Lemon Jack Strain (Grow Info & Review)

Lemon Jack Strain Overview
Filled with bubbly, intensely social pleasantness, this is a strain to take in the afternoon or evening to just enjoy yourself. Tasting incredible and smelling even better, there is no good reason not to give Lemon Jack a try.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Body high/numbing
Growing info
Surprisingly easy to grow with minimal effort, feel free to alter and twist this strain's coloration through some creative temperature tweaks.

Everyone loves the taste of candy, even if it is basically just sugar. Considering how tasty and popular they are, it makes sense how many different marijuana strains there are that try and mimic these tastes.

One of the greatest of these strains is Lemon Jack. Made from a cross of two prolific strains, Lemon Jack is one of the best daytime strains and offers up a brilliant high.

Let’s take a look at this sweet and energizing sativa-leaning hybrid and work out what it is that makes it so famous and well-loved.

What Is the Lemon Jack Strain?

The Lemon Jack strain is an exciting cross between two very famous strains, Jack Herer and the tangy Lemon Kush.

Thanks to its uniquely distinct parents, Lemon Jack possesses about 70% sativa content and 30% indica. This puts it very firmly in the category of a sativa-leaning hybrid strain, which should immediately make you think of intense mental highs and pleasant sensations.

While this strain is perhaps most well-known for its incredibly distinctive aroma, it is most certainly the effects that you should be excited about when it comes to Lemon Jack.


After first breaking open this pleasantly sweet-smelling, almost sherbet-like strain, you will feel like you are already getting a potent dose.

Once you actually begin smoking it, however, you might not first immediately realize that you are getting any of the smoke. This is because the effects of Lemon Jack are oddly delayed; you might even think you have a bit of a bad batch.

Give it time, however. After a while, it will hit you like a truck. First off, you will experience a gigantic burst of energy that will hugely revitalize you. You will feel like you simply cannot possibly stay still or sit in place, wanting to complete any task presented to you. This includes both fun things and creative assignments.

You should expect to feel a bit of a rush of sociability, meaning that you will not only be endlessly talkative but also experience intense giggling.

There is also an exciting numbness that comes with the high, which can tend to mean you don’t recognize the physical effects. It is actually a little similar to being drunk, so make sure you don’t hurt yourself when you are running around having a good time.

The critical thing about this high is that you will feel happy, healthy, and incredibly energized. Great either in the morning or afternoon, or even just as a way to chill out whenever you feel like it, this is an incredible strain for enjoying yourself.

It is odd how much you can use this strain for, whether as a way to focus or to just relax. Just make sure you take the time to appreciate its flavor profile as well.

But what precisely is its flavor profile? How does it smell and taste?


As the name of the Lemon Jack strain might suggest, the first thing you will notice is a potent aroma of fresh lemons. However, instead of the acidic bite of tart lemons straight away, you will instead notice more of a sweet profile to this aroma. Sort of like how a lemon sherbet sweet is both intensely lemony, but also slightly tangy and acidic.

This tangy, mildly aromatic aroma is basically like a fluffy piece of candy that begs you to give it a try. However, there is also just a little bit of more intriguing aromas just behind this lemon flavor.

You will notice the merest hint of vanilla seed pods and even a tiny bit of pine wood. The whole thing combines into a decent spiciness and gentle aromatics that leave your nose feeling like it just walked into a sweet shop right next to a Moroccan spice market.

What about how it actually tastes? Does the flavor on the tongue match its intense aroma?


For a lot of strains, the flavor of the actual smoke differs significantly from its aroma. Though you would typically expect both the taste and smell to be basically the same, they can actually be fundamentally different. This is because of the new terpene compounds that change as it burns.

However, Lemon Jack is one of the strains that defies the norm. Instead of exciting and unique variations, the flavor is pretty much the same as the aroma.

There is an initial kick of lemony goodness that hits your tongue first, which eventually transforms into more of a sweet tang over time. The same vanilla and spiciness will carry forward after a few seconds, giving the exhale a spicy, nutmeg-like quality.

If you are looking for a strain that does not differ between aroma and taste, then Lemon Jack is likely an excellent strain for you.

What about how it looks, though? Does it have a suitably attractive appearance to go along with its delightful taste and aroma?


The bud of the Lemon Jack strain is pretty standard when it comes to actual shape and size. While they are pretty noticeably dense, they have a pretty regular appearance, looking like many other strains if you were to hold them up against other examples.

Where it really stands out, though, is in its intensity of resins. There are a vast number of beautiful, sticky trichomes coating this bud, giving it a slight mirror-like shine that is pretty dazzling to behold.

Furthermore, the coloration is unique, offering up intertwining shades of primary colors. There is also that lovely tinge of orange from the prominent pistils growing from beneath the surface.

This is one of those strains where you can really alter the intensity and precise coloration of your bud through your specific growing choices.

So, what can you do when growing some Lemon Jack to make it more attractive? As a matter of fact, how do you actually grow Lemon Jack at all?

Lemon Jack Strain Grow Info

To get growing your own Lemon Jack bud, you need to get your hands on some Lemon Jack strain seeds.

Luckily, this strain is sufficiently widespread and comfortable enough to grow that most dispensaries sell Lemon Jack seeds. While not the most popular strain in the world, it is decently well known enough to make it a pretty frequent mainstay around the USA.

To actually grow it, there really is not a lot you specifically need to know. It will tend to shoot up without a lot of effort, growing decently bushy. Even better, they are not too large, making them super easy to maintain and manage yourself.

