Jorge’s Diamond Marijuana Strain (2020 Review)

Jorge's Diamond Strain Overview
Jorge’s Diamond has become a popular strain due to its sweet fruity flavor profile and aroma. It is a powerful strain packing high levels of both THC and CBD, making it an excellent multipurpose option.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Muscle spasms
Body high/numbing
Growing info
Jorge’s Diamond is considered to be an easy strain to grow at home, even for novice growers. Its plants are often ready for harvesting in as little as eight weeks.

When you first come across Jorge’s Diamond weed strain, you are not sure what to expect. The strain’s name gives a few clues that this could be a rare strain you cannot afford to miss out on, but other than that, its name is not very helpful.

Luckily, Jorge’s Diamond’s aroma does what its name cannot. It draws people in with beautifully sweet notes. Jorge’s Diamond truly is a rare find, combining robust flavors but maintaining a delicate and endearing aroma that has you instantly hooked.

Let’s take a closer look at Jorge’s Diamond and find out what you can expect from this sweet yet powerful strain.

What Is the Jorge’s Diamond Strain?

Jorge’s Diamond is an indica-dominant hybrid strain and the creation of Jorge Cervantes. It is possible to trace Jorge’s Diamond back to the immensely popular Afghani strain, which has been used to create countless cannabis strains.

Famous for both its recreational uses and its medical benefits, Jorge’s Diamond has won a number of awards, including 1st place at the High Life Cannabis Cup. Not only does Jorge’s Diamond manage to pack a wide range of relaxing and beneficial effects, but it also has very few adverse side effects, making it appealing to novice smokers.

The effects of Jorge’s Diamond set in slowly, creeping through your body and allowing you to adjust with ease. You first notice a slight mind buzz that leaves you feeling calm and relaxed. As the effects of Jorge’s Diamond strengthen, you cannot help but feel as though all negative and stressful thoughts have been locked away out of reach, allowing you to relax.

As Jorge’s Diamond works its way through your body, you notice that your limbs feel light, almost as though floating on a cloud. While the physical effects of Jorge’s Diamond are extremely calming, they also cause you to feel as though the movement is challenging.

Jorge’s Diamond is best for use during the evening, either with a few close friends or alone. Turning on some gentle music and allowing your mind to drift freely is an excellent way to make the most of Jorge’s Diamond.


The Jorge’s Diamond cannabis strain provides a sweet experience from the very first puff of its clear and enjoyable smoke. Mixing together fresh berries and honey straight from the hive, it is hard not to fall in love with Jorge’s Diamond’s aroma.

Jorge’s Diamond buds release the plant’s sweetness filling the air with a summery smell that brings a smile to your face. You cannot help but picture a bowl of freshly picked berries with honey drizzled over the top.

As Jorge’s Diamond burns, it produces a smooth and pleasant smoke that is easy to breathe through even for those new to smoking. The inviting, warm, sweet aroma showcases cannabis strains at their very best.

A huge advantage of Jorge’s Diamond is that it does not leave a pungent herbal aroma in the air after smoking, as so many other strains do. Jorge’s Diamond’s sweet aroma instead dissipates quickly, leaving the air smelling fresh and clean.


Jorge’s Diamond is everything that you hope for after breathing in its fresh summery sweet aroma. It has a delicately sweet flavor profile that reminds you of taking a bite out of a freshly baked honey cake.

As you inhale your first puff of smoke, a mix of sweet honey and freshly picked berries fills your lungs. The summery flavor makes Jorge’s Diamond an excellent option during the winter months when you are in need of a mood boost.

As the smooth smoke travels down to your lungs, you are able to enjoy the dessert-like flavors that feel as though they are dancing on your tongue. Jorge’s Diamond reminds you of sitting out in the sun in the middle of summer while snacking on a mix of freshly picked berries.

Jorge’s Diamond leaves a gentle, sweet flavor in your mouth, leaving you wanting just one more puff of fruity smoke.


Jorge’s Diamond plants have a thin, tall appearance that makes them look as though they are standing up as straight as possible in an attempt to show off their impressive height. The thin body of Jorge’s Diamond plants makes its leaves look slightly abnormal and out of place, growing beyond the body of the plant.

Jorge’s Diamond buds have around, slightly chunky appearance to them and are typically a bright light green color. The buds nestle tightly together, contributing to the plant’s narrow appearance.

Delicate orange pistils grow throughout the buds, working their way to the surface of each bud. The hint of rusty orange gives the buds an extra burst of color and a slight mottled appearance from a distance.

The leaves on a Jorge’s Diamond plant look as though they have gone the extra mile to distance themselves from the rest of the plant. Growing in a straight line from the center of the plant, the leaves only start to grow outward once they are away from the rest of the plant.

Jorge’s Diamond Strain Grow Info

Jorge’s Diamond plants are known for being resistant to most garden pests and molds. The plant’s resistance levels make it the perfect strain for novice growers who are looking to experiment with new strains.

