Purple Diesel Strain [Grow Info, Cannabis Review, and More]

Purple Diesel Strain Overview
Purple Diesel is a well rounded hybrid strain that provides the uplifting effects of a sativa with the calming effects you would expect from an indica. Purple Diesel can be used as an extremely effective medicinal strain and is particularly popular for managing chronic pain.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Growing info
Purple Diesel plants are easy to grow, making them ideal for novice growers who are looking to build their confidence and skills. Purple Diesel plants can be ready for harvesting in as little as eight weeks, producing a pleasing yield.

Hybrid cannabis strains are the most popular option when it comes to choosing the perfect strain – and for an excellent reason. A well-balanced hybrid allows you to experience the very best of both an indica and a sativa all at the same time.

Sativas are famous for their uplifting and energetic effects, while indicas are known for producing a much more stereotypical stoner effect. Together in a hybrid strain, the two are able to balance their effects against each other, resulting in a relaxing yet uplifting experience.

Hybrid strains can vary drastically with everything from a 50/50 split to a 10/90 split being classed as a hybrid. Due to the broad categorization of a hybrid, finding the perfect hybrid to suit your individual mood and needs can take a little experimenting.

Purple Diesel is a great strain to start with, packing many of the widespread effects of both an indica and a sativa into one complex joint.

What can you expect from Purple Diesel, and is it the right hybrid for you? Let’s find out.

What Is the Purple Diesel Strain?

Cali Connection initially bred Purple Diesel and it has been a popular strain ever since. The exact indica / sativa breakdown of Purple Diesel is much debated, but the general consensus is that it has a 30% indica / 70% sativa makeup.


Purple Diesel can trace its lineage back to Bubba Kush and Sour Diesel; together, the two strains result in a pungent yet somehow sweet strain with an enjoyable aroma.


As you would expect from a hybrid strain, Purple Diesel packs both the uplifting and energetic effects of a sativa with the calming sedative effects of an indica. The initial effects of Purple Diesel closely resemble a sativa. However, these quickly transition, showing the strain’s indica side.

As the initial effects of Purple Diesel set in, you notice an almost sudden mood boost with everything feeling calm around you. Some people find that the uplifting effects of Purple Diesel can cause a temporary energy burst and intense motivation. The sativa driven effects are quick to wear off, however, leaving room for the strain’s indica side.

Luckily, the mentally lifting effects of Purple Diesel remain throughout the high. The majority of a Purple Diesel high is consumed by a deeply calm feeling and a desire to zone out and relax. As the more sedative side of Purple Diesel starts to show, you are able to understand why Purple Diesel is such a popular hybrid among those who enjoy experiencing a little bit of everything.

When enjoying Purple Diesel with friends and in social situations, the strain’s sativa side manages to shine through a little more. The initial energy from the strain almost bounces around the group causing a shared sense of euphoria and roughly consistent giggling.

If smoking Purple Diesel alone, it is best to enjoy it during the evening. The indica-driven effects of Purple Diesel can quickly leave you feeling sedated, even causing you to drift in and out of sleep when taken in larger doses. Smoking Purple Diesel during the evening allows you to end the high by calming falling into sleep, waking up the next morning feeling fully relaxed.

Let’s take a closer look at what kind of aroma and flavor you can expect from Purple Diesel.


Purple Diesel has an interesting aroma that very much takes a little from both of its parent strains and combines them to create something entirely new.

Purple Diesel buds have a heavy, pungent smell to them at first with a strong diesel aroma that you’ll either love or hate depending on your particular taste. As you break Purple Diesel buds apart, your start to unpack the deeper layers of smell and are able to tap into the strain’s complexity.

As the dense buds crumble in your hands, you start to pick up on the sweeter tones that were once hidden within. While the strong diesel aroma lingers in the air, it is slightly muted by the much more calming spicy sweetness that slowly clouds the air around you.

Burning ground Purple Diesel buds really helps to bring all of the different aromas together as they warm the air and uplift your mood. A woody pine smell forms the base of the strain’s smoke, peppered with hints of both a spicy sweetness and a pungent diesel aroma.

The chemical diesel base of Purple Diesel can linger in the air for some time after smoking, forming a thick cloud of smoke that is noticeable when smoking indoors.

How does the flavor profile of Purple Diesel compare to its complex and unique aroma?


Just like its aroma, Purple Diesel manages to mix a combination of different flavors that you would never expect to work together but somehow do.

Purple Diesel’s dense and heavy smoke packs a punch from the very first breath with an overpowering wave of tangy diesel and sweet spice. While the two flavors could not be more different, they both manage to hold their own standing out, even to novice smokers.

As the smoke starts to settle on your tongue and the flavors develop, you are able to pick up on the much more subtle flavors that were at first hidden. The spicy sweetness that at first seemed simple takes on a complex flavor, with some people able to notice particular herbs and spices. The sweetness takes on a berry flavor reminding you of warmed winter berries.

As you exhale, you are left with a tangy, sweet, earthy flavor on your tongue. The flavor quickly dissipates, leaving behind a chemically after taste, which comes from the strain’s diesel lineage.

Due to Purple Diesel’s dense smoke, the first few puffs can feel overwhelming for those who do not smoke on a regular basis. Once you are able to work through the smoke-induced coughing, Purple Diesel becomes much more enjoyable.


Purple Diesel plants blend in when placed among other plants due to their medium stature and somewhat muted bud coloring. The plant’s densely packed purple leaves do, however, add a pleasing burst of color to the plant’s overall appearance.

