First 48 | Marijuana Strain Review

Hybrid strains are an extremely popular option for most people; they allow you to experience the highs of both an indica and a sativa all rolled into one neat little joint.

In the case of some strains, they mellow the effects of both, creating a true hybrid experience where none of the effects feel too extreme. While other hybrid strains appear to move through stages, taking you from sativa to indica or vice versa, giving you the chance to experience the very best of both in just a few hours.

The First 48 strain is a hybrid strain that really leans more towards the latter type of hybrid. It takes you on a journey, starting with a traditional sativa high before moving on to a more indica-heavy physical high.

First 48 is the ideal strain for someone who wants an adaptive strain that can almost move through the day with them, being productive in the early afternoon and then more relaxed as the evening sets in.

Let’s take a closer look at First 48 and find out if it might just be the perfect strain for you.

What is the First 48 Strain?

First 48 was originally created by Swamp Boys Seeds, who crossed The White with Orange Blossom Trail, resulting in a hybrid strain that leaves you feeling focused and ready to take on the day ahead.

First 48 has a 70% sativa / 30% indica break down, which causes many people to expect a very mind-focused high and results in many surprised faces when the rather intense physical effects of First 48 take hold towards the end of the high.

You first start to notice the effects of First 48 as your mind clears, pushing all negative and distracting thoughts to one side and focusing in on creative and productive ideas. The burst of energy comes in part from the mental motivation felt and also from a physical wash of energy.

The two combined make the beginning of a First 48 high the perfect time to really be productive and tick the more challenging tasks off of your to-do list.

While the initial effects of First 48 high fill you with an energetic sense of purpose and motivation the come down does the exact opposite, resulting in a rather dramatic shift as the high reaches its climax. As the effects of First 48 start to wear off, you will notice a sudden drop in your energy levels; you are left feeling a deep sense of relaxation which can cause some people to drift in and out of sleep.

As the effects of First 48 start to wind down, you become aware of a drop in your energy levels, and your mind feels less focused. You easily become distracted, seeming to drift through a state of calm, filling you with a desire to do little more than slump on the sofa and fully relax.

First 48 can be enjoyed both in social situations and alone, although the effects can feel much more rewarding when smoking alone. When smoking First 48 solo, it is much easier to take full advantage of the strain’s motivational effects and really feel as though you have achieved something with your time.

Working through a list of chores or finally solving that frustrating problem makes the relaxed stage of a First 48 high extremely rewarding, causing you to feel as though you truly earnt a few hours of relaxation.

With First 48’s parent strain, The White, being famous for its distinct lack of both flavor and aroma, let’s find out if this is something that has been carried over to First 48.


The First 48 marijuana strain has little in common with its parent strain, The White, when it comes to its aroma. It packs a rather traditional profile, combining a mix of earthy skunkiness with an herbal lemon blend. First 48 has an extremely pungent aroma and is definitely one that you cannot miss in a hurry.

As you break apart First 48 buds, the smell only intensifies and can hang in the air for some time afterward.

When smoking inside, it is always a good idea to have a window open in order to keep the air moving and prevent the smell from becoming too overwhelming. Flaking buds apart brings out the skunk aroma of First 48, reminding you of the air in an Amsterdam coffee shop with many different strains all mixed together.

Burning First 48 allows the more fresh lemon side of the strain to shine through, filling the air with herbal freshness. As the space around you fills with First 48 smoke, the smell tends to sit heavy in the air, sticking to everything around and can be difficult to remove.

How does the flavor profile of First 48 compare?


First 48 has a fresh, citrusy flavor profile which is thought to come from its parent strain Orange Blossom Trail and very much matches the citrus aroma of the strain. The initial taste of First 48 feels like a refreshing wave of warmed lemonade on a summer’s day, causing your taste buds to tingle with surprise.

First 48 produces a smooth smoke making it easy, even for novice smokers, to inhale deeply and fully enjoy the freshness of First 48. As a result of the fruity, citrus flavor profile of First 48 combined with its pleasant and warming smoke, it is easy to find yourself quickly working through a whole joint simply to take in its flavor.

First 48 can leave a slightly sour after taste in your mouth, which at first takes you by surprise given the strain’s fresh and fruity profile. It leaves a similar sensation to that of a tart lemonade that could benefit from just a little extra sugar. Despite the slight shock to the system that this causes, it does not detract from the enjoyable flavor profile that comes with each First 48 puff.


First 48 buds have an oblong shape to them and tend to be made up of a mix of deep forest green coloring and thin brown pistils that weave their way through each bud giving it a mottled appearance. The brown pistils give the plant an overall muted look and help it to blend in easily among other plants.

First 48’s leaves make up for the bud’s lack of color with their bright green coloring, standing out from the rest of the bushy plant, almost as though they are shouting out for attention.

