Purple Skunk Strain (Review + Info)

Purple Skunk Strain Overview
An excellent strain that serves as a distillation of a few other classic strains, Purple Skunk is an excellent strain to keep on hand for those tricky days where everything feels like too much.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Growing info
An easy grower, Purple Skunk, only needs a small amount of additional cultivation to give you a significant final yield of beautiful purple bud.

Everyone is familiar with the standard quality of skunkiness in cannabis strains. Many people seek it out, looking for that dank, sticky, and almost overpowering flavor profile that few strains possess.

If you are looking for something with a bit more variety, both in terms of flavor and effects, then you should consider looking for some skunky hybrid strains. Purple Skunk is an excellent example of this. It has a potent sativa blend and plenty of original Skunk genetics. They give it an incredibly powerful list of effects and a mouthwatering flavor profile.

Let’s examine the Purple Skunk strain and learn more about this interesting hybrid.

What Is the Purple Skunk Strain?

The Purple Skunk strain is an exceptionally sativa-rich hybrid strain that offers up all the best parts of a sativa, with just a touch of the delightful parts of indica strains. The progenitors of this strain are the fabled Skunk #1 and Old Purple, combining together to give you an especially intriguing high.

Purple Skunk’s parentage means that it represents one of the most classic examples of the skunk family of cannabis. It’s a must-buy for those with a preference for skunkier flavors.

However, it is the effects of the Purple Skunk strain that keep people coming back again and again – not just the flavor. Purple Skunk is well known for its distinctive, intense body high; it leaves your skin tingling and your hair standing on end. The high goes on and on, with some people finding that it lasts an entire day. To enjoy it to its fullest extent, you want to smoke this strain early, as its effects can last well into the night.

As a hybrid strain, Purple Skunk doesn’t just offer up a pleasant body high, but a potent mental head rush as well. The buzz is quite gentle, but still invigorating, giving you a huge sense of sociability and happiness. These wide-ranging effects are perfect for all sorts of uses, making it an exceptionally multipurpose strain.

The best thing you can do, however, is to go for a hike while enjoying Purple Skunk’s effects, and fully appreciate the world around you. For an even greater time, make sure to bring some friends with you – the sociability of this strain is meant to be enjoyed as a group.

But what about its famous flavor?


As you start to approach the bud and get a chance to smell its fragrance, you will notice an intense skunkiness. This is unsurprising, considering the strain is literally called Purple Skunk.

The skunkiness isn’t as unpleasant as the name might imply, though; it is pungent and exceptionally tangy, giving you a big burst of intense aroma as soon as you smell it. Breaking the buds apart only accentuates these scents, leaving you with a strong smell that seems to cling to every piece of furniture you own.


After breaking the buds apart and smoking some Purple Skunk, the first taste you will be hit with is one of berries. This is in mild contrast to its aroma, as there is not a massive amount of the skunkiness that the fragrance promised.

Instead, it is like an odd combination of blueberries and blackberries, melded together into one big taste explosion.

As you exhale, you will manage to find just a little bit of the expected skunkiness, but it is nowhere near as noticeable as in its aroma.


As you might expect from a strain called Purple Skunk, this strain’s primary appearance is one of deep purple.

If you ever have seen a deep, turbulent sea during sunset, lively and iridescent in the failing sunlight, you might have an idea of the depth of coloration this bud possesses.

What Homer called a “wine-dark sea,” Purple Skunk’s color is emotional and evocative, far more interesting than just the primary descriptor of “purple.”

Other than the color, this bud is tightly wound and decently sized, making its color the most attractive thing about it.

Of course, the best way to experience this strain’s coloration is by growing some Purple Skunk yourself.

Purple Skunk Strain Grow Info

Purple Skunk is an excellent option for home growers, as it is surprisingly easy to grow it yourself.

It is a versatile strain, able to survive in both hot and cold temperatures alike. One thing to keep in mind is Purple Skunk’s considerable odor can be overpowering and unpleasant for some.

For this reason, you might want to keep it outside to avoid it spreading its aroma to your furnishings, as the smell is almost impossible to remove. Equally, though, you might want to grow it inside for the same reason, as the plants are extremely obvious when grown outdoors. You might end up with a few nosey neighbors, keen to investigate that familiar smell.

