Dream Queen Cannabis Strain Review [Origins and More]

Dream Queen Strain Overview
Dream Queen is quite literally a dream come true for those who have been searching for a sweet and mood boosting strain. Tasting like a sweet orange, it’s sure to induce feelings of happiness. But when the actual effects kick in, you’ll soon realize it’s more than the orange flavor making you euphoric. It also has somewhat of an aphrodisiac effect, and has been voted a top strain for wild nights of sex.
Common usage
Growing info
This strain can be grown both indoors and out. If growing indoors, expect a flowering time of about 8-10 weeks. If growing outdoors, look for buds around late September.

When people decide to smoke marijuana, it is common for smokers to choose between two types of marijuana; either a very simplistic flavored strain or one focused around complex and unique flavors. It is very rare that you see a strain with an exciting mix of relatively simple flavors – people either want elegant simplicity or an entirely new experience.

However, there is one strain that offers a middle ground with a flavor profile that offers a blend of simple flavors that combine into something entirely new.

Dream Queen is a great sativa-dominant hybrid that not only tastes simple and complex at the same time, but it also has fantastic effects.

Let’s take a look at this exciting strain and see how it compares to other, similar strains.

What is the Dream Queen Cannabis Strain?

Dream Queen is a cross between Blue Dream and Space Queen, creating a strongly sativa leaning hybrid with the occasional hint of indica towards the end.

The creators of Dream Queen are somewhat shrouded in mystery; either the original creators prefer not to let people know of their creation, or it was the result of cross cultivation with numerous growers and there is no way to know exactly who made this dominant strain.

There are generally not many sativa-dominant hybrids out there with a great deal of popularity, but Dream Queen proves a great alternative to those that don’t enjoy the effects of indica-dominant strains.

As might be expected from a sativa-dominant strain, you can expect intense feelings of uplifted emotion, including a generally happy and euphoric outlook on life.

The effects are pretty quick to take hold, leaving you having a totally changed outlook within moments of your first puff.

True to its sativa form, there is a decent amount of creative energy and mental focus that develops as the high progresses. You can expect to feel like you can quite easily tackle whatever project you’ve been putting off, primarily because of the increase of self-confidence that this strain usually provides.

As the high continues, you can expect a decent body high, as well as a small amount of a sedating effect – this latter symptom is likely a result of the 20% of the indica genetics within Dream Queen, which means that, while Dream Queen is primarily a sativa-rich experience, you can get a small amount of the inherent calmness and soothing element of most indicas.

The most distinct quality of this strain’s effect is the sensation of euphoria that it provides, however. While all the other effects might fade away after a short time, it is this sensation of utter euphoria and happy outlook that persists.

You will find a smile plastered on your face, no matter what you do. This strain is thus perfect for daytime or evening use, provided you don’t mind grinning like a fool wherever you go or whatever you do.

So, what about the flavors of this sativa dominant strain? What can you expect from the aroma and flavor profile?

Dream Queen Aroma

For the majority of cannabis strains out there, you can expect a pretty regular similarity between their fragrances and their flavors.

For the most part, what a strain smells like will be similar to what it tastes like.

Dream Queen is contrary to this, however. At the first whiff, you might actually think you were smelling a mentholated cigarette – there is a profoundly menthol-rich smell that melds with an oddly citrus undertone.

Once you start breaking the bud open, though, the smell will develop into a sweeter, more nuanced flavor profile, possibly even reminding you of flavored vape liquids.

The taste, however, is entirely different.

Dream Queen Flavor

While you will indeed first notice a taste profile that matches the smell, it will completely change once it begins to develop inside your mouth.

You can expect an intense sweetness to overwhelm your palate, followed by a uniquely earthy flavor that is reminiscent of sweet citrus fruits. Suitably, you will then begin to notice a profound citrus taste that completely replaces the initial flavors of sweetness – it will mature into a tart sensation that is somewhat like biting into an orange pith.

There is no flavor of menthol whatsoever, making the initial aroma seem almost anomalous.

Dream Queen Appearance

Dream Queen has a handsome appearance, with an interesting flair of orange hairs covering the profoundly green buds. There are plenty of gorgeous trichomes covering the entire bud, giving it the presence of a furry orange creature.

If you can’t get your hands on any Dream Queen, you might be tempted to try and grow some yourself. Do you need any kind of specialized knowledge to try and grow your own Dream Queen?

Dream Queen Strain Grow Info

Dream Queen is an extremely easy strain to try and grow yourself, as it doesn’t really require many advanced techniques. It can grow equally well in both indoors and outdoors, as long as your outdoors climate is decently warm, more than 70 Fahrenheit for the majority of its growing time.

