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Sour Tangie Strain Overview
If you love citrus, you are bound to love the Sour Tangie strain. It is super tart and tangy with intense notes of lemon and tangerine. It can help induce a bout of creativity and euphoria, and even a fit of laughter. So if you need some loosening up before a social event, Sour Tangie has your back.
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Growing info
While this strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, it is best grown outdoors since it grows quite tall. If nosy neighbors are a problem, growing indoors may be the way to go, and for which you can expect a flowering period in about 8 weeks.


sour tangie cannabis strain

There are many different families of marijuana in the world today – some are sweet, others savory, and still others strangely smoky, but there are few more popular or more well-known that the Sour Diesel family.

This oddly sour and petrol-like family of weed strains is one of the original marijuana strains that have kept stoners going for decades. Thanks to its essential legacy, which encourages continuous adaptation and experimentation, there are a variety of different deviations that culminate in entirely different, if similarly tasting, new strains.

One such strain is Sour Tangie, a sativa-dominant hybrid that carries with it the distinctive flavor components of its Sour Diesel ancestor, but also a new kind of high that lends intense energy and a brilliant amicability.

Let’s take a look at this strain, both its unique flavor combinations and its entirely new type of high.

What is the Sour Tangie Cannabis Strain?

Sativa-dominant strains tend to fall into one of two categories: They will either leave you feeling intensely motivated mentally, with a burgeoning mental capacity that seems to be racing along at a mile a minute; or they will leave you with an amiable, gentle sensation that follows a pleasant mind high.

Most of the time you can be reasonably confident that when you try a new sativa strain that you have never had before, it will belong to one of these two broad classifications. However, thanks to the end pursuit of perfection that is the marijuana breeding industry, we now have sativa hybrids that contain not only elements of indica in their genetics, but also other sativas as well.

This is why the Sour Tangie strain, a sativa-dominant hybrid with about 20% indica in its lineage, is able to be so unique.

Sour Tangie was initially created by combining Sour Diesel, one of the most classic hybrid sativas, with Tangie, another popular sativa hybrid with origins in the classic Tangerine Dream.

These two ancestral strains are both remarkable for their intense effects; though they are immensely popular, they are also famed for their ability to leave you mentally reeling. Both strains present a significantly mental, euphoric high, so it would make sense that the Sour Tangie strain does the same.

However, the effects of Sour Tangie are a bit different.

On first smoking this pungent sativa, you will feel an immediate head rush of euphoria, followed by an endlessly happy sensation that will push away all feelings of inadequacy or any problems you have in your life.

In this way, the high seems somewhat similar to Sour Diesel, so much so that you might think you were actually smoking Sour Tangie’s ancestor, rather than the real thing, if not for what comes afterward.

Though the happiness will persist, the flow of uplifting euphoria will gradually shift into one of creative energy, giving you the desire to get up (slowly, as the world will feel just a little bit spacey) and start achieving something original.

The creative high of this strain is significant, making it perfect for visceral tasks like painting, writing or perhaps video editing, assuming the screen doesn’t shift around too much.

Though interesting, these effects sound like the effects of Tangie, so it would seem that Sour Tangie is just giving you its ancestor’s effects one after another, but then the high will shift again.

After this period of creative intensity has subsided, you will descend into an amiable, giggling euphoria, not too dissimilar from the initial euphoria at the start. This period of feeling is perfect for social gatherings or just generally hanging with those you love.

This sequence of different sativa effects makes this strain a uniquely interesting one, as it manages to demonstrate different types of sativa highs all at once – take this strain in the afternoon or evening while with a group of friends, preferably when you have something that all of you can do together. Maybe a new game you’ve been wanting to try, or perhaps exploring somewhere new.

Then, when the initial creative and uplifting energy has subsided, you can all crash down together and just be with one another, amiable and pleasant.

The effects of this potent sativa are not only enjoyable and cathartic, but they are new and interesting. However, it isn’t just the effects of this strange strain that make it so desirable – its flavor and aroma are desirable as well.

Sour Tangie Aroma

The aroma of this sativa strain is immediately noticeable; expect a strong smell of bitter citrus and the occasional tinge of lime peels that only gets stronger once you crack the buds open.

The smell has an oddly acrid quality to it, leaving a slight acidity on your palate as you breathe it in. However, the smell of diesel and general sourness prevails, making it smell slightly like a sour candy that is flavored with citrus.

On actual burning, the smell of the citrus is empowered, smelling like a recently cooked lemon, if that can be believed. There are the occasional notes of tangerine and flowers; however, once again tinged by a sour, citrus overtone. There is that quintessential vaguely skunk-like smell as well, so you know it undoubtedly originated from the Sour Diesel family tree.

How about its flavor though?

Sour Tangie Flavor

The flavor of this sativa is pretty close to its initial aroma. You can expect a profoundly intense citrus flavor, though it strangely tastes more like orange than it does lemons.

The first puff is an especially tart sweetness, though as it sits on your tongue and is expelled, the flavor matures into something altogether different.

