Genius Strain | Cannabis Strain Review

Genius Strain Overview
When it comes to strains, this particular feat is pure Genius! The Genius strain is a hard find, but well worth the trouble. It contains hints of tasty tangerine and citrus fruits. It also has a high that will leave you relaxed and feeling good.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Body high/numbing
Growing info
Flowering period is 8-10 weeks. Growers can harvest it both indoors and outdoors.

It is often said that everyone is a genius at something – whether that be intelligence that allows you to pass every test, or just being incredibly knowledgeable about something very niche. Many different products are often labeled with the word ‘genius’ in an effort to get you to buy it and hope that it helps you somehow get smarter.

However, sometimes things are called ‘genius’ not because they make you smart, but because its very creation was an act of genius.

The Genius strain of marijuana, a surprisingly rare and difficult to find 50/50 hybrid, is a great example of this – named because of its intense effects and incredibly stimulating sensations. This strain might be hard to find, but it is well worth a try if you ever get your hands on it.

Let’s take a look at the Genius strain and determine whether or not its creation truly was an act of genius.

What is the Genius Strain?

The first thing to take note of with the Genius strain of weed is that it is incredibly difficult to find. No matter how popular marijuana gets on a global scale, there are always going to be a few strains that manage to evade any particular strain hunters. Against all the odds, Genius is one of those strains that just doesn’t seem to be in stock anywhere.

However, it is found in a more common strain as the genetic mother, the Apollo 11 strain. This more commonly stocked strain presents a lot of the same effects and flavors as Genius, while combining it with other hybrids to try and create an even more potent effect.

For the purists, however, the Genius strain comes from the famous Jack Herer strain family, one of the original hybrids that worked to increase the potency of sativa-leaning hybrids everywhere.

This lends Genius its potent and immediately noticeable effects, primarily giving you an intensely cerebral stimulation that leaves you breathless.

The very first thing you will notice is an instant elevation of your mood, leaving you feeling both incredibly happy and incredibly content at the same time. Some users have described it like floating at a high altitude, contentedly sailing away across the world as everything else flies past beneath you.

This transcends into a sort of trance-like state, leaving you in a pleasant blissfulness that persists for hours at a time. You will notice a massive burst of imagination and creative drive while under this blissful, almost godly state. Once you start to come down, you can expect to feel a strangely compelling drain on your muscles and mental power, leaving you feeling like you’ve just completed a combined marathon and puzzle challenge.

However, it isn’t just the pleasant sensation of otherworldly awareness that Genius gives you, but also its unique flavor and aroma combination.


The interesting thing about remarking on the flavor and aroma of a rare, difficult to find strain is that, more often than not, people have different opinions about what its true flavors are.

This is often due to the fact that, while any particular example of a strain is the same, genetically speaking, there can be huge differences in how it was grown that alter its flavor.

This is why the aroma of the Genius marijuana strain is often described in a multitude of different ways. Most of the common flavors that are focused on are ones of intense citrus, as well as a potent pungency that carries with it wafts of pine leaves and lightly shod earth.

What about the actual flavor on the tongue? Does the Genius strain carry with it the same confusion of flavors?


The flavor of a particular strain is a little bit different to its aroma with regards to trying to pinpoint its objective flavor profiles. Whereas aromas can be very easily misaligned or altered by one’s immediate perceptions, the flavor of something is a bit simpler to approximate similarities between people’s perceptions.

While everyone does still taste things differently, it is fair to say that the primary flavor of the Genius strain is one of tart citrus fruits, more similar to a tangerine than a lemon or lime. Alongside this, instead of the faint quality of pine needles like the general opinion of the aroma describes, the flavor instead is backed up by an intense turpentine quality. This is somewhat similar to the taste of pine needles on your tongue.

Finally, Genius is also frequently described as having a very noticeable, distinguishable flavor. This rather vague description probably doesn’t seem that helpful, but it is actually incredibly useful in being able to determine how it is going to feel on your tongue.

Expect the Genius strain to overwhelm you very quickly, leaving you feeling slightly dazzled and blown away by its intensity.

How about how it actually looks, however? Although most people tend to focus on the flavor and aroma, the visual appearance of a strain is incredibly important as well.


When viewed on the bud, the Genius strain has a fairly typical marijuana appearance, possessing a deeply vibrant green hue that is unmistakably cannabis. However, the leaves are far more pointed than you would expect, giving it an almost sharp, dagger-like appearance that makes it seem vaguely dangerous.

This is offset by the delicacy with which is it covered in fine white crystals. These tenderly sprinkled sparkles are actually incredibly potent trichomes that massively impact the flavor and intensity of this strain, making it imperative to keep this white dusting intact as long as possible.

