KC 33 Strain | Cannabis Strain Review

KC 33 Strain Overview
The KC-33 strain features the perfect blend of a relaxing body high and sharp, mental focus and clarity. This strain offers up to 22% THC. Its powerful effects soothes pain and encourages relaxation.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Growing info
This strain thrives both indoors and outdoors. It grows best in wetter, cooler climates. Harvest can occur within 10-16 weeks outside and 6-9 weeks indoor.

KC 33 is a balanced marijuana strain that blends both mental clarity and physical relaxation. KC 33 does not leave you feeling sedated and unable to enjoy your high.

In terms of where to buy KC33, few dispensaries in the U.S. routinely stock the strain. You may be able to find it in select few West Coast dispensaries (mostly in California and Oregon), but the flower is much more readily accessible in Amsterdam than it is here in the US.

For professionally-reviewed information on KC33 effects, strain lineage and genetics, cannabinoid profiles, and how to grow, continue reading below…

What is the KC 33 Strain?


KC 33 got its unusual name from its breeder, KC Brains Holland. The phrase “KC 33” is an amalgamation of the breeder’s name and the age of the breeder at the time the strain was created.

KC 33 is a roughly 60% indica / 40% sativa hybrid strain, and has a combination of Afghani and landrace Haze genetics. The 60/40 produces effects that you would expect from both an indica and a sativa. That said, KC 33 is the perfect strain for those who do not want to experience intense effects from either side of the spectrum. It works well for those searching for a calming, therapeutic high.

KC 33 has won a number of awards for both its balanced effects and its potency. This includes winning second place in the outdoor category during the 2006 Highlife Cup.

KC33 Effects

It can take a while for the KC 33 strain to take effect. Often, this leads to people taking a larger dose than necessary. While KC 33 might be a slow starter, however, it has the ability to change your mood entirely when its effects become apparent.

With just a few puffs, KC 33 has the ability to alter your state of mind and transform anxiety and stress into calm and euphoria. KC 33 completely takes hold of your mind and locks all of life’s stress and negativity away, leaving behind only happy and positive thoughts.

Despite KC 33 being an indica-dominant strain, the initial effects resemble what you might find in a sativa-dominant variety. A cerebral weightlessness initiates the high, which allows you to focus and process thoughts in a deeper way than you would normally. Negative thoughts feel as though they have been locked away in the back of your mind.

What Else Should You Expect?

Since KC 33 causes people to drift off into their own thoughts, don’t be surprised if you become lost in your own head and uninterested in interacting with people around you. It is best to smoke KC 33 with a few close friends rather than in a large group, as this will allow you to be yourself and make the most of the strain.

Some people report experiencing psychedelic effects when taking KC 33 in large doses. Senses become distorted, and some have described a feeling of becoming freed from physical and mental constraints. These effects can seem a little daunting at first, but after repeated use, they can be embraced in order to add a new layer to the KC 33 experience.

Over time, the KC33 high will shift through your body and fill you with a sense of relaxation and peace. In other words, as the high progresses the traditional sedated effects of indica take over. KC 33 is an ideal strain for those days when you want the relaxing high of an indica, but do not want to be left on the couch for hours on end.


The KC 33 strain has a fresh lemon aroma that fills the air with summery, cheerful vibes. Crumbling KC 33 buds apart in your hand creates a smell almost identical to cutting open a fresh lemon and squeezing out the juice. Breaking buds apart also unleashes a peppery aroma, which you would not expect given the otherwise “lemony” aromatic dominance. The two different smells work surprisingly well together, and add a layer of complexity to KC 33.

KC 33’s smoke can be a little aggressive at first, but is something you will quickly adapt to and probably come to enjoy. Upon exhale, a cloud of sweet lemon freshness will linger in the air.


KC 33’s flavor profile very much matches its aroma. Hits are initiated with a sweet fruity base and subtle notes of mint and lemon — as you inhale, you’ll feel as though you’re taking a long swig of ice-cold lemonade.

As the smoke settles in your mouth and works its way down your throat, the lemon combines with the heat to create an interesting warm feeling. Imagine the sensation of biting into a lemon wedge that has been roasted with chicken and potatoes — all of the flavors combine together to extraordinary effect. Upon exhale, KC33 leaves users with a minty lemon flavor, similar to what is experience when drinking a mint-infused cocktail.


KC 33’s buds stand out from the rest of the plant as a result of their neon green coloring and thick gold pistils that stick out at almost every angle. KC 33 buds stick together, giving the plant a dense appearance.

