Remedy Marijuana Strain Review

Remedy Strain Overview
Being a super high CBD strain, the Remedy strain just may be the remedy you seek for a wide range of ailments. It has been touted as a strain with pain killing qualities similar to that of prescription opioids, so it’s great for those suffering from any chronic pain conditions. Remedy also has a flavor profile akin to a warm cup of tea. Comforting in both effects and flavor, a win-win.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Growing info
Flowering period is approximately 6-8 weeks, can be grown both indoors and outdoors

With recent changes to the law concerning marijuana and an increased awareness of its potentially life-changing medical effects, there are more and more strains being bred purely for medicinal purposes. Medical marijuana is quickly becoming a market separate from those smoking for recreational purposes.

Remedy is one of those strains, as its name would suggest, that was cultivated purely to act as a treatment. This is a strain that can be used as an alternative to traditional medicine or to work alongside prescription medication, treating all manner of different conditions. As with any strain though, it has benefits beyond its intended purpose, and Remedy has become popular among people searching for the deep relaxation that comes from a strong indica strain, but without the couch locking effects that normally come as part of the package.

Let’s take a closer look at Remedy and what you can expect from a strain bred purely with health benefits in mind.

What is the Remedy Cannabis Strain?

Remedy is a 75% indica / 25% sativa cross hybrid, with a high CBD content that places it firmly in the medicinal category. It has a number of life-enhancing medical effects as a result. Bred to be a medical strain, Remedy is a cross between Cannatonic, which is a hybrid, and Afghan Skunk, an indica strain, creating a strain with a high CBD content.

Remedy has a number of medical benefits, including easing chronic pain and acting as an anti-inflammatory, with a less than traditional high that targets your body rather than your mind, in much the same way that conventional prescription medication does.

The effects of Remedy take effect slowly and as a result, can feel underwhelming for those looking to take this strain for recreational purposes and expecting an instant high. You will first notice a wave of relaxation both mentally and physically, filling you with a sense of peace.

As the high develops, you may experience a tingly feeling throughout your body that is similar to receiving a delicate massage, mellowing out your mood. Remedy dulls stress both physically and mentally, leaving you feeling happy and focused on tasks that actually matter.

Despite the focus being on its medical benefits, Remedy has still been bred with pleasure in mind and ensuring that it is pleasant to smoke both in terms of its smell and flavor. You can expect strong notes of citrus to fill the air, especially when grinding, a theme that carries over to its initial taste with a lemony zest hitting your tongue.

Due to its low THC content, Remedy is perfect for relaxing your body and easing aches and pains without the crazy mind race that you can experience with recreational strains that also have the same physical effects. Remedy has been bred to ensure that you remain clear-headed throughout the high and are able to benefit from its health effects and carry out normal daily tasks without feeling mentally cloudy and groggy.

While not its intended use, Remedy can still be used for recreational purposes and has become popular as a result of its lack of psychoactive effects due to its low THC content. Remedy is ideal for taking on your own when you’re looking to unwind after a busy week and just chill at home. This is not a strain that you’re going to want to take before heading out to a party, or even just popping out to the store, as it will leave you feeling relaxed both physically and mentally and not wanting to do more than zone out in a comfy living room for the evening.

With such a high focus on its effects, what can you expect from Remedy in terms of its flavor and aroma?

Remedy Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance


When you first breathe in Remedy’s aroma, you are instantly hit with a wave of lemon and pine, similar to walking into a freshly cleaned room on a spring day. This breeze of freshness fills you with hope and eases your mind before you even begin smoking.

Breaking apart the buds and grinding releases more of the pine scent from within, reminiscent of spring walks through a wooded area.

The aroma that is released when burning Remedy is stronger than you might expect, with a rich, earthy tone to it. The natural smell hits the back of your throat when inhaling and is similar to the strong smell of fresh, damp soil after a storm.


The flavor profile of Remedy matches its aroma perfectly, with notes of citrus and damp earth lingering on your tongue as the smoke fills your lungs. These flavors are joined by the slightly more surprising taste of tea, filling you with a sense of warmth. The tea taste works well with the base flavors of Remedy and adds to the calming effects that this strain has on your entire body, feeling completely like a warm and gentle cup of tea in a comfortable room.

Despite its strong, rich aroma and deep, earthy flavor, Remedy has an easily palatable smoke that is smooth to breathe through, with hints of lemon upon exhaling that leave your mouth feeling refreshed.

What about Remedy’s appearance?


Remedy has distinct, small-to-medium shaped flowers that are spade-shaped, tapering down from their broad base forming a pointed tip, making it a rather beautiful plant. Its leaves are a bright, summery green with swirls of yellow spun through, which is a rather fitting appearance given the lemony tones to this strain.

The buds themselves are densely packed – something that is unusual to see on a strain with such a low THC content, setting Remedy apart from other medicinal strains when it comes to its appearance. Buds have an intense yellow hue to them and appear to be coated in crystal trichomes that also cover the surface of the leaves.

Of course, the best way to see the growing buds is to try and grow some yourself, so what kind of special techniques do you need to grow Remedy yourself?

