Neptune OG Cannabis (Strain Review)

Neptune OG Strain Overview
Neptune OG is a balanced hybrid strain that takes new users by surprise within its overwhelming indica effects and a sense of euphoria only possible with a sativa. Neptune OG is perfect for a relaxed evening at home when you want to forget the stress of daily life and simply zone out in front of your favorite movie.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Lack of appetite
Growing info
Neptune OG is an excellent strain for novice growers as it requires minimal care and produces a rewarding yield. Plants are best kept indoors and are ready to harvest as early as just ten weeks.

Both novice smokers and experts love hybrid strains. Combining both an indica and a sativa into just the one joint, hybrid strains are ideal for those times when you want to experience both a calming mental high and intensely physical relaxation.

Hybrid strains come in all shapes and sizes. While one hybrid might offer a sativa-driven experience with just a hint of indica thrown in, another hybrid strain may deliver an almost perfect balance between the two.

Neptune OG is an exciting hybrid with effects that do not quite match its perfect 50% indica / 50% sativa split. Experiencing the impact of Neptune OG without looking at its chemical breakdown, you would believe it to be an indica-dominant strain with maybe just a 10% sativa content.

The Neptune OG strain is known for its high THC content, which is possibly the reason why its effects do not precisely match its perfectly balanced indica / sativa breakdown.

Let’s take a closer look at Neptune OG and find out what you can expect from its high THC content and whether it is the right strain for you.

What Is the Neptune OG Strain?

The Neptune OG strain of weed is technically a perfectly balanced hybrid strain with a 50% indica / 50% sativa breakdown. In reality, however, Neptune OG closely resembles the effects that you would expect from an indica, often confusing people the first time they use it.

There is very little information as to the origin of Neptune OG both in terms of its breeder and its lineage. Neptune OG’s name implies that it is a member of the OG family, although its exact link is not known. The lack of information surrounding Neptune OG’s heritage makes it slightly more challenging for those who are looking to grow their own Neptune OG plants.


You first notice the effects of Neptune OG around 10 to 15 minutes after your first puff, as a state of euphoria sets in, and you realize that you feel much calmer than usual.

The mental high quickly transitions to a sense of heavy sedation, leaving you wanting to do little more than laze on the couch and relax for a few hours. Neptune OG causes your limbs to feel heavy, while also somehow feeling as though they are detached from the rest of your body.

Some people describe experiencing sensory distortion when smoking Neptune OG, which can feel scary when you are not expecting such effects. For those who are not used to intense indica strains, it is a good idea to start with a small dose in an environment where you feel comfortable. This should help you to avoid anxiety-inducing effects.

Users often recommend Neptune OG for a creative boost due to the strain’s psychedelic effects. Even for those who are not planning on pursuing creative projects, the impact of Neptune OG can still be enjoyable, though. It alters the way that you listen to your favorite music or watch a movie.

The combination of heavy physical sedation and trippy mindset makes Neptune OG ideal for lazy evenings at home when all you want to do is chill in front of the TV and block the rest of the world around.


The Neptune OG marijuana strain has a comforting aroma combining three different smells that work surprisingly well together. The mix of sour berries and damp earth might not seem like the best combination, but one sniff is enough to leave you wishing that Neptune OG’s aroma could be used to brighten every room in your house.

As you grind Neptune OG buds apart, you first notice their strong earthy aroma as it almost jumps out of the buds filling the air around you. People often describe Neptune OG as having a comforting aroma, similar to the smell of a long country walk on a slightly wet day.

Neptune OG buds release a delicious berry aroma as they burn. This mixes with the earthy tang to create an entirely new but equally as comforting smell. The warmth from the smoke almost cooks the berries in the air, reminding you of a freshly baked berry pie as it comes out of the oven.

Neptune OG leaves a strong hash aroma in the air, which can be challenging to disguise when trying to smoke discreetly. It is generally a good idea to smoke Neptune OG outside or in a well-ventilated room if a lingering smell is something that concerns you.


Neptune OG is an unusual strain in that its flavor profile is almost entirely different from its aroma.

With the first puff of Neptune OG’s dense yet breathable smoke, your taste buds are flooded with a wave of sour grapes. Given that Neptune OG’s aroma is mainly one of the berries and damp earth, the sudden taste of grapes can feel a little out of place at first.

Upon exhale, you are left with a sandalwood flavor that sits gently on your tongue, leaving a satisfying taste that leaves you wanting more. For those who enjoy OG strains for their distinct flavor profile, Neptune OG is sure not to disappoint.


Neptune OG is covered in a very thin layer of rusty orange pistils that are barely visible at first. It is only when you really look at Neptune OG’s buds up close that you are able to notice such details. Neptune OG lives up to its OG roots with a thick and almost fluffy covering of trichomes over each bud.

Typically, Neptune OG plants produce small flowers that stick together, giving the overall appearance of the plant a dense and slightly intimidating look. The leaves of Neptune OG are a bright green color but add very little to the appearance of the plant as they curl in on themselves, almost disappearing into the rest of the plant.

Neptune OG Strain Grow Info

The good news is that Neptune OG is an excellent strain for those who are new to growing and have little gardening experience. Neptune OG plants are extremely low maintenance, resistant to most common garden molds and pests; they require minimal checks.

