Tres Dawg Strain [Marijuana Review]

Tres Dawg Strain Overview
A remarkably well balanced hybrid, this strain brings all the benefits and flavors of classic marijuana strains alongside a long, even high that keeps going throughout the night.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Lack of appetite
Growing info
An easy grower, this strain is a perfect option as a gift to someone that wants to try out growing their first marijuana at home.

Hybrid strains are definitely some of the most popular types of cannabis strains available these days. Instead of making the decision between either a sativa or an indica strain, you can instead mix it all together into something that combines the best of both.

Tres Dawg is an excellent example of a balanced hybrid strain, one that is capable of providing the benefits of both indicas and sativas together.

However, Tres Dawg is another weird strain with an odd name. Without any indications of what to expect from its name, how are you supposed to know what kind of high you are in for?

Here is all the information you might want to know about the Tres Dawg strain, so you can decide if it is worth adding to your collection.

What Is the Tres Dawg Strain?

Tres Dawg comes from Top Dawg Seeds, which helpfully explains its name, and is actually a surprisingly well-received strain when it comes to cannabis awards. It won the Cannabis Cup a few years ago and is pretty famous for its potency.

Tres Dawg’s name, meaning “Very” Dawg, is fitting considering its inherent qualities, designating it as an emblematic example of all hybrid strains by Top Dawg.

Tres Dawg possesses exceptionally balanced effects, mixing together the effects of famous indicas and sativas. At first, you will notice a quick and delightful euphoria that will settle in your mind, taking over your mental faculties and giving you a pleasant feeling.

Your mind will start to drift off and wander, which is fitting, as this strain is well-known for inducing daydreams and hallucinations. It isn’t so intense that it could be described as a psychotropic strain, though; it is more of a slight tendency to make you see colors and shapes around you more vividly.

Another significant aspect of the Tres Dawg strain is its tendency to induce severe munchies. While it is balanced, it still has the potent munchies that you would expect from any good indica.

Enjoying some Tres Dawg feels like smoking a sativa and an indica one after the other. It can actually be a bit confusing if you aren’t used to well-balanced hybrids.

Towards the end of the high, expect to find yourself wanting to drift off to sleep, though not so much so that it feels like you can’t stay awake.


The aroma of Tres Dawg is an interesting mix of its parent strains, providing diesel smells mixed with an intriguing citrus quality.

It isn’t just like a small bit of petrol, like the whiff of a passing car. Instead, it smells rich and vibrant, sticking to your carpet and clinging to your nose. The citrus quality also manages to hang around long after smelling the buds, only heightening after you properly break them open.


The predominant flavor of this strain is one of intense diesel, but also wisps of other flavor profiles as well.

There is the same citrus quality that you notice in the aroma, but it’s stronger than you may have initially noticed. After a few moments of the smoke sitting on your tongue, you will notice elements of pine and even a little bit of tangy spice. The flavor profile is strangely difficult to pinpoint.

Pine, diesel, spice, and a pleasant burst of citrus all mix together on your tongue, making for a super tasty and fulfilling smoke.


Just like with many other typical hybrid strains, Tres Dawg has a surprisingly regular physical appearance. Its leaves and buds are deeply green, but there is also lots of beautiful purple coloration.

It is decently sticky, with a little bit of resin stuck to the surface of the bud; though not so much that it feels annoying to hold. There is an odd dryness to how they feel, almost like someone has already partially smoked them before you even got a chance to light up.

Tres Dawg Strain Grow Info

To start growing, you will need some Tres Dawg strain seeds. Luckily, thanks to the fact that the prolific growers over at Top Dawg seeds developed it, you can find them basically anywhere online.

Once you get some seeds, you can grow your Tres Dawg plant wherever you like, either indoors or outdoors. It is remarkably successful at growing well no matter its environment, though it will need a little extra care.