The core flavors of its Sour Diesel parentage begins to erupt as it is expelled out, shifting from a tart sweetness into an almost tangy sourness. You can expect diesel, as well as a sour taste that is extremely reminiscent of sour candies. Think of a sour candy at a gas station, and you can start to come close to the interesting flavor of the Sour Tangie strain.

Sour Tangie Appearance

Sour Tangie has a fluffiness to it that is quite rare among marijuana strains. This is mostly due to its high quantity of trichomes, as well as the strangely long orange pistils that worm their way throughout the bud.

It looks a bit like a multi-colored cotton bud, resembling more its Tangie parentage than its Sour Diesel one, though its vibrant green color underneath the pistils shows its true heritage.

With a strain this tasty and nice looking, it makes sense why people want to try and grow some themselves. So what kind of special growing knowledge do you need if you’re going to try and grow some yourself?

Sour Tangie Cannabis Strain Grow Info

As might be expected from a strain that has such a robust lineage, Sour Tangie grows exceptionally tall, exceptionally quickly. Expect it to take about nine weeks to flower, but also be prepared for its astronomical growth rate.

This plant will generally grow to about 10 feet tall, so it is absolutely imperative that you be performing regular pruning to help keep the height down.

You can utilize both topping, wherein you snip the top growth of the plant, and also tethering the plant to a trellis or tying it to itself so as to promote lateral growth.

Though it might seem strange, if a marijuana plant is allowed to grow too tall, it can suffer from a reduced efficiency in producing bud, as growth to the side enables more leaves to take in more sunlight, thus more actual growth.

Additionally, marijuana buds only grow on sun-facing colas, so without the correct growth direction, you are going to suffer from a pretty lousy yield.

Generally speaking, Sour Tangie is best grown indoors. This is partly due to the fact that, since it has both an absurdly strong smell and grows extremely tall, your neighbors are going to notice it right away.

It is also due to the fact that, as this grows so tall and so fast, you might find it difficult to keep it fed the right level of nutrients if it is outside.

Grow it indoors, with the proper ambient temperature and humidity and with regular, nitrogen-rich feeding, and you will have the best time possible.

Once you have managed to harvest this strangely tall sativa, what kind of cannabinoid content can you expect?

Sour Tangie THC Content – Highest Test

Thanks to this strain’s brilliant ancestry, Sour Tangie possesses an absolutely killer THC level; you can expect an average of 21% THC content in your bud, which is enormous compared to the regular sativa average of around 13.5%.

What’s even better is that some samples have been registered as high as 25%! This strain is thus perfect for those looking for a strong marijuana experience, especially those that might claim to have a significant THC tolerance already.

Sour Tangie CBD Content – Highest Test

It is likely dull to read this so often but, as ever when dealing with high THC strains, there is going to be very little CBD within your Sour Tangie.

You can expect between 0.2% and 0.4% CBD content on average, which is pretty low even when compared to other strong marijuana strains.

This isn’t to say that Sour Tangie doesn’t have any medicinal benefit, of course!

Medical Benefits of the Sour Tangie Cannabis Strain

As ever with high strength strains of marijuana, especially sativas, the primary medical benefits are ones related to mental health.

For those suffering from stress or depression, Sour Tangie is an excellent strain due to its supremely mental high that helps banish all manner of stressful thoughts. This is both due to its high THC content triggering the CB1 receptor, encouraging the release of helpful neurochemicals, but also simply because you will have a pleasant mental buzz that leaves you incapable of even considering negative thoughts.

For those that struggle with fatigue, this strain could help reignite your energy in the mid-afternoon, as the burst of creative and physical energy created by Sour Tangie means that you won’t even consider falling asleep until well after the high has passed.

Finally, you can expect to treat pain and headaches with this strain, primarily because of the high THC content allowing the pain receptors within the body to, in a sense, shut off.

Of course, with all these helpful medicinal effects, there are going to be a few unfortunate side effects as well.

Possible Side Effects of the Sour Tangie Cannabis Strain

Though you might find it exceptionally dull to hear it so often, a dry mouth and dry eyes are going to be the most likely side effects you are going to suffer.

There are a few other adverse consequences to enjoying Sour Tangie, such as the increased risk of anxious thoughts or paranoia, but that is always going to be the case with any high-intensity THC strain.

If you are prone to these feelings, then it is likely best to simply avoid any kind of marijuana strain with a high level of THC; failing that, stick to strains with a more balanced CBD content.

Finally, there is a sizeable number of users that report that Sour Tangie has a tendency to cause bouts of dizziness, though the intensity of it comes and goes. This tendency is increased if you already suffer from an increased likelihood of dizziness, so it isn’t something to worry about too much.

Final Thoughts on the Sour Tangie Cannabis Strain

Sour Tangie is a strain that originates from two well respected, much-loved strains. With such an exemplary history you can rightfully expect this strain to help a profoundly powerful effect.

With a uniquely complex flavor profile that somehow combines the best elements of its parentage and a creative, mellow and overall amicable high, this is a strain best enjoyed with a group of friends, or on your own when you have a creative project that has been sitting around, gathering dust and waiting for you to finish it.

Whether you are looking for delicious strains or powerful strains, Sour Tangie is one that you should definitely try to get your hands on.

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