The leaves have a beautiful mix of colors with a dark green base, as well as patches of purple and blue spread throughout. When subjected to cold temperatures during early growth stages, the colors tend to be more vibrant, giving the plant a distinct appearance. The entire plant is covered in a thin layer of white trichomes, adding to the hidden, mysterious look of the plant.

KC 33 Strain Grow Info

kc 33

For those who are interested in growing their own KC 33 plants, it is not a difficult variety to grow. In fact, for those who are altogether new to growing, KC 33 would be an excellent strain to start with. It should require minimal maintenance.

Like all plants, however, it will need proper light, fertilizer, and water. Be aware if you are growing in soil, cannabis in general will pull heavy metals out of the soil — much like cilantro. This is why it’s best to grow first, dry the crop, and then burn it in a place that won’t recontaminate the soil.

KC 33 strain seeds can be bought online, and the strain can be grown both indoors and out. Due to its larger than average size, however, it is recommended to keep plants outside as long as temperatures allow.

KC 33 flourishes in both tropical and warm climates. For optimal growth, plants should be kept in a cool and dry environment. High relative humidity (above 80%) is the perfect conditions for Botrytis infection, so be wary of this if you live in a warmer climate.

Growing KC 33 Outdoors

For those who opt for outdoor growing, expect your plants to grow tall — sometimes exceeding 12 feet. The amount of cannabinoids and terpenes in flowers of these large plants will vary greatly. In fact, don’t be surprised if a bud from one part of the plant produces significantly different cannabinoid content than other parts.

When growing indoors, plant height is restricted by the size of the growing vessel, as well as the specific presence of nutrients, water, light, and plants per square meter. Indoor growth times can vary from as little as 6 weeks to as long as 12 weeks depending on growing conditions.

It is important to carefully consider where you are going to keep your KC 33 plants, as like we mentioned, this tends to be a tall strain. The good news is you can expect KC 33 to produce a large yield, making the extra space that it takes up worthwhile.

THC Content of KC 33

KC 33 cannabis has THC levels between 14% and 16%. This places the strain firmly in the ‘average’ category for indica-dominant varieties. That said, KC 33 has been known to produce THC levels as high as 22%. The exact amount will very much depend on the individual cultivar (cannabinoid variation is typically due to non-uniform seed production; every seed you buy will give you a different result).

All in all, the THC content of KC 33 will produce strong psychoactive effects, and can cause a rather deep and intense high.

CBD Content of KC 33

The exact CBD content of KC 33 is not known. However, it is thought to be less than 1% in most instances. Despite containing such little CBD, KC 33 has a number of medical benefits. This makes the strain worthy of consideration for medicinal users.

Potential Medical Benefits of the KC 33 Strain

The uplifting effects of KC 33 make it a perfect strain for managing stress — especially since it does not have much of a sedative effect. Most users will find that they’re able to carry on with their day as normal. When taken in small doses, KC 33 can be just the positive boost that you need to help you stay positive and motivated throughout the day.

KC 33 is a popular choice for those who have attention deficit disorders, as it allows for a deep level of focus. KC 33 is also reported to increase concentration, and it has been know to be used for both chronic pain and inflammation. KC 33 can also be effective at easing the effects of migraines and chronic headaches.

Possible Side Effects of the KC 33 Strain

KC 33 suffers from the two most common side effects of any cannabis strain: dry eyes and cottonmouth. Dry eyes can leave your eyes feeling irritated for several hours, but the good news is that the effects are short-lived and generally have no long-term effect on your health.

Cottonmouth is another side effect that should only last a few hours. Eye drops help, as does staying hydrated when smoking. In rare cases, people have reported feeling dizzy after taking large doses of KC 33. Feelings of dizziness are often exacerbated by taking KC 33 in large crowds, and/or in situations where you do not feel comfortable.

For those who have a low tolerance to THC, or for those who know that THC will produce panic attacks or anxiousness, it is recommended to use KC 33 with caution and to stick to low doses.

Final Thoughts on the KC 33 Strain

KC 33 is a multi-purpose strain as a result of its sativa/indica balance. It is an ideal strain for those looking to relax, and it can be used to great mood-boosting effect. It can also help you stay focused and motivated. In fact, there are few situations that cannot be improved with the help of KC 33.

Lastly, with a wonderful lemon flavor backed up by subtle notes of fresh fruit, KC 33 is a strain that offers a fantastic flavor profile. If you’re lucky enough to find this unique strain at a dispensary in your area, make sure to give it a try.