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Purple Cheese Strain Overview
Thanks to its relatively high levels of both THC and CBD, Purple Cheese is a strain you can count on for both recreational and medicinal benefits. It offers a euphoric and relaxing high that makes it great for social gatherings, while simultaneously helping with chronic pains and physical body relaxation. Purple Cheese also has a super unique flavor profile of cheese, fruits, and candy.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Growing info
This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, average flowering time is approximately 7-8 weeks.

Don’t let the name put you off – Purple Cheese is the indica-dominant hybrid strain that offers generous amounts of both THC and CBD for a well-rounded high that is great for both medicinal and recreational use.

If you are on the market for a new strain, then Purple Cheese may be the ideal option for you – offering euphoric effects and a therapeutic high that is not to be overlooked.

To find out more about this cheesy descendent, stick around because today we are going to be letting you in on everything you need to know about Purple Cheese!

What is Purple Cheese?

Bred by the geniuses over at Autoseeds, Purple Cheese has an aura of mystery surrounding it thanks to its rare status! Yep, that’s right – Purple Cheese is hard to find but is worth the effort, so if you can get your hands on some we recommend going for it!

The product of a three-way cross, Purple Cheese is the result of clever breeding between the popular Blue Cheese, Lowryder and Purple #1. The guys over at Autoseeds wanted to create an autoflowering bud that could phase out some of the controversial cheesy flavors of Blue Cheese without compromising on overall experience – and they smashed it out the park with this one!

Boasting THC levels at around 12-22% and CBD levels around 4%, this is a bud that offers a substantial medicinal potential, however, take these figures with a pinch of salt, as we say – Purple Cheese isn’t often stumbled upon so the exact levels aren’t known.

An all-around comfortable and feel-good hit, Purple Cheese is the perfect strain for both nighttime and recreational smoking!

Purple Cheese Aroma, Flavor, Appearance

As you may expect, this bud comes with a healthy aroma of cheese, but don’t be put off – the musky cheese aroma is cleverly blended with notes of sweet and tart grape and an underlying earthy scent that will lure you in. Although the aroma is in keeping with the strain’s Blue cheese ancestor, the Autoseeds team have done an excellent job in removing that potent cheese flavor, leaving behind a more subtle note of cheese mixed with a fruity and sweet taste often likened to candy.

Lovers of the more sweet strains will adore this; overall, the senses will be awash with a tangy and fruity tidal wave of sugary goodness, and upon exhaling the smoke takes on a more chemically taste as the different smells and flavors combine – it is a real sensory experience!

When it comes to appearance, Purple Cheese is a pretty big player, with growth potential reaching around 80cm making it one impressive flower to look at! In stark contrast to the towering heights of this plant, the buds are pretty small and tightly packed together to resemble popcorn like clusters. With spiky, curling leaves that are a lovely mix of yellow and green, one of the most significant selling points for growers is the plants’ ability to take on a purple hue when exposed to cold temperatures.

The gecko of the marijuana world, this is indeed not your average plant when it comes to looks and would make a fantastic project for growing enthusiasts.

Purple Cheese Grow Info

As we have said, this bad boy grows tall, so growers will want to keep its height around 50-80 cm to allow for the best autoflowering results. As such, we would say that beginners may want to steer clear of growing this strain, as it will need maintenance and requires crops to be trimmed to keep the growth in check.

Purple Cheese can be successfully cultivated both indoors and out; however, if you are looking to grow this bud outside, then you will require a climate that is relatively humid and around 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

For indoor growth, you can expect flowering within 7-8 weeks which should last around 60 days give or take. To make the most out of those color-changing leaves, expose your plant to cold temperatures for short bursts of time to bring about the stunning purple hues.

Medical Benefits of Purple Cheese

One of the greatest things about Purple Cheese is its potent levels of THC and extremely generous CBD levels, making for a wonderful high that is both enjoyable and medicinally beneficial.

Many patients suffering from conditions such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD opt for small amounts of purple cheese due to its high therapeutic effects that boost mood and invoke a feeling of euphoria. It is also due to these effects that Purple Cheese makes a wonderful social strain and can be a great conversation starter at a party or social gathering!

If you are looking for physical relief, Purple Cheese’s heavy physical relaxation may be the perfect alternative to pain medication and can work well for eye pressure as well. The effects are long-lasting with most reporting a high around 2-3 hours, so there is no need for heavy amounts of this bud to reap the rewards.

In too high doses, Purple Cheese can leave you in a state of couch-lock, so for those looking for a great night time strain that will ease you off to sleep, this could be a good option.

Overall Purple Cheese offers both a calming and relaxing high while improving focus and encouraging socialization when taken in the right settings. To indulge in peaceful sedation, take during the evening and let the effects wash over you.

Possible Side Effects of Purple Cheese

Like with most strains, when taken in high doses can lead to feelings of paranoia and anxiety, so those using the strain to ease mental ailments should be careful to take only small amounts, to begin with.

Cottonmouth and dry eyes are also common with this bud, and can sometimes lead to headaches. We recommend taking it easy to ensure you are not overdoing the dose, and always have water and snacks to hand.

Final Thoughts: Is Purple Cheese a Must-Try Strain?

We won’t lie, Purple Cheese is up there as one of our favorites – there is something special about a rare strain like this which has such beneficial properties.

We expect many of our readers may not have had the chance to try this bud yet – but we would LOVE to hear down in the comments if you have ever tried this, and if so how did you find it?

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