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Durban Skunk Strain Overview
The Durban Skunk is a perfectly balanced 50:50 indica/sativa strain. Users experience an overall sense of relaxation and ease, while also feeling uplifted. The Durban Skunk is a social strain that's perfect for a night spent with friends. Users report enjoying its bold, spicy, and sweet taste.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Growing info
This strain grows both indoors and outdoors. Typical harvesting time may begin around 8-10 weeks. Outdoor harvesting may begin around the end of September.

We have all had those days when we feel drained and want to head home and enjoy a calming strain. While many options tick this box, most will leave you entirely couch-locked for the rest of the day. Sometimes it is nice to experience the intense sense of calm and peace without having to sacrifice the ability to use your body.

The Durban Skunk strain is a balanced hybrid perfect for such an occasion. It combines physical relaxation with a stimulating mental high. Therefore, you are unlikely to find yourself glued to the sofa for the whole evening when smoking Durban Skunk.

Let’s take a closer look at Durban Skunk and find out whether it is the right strain for you.

What Is the Durban Skunk Strain?

Durban Skunk strain weed is a 50% indica / 50% sativa strain that can be traced back to Durban Poison and Skunk #1. Durban Skunk perfectly combines the effects of its parents to create a calming strain perfect for unwinding after a long and stressful day.

Its parent strain Durban Poison is a pure sativa, known for its relatively high THC content. Durban Poison has almost no physical effects and is a popular choice among those who are looking for a mental high. You also have no risk of finding yourself couch-locked for several hours.

Durban Skunk Effects

Increasing your ability to focus, Durban Poison heightens your senses and causes sounds and sights to feel much more intense. Durban Poison is excellent in social situations, giving you confidence, and making it easy to maintain conversations.

Skunk #1, on the other hand, is loved for its intense physical high. Often used as a medical strain, Skunk #1 relaxes your body as you drift through a sea of calm. Skunk #1 still manages to pack some of the mental euphorias of Durban Poison.

Durban Skunk brings the two strains together, resulting in a full-body high and a sense of euphoria all at the same time. The uplifting mental high quickly takes hold after even just a few puffs. It works to push all of the day’s stress and worry to one side and allows you to focus on happy thoughts.

The physical effects of Durban Skunk take slightly longer to work their way to the surface. However, when they do, you cannot help but feel relaxed. You first notice a light feeling flow through your arms and legs. This sensation spreads across your body, causing you to feel physically free and at ease.

Durban Skunk is a versatile strain that can be enjoyed both on your own and in larger groups of friends. When smoking on your own, you find that the calming effects of the strain dominate. You will likely want to chill on the sofa and catch your favorite shows.

When using Durban Skunk with friends, it is easier to maintain higher energy levels, and you feel an increased desire to be social.


The Durban Skunk marijuana strain has such a strong smell that you cannot help but stop for a few minutes to enjoy it. Walking past someone smoking Durban Skunk, you are reminded of long winter evenings with spiced wine and a burning fire. While most people appreciate the strain’s warming aroma, it can also make it difficult to hide and smoke discreetly.

Durban Skunk buds have a warming skunk aroma. Rubbing the buds between your hands before breaking them apart leaves behind a wintery mix of smells, with the most noticeable being clove. From just one sniff of Durban Skunk, it is easy to tell that you are holding a strain belonging to the Skunk family.

As you break Durban Skunk buds apart, the different herbs and spices within become much more noticeable. For those who enjoy the smells of different strains, Durban Skunk is one that you could easily spend long periods examining.

A warming spiciness fills the air as Durban Skunk burns, setting the tone for the effects that are to follow. You cannot help but be reminded of winter evenings and enjoying a mug of mulled wine or gingerbread cookies.

Durban Skunk leaves a strong and pleasing aroma that can hang in the air for some time after you finish smoking. This is perfect when you are smoking at home and are looking forward to a calming evening, as it helps to set the mood of the room. The aroma is much more of a problem when smoking in public places and trying to be discreet.

Does Durban Skunk have a comforting flavor profile to match its aroma?


Durban Skunk has an overpoweringly spicy flavor profile and tends to be one of those tastes that you either love or hate. Given the strain’s strong, spicy, and warming aroma, this is no real surprise.

As you inhale your first puff of Durban Skunk, you instantly notice a skunky flavor that comes from the strain’s parent Skunk #1. This gives the strain a very natural taste and is often described as being the taste that you expect when you first try smoking marijuana.

As you get used to the strain’s potent mix of flavors and the smoke works its way down to your lungs, you start to notice the other characteristics hiding within. The spicy side of Durban Skunk stands out, and as your taste buds adjust, you are able to distinguish the different flavors easily.

A subtle sweetness hangs in the background but can often go unnoticed due to the much stronger flavors at play. The sweet taste is thought to come from its parent strain Durban Poison, and it brings the skunk and spice together perfectly.

Durban Skunk leaves a peaceful warming sensation in your mouth. The different spices linger on your tongue, similar to when you finish an over seasoned gingerbread cookie.


Durban Skunk plants grow to a medium height and have a slightly bushy appearance to them. Their structure makes them ideal for growing in confined spaces, as they do not require a large amount of vertical space.

Buds are of medium size and tend to be densely packed. Durban Skunk buds have a uniquely beautiful copper glow to them. This is a result of their light green coloring and a thick layer of orange pistils that wind their way from the center of the bud. The buds are also covered in a thin layer of translucent hairs; this creates a delicate shine.