Overall, First 48 plants have very few distinct characteristics when it comes to the plant’s appearance, with it instead being the plant’s aroma that really grabs people’s attention and draws them in.

First 48 Strain Grow Info

First 48 is a fast-growing strain, with an average growing time of just 8 weeks, yet still somehow manages to produce a sizeable yield.

Due to it’s shorter than average growing time, it can be a great strain for beginners who are looking for a fast reward with minimal effort. It also makes for an encouraging experience as you can quickly see the plant’s progress and are not left waiting for weeks at a time with very little change.

First 48 can be grown both inside and outdoors depending on your climate, although in most cases people tend to keep their plants indoors. First 48 thrives in a mild to hot climates, which can easily be replicated when growing indoors. Keeping plants indoors also lowers the chance of pests and mold attacking your plants and reducing your overall yield.

It is very important to carefully consider where you plan on keeping your First 48 plants as they can quickly become rather pungent and noticeable to those around you. This is often another reason why people opt for keeping their plants indoors, as it draws less attention from nosy neighbors.

First 48 strain seeds can be purchased online and are normally easy to find depending on your location. Alternatively, if you happen to know someone who grows their own First 48 plants and is willing to give you a clipping from a mature, healthy plant, you can use this to start the process. Growing from clippings can be beneficial for beginners as it results in a much more predictable and stable growing experience.

THC Content – Highest Test

First 48 cannabis has a higher than average THC content of 29%, placing it firmly at the stronger end of the scale.

The high level of THC is often thought to be the reason for the sudden drop in energy felt when smoking First 48 towards the end of the high. It is also why First 48 seems to hit in sudden and almost violent waves first transporting you to a place of focus and then just as suddenly to a state of relaxation.

How does the CBD content of First 48 compare to its shockingly high THC levels?

CBD Content – Highest Test

First 48 contains almost zero CBD, with the exact percentage thought to be less than 1%. Given that First 48 has such an exceptionally high THC content, this is not surprising, as it is extremely rare to find a strain that packs both a high THC and CBD content.

CBD is the cannabinoid often associated with the medical benefits of cannabis and, given First 48’s almost nonexistent CBD content; you might be led to believe that there is almost no point in considering First 48 for medicinal purposes.

While this might make sense scientifically, this is definitely not the case when it comes to First 48, with it actually having a number of positive health effects, including both mental and physical.

Let’s take a closer look at why you might want to consider First 48 as a medicinal strain.

Medical Benefits of the First 48 Strain

First 48 is often used to treat physical pain, especially headaches as it numbs the pain and allows you to benefit from First 48’s energetic burst.

It can be particularly useful for those who find that chronic pain can often make it difficult to achieve a full and healthy night’s sleep. The relaxing sedative after-effects of First 48 give you the chance to peacefully drift off to sleep before the full force of pain takes hold again.

The mental high associated with First 48 makes it ideal for treating stress and depression, helping to clear your mind and leave you feeling calm. The initial burst of motivation also gives you a chance to work through tasks that would normally not feel possible and leave you feeling as though you have achieved something with your time.

When smoked in large doses First 48 makes for the perfect treatment for those who suffer from insomnia. While the initial effects of First 48 fill you with energy, the comedown of a large dose is sure to leave you feeling so relaxed and lethargic that you cannot help but fall asleep.

Possible Side Effects of the First 48 Strain

It is often recommended that those who suffer from anxiety completely avoid First 48. This is in part due to the strain’s higher than average THC content. Even just a few puffs of First 48 can be enough to cause an anxiety attack in those who are prone to anxiety. First 48 is known to slightly increase your heart rate, which can exacerbate the effects of anxiety.

Other, less worrying side effects of First 48 include dry mouth and dry eyes, both of which should only last for a few hours and have no long-lasting effects on your health.

Due to the high THC content found in First 48, some people find that they experience an intense dizzy feeling. This can feel rather frustrating during the earlier stages of the high when all you want to do is take full advantage of the strain’s motivational high.

Final Thoughts on the First 48 Strain

First 48 is an intense strain due to its high THC content, and for those who are new to smoking or do not smoke regularly, it can feel like quite the roller coaster ride. Within just a few hours, you find yourself shifting from a productive and motivated mindset to a state of complete relaxation. While this can feel a little overwhelming at first, it can also result in a very rewarding high.

First 48 combines an interesting mix of freshness, as a result of its citrus aroma and flavor, with a pungent smell that can be difficult to get rid of in a hurry. For those who are worried about the strain’s strong smell, it is best to smoke First 48 outside, although even this can draw unwanted attention.

Despite First 48’s low CBD content, it still manages to pack a number of health-related effects that make it definitely worth considering when researching medicinal strains. First 48 can have a positive impact on mental health concerns as well as freeing you from the confines of physical pain.

If you are looking for a well-rounded hybrid strain that covers all of the main sativa and indica bases, then First 48 might just be the perfect strain for you.