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Hawaiian Strain Overview
The Hawaiian cannabis strain provides a bright and uplifting high, leaving you feeling as though you are relaxing on a beach. Each puff of smoke is packed with a rich, tropical flavor and upbeat energy, making it the perfect way to survive the winter.
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Hawaiian strain plants are easy to grow, making them a popular strain among novice growers. Requiring a hot and humid climate, Hawaiian plants are able to produce a pleasing yield that requires very little effort.

Winter months are often spent dreaming of the long days spent relaxing on the beach over the summer. You find yourself wishing that you could leave the dark, gloomy winter days behind and just spend a few hours back on the beach with a cocktail in hand.

While you might not be able to get away to a tropical climate, you can bring a little bit of summer to you in the form of the Hawaiian strain. Packed with a tropical aroma and an uplifting high, the Hawaiian cannabis strain is the perfect way to make it through those dark winter months in high spirits.

So, what exactly is the Hawaiian strain, and can it really deliver a slice of summer in those cold winter months? Let’s find out.

What Is the Hawaiian Strain?

The Hawaiian cannabis strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid thought to be made up of 60% sativa and 40% indica. This almost equal mix of sativa and indica results in a calming high that lifts your mood and leaves you feeling as though you really are relaxing on a Hawaiian island.

The exact lineage of Hawaiian is not known and remains somewhat of a mystery within the industry. The strain’s mellow effects and high THC content are thought to have originated from a combination of rich sativas and weak indicas.


Hawaiian is an interesting strain in that it fills you with a wave of energy, making it great for beating fatigue. However, Hawaiian somehow manages to lack the focused sense of motivation that you often find with a sativa strain.

The combination of mental energy and lack of focus results in a calming high that is ideal for lazy yet fulfilling days. Whether you have a movie marathon planned or a day of reading ahead of you, the Hawaiian strain is the perfect companion.

The effects of the Hawaiian strain are quick to take hold, filling you with a euphoric sense of happiness. After just a few minutes, you feel as though all of your stress and worries have been washed away.

Hawaiian is very much a mind-driven high, with a strong wave of mental energy and clarity. The physical effects of Hawaiian are much more subtle, causing your limbs to feel light and energetic.

Some people find that Hawaiian can heighten creativity, making it an ideal strain for helping you to work through creative tasks.

One of the really brilliant things about the Hawaiian strain is that the end of the high does not leave you feeling drained and lethargic. Instead, the effects simply start to wear off over time until you notice that you no longer feel quite as uplifted and energetic.

Hawaiian is the perfect strain for a relaxing day; whether chilling at home or out with a few friends, just a few puffs are enough to fill your day with that calm vacation feeling.

When smoking Hawaiian with friends, you are likely to find that conversation flows much more naturally and openly. As Hawaiian’s energy bounces around the group, you find that laughter comes much easier, and everything feels that little bit more entertaining.


Hawaiian buds have a sweet smell that almost instantly reminds you of sipping a fruity cocktail on the beach. One quick smell of Hawaiian buds, and you are able to see exactly how the strain came to get its name.

As you begin to break Hawaiian buds apart, the sweetness from within the buds fills the space around you. Bright citrus notes seem to come from within the buds in large, enjoyable waves. There really is no better name for the Hawaiian strain, with its sweet, citrus aroma that transports you to a hot Hawaiian beach mentally.

One of the really nice things about Hawaiian is that its aroma is not overly potent. While Hawaiian has tough strength to surround you in a warm, summer-feeling smoke, it also quickly dissipates. Hawaiian is ideal for those times when you do not want an aroma that hangs in the air for hours after smoking.

Is Hawaiian’s flavor profile as summery and sweet as its aroma?


Hawaiian’s flavor profile is everything that you expect and more. From your very first puff of smoke, you have whisked away to summer days lounging on the beach. A mix of fresh tropical fruit and sweetness wash over your taste buds, tricking your brain into thinking it is sipping a cocktail on the beach.

Smoking Hawaiian is just like enjoying your favorite summer cocktails. A bright, fruity mix of pineapple, mango, and citrus swirls on your tongue, almost tricking you into thinking that you have a pina colada in your hand.

In keeping with the uplifting, joyful experience that is Hawaiian, the strain produces a clear smoke. Perfect for those who find that most strains cause several minutes of uncontrollable coughing, Hawaiian is easy to inhale. The Hawaiian strain is as gentle as it is sweet, causing minimal irritation to both your throat and lungs.


Hawaiian buds have a light green coloring, giving them an energetic appearance that beautifully matches the high that they provide. The buds’ bright and dominant appearance is helped by their large size.

Hawaiian’s dense buds can make them difficult to break apart and so it is always a good idea to have a weed grinder on hand.

Adding to the tropical feeling that carries throughout every element of the Hawaiian strain, there are vibrant orange hairs that cover each bud. The orange coloring adds a beautiful contrast to the bright green base of the buds. The combination of bright sunshine colors brings a smile to your face before you even break the buds apart.

Hawaiian plants are hard to miss due to their bright coloring and towering height. In fact, Hawaiian plants can easily grow to 8 feet, causing them to stand out no matter where you place them in your garden.

Hawaiian Strain Grow Info

Hawaiian strain seeds are readily available online, with Hawaiian being a common strain across the world. The Hawaiian strain is relatively easy to grow and is a popular pick, especially in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands.