Durban Skunk leaves are a deep forest green color, making them stand out from the rest of the plant. In keeping with the rest of the plant, the leaves do not grow long and instead curl in on themselves.

Durban Skunk Strain Grow Info

Durban Skunk can be grown by those of all experience levels, requiring minimal maintenance. These plants are known for being resistant to most common molds, resulting in a worry-free growth process. Durban Skunk plants also require very little trimming and tend to grow to their full potential when left alone.

Depending on your local climate plants can be kept outside and will generally be ready for harvesting towards the end of September. Durban Skunk plants need to have access to long sunshine-filled days and temperatures that sit just between warm and hot.

For those who cannot rely on long, consistently sunny days, it is best to keep plants indoors. The main advantage of keeping your Durban Skunk plants indoors is that you can regulate the temperate and the plant’s access to light.

It also means that your plants are much less likely to be damaged by pests. Indoor plants take between 8 and 10 weeks before they are ready to be harvested and you can expect a medium to large size yield.

Durban Skunk strain seeds can be purchased online from most seed stockists. For those who are new to growing and do not yet feel confident with growing from seeds, it is also possible to obtain clippings.

When purchasing clippings online, it is vital to check that they are being taken from mature, healthy plants as this will ensure the best chance of success. Cuttings have the advantage of being much more predictable and also allowing you to skip the first few stages of getting from seed to plant.

THC Content – Highest Test

Durban Skunk cannabis has an average THC content of between 15% and 22%. For those who have a low THC tolerance or do not smoke on a regular basis, this can make Durban Skunk a somewhat overwhelming strain. For those who are seeking an intense high, on the other hand, the higher than average level of THC manages to pack quite the punch.

How does the CBD content of Durban Skunk compare?

CBD Content – Highest Test

There is very little information about the exact CBD content of Durban Skunk. The general opinion is that the strain contains less than 1%, with some people believing it to contain merely traces.

The strain’s high levels of THC further support the idea that there is very little CBD present in Durban Skunk. It is rare to find a strain that has both a high THC content and a noticeable amount of CBD.

Despite its almost non-existent CBD content, Durban Skunk still has a number of medical uses that make it quite a powerful medicinal strain.

Why should you consider Durban Skunk for medical reasons?

Medical Benefits of the Durban Skunk Strain

The physical effects of Durban Skunk make it a useful strain for dealing with muscle pain. Effects help to relax muscles and numb pain, leaving you feeling light and able to move with ease.

This can be particularly useful when you have a long and physically taxing day ahead of you. A regular dose of Durban Skunk keeps your muscles feeling loose and keen to keep going.

The deep sense of physical relaxation that Durban Skunk helps you achieve makes it a compelling option for managing chronic pain. Durban Skunk works to numb areas of pain and gives you the chance to relax both physically and mentally.

Being such a well-balanced strain, Durban Skunk also has a number of mental health uses. The mental clarity that you feel when smoking Durban Skunk can be helpful when trying to work through stressful situations.

Durban Skunk may be useful for those who suffer from depression as it helps to push negative thoughts to the back of your mind. The sense of euphoria makes it easy to focus on positive thoughts and the things that make you happy.

Some people have found that using Durban Skunk on a regular basis can help to alleviate mood swings. This could be due to the mentally uplifting high that users experience when smoking Durban Skunk, making it much easier to stay positive.

Just like almost every strain, Durban Skunk has a number of potential adverse side effects that it is important to be aware of. What should you look out for when smoking Durban Skunk?

Possible Side Effects of the Durban Skunk Strain

An important side effect to be aware of when trying to decide whether Durban Skunk is the right strain for you is the potential to experience anxiety and paranoia. Durban Skunk has a high THC content which, when smoked in large amounts, can trigger such effects.

Those who have a tendency towards anxiety or know that they have a low THC tolerance should try Durban Skunk in smaller doses to start with in order to test how their body reacts.

Another common, but much less severe, side effect of Durban Skunk is dry mouth. This causes an intensely dry and almost fluffy texture around the top and sides of your mouth. Luckily, the effects wear off almost as quickly as they appear and have no long-lasting ramifications.

Dry eyes are less common, but still something that some people experience when smoking Durban Skunk. A common side effect of smoking most strains, this leaves your eyes feeling dry and irritated for a few hours after smoking.

When smoking large doses, some people find that they suffer from sudden bursts of dizziness. This is more likely to occur when in busy environments that feel overwhelming.

Overall, Durban Skunk does not have too many adverse side effects. You can easily avoid those that could occur by sticking to small doses.

Final Thoughts on the Durban Skunk Strain

People love Durban Skunk for its balance, combining a profoundly relaxing physical high with a mental clarity that is uplifting.

This strain is perfect for relaxing after a busy and mentally draining day. Durban Skunk gives you both the mental energy to enjoy the evening ahead while also relaxing your physical body and giving it a chance to recover.

Durban Skunk is more than merely a recreational strain; it also has a number of medical benefits that make it worth considering.

Just like the rest of the strain, its therapeutic effects are also well-balanced. Whether you are looking for a way to numb physical pain or ease mental distress, Durban Skunk has you covered.

From your first breath of warming spicy smoke to the moment when you drift off into a blissful night’s sleep Durban Skunk is the perfect strain to guide you through a lazy evening in. Or, you can use it to give you the uplifting energy boost needed to survive challenging social situations.

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