Pink Cookies Cannabis Strain [Understanding Benefits, Potency, etc.]

Pink Cookies Strain Overview
The Pink Cookies strain tastes exactly like it’s name...for the most part. There is a twist however, with spicy peppery notes mixed in with the sweet, vanilla cookie flavor. It’ll leave a refreshing taste in your mouth, that is probably like nothing you’ve tasted before. Pink Cookies is also pretty potent in other ways, with a THC average of around 25%!
Common usage
Lack of appetite
Growing info
Flowering period is approximately 7-8 weeks, best grown indoors

Hybrid strains can vary drastically in their effects depending on whether they lean more towards the indica or sativa end of the scale. With those that have a higher indica content, you can expect more of a body high that quite often leaves you feeling couch locked and incredibly hungry. However, with a more sativa-leaning hybrid, you will instead feel a strong mind high that causes you to feel upbeat and energetic. It is, however, possible to find the perfect hybrid, one that balances the two seamlessly together and offers effects that lay somewhere in-between.

Pink Cookies is one such strain; with a perfect 50/50 split between indica and sativa, you get to experience the best of both worlds. Pink Cookies is also a treat for more experienced smokers, offering a completely unique flavor profile and an energetic high which is just begging to join you on your next afternoon out in the sun.

What are the effects that you can expect from Pink Cookies? Could this be the perfect strain for you on your next chilled weekend off?

What is the Pink Cookies Cannabis Strain?

Pink Cookies is a well-balanced hybrid strain, with a 50% indica / 50% sativa split. The lineage of Pink Cookies can be traced back to Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, both of which are hybrid strains, and somewhat explains how Pink Cookies came to be such a  balanced and versatile strain. When looking for Pink Cookies, it is a good idea to also search for Wedding Cake, as this is the name sometimes given to the strain. The reasons for this double name is unknown, but luckily the majority of retailers stick to its original name, Pink Cookies.

Pink Cookies has a unique aroma and flavor profile, which does not match the image that first comes to mind when hearing the name. You first imagine a perfectly round sugar cookie, coated in a thick layer of rich pink icing and expect this to be the taste that washes through your mouth and down to your lungs. This, however, is not the case. Pink Cookies tastes like no other strain with its strange mix of peppery and vanilla notes.

While Pink Cookies can be enjoyed in most forms, it is often recommended that you try it vaporized at least once. Vaporizing brings out a stronger smell and flavor and allows you to truly appreciate the mix of pepper and sweetness. You can almost imagine a pink, sugary cloud of vapor filling the air, with its peppery tones confusing everyone nearby.

You first start to notice the effects of Pink Cookies within just a few short minutes. You are hit with a sudden burst of energy, that makes you feel as though you have just woken up from a long refreshing night’s sleep, to find the sun shining and the entire day ahead of you to enjoy. Your mind begins to feel clearer, with worries being put to one side and everything appears to be coated in a happy glow. You cannot help but feel positive after smoking Pink Cookies and ready to tackle those small annoying tasks, which have been making you anxious for no logical reason.

The effects of Pink Cookies gradually work their way through your body, causing your limbs to feel light and airy. It is also at this point that you notice the appetite enhancing effects of Pink Cookies, so it is always a good idea to have a few of your favorite snacks laying around or dinner close to being done.

Pink Cookies is best enjoyed with a group of friends so that you can take full advantage of the chatty, almost giggly effects that come with this strain. A summer afternoon either in the park or a friend’s back garden is the perfect way to enjoy Pink Cookies. A few close friends that you can talk comfortably with, maybe a BBQ or a picnic and Pink Cookies, are the makings of a blissfully relaxing afternoon, in the sun.

When taken in large doses Pink Cookies can have a slight sedative effect, as the high develops and the energetic burst starts to wear off. It is therefore important to monitor how much you have taken, in order to prevent missing out on the strong cerebral effects of Pink Cookies and all of the fun that comes with it.

It is recommended that those new to smoking or anyone who has a low tolerance to THC avoid Pink Cookies, especially in large doses. This is due to its high THC content and as a result its overwhelming mind high. For those not used to such high levels of THC, Pink Cookies can feel daunting and has the potential to put you off experimenting with future strains, which is always something that you want to avoid.

What is it about Pink Cookies aroma and flavor profile that makes it so special?


Pink Cookies has an interesting aroma, in that it does not smell at all as its name would lead you to believe. Rather than the sugary, sweet smell that you would expect, to hit your nostrils when you first breathe in Pink Cookies, you are hit with a wave of pepper. You are in instantly reminded of the smell that fills the air when you refill a pepper shaker.

As you grind Pink Cookies, it starts to release spicy notes that complement the peppery sensation, which is working its way through your nose and almost making you want to sneeze. Placing a handful of fully ground Pink Cookies under your nose and slowly breathing in, you notice a slightly sour tone which is mixed with an earthiness. This makes for a very interesting sensation and definitely not something that you would expect from a strain with such a sweet-sounding name.

How does Pink Cookies’ flavor profile compare to its peppery aroma?


Pink Cookies has an unusual flavor profile that combines what you would expect from its aroma with what you would hope for from a strain with cookie in its name. The first puff of Pink Cookies fills your mouth with a strong peppery taste, which fits perfectly with the smell that fills the air. As the smoke travels down to your lungs, you start to notice some of the more delicate notes that are at first hidden behind the peppery strength of Pink Cookies. A sweet, vanilla flavor starts to shine through, and you start to understand its link to sugar cookies, complete with sugary pink icing.

