valentine’s illness!

This makes the name of the strain Valentine X extremely fitting, as it is a fantastic strain that is typically used to help treat epilepsy thanks to its incredibly high CBD content.

However, just because people typically only use Valentine X to treat epilepsy doesn’t mean it isn’t essential to learn what the experience of smoking it is going to be like.

Let’s take a look at this medicinal strain, both its desired effects and its flavor profile.

What is the Valentine X Cannabis Strain?

Valentine X was bred from the world-renowned ACDC strain with the desire of creating an even more potent CBD concentration from an already highly medicinal strain. Valentine X is a perfectly balanced hybrid, offering 50% each of both sativa and indica in its genetics.

You can expect Valentine X to have a roughly 25:1 ratio of CBD to THC, meaning that this is a strain with only 1% THC content. Thanks to this low THC content, you can’t really get from this strain; instead, you can experience the relaxing and medicinal properties of the CBD content.

When describing the effects of a high-CBD content strain, it is important to remember that, in contrast to THC, CBD does not induce any kind of psychoactive high; instead it promotes a variety of health benefits within the endocannabinoid system. While it is true that THC is capable of doing this as well, CBD has long been associated with far more therapeutic effects than THC, not just because it doesn’t also come with an accompanying high.

Though many people might decide to avoid Valentine X due to its lack of a high, for many people this is exactly what they need – sometimes, as is the case for people with epilepsy, people just need a curative treatment without having to struggle with the effects of a psychoactive high.

Once you first imbibe Valentine X, you can experience a pretty noticeable wave of relaxation and comfortability. This is due to the CBD content inducing relaxation and mellow calm – you can expect these effects to continue throughout the high, with diminishing sensations of any kind of pain you might be experiencing.

However, it is in no way numbing or otherwise overpowering as CBD does not over stimulate the body like how THC does. This, of course, doesn’t mean that nothing happens, just that you won’t feel high or out of control.

Alongside the continuing feeling of relaxation, you can expect to feel a good deal of creative energy, as well as a tendency to become trapped in thought. This works well with the feeling of relaxation – it is perhaps comparable to the sensation given when you imbibe a particularly strong Indica strain, but it is not forceful.

You can expect to want to sit down and relax, but you won’t be forced to like with an indica.

It is tempting to expect a high-CBD strain to be nothing more than a medicine, with no exciting properties or flavors. However, just because it is low in THC doesn’t mean it can’t be flavorful or interesting.

Valentine X Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

The aroma emanating from these artfully colored buds is exceptionally earthy, offering the smell of freshly tilled, healthy soil. While many people might think this a negative quality, it is actually very bright and refreshing, smelling like a fresh field on a warm summer day. There are notes of citrus that are detectable once the buds are adequately opened, not unlike breaking the skin of a freshly picked orange.

What about its flavor profile though? Does it taste like how it smells?

The flavor of Valentine X is surprisingly similar to its aroma, though the order and magnitude of individual components of the flavor are different. Though the initial taste is one of profoundly strong earthiness, the back notes of citrus begin to take priority once the smoke is inhaled correctly.

Additionally, the exhale has a distinctly woody, pine-like quality to it that is somehow a combination of both pine tar and pine needles. These flavor components would imply that the terpene content of Valentine X is exceptionally high, especially pinene. The overall taste profile is one of nature and freshness; similar to an earthy mint, Valentine X clears your mouth and leaves you feeling refreshed and alert.

The buds of Valentine X are incredibly green, looking like a caricature of marijuana that you might find in a textbook. You can expect it to be quite large, as well as being rather dense in its construction.

The buds are round and sometimes a bit oddly shaped, as well as being coated in an almost blue colored layer of trichomes that provide a great deal of both its flavor and its aroma. The whole appearance is quite cone-shaped, vibrant green and tinged with blue, making it seem both extremely regular and somehow alien at the same time.

However, the only real way to see it properly is to try and grow some for yourself.

Valentine X Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Valentine X has a pretty regular growing cycle, taking about 8 to 10 weeks to begin flowering and not requiring any kind of significant knowledge to grow yourself.

It is one of the few strains that doesn’t really seem to mind if it grows indoors or outdoors, producing roughly the same yield of useable bud regardless.

You can utilize topping and other pruning methods by snipping off the top of the plant and any unnecessary growths along the bottom of the plant, but it surprisingly doesn’t affect the final yield overmuch – you can expect a small increase, but it isn’t as vital as with other strains.

As long as you keep your Valentine X plants in warm temperatures, as well as making sure that it is pretty dry, then you shouldn’t have any kind of problems.

