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Jack Flash Strain Overview
Jack Flash is a slightly indica-leaning strain that was originally bred in the Netherlands. It gets its name from its amazing ability to take you from buzzy and energetic to calm and sedated all within a flash (usually around an hour). It has a fresh, orangey taste with notes of hash and herb intertwined. Great for evening usage, whether recreational or medicinal.
Common usage
Body high/numbing
Growing info
Flowering period is approximately 8-10 weeks, best grown indoors

As the recreational marijuana market grows, so does the number of available strains. It is exciting to try brand new strains with unknown effects and flavors, but sometimes you just want a good old predictable strain. A strain that has been around for decades, with a long list of possible effects both positive and negative, Jack Flash has benefits you can reliably expect, and there are no nasty surprises.

Traveling back in time to The Netherlands, home of marijuana, Jack Flash is a strain that was winning awards even before the turn of the century. With Jack Flash you know exactly what to expect; there are never-ending reviews and lab reports, so you are guaranteed a good time every time.

Let’s look at Jack Flash in more detail to find out exactly what you can expect from this award-winning strain.

What is the Jack Flash Cannabis Strain?

Jack Flash is an award-winning strain, having won the Dutch High Life Cup in 1998 with a fantastic reputation that goes back decades. Initially created by a Dutch company, its lineage can be traced back to Jack Herer, a sativa, being crossed with Super Skunk and Haze. Jack Flash is a hybrid strain that leans slightly more towards what you would expect from an indica, with a 55% indica / 45% sativa composition. Jack Flash is an interesting strain, with its effects being easily manipulated by those with experience. While smaller doses cause effects more in keeping with a sativa, larger doses result in a more traditional indica high.

Jack Flash got its name from its fast acting high that has been compared to a flash of lightning shooting through your body, taking you from a euphoric mind high to a sedated body high in less than an hour. As a result of Jack Flash’s fast paced high that manages to take you on a journey from extreme sativa to full on indica at lightning speed, this is not recommended as a strain suitable for beginners as the experience can prove to be too overwhelming. Jack Flash is best enjoyed with a small group of close friends who are all experienced smokers, looking to have a laid back afternoon.

The initial high sets in within just a few short minutes, lifting your mood and causing strong psychedelic effects that leave your brain spinning in circles as you race to catch up. This early stage of the high is best enjoyed when you are in an environment where you feel safe and comfortable to explore your feelings. It is therefore advised that you avoid taking Jack Flash in large, crowded public spaces, as it can cause a sense of panic as the world moves around you. Similarly, this is not a strain to experiment with in larger groups with people you are unfamiliar with.

The early psychedelic stage of the high does not last long, and within 30 minutes your brain begins to relax, and the almost sickening feeling that the world is spinning around you stops. The mood lifting effects that came at the beginning of the high remain, accompanied by a wave of creativity and a desire to talk and be social. This is perhaps the most enjoyable part of the high, as your brain feels clear and you are filled with a sense of calm happiness. This is the ideal time to take full advantage of your increased creativity, whether this is in some form of art or letting your imagination run free with new ideas and concepts. This is also the most sociable part of the high, enjoying the freedom that comes from all of your social anxieties being washed away and a feeling that you can talk openly with those close to you.

As the high draws to an end, it works its way through your body, causing you to feel sedated and lethargic. This stage is most enjoyable at home where you can flop onto a comfy sofa and become absorbed in your most inner thoughts. When taken in larger doses it is common to drift off to sleep, waking up from a deep sleep feeling refreshed.

What can you expect from Jack Flash in terms of its aroma and taste?

Jack Flash Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance


Jack Flash has a subtle aroma that can only truly be appreciated within close proximity. Placing Jack Flash in your hand and allowing your nostrils to breathe in its scent, slowly you begin to notice an earthy aroma with hints of citrus. With time and slow breaths, you begin to tell the different aromas apart, picking up on the deep, damp earth mixed with a fresh, fruity tang.

Grinding Jack Flash’s buds releases a slightly stronger smell, filling the air with a wave of citrus that you slowly recognize as being similar to a sweet orange as you break its skin open and cover your fingers in fresh orange juice.

How does Jack Flash’s flavor compare to its sweet, earthy aroma?


Jack Flash’s flavor profile is a mix of summery citrus fruits mixed with faint woody notes. With your first drag, you are hit with a strong, tangy orange burst with a hint of hash that hangs in the background. Breathing in more of Jack Flash’s smoke, you start to appreciate the less noticeable flavors that complete the experience, with a hint of woodiness and summer flowers washing over your tongue.

Jack Flash’s smoke is smooth and easy to inhale, filling your lungs with a summery citrus flavor that hangs on your tongue, creating a tingling sensation that reminds you of long summer afternoons in the garden.


The first thing that you will notice about Jack Flash’s appearance is the long, orange, wispy strands that cover the plant. Growing to almost twice the length of the buds, they dwarf everything else around them. The plant’s buds are a mellow green hidden within the sea of orange, covered in sticky resins and thin, delicate trichomes.

