Larry OG | Marijuana Strain Review and Info

Larry OG Strain Overview
The Larry OG strain is a strain that inspires focus, motivation, and energy, and as a result has been used when one needs an intense boost in encouragement. It can also physically relax you and your mind, so it’s perfect for the end of the day. Besides being a great strain to get things done, it also tastes like oranges and lemons to brighten up your day even more.
Common usage
Lack of appetite
Growing info
This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors. If growing indoors, expect a flowering period in about 7-9 weeks. If growing outdoors, expect to start seeing flowers by mid-October.

If you are on the hunt for a bud that will get you ticking through your to-do list in no time, then have we got a treat for you! Today we are back with another strain review, and this time it is none other than the legendary Larry OG!

Yep, today we are giving you the full lowdown on this respected cannabis strain that has won multiple awards for its medicinal properties and its functioning high!

So, if you are yet to give Larry OG a try, then stick around to find out exactly what you’re missing out on…

What is the Larry OG Cannabis Strain?

Larry OG, also known as Lemon Larry, is yet another one from the renowned Ocean-Grown family, and is a refreshing take on a citrus profile that we think you will love!

Created by The Cali Connection Seed Company, Larry OG is a delicious cross between OG Kush and SFV OG Kush (San Fernando Valley). This strain has maintained its popularity for some time now, having been around for many years and receiving many awards to boot, you know you’re in for something special!

Often described as a highly functional strain, Larry OG is your perfect busy day companion as it inspires energy, motivation and focuses on getting those tasks done with ease! Offering an above average THC content with most tests showing between 21-26%, this bud offers physical relaxation and mental stimulation for the perfect pick-me-up.

Don’t believe us? Just check out Larry OG’s track record, having bagged 1st prize back in 2012 for the best hybrid, and more recently being named best medical indica at the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup, this is a big player amongst medicinal cannabis strains!

Larry OG

Larry OG Cannabis Strain Aroma, Appearance and Flavor


In typical OG fashion, Larry OG is a super fresh, pine-scented bud that offers a refreshing almost outdoorsy feel to the user upon the first inspection. After the initial sniff, you should pick up notes of citrus with a fresh earthy undertone that transports you to a woodland setting as you indulge in those first few drags.

A perfect bud for those who don’t care for overly complicated, sweet-smelling strains, but instead want a palette-cleansing clean, fresh smoke!


A beautiful looking bud, Larry OG presents itself in a pretty powdered minty green, which is a stark contrast from the long bright orange hairs that are sprinkled throughout. With dense nugs and an abundance of crystal trichomes, this is a contrasting yet vibrant looking plant.


Larry OG is a delight for the senses, and it comes as no surprise that its flavors center greatly around a fresh and citrusy vibe. This bud isn’t known as Larry Lemon for no reason, and users should expect an extra special hit of lemon goodness on each hit!

Amongst the sour lemon notes, users should be able to pick up on the fresh orange notes and undercurrent of sweetness that comes through as an afterthought. A genuinely smooth, refreshing smoke!

Larry OG Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Larry OG Strain

If you are looking to introduce a summer bud into your garden, Larry OG could make the perfect cultivation project if you have experience. We would recommend that beginners stay clear of this hybrid at the start of their journey, as it is a little complicated to grow.

When done well, Larry OG offers large yields and a decent flowering time between 7-9 weeks – perfect if you are in inpatient grower! Able to thrive both indoors or out, if you have the room we recommend letting Larry OG grow outdoors where it can benefit from the outside elements.

If you are opting for an outdoor crop, Larry OG does best in low humidity climates with temperatures around 68-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Larry OG will thrive with good hydroponics. However, if you haven’t got the means for this not to worry, good, well-nourished soil will do just fine. And of course, like with all OG varieties, we advise a heavy feeding schedule for your bud.

Larry OG Cannabis Strain Medicinal Benefits


This baby didn’t win the best medicinal strain for nothing, and has its generous THC content to thank for much of its success. However, alongside a healthy amount of THC, this plant also offers 0.5% CBD and a number of benefits for a multitude of patients.

Famed for its highly functional high, Larry OG is a great option for those who struggle from anxiety and stress, which may be impeding everyday tasks. With a hit of physical relaxation that will reduce muscle tension and aches and pains, as well as delivering a good dose of mental stimulation, there are few tasks that Larry OG won’t be perfect for.

Many sufferers of low mood and depression state that Larry OG offers a mellow high that clears mental fog and invokes a general uplift in mood. It is also pretty famed for its ability to kick off some serious munchies, so if you are struggling with a lack of appetite, this one could be the perfect solution!

If you are new to high THC strains, Larry OG may be a bit much for you as it is still a potent bud despite its well-rounded high. If this is the case, start lightly and build up to a tolerable level to avoid any unwanted effects.

Whether you are looking for an extra boost of focus to power through your work, or want to ease physical complaints, Larry OG is the perfect balance of physical and mental relief that makes it ideal for all kinds of patients.

Larry OG Cannabis Strain Potential Side Effects

Larry OG Cannabis Strain

Much like any bud, Larry OG does come with a few drawbacks, and users should expect to experience dry eyes and dry mouth as a result of this bud. Other potential side effects are less likely and can occur if you overindulge on the strain. Paranoia is now a known side effect of Larry OG, and you could also experience dizziness if too much is taken.

Larry OG Round-Up!

Well, that’s it – Larry OG is the fresh, lemon-scented bud that brings about relaxation, a mellow focus and an ability to get things done! We love how long-lasting this bud is, making it an ideal option for patients as well as recreational users.

We would love to know if you have ever tried Larry OG for yourself, and how you found the high? Let’s have a chat in the comments below!