Equally, Jorge’s Diamond’s larger than average yield also means that it is a popular strain among experienced growers. Jorge’s Diamond’s short growing time and large yield make it a rewarding plant to grow.

While Jorge’s Diamond can grow outside, it is often advisable that home growers keep plants indoors as it allows for more precise temperature control. For those who prefer the extra challenge, Jorge’s Diamond plants kept outside can normally be harvested around mid-October.

Jorge’s Diamond plants grow best when kept in a warm, dry climate. Consistent temperatures are also important and are one of the reasons that many people choose to keep their plants indoors.

Due to Jorge’s Diamond’s height, it is important to trim indoor plants regularly. Indoor plants that are not trimmed can quickly become restricted, preventing them from producing the large yield they are capable of.

When growing Jorge’s Diamond plants indoors, you can expect them to be ready for harvesting after just eight weeks. Some plants can take slightly longer, but it is rare to have to wait longer than ten weeks.

Jorge’s Diamond strain seeds are easy to find for sale online from multiple retailers, so it is incredibly easy to get started.

THC Content – Highest Test

The Jorge’s Diamond cannabis strain has an average THC content of 18%, although this figure can vary. Different tests have shown Jorge’s Diamond to have THC levels as low as 12% and a high of 22%.

The slightly higher than average THC content of Jorge’s Diamond is probably the reason for its body buzz. For those who have a low THC tolerance or are not used to such THC-heavy strains, the effects of Jorge’s Diamond can feel overwhelming at first.

How does Jorge’s Diamond’s CBD content compare?

CBD Content – Highest Test

Jorge’s Diamond is a rare find in that it has both a high THC and CBD content. Tests have shown that Jorge’s Diamond has an average CBD content of 12%.

Strains that have a high THC content are generally not expected to contain more than trace amounts of CBD. Jorge’s Diamond breaks this expectation by packing a significant dose of CBD.

The high levels of CBD have led to Jorge’s Diamond becoming a popular medical strain with a myriad of health benefits. So, why might you want to consider Jorge’s Diamond as a medicinal strain?

Medical Benefits of the Jorge’s Diamond Strain

Jorge’s Diamond has become a popular medical strain, helping to manage a number of conditions. Many of the benefits of Jorge’s Diamond come from its calming mental high and its physically numbing effects.

Jorge’s Diamond may be a useful strain for those who suffer from depression. The uplifting effects of this strain allow you to enjoy a few stress-free hours, helping to lift your mood. Jorge’s Diamond can also be used as a way of clearing your mind and allowing you to work through stressful and negative emotions and thoughts.

The physically relaxing effects users feel with Jorge’s Diamond make it useful for treating both pain and muscle spasms. Shortly after smoking your first puff of Jorge’s Diamond, your limbs feel as though they have been freed from even the most stubborn of pains.

The sleepy effects that set in towards the end of a Jorge’s Diamond high make it ideal for combating insomnia. When smoking Jorge’s Diamond in larger doses, the sedative effects are able to take hold much sooner, helping you to drift off into a peaceful sleep.

Jorge’s Diamond has also been found to help inflammation and has led to many people using it as a daily supplement. Jorge’s Diamond’s anti-inflammatory effects also make it a great option for those looking to treat chronic conditions caused by inflammation, such as arthritis and bowel conditions.

Possible Side Effects of the Jorge’s Diamond Strain

Jorge’s Diamond is famous for having very few negative side effects, another reason that it has become such a popular medical strain.

The most common effect that people experience with Jorge’s Diamond is dry mouth, although this is normally only an issue when smoking large doses. Dry mouth is a temporary effect that leaves your mouth feeling dehydrated and slightly fluffy in texture.

A similar effect that is experienced by a small percentage of users is dry eyes. Just like dry mouth, dry eyes should only last a few hours and can make your eyes feel dry and irritated. Some people find that their eyes also appear red and tired looking.

For those who have a naturally low THC tolerance, it is possible to experience a sudden feeling of dizziness and anxious thoughts when smoking Jorge’s Diamond in large amounts. These effects only occur occasionally and you can easily avoid them by sticking to a small dose.

Final Thoughts on the Jorge’s Diamond Strain

Jorge’s Diamond is a rewarding strain from the second that you break apart its dense buds, thanks to its sweet aroma and fruity flavor profile. Even before the effects of Jorge’s Diamond take hold, you cannot help but smile and enjoy its smooth, delicious smoke.

The experience continues to improve as Jorge’s Diamond’s calming effects start to take hold, and your limbs begin to lighten. Jorge’s Diamond is the perfect strain for a relaxing evening when you want to block out the rest of the world and simply relax.

Jorge’s Diamond is much more than just a sweet, fun recreational strain, though. Its high CBD content makes it a powerful medical option for many. From helping you to manage stress to numbing chronic pain, Jorge’s Diamond has many benefits that make it worth exploring.