The plant’s leaves are long and thin giving the impression that they are trying to fight their way through the orange strands and grab your attention. Despite the muted colors of the plant, the orange strands give jack Flash a brightness that is exceptionally pleasing to the eye and one that you could stare at endlessly.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can grow your own Jack Flash plant at home.

Jack Flash Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Jack Flash is extremely easy to grow, ideal for beginners looking to build their confidence up before moving on to more demanding strains. In terms of maintenance, there is very little to worry about, with the most advanced care required being regular trimming to ensure maximum healthy growth.

Having been cultivated as an indoor plant, Jack Flash is happiest when grown inside although this is not to say that growing this strain outside is impossible. If you are lucky enough to live in a Mediterranean climate and can trust that you are safe from sudden temperature changes, you can successfully grow Jack Flash outside with very few problems.

Flowering tends to occur between 8 and 10 weeks, although some plants have been known to take a few extra weeks and this is nothing to worry about. When grown outside, plants are normally ready to be harvested around late October and early November.

One of the reasons for Jack Flash’s popularity is because of its higher than average yield size, paired with how low maintenance it is; in fact, it is known as the ‘all gain no pain’ strain.

Before you start growing your own Jack Flash plant, you are going to want to know what level of THC you can expect, so let’s take a look at Jack Flash’s THC content.

THC Content – Highest Test

Jack Flash has a slightly higher than average THC content, which possibly explains the reason that it is a strain with such a fast acting high. Average THC levels have been found to be 17.5%, with the highest reported level being 20%.

How does its CBD content compare?

CBD Content – Highest Test

It is extremely rare to find a strain that has both a high THC content and high CBD content, and Jack Flash is no exception to this rule. Jack Flash has a low CBD content of between 0.9% and 1%; this is unsurprising given that it has a higher than average THC content.

With such a low level of CBD, you might be wondering whether Jack Flash actually has any medical benefits and if so what they are. So, let’s take a closer look at why you might want to consider Jack Flash as a medicinal strain.

Medical Benefits of the Jack Flash Cannabis Strain

Jack Flash is particularly useful for relieving mild aches and pains. As a result of having a fast-acting high, pain relief is almost immediate. In particular, Jack Flash has shown to be effective for reducing muscle and joint pain, allowing you to enjoy the energetic, creative stage of the high pain-free.

Jack Flash acts as a nausea suppressant and has proven to be extremely effective alongside treatments and medication that cause nausea. Combined with this is the increased appetite that is so commonly experienced with Jack Flash, ideal for countering medications that induce hunger and leave you feeling weak.

When taken in larger doses Jack Flash can be used to manage Insomnia, with the later stages of the high leaving you feeling lethargic and drowsy, combined with the clear-headedness that is often experienced Jack Flash makes drifting off to sleep a stress-free experience.

As a result of the clear-minded, mood enhancing effects of Jack Flash, it can be a useful strain for those who suffer from stress and depression. The uplifting effects that are felt throughout the high allow you to focus on the things that make you happy, enjoying the feel-good vibes that come with Jack Flash.

Possible Side Effects of the Jack Flash Cannabis Strain

Another reason why Jack Flash is not an ideal strain for beginners is due to the number of potential negative effects that can be experienced from even just a small dose. While none of these side effects have a long-lasting effect, they can still be scary at the moment if you do not have the experience of other strains to reassure you.

The two most common negative effects of Jack Flash are dry mouth and dry eyes; neither last more than a few hours and they have no permanent effects on your health. Despite acting as a mild form of pain relief, a commonly reported effect of Jack Flash is headaches that develop towards the end of the high and linger for anything from a few hours to the rest of the day. Headaches can also be accompanied by dizziness, although this is less common and tends only to occur when a larger dose of Jack Flash is taken.

Perhaps the most unnerving effect, especially for beginners, is a sense of paranoia that has only been reported by people who take large doses of Jack Flash. If paranoia is something that you have suffered from in the past, it might be best to avoid Jack Flash or to experiment with smaller doses to begin with, so that you can evaluate your body’s response.

Do not let the list of negative effects put you off trying Jack Flash, especially as they are all short term effects that rarely last more than a day.

Final Thoughts on the Jack Flash Cannabis Strain

Jack Flash is ultimately a fun strain that is suited to casual afternoons with friends when you do not have any plans and just want to hang out together and have a good time. With just a few puffs you are taken on a journey demonstrating the traditional effects that come with both sativas and indicas. For intermediate users who are looking to learn more about the type of strain they enjoy, Jack Flash is ideal allowing you to discover with you prefer the effects of sativas or indicas.

Jack Flash is not limited to just being a great recreational strain, having a number of medical uses that can help to alleviate minor health concerns, making this a strain perfect for everyone.  Whether you are sick and looking for a way to cope, or just to enjoy yourself, Jack Flash will be there for you.

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