Gigabud Marijuana Strain [2020 Review]

Gigabud Strain Overview
A large bud for a huge problem, Gigabud is the strain to turn to for issues with sleeping or stress.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Upset stomach
Body high/numbing
Growing info
Surprisingly easy to grow, this bud lets you set it and forget it, requiring little to no maintenance if you want to grow your own.

The prefix ‘giga’ is common in the computing world, denoting something massive. When it comes to marijuana strains, giga typically refers to an enormous bud size. Unsurprisingly, the Gigabud marijuana strain is all about size, both in its buds and its yield.

This rich, fruity, and super intense strain is like a ball of pure THC bliss. Perfect for growing at home and enjoying whenever you want to relax, this is one of those strains that everyone should keep on hand.

Let’s look a bit deeper into the Gigabud strain and discover what makes it so worthwhile.

What Is the Gigabud Strain?

The Gigabud strain is a potent indica hybrid strain that is well-known for its intense, body central high that leaves you feeling massive and comfy. The name of this strain connotes its big size; big buds, big flavor, and even larger effects.

Once you smoke just a little bit of Gigabud, you will begin feeling its effects almost instantly. Your mood will almost instantly elevate, giving you a productive and pleasant sensation of completeness and happiness. There is also an odd tingle of sleepiness that starts immediately at the back of your head, but it isn’t something you need to deal with right away.

Over time, however, you will gradually start to notice just how strong the urge to fall asleep is. Mixed in with an instant feeling of all your pains, aches and irritations melting away, you will find yourself dropping off to sleep.

There is also a fair amount of the munchies with this strain, leaving you almost desperate for a snack.

Your entire body will feel like it is unable to move, like it has been utterly wrapped in tendrils that leave you incapable of doing anything other than relaxing. You will be utterly lethargic, locked to your couch, trapped wherever you were when you started smoking it.

Of course, you will find the strength to lift your arms to grab some snacks, but other than that, you will be incapable of doing anything productive. This is the perfect strain for chilling out and relaxing.


The primary aroma of the Gigabud strain is one of distinct earthiness. It has a remarkable similarity to freshly tilled earth, but just a little bit spicier, enough so that it gives you the impression of unearthing something rich and decadent.

There is also a fair amount of fruitiness to the smell, reminding you of apricots or even kumquats. This pleasant variety of aromas makes it an enjoyable experience to smell this bud. After breaking the buds open, you will begin to notice a hint of hash that penetrates your nose, almost overwhelming the other flavors after a while.

Just like its size, the intensity of Gigabud’s aroma demands your attention and becomes immediately recognizable.


Once you break apart this bud and start smoking it, you will find the taste is surprisingly different from its aroma.

While there is a brief hint of apricots that you would expect after smelling it, the taste is surprisingly herbaceous. The hashiness carries through as well, but the overwhelming thing you will take away from smoking this strain is a vague scent of wood.

It is rather like a pine forest, but more like the pine needles that litter the forest floor. It isn’t too much to handle, though, like some other strains with a more robust pine flavor; instead, it leaves you wanting more.


Gigabud’s main appeal, besides its long list of beneficial effects, is its incredible appearance. Instead of looking conical and small, like most other buds, Gigabud looks like a giant boulder of weed.

Tightly compacted together, the buds themselves are gigantic, easily filling the palm of your hand and feeling weighty. There is a plentiful layer of sticky, gooey resin that clings to the surface, making it so that it easily sticks in your palm if you’re not careful.

The coloration is attractive, with a standard green mottling cut with the occasional torpedo of orange pistils and white trichomes. Expect to find yourself staring in wonder at this strain, before finally deciding to grind it up and try it properly.

Gigabud Strain Grow Info

Despite its monstrous size when harvested, growing your own Gigabud couldn’t be easier. Well-equipped for growing indoors thanks to its rather short flowering period and a simple growing cycle, you shouldn’t find it hard to grow this yourself.

