Triple Diesel | Cannabis Strain Review + Guide

Among all the famous and frequently smoked “families” of cannabis strains out there, there are few more prolific than the Diesel family.

The Diesel strain family is known for its sour, pungent intensity, as well as its rush of uplifting high. This strain family is famous for its usefulness for both beginners and experienced users alike, but what about if you want to try and go a level further?

Triple Diesel is the strain you are looking for if you are after the latest and greatest of the Diesel family phenotypes, offering the signature smell and taste with even more complexity, both in the high and in the unique flavor and aroma.

Let’s take a look at Triple Diesel and get to understand it through and through.

What is the Triple Diesel Cannabis Strain?

Triple Diesel, like most strains belonging to an individual family, is a crossbreed of three separate strains: Sour Diesel, New York City Diesel, and Strawberry Diesel. This unique blend of the different Diesel phenotypes produces a strain with an amalgamation of the flavors, highs, and profiles of its forebears.

Triple Diesel is a sativa strain, but it possesses an oddly similar characteristic to certain indicas; this effect is dependent on the quantity you have consumed. In small doses, Triple Diesel is famed for its focus-bringing abilities, but in larger quantities your brain will essentially shut down, leading to its odd reputation of being a hybrid despite its firm sativa genetics.

Triple Diesel is for those that want to take their Sour Diesel obsession to the next level, or just those looking for a good, powerful strain to get started on their weed adventure with.

So, how does it taste? What’s all the fuss about?

Triple Diesel Aroma, Flavor and Aрреаrаnсе

The very first thing you will notice about Triple Diesel, just like its cousins, is the pungent fuel smell. When reading that something smells of fuel, you might think it sounds awful; however, the smell is more like the intensity of a powerful car taking off right in front of you.

It smells like fuel in the way that the smell of a hot day reminds you of sunshine – its aroma is less about the unpleasantness of chemical fuel, but the awe-inspiring redolence of power and class.

Though these flowery descriptions might seem overdone, the smell of Triple Diesel really is otherworldly. You will both picture a powerful car and a roaring steam engine, yet still be intrigued to come closer.

According to, a great resource on weed strains far and wide, Triple Diesel contains a certain mix of important terpenes that give it its distinctive flavor and aroma. The terpenes of humulene, limonene and beta-caryophyllene (which give it the flavor of hops and pine, citrus and clovers, respectively) are what is responsible for perhaps the most unique and distinctive flavor available on the market right now.

The immediate taste profile you get from an inhale of Triple Diesel is one of pungent sweetness, mixed with the acrid tang of diesel fuel. The entire Diesel family has such a distinctive flavor pattern, as well as being so famous, that it almost feels like the “diesel” flavor belongs just to them, but with Triple Diesel it is somehow different.

The citrusy, sweet notes complement the immediate diesel flavor, leading to a completely different experience than you might have predicted.

Triple Diesel has a distinctly brown appearance, almost looking somewhat dried and decrepit, but its somewhat dour appearance belies its intensity and sheer power. The kief that coats Triple Diesel is highly prized, looking and smelling just like small globules of fuel dripping from your bud.

With all this talk about Triple Diesel being so amazing, it might sound good to try and grow yourself, right? So, how do we go about growing it ourselves?

Triple Diesel Strain Grоw Infо

Triple Diesel has a fairly typical growing time of around 8 weeks, generally being considered to be an easy strain to grow yourself.

It grows to around 80 inches tall, meaning that you need to occasionally prune the plant to ensure you get the very best yield possible.

The Diesel family has the occasional reputation of being somewhat difficult to grow due to their temperature dependence – when they are out of their comfort zone, they tend to grow incorrectly or erratically, leading some to avoid growing the family themselves.

Unlike some of its cousins, Triple Diesel doesn’t mind temperature variations too much – though they grow extremely well in a temperature controlled environment indoors, it is equally efficient at growing outside, assuming you don’t suddenly experience an unearthly frost that freezes your plants nugs completely.

