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Sunshine Daydream Strain Overview
Contrary to its name, Sunshine Daydream tastes of nothing that could remind you of a sunny daydream, with a strong and overwhelming diesel flavor. But due to its relaxing and sedating effects, it may just make you feel like you are under the sun daydreaming on a warm summer day. It's perfect for afternoon use and drifting into a calm/dream-like state.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Growing info
Flowering period is approximately 7-9 weeks, can be grown both indoors and outdoors

After a long week at work, there are few things better than coming home to a relaxed evening in, chilling in front of the TV or with your favorite book and getting a chance to unwind truly. There is, however, one thing that can enhance this perfect image, that so many of us spend all week longing for: An indica-dominant hybrid strain that adds a deeper level of calm and relaxation. While an indica might be a little too strong and cause you to drift off to sleep before you get a chance to enjoy the evening you have been dreaming of all week, an indica-dominant hybrid has just the right balance of energy and calm so that you can make the most of your time.

Sunshine Daydream lives up to its name, being perfect after work mellow strain that helps you to drift off into a dream-like state while still be alert and well full of sunshine. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from Sunshine Daydream and find out whether it really is the strain you have been daydreaming about.

What is the Sunshine Daydream Cannabis Strain?

Sunshine Daydream is an intense indica-dominant hybrid, with a 60% indica / 40% sativa breakdown. The strain was created by Bodhi Seeds, who crossed Appalachia and Bubbashine. Its lineage can be traced to Bubba Kush and Blue Moonshine, both of which are hybrid strains. Being a prime example of an indica hybrid, you can expect some pretty strong physical effects with Sunshine Daydream, ones which will leave you feeling calm and sedated.

The effects of Sunshine Daydream take a while to kick in, with a gentle sense of relaxation washing over you. The feeling of calm slowly moves through your body, almost physically unwinding your inner stress from the top down. A feeling of euphoria washes over you, and all of the pressure and stress of daily life leaves your body, with only happy thoughts being left behind. This is the perfect strain to unwind with after a long week or a particularly stressful day at work.

A tingling sensation creeps through your body, alleviating pain and muscle tension and allowing you to sink into the sofa for a night of pure relaxation and joy. Both your body and mind slowly drift into a dreamlike state, hence the name of the strain. It is a good idea to have a pile of blankets at the ready and create a safe, snuggly environment within which you can enjoy the blissful high of Sunshine Daydream. You feel find that time seems to tick by without you even noticing, as your mind wanders from one happy thought to the next.

While Sunshine Daydream is best enjoyed alone or with a close friend, it can also have positive effects when smoking with a smaller group of friends who you feel comfortable with. You will find yourself easily entertained and giggly and able to engage with deep conversations and topics that you would not normally even consider.

Sunshine Daydream can be enjoyed during the day, although when smoking anything more than a few puffs, you are left feeling sedated with a strong desire to put physical tasks off until later. For this reason, Sunshine Daydream tends to be more of an early evening strain, giving you a chance to enjoy the calming, dreamlike effects before heading to bed for a heavy yet refreshing night’s sleep.

What kind of aroma can you expect from Sunshine Daydream?


With a name like Sunshine Daydream, you would expect a strain with a strong, summery aroma, which leaves the air feeling fresh and yourself full of energy. This is not quite the case with Sunshine Daydream, unfortunately. While there are slight fruity notes, what you get in practice is more of a pungent aroma that can sting your eyes, causing them to water. Breaking apart the buds, you receive a strong whiff of Kush, with only gentle notes of blueberry lingering in the background. This is a very traditional smell, with no overwhelmingly distinct aroma, similar to the overpowering mix of smells that hit you when you walk into an Amsterdam coffee house.

Burning Sunshine Daydream, the smells intensify and this brings out a little more of the fruitiness that seemed to be almost hidden behind the pungency before. The smell of blueberry definitely stands out at this point, and there is a noticeable berry smell, but it is difficult to pick out the exact fruits that are filling the air. The smoke from Sunshine Daydream hangs in the air thick and persistent, with the fruitiness quickly disappearing to leave behind the strong smell of Kush.

How does Sunshine Daydream’s flavor profile compare to its overwhelming smell?


Sunshine Daydream clearly did not get its name from its strong diesel flavor, with sunshine being the last thing that springs to mind as the harsh chemically flavored smoke enters your mouth and works its way down into your lungs. This is not to say that the flavor profile of Sunshine Daydream is unpleasant, just that it is not what you would expect from a strain with such a bright and summery name.

There are definite fruity notes which, after a few puffs, you begin to pick up on, but they are hidden behind the overwhelming diesel flavor that chokes anything in its way. You are reminded of biting into a blueberry muffin, with whole blueberries that burst open on your tongue, before a sudden wave of diesel takes over.

Breathing out the heavy smoke of Sunshine Daydream, it is difficult to not break into a coughing fit while reaching for a glass of water to calm your throat. The good news is that once you work your way through the dense smoke and your throat begins to settle down, you are left with a sweet aftertaste.


Sunshine Daydream has small, spade-shaped buds that are tightly packed, making them surprisingly tough and hard to break apart. A mix of yellow and orange hairs work their way from the center of the buds out towards the light, giving the buds a sunshine-like appearance. Buds are covered in a coating of white trichomes, which give them a sticky appearance although they actually feel smooth to the touch.

The leaves on a Sunshine Daydream plant grow close to the stem and tend to not grow too far beyond the safety of the plants center. The edges of the leaves have a furry texture to them, which can look sharp from a distance but are entirely pain-free when touched. Leaves have a natural pale green color; however, when subjected to cold temperatures while growing, they take on a deep purple tone. The contrast of the yellow strands within the buds and the purple from the leaves makes for a striking appearance that you rarely see with marijuana plants.