You can find seeds for this intriguing strain online, though the easiest way to get it is to simply ask another grower for a clipping.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you need to keep this plant relatively warm, as otherwise, it struggles to achieve its sizable bud.

The best part, though, is how little work you need to do. Thanks to its breeding history, it is remarkably easy to grow with little to no effort. Simply keep it watered and fed with a nitrogen-rich fertilizer, and you will be fine. It becomes quite tight and short, meaning you don’t need to top it or trim it to maximize yield.

You can always try to trestle it as well, so as to minimize the amount of work you need to do. Just make sure that it doesn’t try to grow itself too broad, as this can stress the plant’s roots and reduce your eventual yield.

THC Content – Highest Test

Gigabud cannabis is well-known not only for its astronomically large size, but also for its productive and pleasant effects that leave you dopey and lazy. These kinds of effects wouldn’t be possible without a decent THC load, so it makes sense that Gigabud has a large quantity of THC.

On average, you can expect to find between 18% and 20% THC in this strain, making it one of the more potent strains on offer these days.

CBD Content – Highest Test

CBD is well known for its additional medical properties, as well as its ability to prevent you from becoming overwhelmed when toking. However, for CBD lovers out there, Gigabud is not the strain for you.

Thanks to extensive growing efforts by generations of breeders, Gigabud has pretty much no CBD content to speak of at all. If you’re looking for a strain with some CBD in it to help balance the high, you likely will need to find another strain.

However, this doesn’t mean you should give up hope entirely. There are still plenty of useful medical effects of the Gigabud strain.

Medical Benefits of the Gigabud Strain

The primary reason to enjoy Gigabud for medical purposes is helping to treat mood-related disorders. After smoking some Gigabud, your mood will feel eternally lifted and pleasant, so you won’t be able to avoid feeling excellent and happy with your life.

For those who struggle with depression or anxiety, this is precisely what you need. If you also have insomnia, then you can doubly enjoy the benefits of the Gigabud strain. It’s excellent at helping ease you into sleep and getting rid of any external barriers preventing you.

Thanks to the soothing, almost blanket-like feeling this strain gives you, you can also use it to treat chronic pain, such as migraines or long-term headaches.

Finally, a lot of people use Gigabud to try and treat issues relating to low appetite, as it encourages some severe munchies. While you might not realize it, many different medical conditions can cause a drop in appetite, so Gigabud can help restore you to normal.

Possible Side Effects of the Gigabud Strain

The annoying thing about high-THC strains is that they tend to come with a few side effects. While Gigabud is not an incredibly potent strain, it does still have more THC than normal.

This means that you can certainly expect a few of the more classic THC-heavy side effects, such as dry mouth and dry eyes. This can be quickly dealt with by keeping a moist cloth nearby to dampen your eyes, and a big glass of water to wet your mouth.

The other main potential side effect of the Gigabud strain is a feeling of creeping anxiety. This is a bit strange, considering this strain is often used to help treat anxiety and suppress negative emotions and other mental conditions.

However, you will only start to feel anxious if you try to smoke too much Gigabud at once. So, to make sure you avoid this side effect, only smoke what you know you can handle, as otherwise you risk giving yourself a big dose of anxiety when you actually meant to treat it.

Finally, the intense munchies that this strain tends to provide you with can be considered an unwanted side effect, especially if you don’t have sufficient snacks lying around your house. Make sure you stock up and don’t overeat throughout the day before enjoying your Gigabud.

Final Thoughts on the Gigabud Strain

Gigabud is a strain to help treat big problems; with potent effects that leave you sitting there smiling away, this is something you definitely want to keep on hand for dire times.

It’s the perfect strain for when you are trapped in your house and just want to chill out. But make sure you are prepared! Many people have been caught in the midst of an intense Gigabud session, only to discover the real horror of running out of snacks.

So, stay hydrated, well provisioned, and comfy, and you can safely sit back and enjoy the bountiful, pleasant feelings of this uniquely massive strain.