Emerald OG | Cannabis Strain Review

Emerald OG | Cannabis Strain Overview
A super smooth and reliable OG strain, one that manages to deviate just a little bit from the more traditional OG strains.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Nerve pain
Growing info
A simple grower, but it benefits from a bit of extra topping, pruning, and gentle care to ensure you get its beautiful purple coloration.

Any time you see those coveted letters “OG” on a strain, you know what to expect. That rich, vibrant aroma and flavor of the OG strain family is as much a hallmark as its intensely indica series of effects.

However, just because it has OG in the name doesn’t mean it is going to be just like every other strain. Emerald OG is an excellent example of this, as it is a strain with true OG heritage, yet it offers up some distinctive effects.

Let’s take a look at this strain and discover just how much it deviates from the OG family.

What Is the Emerald OG Strain?

The Emerald OG strain is a hybrid strain developed by the California Breeders Association. These growers are a little bit different from most that we know, as they are a growing collective. This means that they can share seeds and crossbreed to their heart’s content.

By combining the Fire OG and Emerald Diesel strains, they created Emerald OG, which contains OG genetics on both sides of its family history. This gives it the distinctive effects of the OG family in different ways, with surprisingly varying impacts on how you perceive your high.

After you get your Emerald OG lit up and inhaled, you might find that you don’t notice the effects immediately. It is a bit of a creeper strain, taking a good while to get going.

You will notice yourself breathing deeply, but also relaxing and chilling out over about an hour. You will then realize that its effects have been seeping into your bones the whole time, giving you a really invigorating, yet overwhelmingly relaxing feeling at the same time.

There is a familiar feeling of the OG indica in its high, but there is also something else; a little bit of sativa in its hybrid genetics. It is enough to give you just a smidgen of desire to get up and do something before you ultimately fall back into relaxation.

This strain is less like wanting to close your eyes and fall asleep, and far more like a highly interactive leisure experience. It is perfect for playing video games or watching a few movies, but it won’t knock you out beyond your ability to remain active. You might find yourself struggling to focus, however.


Emerald OG is another one of those strains that needs a little bit of care when harvesting to ensure that you get its full aroma. If treated properly, the initial aroma is an intense floral smell, with just a little bit of fruit.

As you break the buds apart and get to know them more intimately, there is also a bit of that dank, intensely earthy aroma that is indicative of its genetics.

It is likely a strange sensation for those very used to OG strains to find that it doesn’t immediately smell like their favorite OG. Instead, the floral earthiness is the dominant smell, giving it a whole impressive character of its own.


As you finally light up your Emerald OG and get the chance to taste the smoke, you will notice just how smooth it is. It is velvety smooth and easy to enjoy, barely feeling like smoke at all.

The flavor is remarkably distinct from its aroma; instead of intense flower-like aromas, there is instead a significant amount of citrus. There is still a lot of earthiness and deeply dank flavor, which is really enjoyable and pleasant.


The Emerald OG strain is remarkably attractive, offering up some very dense buds that feature extremely tight leaves.

It has a pretty typical green coloration, but with a significant quantity of yellow and vaguely red-tinged pistils. There is also a good chance that you will get to see some fascinating purple coloration, assuming that your Emerald OG comes from a plant that was subjected to some colder temperatures during its growing period.

But what if you cannot find any purple Emerald OG, and you really want to experience it?

Well, then you need to try and grow some yourself. So, what do you need to do to grow your own Emerald OG?

Emerald OG Strain Grow Info

Growing your own Emerald OG is very easy, at least when it comes to getting started, because Emerald OG strain seeds are available online. The California Breeders Association sells seeds for Emerald OG quite cheaply, and it is an easy grower whether indoors or outside.

If you want to grow it outdoors, you need to make sure that it will always be able to grow in warm, moist conditions.

However, if you are hoping for some of that purple coloring on your Emerald OG buds, then some colder temperatures are required. Colder temperatures at night encourage the bud to develop that odd purple coloring, so you want to encourage it if possible.

If you are growing it indoors, the best way to do so is to keep your entire growing area under tight temperature controls. This allows you to lower the temp at night during the last few weeks of its growing cycle, ultimately ending up with some beautifully colored bud.