Other than that, Purple Skunk is a surprisingly easy grower, simple to cultivate no matter where you live. Purple Skunk strain seeds are pretty common, as this strain produces plentiful, highly desirable bud.

To help improve your final yield, the best thing you can do is practice a bit of horticultural topping. All you have to do is nip off the very tip of the plant as it begins to get decently tall, ideally after its third set of leaves.

This pruning encourages your Purple Skunk plant to diversify and grow more sideways than vertically, giving it more chance of developing usable bud at the end.

Additionally, some of the purple color in this bud comes from subjecting it to lower temperatures during its flowering stage. While you will end up with beautiful purple buds if you grow Purple Skunk no matter what, giving it a blast of cold temperatures (though still above 2 degrees Celsius) will ensure even deeper purple coloration.

THC Content – Highest Test

Purple Skunk cannabis comes from a long line of carefully selected strains cultivated over generations. This means that, like many other strains with such a long lineage, Purple Skunk has a high quantity of THC.

You can expect around 20% THC in any particular sample of Purple Skunk bud, giving you a decently intense burst of THC when you need it.

CBD Content – Highest Test

As almost always happens with strains grown over many generations to create as much THC as possible, Purple Skunk doesn’t really have any CBD at all.

This can be a bit of a bummer for those looking for plentiful medicinal effects, as it is usually the CBD within cannabis strains that gives you the medical benefits. However, even though Purple Skunk lacks pretty much any CBD, it still offers up plenty of useful medical benefits.

Medical Benefits of the Purple Skunk Strain

When you get a strain filled with intense THC loads, the main medical benefits you can look forward to are its profound mental effects.

Those who struggle with mental disorders like depression, severe stress, or constant fatigue; this is the strain for you. After a single toke of this purple bud, all of your worries will wash away, leaving you feeling free and easy, relaxed, and able to handle anything that comes your way.

The key element of why Purple Skunk helps mental disorders is that it completely removes your ability to feel bad about yourself. Additionally, you won’t really be able to recognize pain or any kind of physical ailment.

This is what makes it so useful for trying to suppress pain, especially chronic pain, from a long-term condition. You will feel invigorated by the energy this strain gives you, allowing you to get up and go without any difficulties whatsoever.

There is also a fair amount of pleasant numbing that comes from this strain, again helping to keep back the outer edges of pain. Those who find themselves unable to focus on anything around them due to physical or mental distractions can significantly benefit from this strain, as it allows them all the relaxation and soothing qualities that they need to get through a tough day.

Possible Side Effects of the Purple Skunk Strain

For starters, just like all more potent cannabis strains, you are going to have to get used to both dry mouth and dry eyes. This pair of side effects will leave you feeling parched, dry, and slightly crusty, which some find annoying enough to avoid marijuana altogether. However, smoking in a humid environment with plenty of drinking water on hand is an easy enough solution.

The main problems with the Purple Skunk strain are the fact that it has a higher than average quantity of THC, yet no CBD whatsoever.

This can result in some overwhelming sensations, especially for those who are not familiar with cannabis. If you smoke too much Purple Skunk at once, you might find yourself with bouts of dizziness or headaches. Additionally, some people report onsets of rather intense feelings of paranoia as a result of smoking a large amount.

The obvious solution to this is only to smoke as much Purple Skunk as you can handle. To find out your tolerance level, only smoke a little bit at a time to help you get used to it. This lets you gradually work towards more substantial, more intense doses, without ending up feeling totally overwhelmed as a result.

Headaches are also pretty rare, and really only occur as a result of smoking too much and not remaining hydrated throughout your day. Keep yourself well-watered and relaxed while using your Purple Skunk, and you will probably feel great.

Final Thoughts on the Purple Skunk Strain

The Purple Skunk strain is not only an excellent example of a skunky strain, but it is also an excellent distillation of other, more prestigious strains.

When you smoke this bud, you not only get to taste incredible skunky intensity but also participate in the history of cannabis.

Keep some of this bud on hand for when you want to relax, or for when your palate craves that rich, skunky flavor profile.