Purple Diesel buds have a dense texture to them, giving them a much heavier than expected feel. The tightly packed structure of the buds creates a powerful appearance, giving the plant an almost unwelcoming look.

Even when freshly picked, Purple Diesel buds have a dried look to them. The outermost layer of the buds is a forest green color. However, as soon as you delve beyond, the coloring quickly takes on a brown coloring.

Purple Diesel buds bear a close resemblance to pine trees in the winter as the needles turn brown. The mix of deep green and light brown mix together to lend a fall vibe to the outer appearance of Purple Diesel plants.

Purple Diesel Strain Grow Info

Purple Diesel is the perfect strain for novice growers due to its quick growth cycle and rewarding yield. Most experts consider Purple Diesel a fast flowering strain, being ready to harvest in as little as eight weeks indoors.

The adaptable strain Purple Diesel plant can be grown both indoors and outside. When keeping plants in your garden, you can typically harvest them during early fall. Long summer days can produce a slightly larger yield, and therefore if you are lucky enough to live in a hot and dry climate, it is a good idea to keep your Purple Diesel plants outside.

Purple Diesel plants require very little maintenance and tend to be resistant to most common molds and pests. Therefore, Purple Diesel is ideal for those who are looking to build their confidence with growing.

Purple Diesel strain seeds are available for sale online from most popular seed retailers. Alternatively, it is possible to purchase clippings from fully grown mature plants. Using a clipping is generally easier for novice growers, skipping the early stages of growth.

THC Content – Highest Test

The Purple Diesel cannabis strain’s THC content can vary from a low 18% all the way up to a shocking 28%. The average and most normal level of THC is approximately 20% and an excellent base to work from when trying to decide how much to smoke at one time.

The strain’s potentially high levels of THC can make it a slightly risky strain for those who have a low THC tolerance. With such varying levels, it can be difficult to predict the exact effects that will be felt when smoking Purple Diesel.

How does Purple Diesel’s CBD content compare?

CBD Content – Highest Test

While Purple Diesel might have a high THC content, it is thought to contain less than 1% CBD. Some tests have found that Purple Diesel can contain as little as just 0.2% CBD.

Given that Purple Diesel has a high level of THC, such a low CBD content is to be expected. It is extremely rare to find a strain that manages to pack high levels of both.

Purple Diesel’s low CBD content does not stop it from having a number of different powerful medical benefits. While CBD might be the main cannabinoid we associate with cannabis’ medical benefits, Purple Diesel shows that it is not the only factor in determining a strain’s medicinal value.

The indica effects that are felt with Purple Diesel result in it being a popular medical strain that can be just as effective as a strain with a high CBD content. So, why might you want to use Purple Diesel for medicinal purposes?

Medical Benefits of the Purple Diesel Strain

The number one reason that people look to Purple Diesel as a medical strain is because of its powerful numbing effects. Patients use Purple Diesel to treat even the most intense pains. The strain acts as a natural way to reduce discomfort.

It is possible to use Purple Diesel on a regular basis to treat chronic pain and temporarily to treat mild and intense pains. When you smoke it in small amounts, the sedative effects of Purple Diesel reduce, allowing you to continue with daily tasks as normal.

Purple Diesel may be particularly effective for managing back pain, providing much-needed relief. Purple Diesel can also be used by those who have arthritis, helping to reduce inflammation and targeting pain at its source.

When taken in larger doses, Purple Diesel can help to treat sleep-related concerns. Whether you suffer from pain-related insomnia, stress that prevents you from sleeping, or you simply do not know the cause of your insomnia, Purple Diesel might just be the answer.

Towards the end of an intense Purple Diesel high, you find that your body feels completely relaxed. Pain feels as though it has been removed, and stress has been pushed to the back of your mind out of reach. The combination of mental and physical relaxation allows you to drift off to sleep easily.

Purple Diesel has also been found to be effective for managing stress, both chronic and situational. Just a few puffs of Purple Diesel help to clear your mind and allow you to look at stressful situations with a new perspective.

As is the case with all strains, there are always a few possible side effects that are important to know about when deciding whether Purple Diesel is the ideal strain for you. What can you expect from Purple Diesel?

Possible Side Effects of the Purple Diesel Strain

Despite Purple Diesel having a potentially high THC content of 28%, the strain has surprisingly few potential side effects.

The number one effect that people experience when smoking Purple Diesel is dry mouth. A common side effect for most strains, dry mouth can leave the inside of your mouth feeling dehydrated and irritated. Luckily, the effects are temporary and have no long-term implications for your overall health.

Less common, but very similar to dry mouth, is dry eyes, which causes your eyes to feel hydrated and appear red. Dry eyes are another common side effect with many strains and should last no more than a few hours.

Less common side effects that are still important to know of include sudden dizziness, anxiety, and paranoid thoughts. All three of these side effects are much more common in people who either have a low THC tolerance or already suffer from anxiety.

Final Thoughts on the Purple Diesel Strain

Purple Diesel is an interesting hybrid. Rather than combining all of its effects into one, users can expect a high that transitions as it develops. It starts with very stereotypical sativa effects and ends with a traditional indica stoned feeling.

Purple Diesel is more than just a fun recreational hybrid strain, thanks to its varied medical benefits. From treating chronic pain to tackling insomnia, Purple Diesel has the potential to help. The indica-driven effects that you feel when smoking Purple Diesel make it a powerful medical strain for many.

The sweet, spicy, yet somehow chemical aroma and flavor profile of Purple Diesel make it a unique treat that you will not find in many strains. Taking your taste buds on a journey through sweet berry flavors to a pungent diesel aftertaste, Purple Diesel is definitely worth trying for its flavor profile alone.

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