They don’t require any kind of advanced nutrient technique, nor do they require excessive pruning, so go ahead and grow your Triple Diesel at home – it is surprisingly easy.

Now that you’ve got your hands on some homegrown Triple Diesel, what kind of effects can you look forward to experiencing?

Triple Diesel Effects

Triple Diesel is very much like its cousins in the Diesel family – its effects are concerned with making you feel as nice and relaxed as possible.

The first thing you will feel is an intense relaxation, followed by a deep and mellow euphoria. The euphoria isn’t too powerful at the start, unlike other indica strains that might knock you on the floor with their sheer power; instead, Triple Diesel is pretty mellow, climbing and ramping up until you start to truly experience a complete uplift of your emotions.

You will likely also feel a satisfying urge towards focus and attention to detail – many people enjoy Triple Diesel for working on creative projects that don’t require too much mental taxation or stress, like gardening or painting.

An important thing to note is that Triple Diesel has a surprisingly indica-like effect if taken in large doses. Due to Triple Diesel’s sheer strength and THC concentration, it is unlikely that you will find yourself needing to take too much at once, but if you do, get ready for a completely brain melting experience.

The uplifting euphoria will be replaced with what can only be described as an utter brain lobotomy – you will not be couch locked per se, but instead utterly incapable of forming a single coherent thought.

This may be desirable to some, but if you are not after this, make sure you plan accordingly and only take a dosage you can handle.

Medical Benefits of the Triple Diesel Strain

Like all well known marijuana strains that provide a predictable effect, such as euphoria and relaxation, Triple Diesel also has a pretty predictable medical effect that is the reason that many seek it out and use it on a daily basis.

By far the most common use for Triple Diesel is to treat depression – chemically speaking, Triple Diesel is excellent due to its unique mix of terpenes and other cannabinoids that trigger the CB1 receptors, encouraging you to release positive neurochemicals that decrease your likelihood of feeling depressed.

However, when you are taking it, the chemical explanation goes out the window – you cease to care about anything or think about what you are doing; you just feel really good. This is also why Triple Diesel is taken to reduce stress, as it is just so good and helping you forget or move past your problems.

Due to its sheer ability to lock you into the couch if you take enough of it, Triple Diesel is also sought out as an insomnia treatment, as after you’ve managed to pick yourself off of the floor, you will want to go right to bed afterwards.

Luckily, the intensity and severity of these effects can be modulated by just watching your dosage, so only take a large dose if you are looking forward to losing your afternoon and taking a nice big snooze.

Pоѕѕіblе Sіdе Effесtѕ оf Triple Diesel

Triple Diesel, like many other powerful marijuana strains, has a few side effects. The most common of these is the fairly typical dry mouth, leaving you with a gummy and somewhat acrid sensation in your tongue and gums.

This is pretty easily solved by eating some fatty foods and drinking plenty of water, so just make sure you have some of both on hand.

These side effects are quickly forgotten, however, as the sheer power of the high utterly destroys any care you have for any kind of negative side effect.

Most fortunately, users report a very low rate of anxiety or paranoia as a result of using Triple Diesel, most likely because, if you take a large amount of it, you are too mentally deadened to really be able to form an anxious thought.

Final Thoughts on Triple Diesel

Triple Diesel is one of those strains with both a massive reputation and a massive family history to live up to. Not only does it need to stand up against its widely talked about effects, it also has to live up to the reputation of its family – in a way, it’s like knowing someone from a famous family; are they going to live up to the record?

Luckily, Triple Diesel delivers completely on its reputation, both due to its intense effects and its wonderful flavor profile.

You can enjoy the rubbery, redolent taste and smell while being utterly relaxed and euphoric, all thanks to a small brown nug of Triple Diesel.

However, if are after a complete mental devastation, Triple Diesel can provide that as well by simply taking a massive amount at once.

Triple Diesel is a sativa with an indica reputation that lets you decide just what kind of effect you are after. Not only is it absolutely delicious, but it cares about what you want as well.

Marijuana that cares about you: what’s not to like?