Sour Jack Strain (2020 Full Review)

Sour Jack Strain Overview
Jack Herer and Sour Diesel combine to form the potent hybrid Sour Jack Strain. True to its name, Sour Jack weed contains an explosion of citrusy lemon with hints of hardcore diesel fuel. This strain is not for the uninitiated, as it has a high level of THC and gives users a powerful, buzzy high.
Common usage
Growing info
Flowering period is between 10-12 weeks. It is grown mostly indoors but it can be grown outdoors as well.

The Sour Jack strain is not your run of the mill weed. Instead, it is a rare breed. It is neither fully indica nor sativa, and in fact, most estimates run at about 50/50. However, its effects toe the line and draw more on its sativa parentage. Don’t expect a soft, easy buzz here. This strain is hard-hitting and energizing. Many users claim to feel its effects after only a few draws, so it’s best to toke low and slow.

It is the perfect strain for any activity during the day or a social gathering in the evening. Many cannabis lovers tote its social aspects, including its inclination to reduce social anxiety and increasing laughter and giddiness.

Those drawn to its energy inducing effects can enjoy a burst of focus and creativity. Those using this strain indicate that it is non-disruptive though it can be a bit much for a novice. Those accustomed to a substantial THC level may revel in this strain’s potency.

What Is the Sour Jack Strain?

Sour Jack weed is a unique, one-of-a-kind hybrid. It isn’t a shy contender and boasts a hardcore reputation. It comes from robust, potent stock and has some intense effects. Its parents, the aptly named Sour Diesel and the cool, citrusy and floral Jack Herer, give this strain its distinction.

Sour Diesel is a sativa-dominant strain that, for many users, has the feel of an indica. Jack Herer, on the other hand, has a bit of skunk and is known for its ability to sharpen focus and calm away tensions. This strain takes its namesake from the famed cannabis activist Jack Herer known as the “Hemperor.” With such well-known forebears, it was inevitable that this strain wouldn’t be anything less than great.

The merging of Sour Diesel and Jack Herer has created a richness that surpasses many hybrids. Sour Jack has the honor of being a repeat titleholder, having won the Cannabis Cup for many years running.

While other strains may provide a gentle high that wears away quickly, Sour Jack has some serious staying power. Many users have commented that its dizzying ascent into relaxation stays for hours on end, before finally settling down into a whole-body tingle.

Sour Jack may be reminiscent of diesel fumes, but for many, it is a nod to the hot revving of engines on a winding stretch of dirt road. It brings to mind different things for each user. For some, it is unpleasant and heady, while for others, it’s just the right touch of bold.


It’s hard to pin down the exact scent of this strain. Some identify notes of deep, herbal earth, tinged with hints of pine and wood. Others relish what they say is the strain’s zesty scent of lemon. Others have contended that there is a slight trace of skunk, enveloped in something that is both soft and floral. Of course, it may be hard to ignore the heavy smell of diesel, a trademark of its sativa-heavy heritage.


Although Sour Jack sounds a bit unpleasant, many users contend that its taste is quite enjoyable. It has some deep and pungent notes of diesel or propane, on the inhale. However, it also calls upon some delicate palate-pleasing sensations, including a zesty and sour bit of lemon.

The citrus flavor though prominent is not wholly the only taste experience. There are hints of pine and earthy wood. A sugary sweetness permeates throughout along with floral and tropical notes.


Sour Jack has ovoid-shaped colas tinged with an impressive array of bright colors. Bright oranges, brownish reds, purples, and verdant greens are on display throughout. Unlike many other strains, it does not have an icy layer of white trichomes. Instead, its furled leaves feature only a small dusting of the crystalline hairs. 

Sour Jack Strain Grow Info

Sour Jack seeds are feminized and typically grown indoors. Many cultivators rate this strain as being moderately difficult to grow. It takes quite a bit of nurturing and patience to guide Sour Jack to maturity. However, there are advantages if growers are willing to undertake the task.

It has an excellent sized yield, and some estimates go as high at 15 ounces or more per square meter. It takes a while to grow, however, with a protracted vegetative phase and slowing flowering period. It thrives best in hot environments. Most cultivators subscribe to a temperature that is between 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit.

If growers are short on space, it would be best to give this plant a wide berth. The leaves grow tall, and it needs room to grow. It responds well to techniques such as LST (Low-Stress Training) and defoliation. Growers should give this plant a photoperiod of up to 18 hours per day, as well as a humidity level that is no more than 40%.

If grown outdoors, many of the same precautions should be taken. Growers should see that the plant stays exposed to warm temperatures with a reasonably low humidity level. Soil balance should be somewhat acidic. Some home-growers have found that a range of 6.5-6.7 is optimal. Harvesting should begin around mid to late October.

THC Content – Highest Test

Although some estimates go as low as 16%, the average THC content is pretty high and is about 22%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

It may be no surprise to some that there is very little CBD in this strain. Most powerful hybrids tend to sport a high THC rating and a lower level of CBD. In the case of Sour Jack, some estimates only go as high as .22%, with the average being about .1%.

Medical Benefits of the Sour Jack Strain

Sour Jack may confer a few advantages. Users take Sour Jack strain for a variety of reasons. Some contend that helps to alleviate symptoms of depression, including feelings of malaise or boredom due to its energetic properties.

Others feel it helps to ward away stress. Relaxation can come easy due to its THC content. It also may give users relief in other ways, including stemming bodily aches and pains. This includes muscle strain and headaches. In a few consumers, it may increase appetite.

Possible Side Effects of the Sour Jack Strain

Sour Jack does have a few possible side effects. Due to its high level of THC, some may experience visual or auditory hallucinations. Some others may be affected by dizziness, dry mouth, red eyes, and paranoia.

Final Thoughts on the Sour Jack Strain

The Sour Jack strain certainly lives up to the hype. It has a strong genetic background that includes both indica and sativa. However, for fans who love a sativa’s effects, they are in luck with this one. Sour Jack leans heavily sativa with its impact and induces a feeling of relaxation. This may be a favorite with creatives as it sharpens focus and increases energy.

This plant is moderately challenging to grow as it can take a while to fully mature. The average flowering time is between 10-12 weeks. It thrives best in a well-controlled environment, so indoors is typically best. It responds to warm climates, between 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit. If grown outdoors, it thrives best if the environment contains humidity on average no higher than 40%.

It grows fairly tall and isn’t a perfect match for anyone looking for a smaller and more compact plant. It may confer a variety of advantages and address symptoms of depression and anxiety. It is great for any time of day or evening as it does not disrupt most activities. However, for those unaccustomed to high THC levels, it may cause some side effects, including dizziness and paranoia.