THC Bomb Strain Review

THC Bomb Strain Overview
Despite THC Bomb’s name and the fact that it’s super high in THC, it is a super mellow and relaxing smoke that won’t totally take you out in the process. It’s perfect for an afternoon smoke and can help put you in a calm and relaxed state. THC Bomb has a very citrusy and fruity flavor profile, so it also tastes delicious as well.
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Growing info
This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors. If growing indoors, expect a flowering period in about 10-11 weeks. If growing outdoors, expect to start seeing flowers by late September/early October.

Developed by the experts over at Bomb Seeds, this Dutch-born hybrid is one of the most versatile strains we have come across and packs a well-rounded high to suit the masses!

That’s right, today we are going to be giving you the low-down on THC Bomb, and trust us – if you haven’t tried this beauty of a bud yet, you will after our review!

Stick around to find out why THC Bomb is one of the most exciting smokes to try this year.

What Is the THC Bomb Cannabis Strain?

What’s better than a bud you can indulge in as and when you want to? Often, the effects of a good strain restrict us to smoking it at a certain time of day, depending on whether it makes us sleepy or alert. So imagine our delight when we stumbled across a bud that was so well balanced that it could be enjoyed morning, noon, or night!

THC Bomb may sound somewhat intimidating, but don’t let the name put you off – this hybrid offers a good punch of THC, but has such perfectly balanced effects that you are unlikely to be left in a zombified state.

Offering upwards of 20% THC, most tests reveal THC Bomb to possess anywhere between 20-26% THC.

Offering upwards of 20% THC, most tests reveal THC Bomb to possess anywhere between 20-26% THC, hence the name! What we adore about this unique bud, though, is the fact that despite its high THC levels brought about through smart breeding, the effects are stimulating yet mellow, relaxed but euphoric, making for the perfect anytime smoke!

Depending on the phenotype, THC Bomb can lean towards the indica or sativa side of things so that users may experience slightly more of one or the other. However, as a whole, this is a versatile bud that can serve a purpose in most situations.

With a mysterious genetic makeup, nobody is too sure what went into making this delicious strain, but what we are sure of is that it is a potent delight which is both fast-acting and long-lasting in equal measure!

THC Bomb Aroma, Appearance, and Flavor


Dank and earthy, THC Bomb is a real potent smelling bud. On first inspection the notes of damp earth are pretty strong; however, upon breaking up, there are definite hints of wood and musk that add a new dimension to this delightful strain.


If you get past the potency of THC Bomb’s aroma, users will be pleasantly surprised by the kick of zesty citrus and sweet notes of berry that this bud has to offer. Much more discreet than its accompanying aroma, this is a fruity noted bud that has a slight undertone of diesel running throughout. On exhale, the harsh smoke takes on a particularly rank smell and tastes of lemon and chemical; simply delightful!




In the footsteps of its title, this bud presents with some pretty substantial bomb-like flowers which offer a colorful, dense structure that is a sight to behold. Offering a flurry of clear white trichomes and a generous slathering of orange hairs, this short yet hardy plant is a beautiful one to cultivate for yourself!

THC Bomb Cannabis Strain Grow Info

If you are reading this and are thinking that you have got to get your hands on this flower yourself (we get it), then why not try your hand at cultivating? Bomb Seed has made seeds of this bud available online, and so if you have some time on your hands and a little background knowledge, you could be getting your very own THC Bomb crops.

Thanks to its short stature, THC Bomb does well both indoors and out, and when done well can offer some pretty high yields! Remember though; this plant will require a certain level of know-how as the plant will need regularly topping to allow for light to reach its lower branches.

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Easy to grow inside or outdoors, THC Bomb will require a semi-humid climate for outdoor growth, with temperatures around the 72-80 degree Fahrenheit mark.

Indoors, this bud takes her sweet time, with flowering between 10 and 11 weeks. Outdoor harvesting comes around September/October.

THC Bomb Cannabis Strain Medicinal Benefits

THC Bomb has a range of benefits as we have mentioned, and so can be used both recreationally and medicinally. First and foremost, it is important to note that over-indulgence of this bud, like with any strain, can often lead to unwanted effects, so we recommend all users to take their time with any new bud.

If you are struggling to stay motivated on any given task, THC Bomb can be just the thing you need to gain the necessary headspace and concentration to get the job done. Equally, it is helpful for use in more active pursuits, whether you want to go walking, jogging, or even in the bedroom – the burst of energy and euphoria this bud gives is next level!

Those struggling with ADD have found this bud to be particularly helpful in remaining focused on the task at hand.

Those struggling with ADD have found this bud to be particularly helpful in remaining focused on the task at hand, while others have reported increased relaxation helping with anxiety, stress, and PTSD. THC Bomb can even lend itself to sleeping problems if taken in the right dose, as it can bring on a chilled-out sedative effect.

Some users have reported this bud’s benefits in the relief of mild to moderate pain, with many saying the high travels throughout the body and leaving limbs more weightless.

One unanimous report on this tasty hybrid is its ability to bring about insatiable munchies, so ensuring you are well stocked with your favorite snacks is a must! This can also serve its purpose for those with a loss of appetite due to medicinal reasons too!

THC Bomb Cannabis Strain Potential Side Effects

Like with any strain, if taken inappropriately, THC Bomb can lead to some unwanted effects. THC Bomb is prone to causing both dry eyes and dry mouth in users, however below is a list of further risks that any user should bear in mind:

  • High THC levels can lead to panic if you are not accustomed to high levels of THC or are prone to panic attacks
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Paranoia

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, we recommend discontinuing the use of the strain.

Final Thoughts: Have You Tried THC Bomb?

This bud excites us greatly! It is so rare to find a bud that can do so much as THC Bomb can, and with its bold flavors and uplifting high, it is a hard one to resist!

Let us know your thoughts on THC Bomb in the comments below!

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