Critical Cure Strain (2020 Full Review)

Critical Cure Strain Overview
With a higher-than-average CBD content, the Critical Cure strain just may be the medicinal bud you’re looking for. While it may not cure you, it will definitely leave you pain-free and relaxed without any kind of mind racing euphoria that accompanies most strains on the market. Critical Cure has a delicious flavor profile as well, with notes of berry, pine, and earth!
Common usage
Growing info
This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, average flowering time indoors is approximately 7-9 weeks, or late September to mid-October if growing outdoors.

Critical Cure was developed by the legendary cannabis breeders Barney’s Farm and some people refer to it as CBD Critical Cure. With the words “cure” and “CBD” in its name, it is bound to attract the attention of medicinal marijuana consumers.

What separates the Critical Cure strain from the numerous other cannabis strains out there is its exceptionally high CBD content. While a lot of cannabis strains contain less than 1% CBD on average, laboratory tests have shown that the Critical Cure strain could contain ten times more CBD than these strains!

What Is the Critical Cure Strain?

critical cure strain

The Critical Cure strain is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with an 80:20 indica to sativa ratio. Critical Cure is a cross between the highly potent indica strain, Critical Kush, and an unknown ruderalis.

As we already mentioned, the most noteworthy feature of the Critical Cure strain is its high CBD content. While a lot of strains only contain around 1% CBD on average, tests have shown that Critical Cure can have a CBD content as high as 10%. Critical Cure’s CBD content will usually be on a par with its THC level, but in some samples, its CBD content has exceeded its THC level.

This makes Critical Cure an excellent choice for medicinal marijuana consumers who are looking to treat their particular condition but don’t want to be overwhelmed by the effects of a high THC strain.

Another noteworthy feature of the Critical Cure strain is that it is a slow onset creeper. This means its effects will take longer than your average strain to take hold.

To begin with, you will experience a very mild high, which is more uplifting than euphoric. While the Critical Cure strain does have a mood-enhancing effect, it produces an extremely mellow high.

You will feel uplifted but also calm and relaxed. As time passes, Critical Cure’s relaxing indica effects come more to the fore. A feeling of relaxation washes over you, and aches and pains start to fade away.

The good news is that, while Critical Cure’s indica effects are extremely relaxing, you are unlikely to end up couch-locked. Most consumers of this strain report increased mental clarity as well as maintaining the ability to move around freely.

The Critical Cure strain isn’t renowned for having a potent soporific effect, either. This makes this strain suitable for daytime as well as evening use.


The Critical Cure strain has a strong, earthy fragrance that is complemented nicely by its sweeter aromas. Breaking open the plant’s buds reveals some pleasant and fruity, berry-like notes. Some consumers of this strain say that you can also detect hints of lemon and pepper, too.


Critical Cure has a pungent, earthy taste combined with a more subtle fruity, berry flavor. Hints of pine are more prominent on the exhale, and these tend to linger in this strain’s aftertaste.


A Critical Cure plant remains quite short when fully grown and typically only grows to about 90-100cm in height. Its fluffy leaves and spade-shaped buds are forest green in color and are coated in resinous trichomes. Vibrant, curly orange pistils grow prominently among the leaves and add to this plant’s overall color.

Critical Cure Strain Grow Info

Experts rate a Critical Cure plant’s grow difficulty as moderate, which makes it arguably unsuitable for a novice grower. Its indica genetics mean that it grows quite short and bushy, so some pruning will be necessary.

Barney’s Farm recommends the use of support structures for this plant’s branches during the flowering period. Experienced Critical Cure growers recommend utilizing the Sea of Green method to increase this plant’s overall yield.

While you can grow a Critical Cure plant indoors or outdoors, it generally does better outdoors. This is particularly the case if you live in a warm and sunny climate.

The flowering period for a Critical Cure plant is between seven to nine weeks. If you are growing this plant outdoors, then late September to mid-October is the ideal time of year for harvesting.

One of the best things about this plant is the extremely generous yields that it produces. Indoor growers of this plant could potentially see a return of approximately 21 ounces per square meter. Outdoor growers are looking at potential yields of between 18-25 ounces per plant.

THC Content – Highest Test

The highest recorded THC level in a Critical Cure sample is believed to have been 12%. As is the case with this strain’s CBD content, Critical Cure’s THC level tends to vary significantly from sample to sample.

Some Critical Cure samples have had THC levels as low as 5-6%. However, the average THC level in a Critical Cure sample usually ranges between 7-11%.

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CBD Content – Highest Test

The highest recorded CBD content in a Critical Cure sample is believed to be a whopping 10%. Critical Cure’s CBD content varies quite a bit from sample to sample. Some samples of this strain may only contain around 4% CBD. However, Critical Cure’s average CBD content is usually between 7-8%.

With many people attributing potential health benefits to CBD oil, it is easy to see why Critical Cure is considered to be one of the best medicinal marijuana strains out there.

Medical Benefits of the Critical Cure Strain

While the Critical Cure strain won’t “cure” you, it may temporarily relieve the symptoms of your particular condition. One of the most common reasons why cannabis lovers consume the Critical Cure strain is for stress relief. Its uplifting effects are said to reduce stress levels and ultimately promote a sense of deep relaxation.

A significant problem with high THC strains is that they can worsen the symptoms of chronic anxiety in some people. As Critical Cure’s THC level is very low, it generally doesn’t cause this negative side effect. Maybe this is why the Critical Cure strain is so popular with medicinal marijuana consumers suffering from mood disorders like depression and anxiety.

The Critical Cure strain’s medical benefits aren’t limited solely to the treatment of mood disorders. Consumers of this strain say that it is useful for alleviating a wide variety of painful and inflammatory conditions. Some of these conditions include chronic arthritis, lower back pain, as well as headaches, to name just a few.

While the Critical Cure strain is a predominantly indica hybrid, it does not tend to have any potent soporific effects. Therefore, cannabis consumers with insomnia are unlikely to benefit from using this strain to induce sleep.

Possible Side Effects of the Critical Cure Strain

The most common side effects associated with the Critical Cure strain are cottonmouth and dry eyes. Most will agree that this is a small price to pay for this strain’s potential health benefits.

While Critical Cure is an overwhelmingly indica-dominant strain with deeply relaxing effects, it generally doesn’t cause couchlock.

Final Thoughts on the Critical Cure Strain

If you are a medicinal marijuana smoker in search of a low THC/high CBD strain, then the Critical Cure strain just might be the one that you have been looking for. Critical Cure offers cannabis consumers a high CBD content without the overwhelming effects associated with high THC level hybrids. Medicinal marijuana consumers who experience heightened anxiety with these types of strains, shouldn’t experience these effects with Critical Cure.

It is always a good idea when trying out a new strain to only consume a little at first. This will let you know how you will tolerate a given strain’s effects. It is also essential to bear in mind that the Critical Cure strain is a creeper. This means that its effects will take longer to kick in than your average strain.