Emerald OG also has a habit of growing rather tall, so a decent amount of training, pruning and topping does wonders at improving its final yield. Just take a pair of shears to lop off the plant’s tip as it starts to grow too tall.

Other than that, you can comfortably sit back and let your Emerald OG grow to its heart’s content. It takes about ten weeks to give you the bud you want, but once it is finally done, you need to act fast.

Get your harvested bud straight off the plant and into a dryer, because you do not want it to lose that delicate flavor and appearance.

Assuming you have done everything right with your Emerald OG plant, what kind of cannabinoid content can you expect to find?

THC Content – Highest Test

Everyone is familiar with the intensely THC laden OG strains, which means that the Emerald OG  strain is definitely going to have a lot of THC as well.

True to form, Emerald OG cannabis offers up about 22% THC in most typical examples of its bud. This is actually a pretty high intensity of THC when it comes to most other cannabis strains, even among other OG strains.

Make sure you are careful and don’t take too much at once, as 22% is plenty enough to induce an overwhelming effect.

CBD Content – Highest Test

With the massive amount of THC that Emerald OG has, it is only natural to wonder about its CBD content. Sadly for those looking for a bit of CBD in their OG strains, Emerald OG really doesn’t have any kind of CBD content whatsoever.

There are still plenty of medical benefits for those looking for therapeutic effects from their cannabis, so let’s take a look at a few of them.

Medical Benefits of the Emerald OG Strain

Thanks to Emerald OG’s high THC load, it is more than capable of helping you deal with anything related to pain. The large quantity of THC essentially shuts off your ability to feel pain, making it a good deal easier to tolerate issues relating to chronic pain or arthritis.

For those looking for relief on the mental side of things, Emerald OG offers up plenty of benefits as well. Once again, thanks to its THC load, it is so much easier to tolerate feelings of depression or anxiety.

The high amount of THC and gentle OG effects of this strain will wash over you, leaving you pretty much incapable of feeling any kind of anguish or stress. In fact, it is commonly used as a way to get over severe stress, making it a great strain to keep on hand.

Emerald OG also manages to avoid any feelings of intense disorientation, even if you smoke a large amount of it. This is why some people enjoy using Emerald OG as a way to introduce people to more potent cannabis strains. It doesn’t leave you feeling panicky or in any way like you have had too much.

However, just like with all cannabis strains, there are a few side effects associated with taking Emerald OG.

Possible Side Effects of the Emerald OG Strain

Despite the vast array of different beneficial effects, as well as its absolutely intense THC content, it has surprisingly few adverse side effects.

Of course, you can expect to suffer from plenty of both dry mouth and dry eyes; these two side effects plague all cannabis strains.

However, it really isn’t too uncomfortable, as long as you keep a bit of cold water on hand to make it easy to deal with.

The only other significant side effects you need to consider are the chance of developing a bit of an uptick in anxiety. While this strain is excellent for helping deal with mental disorders, its higher THC load can induce a bit of that anxious feeling.

This is often problematic for people, especially if they already suffer from anxiety. However, as long as you are carefully monitoring how much Emerald OG you imbibe at any one time, you should likely be okay and avoid dealing with too much unpleasantness.

The best thing to do is to only smoke a little bit of Emerald OG at a time to allow yourself to judge how much you need. Due to its creeper status, you can easily be tricked into thinking that you need to smoke far more than you really need.

Final Thoughts on the Emerald OG Strain

All OG strains have their place in dispensary shop windows, as they offer up some of the most classic effects of any weed family ever.

While a lot of OG strains tend to be pretty similar, both in effects and flavor, Emerald OG manages to defy this and offer up some unique qualities. While its high is quite typically OG at the start, it will morph and shift into something genuinely satisfying and leave you relaxed, yet engaged with the world around you.

It also offers up a distinctly different flavor profile, one that you cannot readily get from other OG strains.

Seek out some Emerald OG on your next trip to a dispensary, as it is a beautiful strain to keep on hand. Relaxing, yet mentally stimulating, plus great tasting as well; what’s not to like?