Make sure to cut away some of the unnecessary leaves so as to encourage better bud production. This means you need to pick out leaves that are not contributing to the plant, ideally ones hidden underneath the plant canopy.

By cutting these off, you allow your Tres Dawg plant to dedicate its energy to growing smokable buds, rather than more leaf production.

After about eight to ten weeks, you can expect a good yield, with rich colas and plentiful buds. Just make sure you give this strain enough room to grow, as it can tend to be a bit of a space hog if you let it get ahead of itself.

If you are growing Tres Dawg inside, you might find this a bit challenging. To overcome it, consider growing it indoors if you have a large storage shed, or possibly even a greenhouse, to cultivate in. You can also tether it to ensure that the growth remains manageable and under control.

THC Content – Highest Test

Tres Dawg cannabis is a pretty potent strain. It is one of the stronger and more potent options available to growers and smokers alike.

It thus makes a great deal of sense that the THC content of this strain is so high, with most samples registering at least 20%. However, to make it even more interesting, some samples have tested with a THC amount as high as 25%, making it one of the stronger strains that you might find at your local dispensary.

The incredibly high level of THC definitely makes this strain one that you should keep away from any cannabis newbies you might know, as they might become a bit overwhelmed.

CBD Content – Highest Test

With most marijuana strains that breeders create for incredibly high levels of THC, you can expect to find pretty much no CBD content whatsoever.

As expected, Tres Dawg keeps up this tradition, boasting almost no CBD content at all. So, if you are looking for a strain with significant effects that still manages to pack some CBD, you should probably look for a different strain.

There are still a handful of useful medical benefits of the Tres Dawg strain, even with the lack of CBD content. So, let’s take a look at a few of these medical benefits.

Medical Benefits of the Tres Dawg Strain

Thanks to the almost endless series of cerebral and mind soothing effects of this strain, Tres Dawg is excellent at helping to treat mental conditions.

If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, or even just stress, Tres Dawg is great at helping to soothe your frustrations and negative thoughts. It is also an excellent option for those with chronic pain, as it easily helps to soothe your nerves and makes you forget your painful condition exists at all.

Some people also use Tres Dawg to help overcome symptoms related to PTSD, as the low-grade hallucinations can give your brain clarity without overwhelming it. That said, you must monitor your Tres Dawg intake.

By far, the most popular reason to enjoy Tres Dawg is because of its gently soothing relaxation that puts you to sleep at the end of the day. While it will not completely knock you out, it is surprisingly effective at helping you fall asleep, no matter what keeps you up at night.

Possible Side Effects of the Tres Dawg Strain

Of course, there are always going to be a few unwanted side effects when enjoying any potent marijuana strain.

When it comes to Tres Dawg, the first things you will notice are dry mouth and dry eyes. You can handle this pesky pair easily by simply keeping yourself well hydrated. However, it is easy to forget to take a drink. When the deeply hallucinatory and slightly disorienting effects take hold, you might forget completely.

These hallucinations are something that many would consider an unwanted side effect because they do cause a few problems if you’re not being careful. For example, make sure that you are not planning on driving or operating any machinery after enjoying Tres Dawg.

Other than that, the only thing you need to keep in mind is that the mild couch-lock at the end of the high can hit quite hard. This might be unexpected for those not used to it, so make sure that you keep some pillows and comfortable surfaces handy to help make that sleepy transition easier at the end.

Final Thoughts on the Tres Dawg Strain

The Tres Dawg strain is an award-winning example of what it means to be a hybrid marijuana strain. With surprisingly potent effects and a weirdly balanced flavor profile, this strain could be the ultimate example of a hybrid strain.

Its effects hit one after the other, coming in individual waves that leave you slightly disoriented, as well as maybe a bit sleepy. It starts like a sativa, then slowly drifts down into an indica, providing all of the classical effects that you would expect along the way.

If you are looking for a great way to try what many consider to be the typical experience of a hybrid marijuana strain, then look no further than the Tres Dawg strain.