How can you start growing your own Sunshine Daydream plants?

Sunshine Daydream Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Sunshine Daydream is a relatively easy strain to grow, making it ideal for beginners who are looking to build their confidence before taking on more challenging strains. In order to grow successfully, Sunshine Daydream needs to be kept in a semi-humid climate with warm temperatures; this can either be outdoors or in an interior climate control room. When growing indoors, plants can be ready to harvest as early as 7 weeks, with some taking up to 9 weeks before a full harvest is ready to collect. For plants that are grown outside, you can expect them to be ready for harvesting around mid-October. Sunshine Daydream typically produces an average of 12 ounces per square meter when grown in optimal conditions.

In order to achieve the purple coloring that can be seen on Sunshine Daydream leaves, plants need to be subjected to frequent temperature drops before flowering begins. This should happen naturally if plants are kept outdoors as a result of lower nighttime temperatures, although it is important to consider whether plants will be able to cope with this temperature change later in their growth process. When growing Sunshine Daydream indoors, you will manually have to alter the temperature, whether this is with a climate controlled environment or simply just moving plants to a colder area within your house. For new growers, it is important to note that the purple coloring on the leaves is more cosmetic than anything and you can still achieve a fruitful harvest without such coloring.

If you are planning to grow Sunshine Daydream indoors, there are a few things to bear in mind when placing your plants. Firstly, plants tend to grow wide rather than tall, and so it is important to ensure that you leave enough space for your plants to grow freely. Secondly, plants give off a stronger than average smell which could prove to be problematic if you are trying to grow discreetly.

How much THC can you expect from your harvested Sunshine Daydream buds?

THC Content – Highest Test

Sunshine Daydream has some pretty powerful effects, causing you to drift off into a dream-like state for hours at a time. It is, therefore, not surprising to learn that the THC content of Sunshine Daydream is over 10% above the average for a hybrid strain. With Sunshine Daydream you can expect to find a THC content of anywhere between 17% and 24%, placing it at the higher end of the scale. What is surprising about Sunshine is that despite its high THC percentage, very few people experience paranoia as a side effect, which is something that you would expect to be a lot more common with such a strong strain.

With such as high THC content, what can you expect from Sunshine Daydream in terms of its CBD content?

CBD Content – Highest Test

As you would expect from a strain with a higher than average level of THC, Sunshine Daydream only contains an average of 0.3% CBD. Do not be fooled into thinking that just because it has such a low level of CBD Sunshine Daydream does not have any medical benefits. In fact, there are a number of reasons that you might want to consider Sunshine Daydream as a medicinal strain. So, what are some of the most common medical uses of this strain?

Medical Benefits of Sunshine Daydream Cannabis

Despite having a low CBD content, Sunshine Daydream has a number of powerful physical effects, making it an ideal alternative to over-the-counter painkillers. The strong body high that is felt numbs pains and eases inflammation. When taken on a regular basis, Sunshine Daydream can reduce inflammation that is caused by chronic conditions such as arthritis, as well as providing your body with a constant source of pain relief. Sunshine Daydream can also be used to treat more temporary pains, especially headaches that can be annoying and prevent you from enjoying your day. It also acts as a nausea suppressant, making it an ideal pairing with medication that can leave you feeling sick and generally down as a result.

Due to the sedative effects of Sunshine Daydream, it is often recommended for combating insomnia; when taken in large doses you experience a short period of calm before peacefully drifting off to sleep. These effects can be particularly helpful if the reason for your insomnia is linked to stress or anxiety, helping to push the negative thoughts to one side so that you fall asleep feeling positive.

The clear-headed effects of Sunshine Daydream and the complete sense of peace that fills your body make it the perfect strain to manage stress. While you might not want to use Sunshine Daydream regularly throughout the day due to its sedative effects, it can help you to enjoy your evenings and prevent you from lying in bed and worrying for hours every night.

As is the case with all strains there are always s few negative side effects, but what exactly can you expect from Sunshine Daydream?

Possible Side Effects of the Sunshine Daydream Cannabis Strain

Sunshine Daydream is one of those fortunate strains that have very few adverse side effects. There is, of course, the all too common dry mouth and dry eyes, which is experienced with so many strains, but other than that there is very little reason to worry.

A small percentage of people have reported feeling anxious and dizzy when smoking large quantities of Sunshine Daydream; this is most likely due to the strain’s high THC content. If you are someone who knows they have a low THC tolerance or are prone to feeling anxious, it is best to stick to smaller doses and give your body a chance to adapt rather than rushing in.

Final Thoughts on the Sunshine Daydream Cannabis Strain

If you can make it past the strong diesel flavor that shocks your taste buds when you first breathe in Sunshine Daydream, then you are in for a treat. With a high THC content, Sunshine Daydream lives up to its name, whisking you away from reality and into a dream-like state. It is an extremely pleasing strain, which perfectly hits the spot when you are in need of some much-needed relaxation and time to yourself. Sunshine Daydream can also be enjoyed with a few close friends when you are all looking to have a giggly, chilled afternoon together.

Sunshine Daydream is a great strain for novice growers to learn the basics and build confidence before expanding into slightly harder strains and learning the more complex growing techniques. It is also a rather eye-catching plant, making it a pleasure to watch grow.

If you are in need of some deep relaxation and a few blissful hours away from reality, Sunshine Daydream is a strain that you should definitely try the next time you come across it.

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