Remedy Cannabis Strain Grow Info

As with most CBD rich strains, they are not the easiest to grow and are not recommended for those new to growing their own marijuana. That is not to say that Remedy cannot be grown at home, but just that you might not want it to be the first strain that you experiment with growing.

Remedy can be grown both indoors and outside, but this depends on your average ambient temperature, with plants growing to their fullest in semi-humid climates. That being said, Remedy is a plant that requires consistency, something that is not always easy to achieve when growing outside. Soil needs to remain at a warm temperature for the plant to grow to its full potential, and it suffers in climates where temperatures drop drastically during the night. It is also a plant that suffers from being overwatered and therefore struggles in wet climates, as you do not have full control over the quantity of water that the plant receives. For these reasons, growing Remedy indoors can make for a much more predictable process and yield at the end.

If grown outside, you can expect to harvest between late September and early October, with an average growth time of 6-8 weeks for flowers to fully develop, meaning that you want to consider planting in mid-July to really get the best from your plants.

Remedy seeds are not sold online, making them extremely difficult to come by. It is recommended that to grow your own Remedy plants successfully, you should instead obtain clippings from mature plants. This does have its benefits, as you can sample the plant first and know exactly what to expect from your own.

Given that Remedy has been designed as a medical strain, what level of THC can you expect?

THC Content – Highest Test

It is no surprise that Remedy has extremely low levels of THC with just trace amounts being found in testings of the strain. As this is a strain cultivated for medical purposes, it only makes sense that it has a low level of THC, resulting in less of a mind high and instead giving a gentle yet consistent medicinal body high.

How does the CBD content of Remedy compare, considering there is an apparent lack of THC?

CBD Content – Highest Test

As you would expect, Remedy has a high CBD content with averages of 12% and a maximum of 15%. It is this higher than average level of CBD that makes it such a popular strain for medical purposes. CBD works to give you all of the physical benefits from marijuana without any of the long term adverse effects that you get from strains with a high THC content, such as paranoia and anxiety.

With such a high CBD content and Remedy’s focus being on its health benefits, what exactly can you expect from this strain?

Medical Benefits of the Remedy Cannabis Strain

Remedy, a strain that needs very little explanation, does exactly what it says on the label; it acts as a remedy for a manner of different conditions. It was cultivated to be a substitute for traditional prescription medication, with a large number of medical benefits. Remedy can be taken as an alternative to prescription opioids, offering many of the same effects but without the negative qualities that come with taking such medication.

As with most CBD heavy strains it can be used to help ease common aches and pains, offering hours of relief with just a few puffs. Remedy goes one step further though, as it has the ability to provide a longer than average break from chronic pains without any of the drowsy, heavy effects that are often side effects of such strong pain medication.

Remedy has also been proven to help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It works by lowering tension throughout your body both mentally and physically, helping you to relax and feel a sense of calm.

When taken in larger doses, Remedy can help you to manage insomnia, ensuring that you get a full night’s sleep and wake up the next morning feeling fresh and ready to take on whatever challenges the day has in store for you.

Another huge health benefit of Remedy is its anti-inflammatory effects, as well as its proven ability to be especially useful for managing migraines and chronic headaches. It has also been found to help regulate and manage seizures in some patients, making a problematic condition much easier to cope with.

As is the case with almost every strain of Marijuana, positive effects are coupled with side effects and Remedy is no different. Let’s take a look at the side effects that can occur with Remedy.

Possible Side Effects of Remedy Cannabis Strain

The adverse side effects that result from Remedy are minimal, and this is most likely the result of this being a strain that has been cultivated for medicinal reasons, with a low THC content and repeatedly tested to ensure as few side effects as possible.

Remedy does, of course, not escape the two most common side effects of Marijuana, dry mouth, and dry eyes. Both of these are only short term effects and nothing that should cause concern in the long term as long as you keep yourself well hydrated.

When taken in large doses, however, people have reported feeling sedated and sleepy, finding it difficult to carry on with their day in a normal manner. Unfortunately, this is somewhat trial and error as the dosage that works for one person may be too intense for another, but rest assured that, once you have worked out the correct dosage to suit your body, this is not going to be something that should be a regular problem.

Final Thoughts on Remedy Cannabis Strain

Remedy is a perfect example of medical cannabis breeding at its finest and what can be achieved when the right strains are combined. Years of interbreeding and careful cultivation have created a genuinely life-changing strain that can save people a huge amount of grief while suffering from long term health conditions.

Though there is still so much research to be completed as to the complete merits of CBD and Marijuana in treating health conditions, the fact of the matter is that high-CBD Marijuana is still incredibly useful in helping deal with the symptoms caused by a huge number of different conditions.

Remedy is the perfect strain for those looking to dabble in medicinal Marijuana strains, offering a significant quantity of CBD, but not so much that it overpowers you and leaves you feeling too lethargic, assuming you get the dosage correct.

There is still so much we don’t understand about CBD and Marijuana, but until we can learn more, we can safely use Remedy to act as a remedy for all kinds of health problems.

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