You can do the usual amount of pruning to try and increase the yield, such as regular topping to try and encourage lateral growth. Just snip off the very top of the growing plant; this will make the plant dedicate more energy to growing sideways and increase the yield of its bud.

This is a strain that is going to want a decent amount of nutrients, as well as sunlight, so make sure you’ve got its growing area suitably fed and immersed in sunlight.

If growing indoors, the increased amount of light lamps will help improve the ambient temperature.

Now that you have grown your own Dream Queen, just how strong can you expect your bud to be?

THC Content – Highest Test

Like many other hybrids bred for its THC content, Dream Queen can be expected to have pretty decent levels of THC. Generally averaging around 15%, with an upwards limit of 19%, Dream Queen is a strain that can certainly get the job done with its THC content, providing a potent and long-lasting high, while not being as extremely THC dense and some other strains.

This makes Dream Queen a great intermediate strain for those looking to try out some more advanced marijuana strains, but still, want to avoid the most potent options available.

CBD Content – Highest Test

As with pretty much all hybrids, Dream Queen has a pretty low CBD yield, promising around between 0.1% and 1% CBD content.

A good part of this is due to the way in which most hybrid strains are cultivated. The growers are looking for the strongest possible content of THC, so each generation of plants is only grown from those plants that exhibit high concentrations of THC. Sadly, this increase of THC generally comes as a result of a lack of CBD, as the plant can only dedicate so much energy into producing certain cannabinoids.

If you are looking for a CBD-rich strain, you would probably be best looking at other strains.

If you can’t enjoy the medicinal benefits of CBD from Dream Queen, then what kind of medical conditions can Dream Queen help with?

Medical Benefits of Dream Queen

Sativas generally suffer the negative reputation of being only useful for recreational purposes. Many marijuana users swear by the medicinal applications of indicas but will scorn the use of sativas due to their propensity for good feelings and cerebral highs, rather than the physical stoned sensation caused by indicas.

However, just because sativas like Dream Queen mainly affects the mind doesn’t mean they don’t have medical uses.

By far the most useful effect caused by Dream Queen is its effect on depression. As this strain has a high quantity of THC, which interacts with the CB1 receptor in the endocannabinoid system, it has a beautiful ability to help feelings of depression go away.

Part of this is because of its generally uplifting, mood enhancing effects, but it also is able to help tackle the root cause of depression.

This makes Dream Queen a great strain to routinely take to help combat the unpleasant, life-altering problems caused by depression.

This same useful effect also makes Dream Queen a great strain to help deal with feelings of stress as well as anxiety.

Generally speaking, THC-rich sativas like Dream Queen are great for treating all sorts of mental disorders, as well as helping get rid of pain and headaches.

One final condition it can help treat is chronic fatigue; due to its uplifting, energy lending abilities, Dream Queen is a great way to inspire you to get up and fight back against lingering feelings of tiredness.

What kind of side effects can you expect from this strain, however?

Possible Side Effects of Dream Queen

The primary negative associated with Dream Queen, and indeed with all high-THC strains, is the ever-present risk of dry mouth and dry eyes.

For those inexperienced with these symptoms, it merely means that you will notice a sensation of dryness in your tongue and eyes, which might make you crave a drink and just generally wet your face. This is easy to deal with on its own, so it can usually be discounted as a pretty minor problem.

However, there are quite a lot of reports of paranoia being a frequent consequence of using Dream Queen frequently. Due to its high THC content, and its consequently low CBD content, you might find yourself suffering an increase of paranoid thoughts, especially if using this strain frequently.

If you find yourself feeling paranoid, consider taking a tolerance break for a few days, or possibly switching to a different strain altogether. Some people are naturally more predisposed to feelings of paranoia from strong sativas, so make sure that you don’t get these feelings of paranoia before you try Dream Queen.

Final Thoughts on Dream Queen

Dream Queen is a pretty interesting hybrid. Many strains these days are bred to either be as indica as possible, with sativa undertones to mellow the experience out.

Additionally, they are often designed to have either exceptionally one-note flavors or to be so monstrously packed with different characters and aromas that the entire experience can feel like a confusing taste explosion.

Dream Queen is a strain that is an excellent example of being a good middle ground between all options. It is designed with sativa effects being the primary sensations felt, with only a small amount of indica at the very end.

It is delicious, but its flavor is neither too simple nor too complicated; it is a great middle ground between adventurous and simplistic.

If you are looking for a potent, yet easily understandable and enjoyable strain, then Dream Queen should definitely be on your list to look out for it.

It is decently popular among sativa lovers, so consider branching out and giving it a try.

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