One of the most annoying things when growing your own buds at home is if they try to grow too tall, rather than full. More vertical growth is useful for the plant’s vegetative growth but is not super helpful in trying to get some good bud.

When it comes to Lemon Jack, it is super easy. Thanks to their natural tendency to go wide rather than tall, you don’t really need to trim off the tops of the growth or really do too much to it.

Though Lemon Jack does have a slightly higher flowering time of roughly ten weeks, it is still a great strain to grow thanks to the effort. You can basically grow it without much work, other than frequent watering and protecting it from pests.

Expert Tip:

The most significant thing you can do when it comes to customizing your Lemon Jack weed is in ensuring the final coloration. To do this, you need to significantly alter the temperature that the plants and the buds are subjected to. If you want a more whirling, deviating coloration on your final bud, try and submit them to some colder temperatures.

This is a lot easier if you are growing it indoors, but basically, you just need to turn down the AC in the grow room. If you time it right, you can get some super cool final color, even approaching a purple coloration at the end.

What about the cannabinoid content in your new tasty Lemon Jack bud? What can you expect?

THC Content – Highest Test

Lemon Jack cannabis is well known for its incredibly enjoyable effects, but also for its lack of overwhelming intensity. While it does hit you solidly at the start, it doesn’t overwhelm you or knock you out, giving you plenty of ability to keep moving and enjoying yourself.

This means that it isn’t going to be too strong a strain when it comes to THC. It means you can expect not much more than about 18% in the final bud.

However, thanks to the cool variations of Lemon Jack buds that people make with different growing practices, the THC content can vary. Some buds only contain about 13% or 14%. This means it is kind of difficult to pinpoint the precise THC content, but even the strongest bud isn’t rich enough to cause a problem for newbie marijuana users.

What about CBD content, however? What kind of CBD content will you find in your Lemon Jack bud?  

CBD Content – Highest Test

Considering you won’t find an overwhelming quantity of THC within Lemon Jack bud, it would stand to reason that there would be at least some CBD. Sadly, however, there basically isn’t any CBD content to speak of when it comes to this bud.

This is because of the intense growing practices that have gone into producing this final strain. Endless breeding experiments and cross-pollination have resulted in a strain with the amount of THC and the effects that the breeders wanted. Unfortunately, this also results in virtually no CBD content.

Don’t worry, though, as there are still plenty of incredible benefits of the Lemon Jack strain when it comes to treating medical conditions.

So, what are the medical benefits of the Lemon Jack strain?

Medical Benefits of the Lemon Jack Strain

Considering the immeasurably pleasant and highly sociable effects of Lemon Jack, the first medical benefits are pretty obvious. You can use this potent sativa-leaning hybrid to help alleviate all kinds of social and mental disorders.

If you struggle with depression or other disorders, this strain can help bring you out of your head and enjoy yourself in the moment.

If your problem is more rooted in dealing with social situations, however, Lemon Jack helps you come out of your internal shell and engage with everyone around you. You will quickly go from the quiet person in the corner to the intense, highly sociable, and smiling person that you didn’t know you could be.

Some people also use Lemon Jack to treat long-term pain issues, as well as combating stress. This is more than just general pain and workplace stress, though; it is about helping those with severe and long-term conditions.

You can alleviate all kinds of irritating conditions using this strain, both physical and mental, but the main thing about Lemon Jack is how good it makes you feel. This is a strain all about uplifting and empowering you, giving you the tools you need to be the best you that you can be. This means it is useful for those that feel stuck in their lives and lack the motivation to succeed or pursue goals.

Whether you are looking for just a little bit of focus, or just want to experience pleasant sociability, Lemon Jack is filled with reasons to use it and valuable benefits.

Of course, there are always going to be a few side effects to go alongside every great benefit. What are the side effects of using the Lemon Jack strain?

Possible Side Effects of the Lemon Jack Strain

Lemon Jack can be considered a bit of a quintessential marijuana strain, insofar as it causes a few very typical reactions in most people.

This strain is not only considered a bit of a mainstay of the sativa-leaning hybrid marijuana community, but it also has pretty consistent, similar effects to other strains. You can expect both dry mouth and dry eyes when using this strain, forcing you to need to find a damp washcloth and some water to keep from being parched. This is, of course, extremely normal and almost expected, but it is still good to keep it in mind.

The other major side effect of the Lemon Jack strain is its tendency to induce anxiety attacks. While this does sound pretty terrible, it also comes with an important thing to remember; it doesn’t happen to everyone.

Anxiety episodes while taking Lemon Jack only really happen if you were already predisposed to getting these feelings from other marijuana strains. Despite the lower than average THC content in most samples of Lemon Jack bud, it can still induce anxiety in some people.

To overcome this, if you regularly get anxious, you need to take it slow. Don’t smoke too much at once, and really pace yourself to give it a chance to kick in. If an anxiety attack does hit you, drink plenty of water, and get yourself somewhere comfortable. The feelings will wear off shortly, and you won’t be in any danger.

As long as you keep this possible side effect in mind, you will be completely fine when it comes to Lemon Jack.

Final Thoughts on the Lemon Jack Strain

Lemon Jack is a really interesting strain because it represents so much that is wonderful about the marijuana community. It is made from prestigious, well loved, and tasty strains and is crafted with those goals in mind.

Lemon Jack tastes fantastic, smells great, and looks pretty as well while offering truly incredible and enjoyable effects at the same time.

As long as you don’t try and take too much Lemon Jack at one time, this strain is basically risk free. Just maybe stay away if you are the anxious type. If you aren’t, look forward to enjoying one of the very best lemon flavored marijuana strains out there.

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