Pink Cookies has a smooth smoke which is easy to breathe through, and after the first puff should not cause the uncontrollable coughing that is sometimes felt when smoking. Pink Cookies leaves a refreshing taste in your mouth and really is like nothing you have tried before. You are left with a peppery, vanilla mix, almost as though there was a mix-up with a batch of cookies and pepper accidentally got stirred in and has gone unnoticed.

What does Pink Cookies look like and how can you spot it among other strains?


Pink Cookies plants have an overall fuzzy appearance, with both leaves and buds being covered in a thick and almost furry layer. The base color of the leaves is a deep green but, this is almost hidden behind the mottled purple, brown layer that covers the leaves. The entire leaf is hidden behind an extremely thick layer of tiny, fuzzy hairs. When Pink Cookies has reached full maturity, dark purple hairs begin to grow and create a thin layer over the plant.

Buds tend to vary in color, with plants having a mix of both dark and light green buds. The inner parts of the buds are a much darker and deeper green; whereas the outer surface of the buds is a much lighter color, almost as though they have been bleached by the sun. Fuzzy orange hairs work their way through the buds, which combined with a thick layer of trichomes, gives the buds their fur like texture.

So, how can you start growing your own Pink Cookies plant and start enjoying its effects and unusual flavor for yourself?

Pink Cookies Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Pink Cookies is not recommended as being a strain for those new to growing, due to its sensitivity to even the smallest of temperature changes. Pink Cookies can be grown outside, but this is going to very much depend on your climate and how stable it is. For best results, you might want to keep Pink Cookies as an indoor plant so that you have complete control over the temperature and humidity.

A good sign that Pink Cookies is ready to be harvested is when you start to see dark purple hairs appear; this means that the flowers are fully developed and are ready to be enjoyed. You can expect an average sized yield from your Pink Cookies plant, assuming that it has not been subjected to sudden temperature drops and has been allowed to grow to its full potential.

Before you start growing any strain, it is important to know its THC and CBD content in order to work out whether or not it is the right strain for you. So, what can you expect from Pink Cookies in terms of its cannabinoid content?

THC Content – Highest Test

Pink Cookies has an extremely high THC content, with an average of 25%. The high level of THC explains the intense cerebral effects that are felt with Pink Cookies and why this is a strain that new users are told to use with caution. The average THC content of a high hybrid strain is around 12%, placing Pink Cookies almost 15% above the average.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Unsurprisingly, Pink Cookies has a CBD content of less than 1%; it is rare to find a strain that has both a high CBD and THC content. As Pink Cookies has more than 10% over the average THC for a hybrid, even 1% CBD would have been a surprise.

Just because Pink Cookies has a low CBD content, it does not mean that it is not a powerful medicinal strain. In fact, the high levels of THC that are found in Pink Cookies cause it to have a number of positive effects on mental health.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you might want to consider Pink Cookies as a medicinal marijuana strain.

Medical Benefits of the Pink Cookies Cannabis Strain

The most popular use of Pink Cookies as a medicinal strain is to help combat stress. Working to soothe your mind and make everything seem that little bit less challenging, Pink Cookies is a great way to deal with stressful situations that you would otherwise find too difficult to cope with. Pink Cookies is also often recommended for those who suffer from depression for similar reasons.

Pink Cookies is an appetite enhancer, making it the ideal solution for anyone whose appetite is affected by medications, such as chemotherapy, or those who suffer from eating disorders. Pink Cookies is especially helpful for anyone who suffers from anorexia, as it also helps to push negative thoughts to one side and fill you with a sense of happiness and calm, which is ideal for anxious eaters.

When taken in high doses, Pink Cookies can be a great, all natural way to beat insomnia. Due to its mind-clearing effects that leave you feeling calm and worry-free, Pink Cookies can help you drift off to sleep, free from those anxious thoughts that normally keep you awake at night.

Pink Cookies has also been found to have a few physical effects, which make it a great alternative to pain medication. The gentle body buzz numbs minor aches and pains, giving you a few hours of much-needed relief and freedom from pains, which can leave you feeling weighed down and drained. Some users have found that taking Pink Cookies on a daily basis helps to reduce the effects of arthritis.

Unfortunately, Pink Cookies does have a few side effects, which it is important to be aware of before you start smoking. What are these side effects and how common are they? Let’s take a look.

Possible Side Effects of the Pink Cookies Cannabis Strain

Pink Cookies is one of those rare finds, being a strain that has very few adverse side effects. The most common side effect and one that seems almost unavoidable with all strains is dry mouth. For novice smokers, you might feel a strange, fluffy texture in your mouth, but this is nothing to worry about and normally does not last more than a few hours.

Less common side effects of Pink Cookies include dry eyes and dizziness. Just like dry mouth, this will only last a few hours and is only experienced in a limited number of cases. Due to the high THC content of Pink Cookies, it is not a strain recommended for those who have a low THC tolerance or who easily suffer from panic attacks. The high THC content can cause panicky and paranoid thoughts which, depending on your surroundings, can feel rather scary. If this is something that you are worried about, it is always a good idea to experiment with small doses of a strain, with a close friend, somewhere that you feel safe in order to determine how your body will react.

Final Thoughts on the Pink Cookies Cannabis Strain

Pink Cookies is a balanced yet unique strain, which is sure to be enjoyed by all experienced smokers, even if just for its flavor profile alone. With an unusual mix of sweet pepper and vanilla, Pink Cookies is worth giving a try, just so that you can appreciate this strange combination for yourself.

Pink Cookies is the ideal strain for those looking for a chilled out afternoon, free from the stress and anxiety of the world, where you can just relax and enjoy the company of a few close friends. So why not give Pink Cookies a try for yourself the next time you are meeting up with friends and do not have any rigid plans; instead, you can look forward to the general goal of having a good time.

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