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Space Candy Strain Overview
With a potent, almost transcendent sensation and a whole lot of giggles, this strain are perfect for sharing with friends and just simply enjoying yourself after a long, slightly tiring day.
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Common usage
Chronic pain
Growing info
Easy to grow and almost impossible to mess up, you can grow your Space Candy wherever you feel like. Just give it a little bit of topping to make sure it reaches its fullest potential.

The idea of floating gently through space has this sort of romanticism to it; the sense of feeling wholly unbound to anything feels almost magical. Unfortunately, most people will likely never be able to achieve such dizzying heights. Instead, they remain confined to the earth, looking up at the stars in wonder.

However, for those unopposed to the delights of marijuana, you can get pretty close with the Space Candy strain. With psychedelic, orientation-altering effects and an incredibly sweet taste, this is the strain to take if you are looking to experience something incredibly different altogether.

Let’s take a look at the Space Candy strain and find out what is in it that gives it such mesmerizing, life changing effects.

What Is the Space Candy Strain?

The Space Candy strain is a type of weed like no other. Developed by TGA Subcool Seeds, this strain was created by crossing Space Queen and Cotton Candy. Both of these strains are well known not just for their effects, but also their intensely potent flavor profiles.

By crossing two strains known for their spacey effects and signature flavors, you end up with a final strain that takes these qualities to the extreme.

The only annoying thing about the Space Candy strain is that it is a bit regional. Developed in Colorado, it has yet to gain sufficient popularity to allow it to spread to a larger area than just the American midwest. You won’t really find it at your local dispensary, but you might be able to find a few seed samples if you look hard enough.

An exceptionally potent strain, Space Candy is known for its surprisingly intoxicating, almost suddenly potent effects. As you first inhale your first puff of Space Candy, you will feel like your body has lost the sensation of gravity, making it seem like G forces have stopped being a physical reality.

Feelings of pleasantness and general contentedness will descend upon you, giving you the sensation of feeling almost ethereal and not quite present in the moment. This will then become a general feeling of happiness, with just a touch of that body relaxation that leaves you feeling a bit floppy.

After a short while, you will then notice that you can’t help but smile, as well as randomly laughing at seemingly nothing. All these effects make this an incredibly social strain, making it great to share with friends.

Fair warning, though; you will start off talking and enjoying one another’s company, but then quickly fall into that feeling of infinite distance. Don’t expect to be having any in-depth conversations.

This strain also inspires artsy inclinations, making it the perfect strain for those looking for a way to kickstart their creative drives.

What about its flavor and aroma, however? What kinds of intriguing and sweet flavors does Space Candy offer?


As the name might imply, the Space Candy marijuana strain has a noticeably sweet flavor, though it is more uniquely interesting than just basic sweetness.

After first getting a whiff of Space Candy, you will notice a few fruits and berries, most likely apples and a little bit of pear, struggling to make themselves noticed. Alongside these more obvious smells, you will notice a few candied cherries, as well as a few sweeter notes. It actually smells a bit like a fruit and nut stall at a very fancy farmer’s market.

The rich complexity of the flavor profile feels almost a bit overwhelming when you start catching a whiff of the aroma. However, it gets more understandable once you properly taste it.


The overt flavor of the Space Candy strain is pretty typical when it comes to matching its aroma. There is plenty of sweetness on the tongue, with that pleasant, if slightly combative taste of tree fruits and nuts.

However, what the flavor of this strain manages to convey that its aroma does not is the sense of a flavor hotpot. All the flavors work together on your tongue, sometimes clashing, but more often melding together and becoming something entirely new.

There is also that slightly sticky taste of cotton candy, which makes a lot of sense, given its parentage.

This strain becomes worth it just for the clarity it offers once you do finally get a chance to taste it.

What about its appearance, though? How does this strain look?


The bud of the Space Candy strain is quite distinctive, being rather compact and very tightly wound together. It is bright green and typical looking if you ignore the size, but it also comes with a myriad of other color changes thanks to its outer layer.

Chunky, thick orange hairs and a surprisingly rich gloss of trichomes that vary between both deep yellow and mellow white, this strain is remarkably beautiful and can seem worth it just to look at, if nothing else.

To really create and enjoy the best looking and tasting Space Candy, however, you need to try and grow some yourself. What kind of special tips or knowledge do you need to be able to grow your own Space Candy?

Space Candy Strain Grow Info

To grow your own Space Candy strain, you will need some Space Candy seeds. You can likely find the seeds of this mind-blowing strain far more easily than you would if you were looking for the bud itself, so that is at least a small pleasure.

What is even better is that this strain is surprisingly easy to grow yourself. Lacking any kind of deep complexity or confusing need for special fertilizer, this strain just grows and grows with seemingly no intervention. The developers of this strain themselves emphasize how easy it is to improve yourself, seemingly requiring nothing for you to do.