Valentine X is a great strain to grow for beginners thanks to its forgiving physique, making it resilient to all kinds of misuse. Just give it the minimum of care, and you are probably going to be left with a healthy, happy plant.

Since this is a high CBD strain, what are the exact ratios and percentages you can expect, especially if you grow your own?

Valentine X THC Content – Highest Test

Valentine X is a pretty rare strain when compared to the majority of all marijuana strains available, as it doesn’t typically have anything above 1% THC content.

Despite being a hybrid strain, Valentine X was developed to breed out any and all traces of THC entirely, so the small amount of THC leftover isn’t enough to induce any kind of high.

Interestingly enough though, Valentine X’s 1% THC content is still too much for it to be considered a CBD-only medication, as most countries, including the UK and the USA, require a THC content of less than 0.5% for it to be considered legal.

So don’t look forward to being able to take Valentine X legally for a long while yet.

Valentine X CBD Content – Highest Test

The CBD content of Valentine X is what this strain is all about, as it contains a whopping 25% CBD. Interestingly, this CBD content is pretty constant throughout many different samples of different breeders’ crops, suggesting excellent growth consistency and lineage.

This extremely high ratio of CBD makes Valentine X the perfect strain for treating all kinds of different medical conditions, especially epilepsy, the prime reason why it is named after Saint Valentine.

So, how exactly does it help treat epilepsy, and are there other conditions that it could help with?

Medical Benefits of Valentine X Cannabis Strain

The medicinal benefits of Valentine X are the primary reason that many people even use this strain, to begin with.

For starters, it is excellent at tackling issues arising from epilepsy. Studies such as this one by Zaheer et al. have found that, by using CBD when suffering from epilepsy, the frequency of seizures decreased dramatically.

The exact mechanisms of this aren’t entirely understood just yet but, as the studies focus on, CBD seems to interact exceptionally well with the most commonly taken anti-seizure medication, Clobazam. By combining CBD and Clobazam, seizure frequency reduces even more than when they are taken on their own.

This is now becoming so widely accepted that the federal government of the USA and the British government have approved complete legalization for CBD products (with less than 0.5% THC) when taken to combat seizures as a result of epilepsy.

However, epilepsy isn’t the only thing it is capable of helping treat.

Thanks to its high CBD content, Valentine X is great to help treat a vast variety of different conditions.

For example, issues arising from depression or stress can be combated by using Valentine X, but the primary mental disorder that Valentine X can help with is anxiety. Anxiety affects a massive number of people in our modern world, but by using a substantial quantity of CBD regularly, people’s anxiety-related symptoms are able to be controlled.

Additionally, Valentine X can be used to help deal with inflammation, insomnia and even just general aches and pains.

However, as is ever the case when something has a great deal of beneficial uses, there are going to be a few negatives to go along with it.

Possible Side Effects of Valentine X Cannabis Strain

Though Valentine X is a primarily CBD strain, there are still some adverse side effects that users can expect to experience despite its low THC content.

For example, dry mouth is a reasonably typical symptom arising from any kind of marijuana smoking, so it is wise to keep a glass of water on hand to help combat this.

Additionally, despite how strange it might seem, Valentine X has been known to cause anxiety. This is strange because this strain is used frequently to help combat issues with anxiety, so how can something both treat and cause a problem?

The issue lies in the severity of the condition; if a user suffers from extreme anxiety, then Valentine X is able to help modulate and control their anxiety. However, if they only suffer from very mild anxiety or are otherwise unaffected by anxiety, then it is possible that this can cause a flaring up of anxious thoughts.

This means that you might want to take Valentine X if you are either very anxious or not at all.

However, it isn’t a hugely worrying side effect, as it is only a small wave of negative thoughts rather than completely crippling anxiety such as many suffer from.

Final Thoughts on Valentine X Cannabis Strain

Valentine X is a strain that is very suitably named – named after the patron saint of epilepsy; this strain is famous for its treatment of epileptic patients.

However, the use of this strain doesn’t just stop at epilepsy – whether it is for relaxation purposes or to try and treat your anxiety, the high CBD content of this strain is excellent at dealing with all manner of different conditions.

In today’s marijuana world, many strains are entirely focused on developing the strongest and most potent quantity of THC possible, usually to the detriment of every strain’s CBD content.

It is thus rather refreshing to see a strain that is entirely designed and focused on its CBD content, especially one so carefully bred so as to help treat a myriad of medical issues.

Not only is this strain great for medical issues, but it tastes great, is easy to grow, and even easier to smoke.

If you are looking for a medical-grade strain to treat whatever ails you, or just looking for a new favorite strain to grow yourself, then definitely try and look for Valentine X.