This is often something that retailer growers fail at, whether through improper care or because of laziness, so the very best way to make sure you get the best quality Genius possible is to try and grow your own.

So, what do you need to know to try and grow your own Genius?

Genius Strain Grow Info

If you want to try and grow your own Genius, the first thing you need to keep in mind is the inherent difficulty you are going to have in trying to find Genius strain seeds.

Due to its exceptional rarity, you will likely have more luck finding seeds of Apollo 11, or perhaps the Genius parent, Jack Herer.

However, if you do happen to be incredibly lucky and find some Genius seeds, you will find it only a moderately difficult strain to grow yourself. While it does need a decent amount of nutrition to keep it happy, it won’t’ really require any kind of intense pruning, nor will it need any sort of problematic setups to stop it from tumbling over.

It has a pretty standard flowering time of about eight to ten weeks, while often providing about 40 to 60 grams per square foot.

As long as you keep your Genius in open sunlight, whether in the outdoors under a bright sun or indoors using a powerful UV lamp, you will probably not have too much trouble with this potent, surprisingly effective strain.

Once you have got your Genius harvested, make sure you treat it very gently, making sure not to jostle it too much so as to avoid risking damage to its delicate white trichomes.

What kind of cannabinoid content can you expect from your Genius once you do get it harvested?

THC Content – Highest Test

As the name implies, Genius cannabis is well known for its incredibly strong potency of THC, which is what gives it its noticeable, immediately felt effects and transcendent qualities.

A typical sample of Genius will likely contain anywhere from 15% to 23% THC, with 23% generally being the very highest. With this kind of strain, the higher the THC concentration, the better, as it is best felt at its very strongest. This allows you to take to the clouds and feel its overwhelming effects truly.

Unfortunately, when you get a strain with a high quantity of THC, it is usually common to suffer from regard to its CBD content.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Generally speaking, Genius is another one of those strains with an incredibly potent quantity of THC, but sadly lacking with regard to its CBD.

You likely won’t find any more than about 1% CBD in any individual sample of Genius, but that doesn’t mean it has absolutely no medical benefits.

In fact, Genius is used incredibly frequently to help treat a variety of different medical problems.

Medical Benefits of the Genius Strain

As is often the case with hybrids that lean towards sativa with their effects, the chief medical use of the Genius strain is in treating stress and other mental conditions.

By being able to take Genius and allow themselves to float in serene happiness for a little while, people suffering from too much stress or depression can more easily deal with and process their lives. This makes it a lot easier to try and reach a mental equilibrium and remain content throughout the day.

Due to the fact that Genius’ high lasts so long, this strain is also great for treating long-term pain and inflammation, as it makes it feel as if all of your pain and physical problems have literally melted away, leaving you floating in an ethereal, body-less state.

Additionally,  there is a tendency to leave you feeling somewhat tired after riding the intense wave of the Genius high. This isn’t to say that it has a soporific effect, but more that its sheer intensity can leave you rather worn out, making it an excellent treatment for those that suffer from insomnia.

You can use Genius to help treat all kinds of difficult conditions, whether they are physical or mental in nature, just so long as you make sure to leave a few hours afterward to let your body and mind recover. You won’t be worn out as if from a race, but you will certainly find yourself mentally drained, making it rather difficult to get up and go to work right afterwards.

Possible Side Effects of the Genius Strain

The main side effects that you need to consider when taking Genius is that you will feel that overwhelming intensity and mental exhaustion quite suddenly after your high. It won’t be especially unpleasant, nor will it be scary, but it will be certainly very draining, so make sure you don’t have anything that you really need to do after smoking your Genius.

Alongside this, Genius also presents a few very typical high-THC side effects, such as dry mouth and dry eyes, so keep a moist towel on hand to keep your eyes from drying out and your lips from chapping.

If you have a tendency towards feelings of dizziness or anxiety, it might be best for you to avoid the Genius strain, as its high intensity can tend to cause heightened reactions leading to feelings of anxiety. If you do struggle with this yet still really want to try out the Genius strain, make sure only to try a little bit at a time so as to avoid any risk of suffering an anxiety attack.

Final Thoughts on Genius Strain

Genius is a fantastic example of a marijuana strain that is famous for both its effects and flavor, yet it is almost impossible to find at most cannabis retailers. Despite its previous popularity, most people prefer to either use its Jack Herer parentage or try its child strain Apollo 11.

However, if you are looking to experience one of the true delights of the marijuana world and want to experience a classic, incredibly potent and almost transcendent strain, then see if you can get your hands on some Genius and experience an otherworldly high.

Just make sure you don’t plan on doing anything too strenuous afterward.