If you really want to try and maximize your yield and get into more hands-on growing, you can practice some topping. To top your plants, you only need to clip off the very tip of the plant as it tries to grow.

This will not only encourage better bud development but will also help the plant to grow more horizontally, rather than vertically. This is better both for yield, but also for the plant’s long term health. It ensures that it will not tip over if the wind strikes it, giving it better root stability and overall improving the health of the plant.

Other than that, you can grow it either indoors or outside. However, it is better growing it indoors, as you can simply set the desired temperature and humidity and then leave it to its own devices.

Once it is ready, make sure you get it straight into the dryer. If your harvested bud is left to the exposed air for too long, all those beautiful trichomes and subtle coloration differences that help set it apart will disappear or fail to develop entirely.

Once your Space Candy is all grown and processed, what kind of cannabinoid content can you expect to find in your dried bud?

THC Content – Highest Test

Space Candy cannabis is well known for its mind-altering effects, giving the sensation of floating and that general, slightly strange feeling of otherworldliness. Considering it has such noticeable and potent effects, it would make sense for it to have a massive THC concentration.

Space Candy has around 22% THC on average, making it one of the stronger strains you can find on offer. This makes it so that you probably do not want to give this strain to someone still pretty inexperienced with the world of weed, as they might find it too much all at once.

What about its CBD content?

CBD Content – Highest Test

Most strains that possess intense levels of THC, especially ones that give you big feelings of psychedelic sensations, also tend to have basically no CBD. This is generally the result of intense breeding efforts, all in an attempt to create a strain that is as rich in THC as possible.

Fighting against this stereotype, Space Candy actually does have some CBD to speak of. You can expect around 1% CBD in most samples of Space Candy bud, but you might get lucky and get up to around 3%, depending on the growing methods used when making Space Candy.

What kind of medical benefits can you expect to feel after taking Space Candy?

Medical Benefits of the Space Candy Strain

Space Candy might be more well known for its effects and pungent flavor, but it is also used to help treat different medical conditions. Thanks to its high THC concentration and intensely soothing feelings, Space Candy is the perfect strain to use to try and deal with sensations of pain and bodily discomfort. Anyone struggling with chronic pain, or even neuropathic pain, can use this strain to help relieve some of the pressure and discomfort that goes along with it.

The small amount of CBD, mixed with a higher level of THC and pleasant effects, also make this strain an effective treatment for all kinds of mood disorders. From depression all the way to ADHD, people struggling with mental issues can use this strain to chill out, take stock, and try to get better.

Space Candy is also used to try and treat a bit of fatigue, especially when it comes as a result of other medical treatments. You won’t feel intensely energized or want to run a marathon, but you will feel more able to continue on with the day and get some things done that you have needed to get done for a long time.

A few people also use it to help fall asleep at the end of a long day, as its soothing effects can help lull you into sleep as long as you are already decently tired.

Of course, every strain is going to have a few side effects, especially ones that have a larger amount of THC. What are the side effects of the Space Candy strain?

Possible Side Effects of the Space Candy Strain

Right off the bat, the sensation of dry eyes and dry mouth will hit you within about 3 seconds of smoking this bud. Your eyes will begin to dry out quickly, leaving your entire face feeling parched. Keep hydrated to try to mitigate this, but also just accept that it will eventually fade once the high deepens properly.

Strangely enough, besides these two unfortunate accomplices to any high, there actually isn’t much in the way of real side effects when it comes to enjoying Space Candy.

Despite its high THC levels, it doesn’t really give you any uncomfortable unpleasantness. This, however, does not apply if you are taking too much at one time, especially if you have a low weed tolerance.

Any strain with a high THC content is going to leave you muddled, and a bit uncomfortable if you abuse it. In these instances, expect feelings of a head rush, along with a tiny bit of nausea that may overwhelm you.

Again, this will only happen if you take too much at once, so just start with a little bit of Space Candy first, then see how it goes before you take any more.

Final Thoughts on the Space Candy Strain

There aren’t a lot of strains out there whose name so succinctly and perfectly describes both the effects and the flavor of the strain itself. While some do try to hint at it and be as helpful as possible, few are as obvious as the Space Candy strain.

You will most certainly taste candy – both cotton candy and candied fruits and nuts – and you will also most certainly feel like you are floating in space.

As long as you are okay with experiencing the dizzying highs of space travel, as well as the inescapable urge to laugh, giggle and smile for hours at a time, then Space Candy is the perfect strain for everyone.

While it is a little bit difficult to find reliabl, it is still absolutely incredible and worthy of being tried at least once by anyone even remotely interested in great flavors and perfect experiences.