True to its name, the Hawaiian strain is at its happiest when growing in a hot and humid climate. For those who are lucky enough actually to live in a Hawaiian-like climate, plants are easy to raise outdoors.

If you live in a colder and drier climate, it is best to keep your Hawaiian plants indoors. Due to the strain’s immense height, keeping Hawaiian plants indoors can be a little tricky at times. The best way around the plant’s height is to carry out regular trimming.

As you might expect, having to limit the plant’s growth so drastically when growing indoors does affect the plant’s overall yield. While still not disappointing, indoor Hawaiian plants tend to produce a yield of about half the size of those that grow outside.

Indoor plants tend to take between 10 and 12 weeks before they are ready to harvest. Hawaiian plants kept outside should generally be harvestable around late October.

Hawaiian is a popular strain for breeders when looking to create new sativa-dominant hybrids. The gentle yet uplifting high makes it ideal for crossing with other strains that have harsher effects.

The Hawaiian strain has been used to create popular strains such as The Real McCoy and Pink Hawaiian. Hawaiian has also been used to create THC-rich strains, including Hawaiian Dream and Hawaiian Haze.

THC Content – Highest Test

The exact THC content of the Hawaiian cannabis strain is unclear, with varying levels found during testing. Some lab tests have found that Hawaiian cannabis plants have a THC content of just 15%. Meanwhile, other results have shown the Hawaiian strain to contain around 25% THC.

As a rough guide, Hawaiian cannabis should have an average of 20% THC. It is always worth being aware that this can vary by up to 5% in each direction and that the effects felt can also vary accordingly.

What can you expect from the Hawaiian strain in terms of its CBD levels, and are they as unpredictable as its THC content?

CBD Content – Highest Test

The Hawaiian cannabis strain is extremely average when it comes to its CBD content, which is much more predictable than its THC levels. Hawaiian plants usually contain 1% CBD, roughly the amount that you would expect from a strain with a high THC content.

While 1% might sound incredibly low when compared to the strain’s THC potential of 25%, the Hawaiian strain still manages to have a surprising number of medical benefits.

From helping you manage pain to tackling fatigue, the Hawaiian strain is a pleasingly diverse medical strain. Why don’t we take a bit of a closer look at how you can make the most out of Hawaiian cannabis as a medicinal strain?

Medical Benefits of the Hawaiian Strain

One of the main reasons that Hawaiian has become such a popular medical strain is as a natural stress reliever. The almost instant mental clarity and feeling of being uplifted help to push even the most stressful of thoughts to the back of your mind.

A small dose of Hawaiian before tackling stressful situations and tasks is enough to make them feel manageable. It leaves you upbeat and positive about the day ahead.

For similar reasons, those who suffer from depression often use Hawaiian. The sudden revitalizing effects of Hawaiian can help you to push through depressive episodes and turn a bad day into a positive one.

Hawaiian can also help those who struggle with anxiety. The strain’s ability to push negative and stressful thoughts away provides a chance to maintain a calm and logical mindset.

Hawaiian is often beneficial for those who suffer from fatigue. It provides a fast-acting, energizing high that might not have you running a marathon but will give you a much needed mental burst of energy.

While Hawaiian produces a very mentally dominant high, many still consider it a useful strain for managing chronic pain and muscle spasms. The physically calming effects that come from the strain’s indica side help to numb pain and calm muscles.

Hawaiian is ideal for treating pain during the day due to its lack of sedative effects. Many strains that are popular pain relievers often cause strong sedated feelings. Hawaiian instead provides you with an energizing fuel that allows you to make the most of your pain-free hours.

Unfortunately, almost every strain has at least a few potential side effects that are always nice to be aware of before using. So, what side effects should you be aware of when smoking the Hawaiian strain?

Possible Side Effects of the Hawaiian Strain

The main side effect that people experience when smoking Hawaiian is dry mouth, which can cause intense feelings of dehydration. Dry mouth often occurs when smoking cannabis strains and is not an easy side effect to avoid. Luckily, dry mouth normally wears off after a few hours and can be eased by drinking plenty of water.

The strain’s higher than average THC content can cause temporary dizziness, especially towards the beginning of the high. Dizziness is much more likely to occur in novice smokers as they are not used to the sudden mental effects of a strong sativa.

Hawaiian has surprisingly few side effects, with most people finding that, after a few uses, their body is able to adjust. Some people find that they are even able to avoid the milder effects such as dry mouth after a few uses.

Final Thoughts on the Hawaiian Strain

Hawaiian is a peasant and deeply rewarding strain, from its sweet tropical aroma to its uplifting and energizing effects. Whether you are looking for a calm, chilled out afternoon at home or an energetic day out with friends, Hawaiian is the perfect way to brighten your day.

Hawaiian is a great strain for both novice smokers and those with more experience. For those who rarely smoke, Hawaiian provides an enjoyable high with very few side effects. Experienced smokers are also able to get a lot from Hawaiian with its mellow yet upbeat high and complex tropical flavor profile.

The next time you are staring out the window wishing for blue skies and the feeling of warm sand beneath your feet, why not try the Hawaiian strain. With its tropical flavor and uplifting high Hawaiian brings a small piece of summer to you.

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