It is best to grow Neptune OG plants indoors as they need a high humidity environment of at least 80%. Luckily Neptune OG plants rarely grow above 3 feet, allowing you to keep them even in confined spaces. Neptune OG plants take between 10 and 12 weeks before they are ready to harvest and produce a sizable and rewarding yield.

You can keep Neptune OG plants outside. However, it is much harder to achieve the right climate and, in turn, grow plants that will produce the high yield that Neptune OG is famous for. For those who are growing Neptune OG plants outside, you can expect a harvest at the beginning of fall as the temperatures start to drop.

Neptune OG strain seeds are hard to find for sale online. Those who are keen to grow their own Neptune OG plants should instead seek clippings from mature Neptune OG plants.

For those who are new to growing, mature clippings are ideal as they result in a much more predictable growing experience. Clippings are genetically identical to the plant that they are taken from. This means that it is also much easier to predict the effects and levels of THC that you can expect.

THC Content – Highest Test

Neptune OG cannabis contains 23% THC at its highest. The average level of THC for a hybrid strain is 12%, placing Neptune OG at the higher end of the scale.

Tests have, however, shown Neptune OG to have a THC content as low as 11% in some cases, making it difficult to predict the exact amount of THC that you are consuming when smoking Neptune OG. If you are someone who prefers to grow their own plants, this is not such a problem as the level of THC present remains consistent across the entire plant.

For those who have a low THC tolerance, it is generally advi to a low dose when using Neptune OG unless you know for sure its THC content.

How does the CBD content of Neptune OG compare?

CBD Content – Highest Test

Neptune OG contains 1% CBD, which given its high levels of THC, is surprisingly high. It is rare to find a strain that manages to pack both a high THC and CBD content. So, the fact that Neptune OG has a THC content of 23% means anything more than trace amounts of CBD is high.

CBD is the main cannabinoid that people often associate with medical cannabis. Despite Neptune OG only containing 1% CBD, it still has a number of powerful medical benefits that come from its full body high and deeply relaxing mental effects.

So, why might you want to consider using Neptune OG for medical purposes?

Medical Benefits of the Neptune OG Strain

Neptune OG is a useful strain for treating anxiety, especially during the evening, when anxiety can prevent you from obtaining a full night’s sleep. The deep feeling of euphoria that sets in at the very start of a Neptune OG high and lasts throughout allows your mind to switch off from the sources of anxiety around you.

People also use Neptune OG to treat stress. Its ability to almost instantly clear your mind makes it easy to block out stressful thoughts, and to consider things in a much more positive light. Neptune OG allows you to tackle stress-inducing situations with a more objective mindset, reducing the stress you feel.

The calming effects of Neptune OG make it ideal for those who suffer from ADD and ADHD as it helps to calm racing thoughts, resulting in a mellow mental state.

Neptune OG’s heavy indica-driven physical effects make it a powerful medicinal strain for treating a range of different physical conditions from mild headaches to chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia.

Neptune OG’s ability to numb your entire body allows it to treat cases of chronic pain and inflammation. Unfortunately, the full-body high also comes with sedative effects. This means that users are often left feeling unable to really take advantage of the strain’s pain-relieving effects, finding themselves couch-locked for the majority of the high.

As is the case with most indica strains, Neptune OG enhances your appetite and has been proven to be useful for those who are undergoing treatments that result in a loss of appetite.

Finally, Neptune OG is the perfect strain for treating insomnia thanks to its heavily sedative high. A few puffs of Neptune OG are enough to leave you feeling sedated and lethargic ready to fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed the next morning.

Possible Side Effects of the Neptune OG Strain

Neptune OG has a short list of potential side effects, something that is rare in a strain with such a high level of THC. Even the effects that may occur tend to be on the mild side and normally only last for a short period of time.

The most common side effect when smoking Neptune OG is dry mouth, leaving you feeling dehydrated regardless of how much water you actually drink. Dry mouth can also create what feels like a fluffy layer on the roof of your mouth and tongue. Luckily the effects of dry mouth should last no more than a few hours and have no long term effect on your health.

Neptune OG’s thick smoke can make your eyes water when you first light a joint, similar to the effect that onions have when you cut them. Watery eyes can leave your eyes feeling dry and irritated even once the watering stops, almost as though you have been crying.

In large doses, Neptune OG can cause sudden dizzy spells as a result of its high THC content. When paired with a heavy sense of sedation, such dizzy spells can make it even more challenging to leave the couch and stay active.

Final Thoughts on the Neptune OG Strain

Neptune OG might be a balanced hybrid strain on paper, but just one puff is enough to make you realize that its balance does not carry through to its effects.

Neptune OG acts more like a powerful indica than it does a hybrid strain. There is, however, a hint of Neptune OG’s sativa roots that shine through in the form of a euphoric high that causes you to feel calm and happy throughout the entire high.

Neptune OG is much more than just a fun indica hybrid strain with a hint of sativa; it is also a multi-purpose medical strain that takes full advantage of its indica effects. The full-bodied high and the mental clarity that so many people love about Neptune OG allow it to pack a wide and varied range of medical benefits.

Why not try Neptune OG for yourself the next time you have a lazy evening in planned, and experience this unique hybrid strain for yourself?